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Time Out of Mind Part 4

Ok folks, here is part 4 of this true 50th anniversary Doctor Who special:

Part 4 : Prisoners In the Forbidden Tower

Ben Chatham put down the phone and turned towards his father Alastair, flicking his golden hair out of his dark, tear-filled eyes:

"Look father I have to go. An important case has blown up. That was a woman on the phone who is in fear of her life and Kyle has just sent me a long email account of developments in Lancashire which require my urgent attention." Alastair Chatham frowned:

"Drop the excuses Benjamin. I want to know why you are treating your wife so contemptably. I had Emma call round in tears earlier and had to miss my Parish Council meeting in order to comfort her. You are behaving like a cad." Ben looked down at the ground:

"Look father, you don't understand. Its all just a minor disagreement."

"Minor disagreement? She was inconsolable. Said that you told her that you didn't love her. I hope you are not having thoughts of the Oscar Wilde sort again. Explain to me what is going on."

"Er no , no, look you've got it all wrong. Its nothing like that. I'm a healthy heterosexual. Its just that Emma and I disagree about .... about how to furnish the house. She wants all modern decor....."

"But she says that you don't even live together" Alastair shouted.

"Oh she's just trying to punish me. Look I've got to go, this case really is urgent..."

Ben picked up his £6000 jacket and his car keys and rushed out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, on Bowland Fell, Evie Hanney was running as fast as she could. She knew that she would be stopped had she tried to leave the Nuclear Research Centre by car, so she had scaled the perimeter wire fence, Her hands were torn and cut from the barbed wire at the top and she had dislocated her shoulder. She ran and stumbled in agony through the dank, Lancashire countryside. As she emerged onto a narrow lane, she thought that she could hear a child crying. Evie paused and listened. Somewhere an owl hooted in the distance and then Evie heard the sobbing again. It seemed very close. She walked al little down the lane then saw a little girl sitting by the side of the road. Her clothes were dirty rags and she was thin and emaciated. Evie rushed towards her:

"Hey. Whats the matter? Are you lost? Where are your mummy and daddy? I'm called Evie. Whats your name?"

"I'm called Jennet missy. I don't have a daddy."

"Oh I'm sorry. What about your mummy? Is she nearby?"

"My mummy's a witch!" the child said emphatically.

"Oh dear. Thats not a nice thing to say about your mummy. Look, why don't you come with me and we'll phone for some help."

Evie took out her Smartphone and began to phone the police. As she did so Jennet stood up and pulled a kitchen knife from behind her back. She stabbed Evie in the chest then slowly twisted the knife laughing uncontrollably....

In the strange castle, the 2nd, 3rd and 9th Doctors were still arguing when the sound of footsteps caused them to stop and turn towards the end of the corridor. Two familiar figures emerged from round the corner and strode towards them, the 10th and 4th Doctors.

"Oh now this is getting rather silly. You two are me as well I suppose?" The 2nd Doctor exclaimed.

"Er yes. Pleased to meet you. We arrived earlier. Before you ask, we are on the planet Zeneth. Prisoners in the Forbbiden Tower" the 10th Doctor said, overly fast while grinning broadly.

"What exactly is the Forbidden Tower? Come on, explain man" the 3rd Doctor sternly exclaimed. The 4th Doctor gave him a toothy grin:

"Oh I wouldn't worry. Its just an impenetrable fortress within a huge celestial city guarded by millions of alien troops. Would you like a jelly baby? *offers sweets* The 3rd Doctor frowns:

"No I would not. Would you mind explaining why we have been brought here and by whom. The Time Lords?" he asked. The 10th and 9th Doctors exchanged glances:

"Are you going to tell him or shall I?" the 10th Doctor asked. The 9th stepped forward:

"Well you see its like this pal. The Time Lords couldn't have brought us here as they no longer exist. They died in the Time War along with Gallifrey and the Daleks. Sorry an' all that."

