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WAR & PEACE Part 4

OK folks, here is part 4 of this canon Doctor Who spin off adventure:


Part 4

A short time later Ben was sitting alone in his room in semi darkness, only the dull glow from a tablelamp lending some light to the melancholy scene. Ben picked up a book from the side table, a copy of Aldous Huxley's 'Eyeless in Gaza', before throwing it angrily to the side of the room.

“I've no interest in reading.... I've no interest in anything. My life's at a dead end...” he muttered to himself. He held his head in his hands as his mobile rang. Picking it up, he saw it was Emma and he angrily threw the phone to one side as well before sinking down onto the bed and falling into a stupor. In the corridor outside the man named Dieter approached Ben's door and listened at it. Further down the corridor, his colleague Ernst gestured that the coast was clear. Dieter slowly opened Ben's door and he and Ernst quickly went inside.....

In the lounge, Katie Ryan was feeling irritated and bored. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart had left and Katie was the victim of the unwanted advances of one of the French delegates.

“Here madame...have another cognac and let me look at your shapely physique” the swarthy delegate said, leering at Katie's breasts. Katie took the cognac and threw it in his face:

“No thanks pal. Your breath stinks of onions and you look like you need a crash diet.” She strode feistily out of the lounge and up the stairs towards Ben's corridor, hoping to raise with him a new theory she had about who may be behind the killings. She noticed Ben's door was ajar and pushing it open saw two men trying to strangle Ben with the flex from his table lamp. Quickly Katie pulled off one of her high heels and swung it at the man named Dieter's head. The pointed heel slammed into his left eye and he yelped and screamed with pain.

Katie karate kicked Ernst who crashed into the window sill and collapsed in a concussed state. Dieter was screaming with pain as Kyle ran into the room:

“Ere what the hell's goin' down?”

“Don't ask stupid questions Kyle and grab that thug” Katie shouted. Kyle pinned Dieter to the ground while Katie shook Ben:

“Ben, you ok? BEN?”

Ben coughed and spluttered. Kyle looked up:

“You'd better like phone a Doctor, his eye's really bad.”

“Oh don't be such a damn wuss Kyle” Katie spat back. She grabbed her high heel and pointed it at Dieter's other eye:

“Now tell us who you are working for or you'll get more of the same. Come on!”

“ahhhh mein gott..... ahhh..” Dieter mumbled. Katie was enraged:

“A German! Look we won the war so tell us who sent you here”. Kyle stood up:

“I'm phonin' for 'elp. This guy's in agony.”

“....ahhh no more fraulein..... I can't say anything... he'd have me shot... ahhhh ” Dieter said before passing out in shock.

A short time later Ben had recovered and he and the team were discussing recent developments with Chiara and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart in Ben's room.

“I am really not happy about the level of force that your operative used”Kate said. Katie reacted with fury:

“Oh wee off. You and your wet international organisation make me sick. Those Germans were trying to kill Ben, what would you have me do, give them a slight ticking off?” Ben looked up wearily:

“Look can we just focus on the mystery we have here. We know that those two were working for someone they are terrified of and that is why they won't talk. It is obvious that they are trying to engender conflict between world powers.”

“'ave there bin any reports recently of alien landings, UFO sightings or anything?” Kyle asked Kate.

“Oh shut up Kyle, as if that has any relevance” Katie spat out.

“Er I was thinkin' that this may be part of a plot to set the world in conflict before an outside invasion” Kyle angrily replied.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, the shadowy figure sat in darkness watching events on a tv monitor screen. Ben's room had a hidden camera. The man was angry:

“Those incompetent fools. I will have them shot for this. That blonde girl is both annoying and dangerous. It is a shame that she is so aggressive as she may otherwise be physically acceptable to me. We must eliminate her. However it may be easier to just move on to the final stage of my plan now. The Israeli will die tonight.”

In another corner of the room, a figure moves into the light given out by the tv screen:

“All is still going according to plan Sir. I am pleased that our leaders agreed to work with you on this project. Soon the earth will be ours”.

The light shone on the face of the second speaker..... the face of a Draconian..........

… be continued.

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