The 11th Doctor, Clara and Kyle had returned to the Black Witch pub. They ordered some drinks and asked Bill Smith for a menu:

"Uh noo. We don't bother wi' menus in this pub. This is a traditional pub not one 'a them places thats turned inta a fancy restaurant. The wife makes meat an' potato pies an' Lancashire hot pots. Thats yer choice."

"Oh in that case I'll have a Lancashire hot pot. I've never had a hot pot. Hot pots are so wonderfully northern" the Doctor said, doing a spin on his heels. Smith frowned:

"You tryin' ta be funny?" Kyle intervened.

"Ere its just 'is way like. I'll have a pie." Clara winced:

"You need to offer a wider choice. Don't you offer a vegan dish or cous-cous and cornation chicken?" Smith glared at her:

"If you want that fancy muck lass yer can get out and go somewhere else. Yer can 'ave a pie and get it down yer neck."

They sat down:

"I suggest that we get him tipsy at his own bar then question him. If Rebecca's tip is right, and they always are, he may at least know about the rituals involved in Fawley's death." Clara scowled:

"She seemed as daft as a brush. Its beyond me why you befriend such freaks" she exclaimed. Kyle stared at her:

"Ere I don't get you. You were all reasonable when we were with that copper, sayin' that modern wiccans don't murder people. Then in Rebecca's 'ouse you were bang out of order an' bloody rude to 'er like." Clara slammed her glass down:

"Don't you question me. Who are you anyway, just some investigator?"

As she spoke, Mrs Smith arrived from the kitchen with a tray of food. She was a large lady with long, black hair and a well endowed upper region. She put down the tray:

"Get this lot down yer necks *turning to the Doctor* Its not often we get such fine lookin' boys in here. I might have a special treat for you later."

Smith shouted at his wife:

"Mary. Get back 'ere an' put another barrel on for me. Leave the lad alone."

As he spoke, the door of the Black Witch flew open and in strode......

............. the Fifth Doctor with Tegan!

.............. to be continued.

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OK folks, here is part 3 of the dark, autumnal 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special. The one that I'd have written and had filmed were I in the showrunner's seat. Enjoy:

Part 3 : Mist Over Pendle

The 11th Doctor winced at the sight of Fawley's eyeless corpse tied to the tree. The rope was pulled so tight round the neck that it had cut into the flesh.

"Oh that's nasty. Not cool. Not cool at all." The policeman approached:

"Aye. This be witchcraft. Time they brought back burnin' 'em if you ask me laddie. Aye it is." Clara was annoyed:

"Thats an ignorant opinion. Modern wiccans do not engage in acts of ritual sacrificing." The policeman turned to the Doctor:

"She's a fiery lass you've got there. Sure she ain't one of 'em? In wi that Pendle lot?" The Doctor frowned:

"Clara is not a witch. I think we've seen enough here".

The Doctor, Kyle and Clara returned to the car:

"Ere Doctor, what did that ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ mean by 'that Pendle lot?' Kyle asked.

"He was referring to the Pendle witch trial of 1612. A whole group of people who lived near Pendle Hill in Lancashire were accused of witchcraft and hanged as a result. There are people who still think that there is a secret witch cult active in the Pendle area and it seems that our policeman friend is one who believes that."

"Sounds like a load a superstitious crap" Kyle replied.

"Well I think we'll pay a visit to an old friend of mine to get more info. She's cool. You'll love her" the Doctor says with a grin.

Elsewhere the Third Doctor's TARDIS landed.

"Where are we Doctor?" Jo Grant asked.

"Hmmm. I've no idea Jo. The monitors have all gone dead and the screens are blank. Most inauspicious.Lets have a look shall we."

The Doctor opened the TARDIS doors to reveal the long, stone corridor within a medieval style castle. Burning torches flickered from pedastals in the walls and lit the scene. At the far end of the corridor stood..... another TARDIS!

"Oh no. I might have guessed. He must be here!" the Doctor said angrily.

"The Master!" Jo added in an annoyed tone.

"Hey Doctor, he's made his TARDIS look like yours" Sgt Benton added.

"Hmm. Well he always was an imitator rather than an innovator" the Doctor said, striding off towards the other TARDIS. As he neared the other TARDIS, the Door flew open and out walked...............

.......the Second Doctor and Jamie.

"Oh no. What the hell are you doing here?" the third Doctor asked.

"Me? What am I doing here? What are you doing here?" The second Doctor shouted back.

"Is this their doing? The Time Lords? Come on man explain!"

"Me explain? You explain!"

"No you explain!"

Jo Grant intervened:

"Er Doctors. Sorry to interrupt, but isn't it better for us to just calmly try and work out what has happened here?"

"NO!" The Doctors shouted in unison. Suddenly there was the familiar sound of the TARDIS materialising. Out of the third TARDIS stepped......

.......the ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

"'Ang about. Whats going on?" the ninth Doctor explained.

"Well he can't be one of us, he's a rather scruffy looking northerner" the Third Doctor said in a disgusted tone.

"Hey I am one of you. You're that snooty dandy I once was. Thank Christ I grew out of then daft outfits. And playing that silly recorder." The second Doctor was annoyed:

"Who are you calling silly? At least I don't look scruffy?" The ninth Doctor grinned:

"Me scruffy? You look like a bloody tramp." Rose Tyler approached Jamie:

"Hi I'm Rose"

"Och I'm Jamie lassie"

"Pleased to meet you Jamie" *pouts seductively*.

Meanwhile, back on earth, the 11th Doctor, Clara and Kyle drove through the dark, windswept Lancashire countryside towards the huge, brooding, shadowy Pendle Hill. It was a cold, damp night and there were no street lights along the narrow lanes. They turned a bend and saw a small , whitewashed cottage in the distance. The Doctor gestured to Kyle to stop:

"Hey we're here. Yay. Fun. Come on". He jumped out of the car, adjusted his bow tie and rapped the little wooden door. The door squeaked open and there stood an attractive woman in her early thirties with long flowing dark hair and hippyish clothes, involving beads and purple flowing scarves.

"Doctor! How great to see you!"

"And its so very good to see you Rebecca. Everyone, this is my dear friend Rebecca Hearne, head of the English Federation of White Witches. May we come in......"

Rebecca served them all a cup of nettle tea and a slice of fruitcake. Her cottage was full of drying herbs and books on Wiccan herbalism and candle magic. Clara winced:

"This tea is disgusting and this cottage gives me the creeps. It stinks of incense." Rebecca laughed:

"Would you prefer a beer or a glass of wine?"

"Whats that got in it? Frogs legs?" Clara said in disgust.

Kyle intervened:

"Ere Rebecca. I'll 'ave a beer if its ok. I think you're gaff looks really nice."

The Doctor smiled:

"Please forgive my female colleague Rebecca. We are here to ask you if you know of any black witch or satanist activity in the area recently. There's been a rather grisly murder up near Bowland Fell." Rebecca sipped her nettle tea:

"Oh no. I feared something like this might happen soon. I saw a black raven in the tea leaves this morning and had a seeing where blood dripped from a tree. Was it near the nuclear research station?"

"Yes" the Doctor replied.

"People have told me of strange things going on near there. Evidence of black mass celebrations and so on. Ridiculous people mostly, students and kids who think that wicca equates to satanism and all that stuff. So ill informed. You might want to talk to a man called Bill Smith. He runs a pub in Lancaster called The Black Witch. A very silly man who sees himself as a black magician."

"Ere I'm stayin' there. He was a bit of a funny 'un" Kyle said.

Back at Bowland Fell Nuclear Research Station, a girl in her mid-twenties was putting some equipment back into a storage room. The lab was deserted, yet she still looked around warily before locking herself in the room and pulling a smartphone out of her overall pocket. She dialed quickly:

" hello... hello. Can I speak to a Mr Chatham please. Oh hi, my name is Evie Hanney Mr Chatham. Please you've got to help me. Did Nathan ring you?.... Nathan Fawley.. Look we're in danger.....Mr Chatham please listen.....they're stealing nuclear bombs.......

.................... to be continued.

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The 50th Anniversary Special: "Time Out of Mind" Part 2

Part 2 : Old Demdike

Kyle Scott drove steadily through the driving Lancashire rain. In the darkness he could just make out the flashing lights of police vehicles in the distance before he came to a police road block. He would down the car window:

"Ere I spoke to you lot on the blower a while back. I'm Kyle, the geezer who was goin' to meet with Fawley like. Any chance I can get a shufty of the scene?"

"Noo lad noo. The guvnor will come and intervooo you , aye he will", the officer replied. As he did so, a young man danced towards the car and Kyle recognised the Doctor:

"Oh hi Doc",

The Doctor grinned:

"Oh wow its Kyle isn't it? Kyle Scott. *Grinning* how's Ben doing. Clara, come and meet Kyle. Kyle's cool."

Clara strode up frowning:

"This is no time for socialising Doctor *sees Kyle and blushes* Oh, hi Kyle, pleased to meet you." Clara nudged the Doctor in the ribs:

"He's hot" she whispered. The Doctor grinned and turned to Kyle:

"We just got here. Followed a hitchhiker so to speak. Don't like hitchhikers. Hitchhikers arn't cool. So why are you here?"

"Ben like sent me. I was goin' to meet Fawley as he had info on some cover up or other at that nuclear research centre up the road."

"Ah yes that. Saw that in the distance. Nuclear means bad. Usually. Come and see the body" the Doctor quipped, showing the policeman his psychic paper. The policeman grunted and gestured that Kyle could drive on. The Doctor and Clara jumped into the car and they were allowed through the road block, Clara sitting in the front passanger seat and gazing at Kyle's legs.

Elsewhere in time and space, the Third Doctor was chatting away to Jo Grant while enjoying a glass of 1886 Chateau De Homboux claret and some finest Isle of Arran stilton.

"Mmmm this wine has just the right body for its cheeky pivaro grape flavours. The Brigadier certainly keeps a fine cellar for a man so embraced by the military mindset."

Jo laughed:

"Oh Doctor, you know we'd be lost without him. We'd never have escaped the Ogrons back there without UNIT back up." The Doctor grinned:

"Yes Jo, I suppose you're right. Your loyalty to your superior officer is commendable."

As he spoke, SGT Benton emerged from the TARDIS back rooms"

"Thanks for the shower and the change of uniform Doctor. I really needed that after falling in that swamp on Skaro."

"Ah SGT Benton. We should soon be home. Thanks again for your help" the Doctor said before a strange judder went through the TARDIS."

"What's happening Doctor?" Jo shrieked. The Doctor went to the console and flicked some switches as the TARDIS continued to judder:

"Jo, we seem to have aquired an unwanted hitchhiker. One who has the ability to divert the TARDIS off course. Wherever or whenever we are going, it certainly isn't 2oth century earth......."

The First Doctor huffed and grunted as the TARDIS continued to judder and sway. Ian Chesterton frowned:

"Can't you do something to stop it Doctor?" The Doctor stared at him arrogantly:

"My dear boy, you surely don't expect me to solve every problem in an instant do you? Hmmm?"

"Oh do something grandfather, its getting worse" shrieked Susan, who was in a state. The Doctor put his arm around her:

"Now now my dear there's no need to worry. All thats happened its some alien force has latched onto the TARDIS and is following in its wake like an unwanted passenger".

"But where are we heading for Doctor" Barbara asked.

"My dear, how an I supposed to know that? Hmmm? How?"

The Ninth Doctor jumped around his console leering and grinning. Rose Tyler stared at him:

"I can't believe you just dumped my mum off in the high street, said 'bye' then flew us off again."

"'Ang about, it was you who wanted her out of the way. Now the daft old trout is gone we can go anywhere we like. Together. *grins*"

Rose laughed:

"Oh well if you put it like that. I suppose Mickey can wait as well."

"Oh Dickie. I'd forgotten all about him".

Suddenly the TARDIS juddered and a strange whirring sound started.

"Do you have a problem with your pipes?" Rose asked. The Doctor leered:

"'Ey there's no need to get personal. Looks like we've been hijacked......."

Kyle, the 11th Doctor and Clara got out of the car and approached Fawley's car, which had smashed into a large oak tree. The Doctor approached a policeman:

"I suppose the body's all mangled and horrible. Can I take a little peek?" the Doctor asked.

"Nay lad. Its not in the car. Its worse than that."

"Ere where is it then? Thrown out like by the impact?" Kyle asked.

"Come wi me lads" the burly lancashire policeman gestured. He turned to Clara:

"Not you lassie. This ain't a sight for the fairer sex." Clara was annoyed:

"You sexist northern pig. Show me the body now!"

"Fair enough lassie. On you're own 'ead be it."

The policeman led them through some dank undergrowth and out into a field where some other policemen were shining a torch on a grisly sight. Tied to a tree was Fawley, his eyes gouged out and a pentagram carved onto his naked torso. On the tree was nailed a piece of paper with a stange message inscribed on it:

"Old Demdike lives!"........ be continued.

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The Doctor Who/Ben Chatham 50th Anniversary Special: "TIME OUT OF MIND"

The Doctor Who / Ben Chatham 50th Anniversary Special: TIME OUT OF MIND


OK folks, its Autumn and in the run up to November its time for the alternate Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. For 50 years, Doctor Who has been a major part of many peoples' lives. This special is not intended to encompass every facet of the show's history, rather to reflect its best ever eras and present a story that I feel would work well on screen and be an impressive addition to the canon. My aim is to present an alternate to the actual TV special which has certain additional features:

- a wider range of past Doctors will feature

- a wider range of past companions also

- Ben Chatham and Operation Delta

- a plot more faithful to the best era of the classic series



Part 1 : Death on the Fell

The rain poured down in torrents, driven by the harsh north-eastern wind, as Nathan Fawley rushed nervously out of Bowland Fell Research Station and towards the car park. He quickly bundled the papers onto the back seat and drove towards the main exit, as he had done so many times before. The unrelenting wind drove the rain into his windscreen on this cold, autumn night in Cumbria. Fawley showed his ID to the armed men patrolling the exit and they waved his car through. He breathed a sigh of relief and drove for several miles before stopping at the side of a lane to make a phone call.

" hi, its Nathan Fawley. Is that Mr Scott? Ok I'm out of there and on my way to Lancaster now, I should be half an hour. See you in the pub. I've got the evidence".

In Lancaster, Kyle Scott put his mobile down and went to the bar to order a pint. He felt aggrieved that Ben had sent him on this case alone, especially as it didn't seem much of a case at all. Just some man working at a scientific research centre claiming that he had information on some cover-up or other. Kyle took his pint back to his seat and shrugged. The dingy little pub , 'The Black Witch', looked like something from the 1930s with cobwebs on the walls and a publican with a handlebar moustache who was smoking, despite the ban. However the pub was otherwise deserted and Kyle assumed that its very quietness was why Fawley had insisted on meeting up here. Kyle sipped the beer and winced:

"Tastes like friggin' bog water" he muttered to himself.

Fawley drove on through the driving rain over the hills and troughs of the bleak Cumbrian landscape. As he rounded a bend, he suddenly saw a woman standing in the middle of the road and he broke sharply. The woman was dressed in strange, antiquated clothing and wore a headscarf . She approached the car. Fawley wound the window down:

"You could have been killed standing in the road like that" he shouted. The woman held up a leather bag:

"I be Squinting Lizzie. I be sellin' pegs an' cutl'ry. How many you want?"

"What? I don't want anything from you, you stupid old cow. If you're daft enough to go walking about selling crap in weather like this then thats you're business but you just nearly caused an accident." The woman laughed, revealing a row of black teeth:

"Rude bugger ain't ya. You'd be better to buy summat as old Lizzie 'as ways of making it worse off for yer if ya don't."

Fawley sighed and drove off, winding the window down.

"Mad as a brush" he mumbled to himself. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the back of this neck. He turned around and was horrified to see the old woman sitting in the back of the car with a long knitting-needle in her hand.

"Hey, how the hell did you get in here?" The woman laughed and plunged the needle straight into Fawley's left eye, driving it straight through into the brain. The car swerved violently and crashed into a tree.

Meanwhile, in the TARDIS, the 11th Doctor danced a little jig and spun on his heels:

"Yes, we're off to see the golden fountains of Lemoria. I like the golden fountains of Lemoria. The golden fountains of Lemoria are cool." Clara was not impressed:

"I wish you wouldn't dance about all the time when you're talking Doctor. And whats so good about some fountains?"

"Clara, these arn't just any old fountains. The water looks like liquid gold and the mountains glisten with real diamonds and emeralds. Whaheeey, geronimo! *dancing*".

"Grow up Doctor" Clara said wearily. The Doctor frowned:

"This is my TARDIS is in not?"

"Er yes",

"Its not your TARDIS is it?"

"You know its not."

"Then I'll be as immature as I like in it."

The Doctor made a farting noise and Clara frowned and flounced towards the door. However as she did so there was a shudder throughout the TARDIS and time seemed to slow down to a crawl. Moving and speaking was like moving through liquid tar. The Doctor desperately tried to move towards the TARDIS console, however suddenly things became normal again and he fell into the console with a thud.

"Ow, that hurt. Whoe!" the Doctor shouted.

"What the hell was that? Is this machine of yours on the blink?" Clara shouted.

"Hey don't call her a 'machine'. And she's not on the blink, that was a time current wake distortion. I'd know one anywhere."

"What the hell is a 'time current wake distortion?" The Doctor gave Clara a serious stare:

"Someone or something is trying to latch onto the TARDIS and follow it through time. Like tying your trailer to the back of a lorry and hitching a ride."

The Doctor fiddled with some knobs on the TARDIS.

"And the origin of this attempted hitcher is earth, England. The golden fountains of Lemoria will have to wait."

In Cumbria, Kyle Scott was onto his third pint, waiting in the pub. He tried ringing Fawley again however no one answered. He approached the bar:

"Ere it looks like I'm gonna be stuck 'ere all night. Do you let rooms out mate? Or is there a B&B near 'ere I can get digs?"

"You can 'ave the back bedroom upstairs. As long as you don't expect luxury" the publican answered.

"Ere do I look like the kind of geezer who expects luxury?" Kyle laughed, "I wouldn't mind watchin' a bit of telly though. Ain't you got one for the bar?"

"We have never had a television in this pub and we never will. This is a local pub. We do have a radio. Since you are my only customer you may listen to it at a low volume."

The publican placed a battered old transistor radio on the bar and switched it on. Kyle went back to his seat to finish his pint when the local news came on:

"Reports are coming in of an accident on the Bowland Fell lane. A car has hit a tree and we understand that there has been one fatality. The male victim has not yet been named."

Kyle quickly tried to ring Fawley again and this time his call was answered:

"This is the police. Who is ringing please?"

"This is Kyle... er Kyle Scott."

"Mr Scott, I should inform you that the person you are ringing, who we understand to be Nathan Fawley, is dead....... be continued.