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Pierre & Francoise are bundled into a car and driven to the Gastroix Plant nearby. They are forcefully manhandled by their captors and led into a warehouse. A bald man in a leather jacket approaches:
“So, you are the troublemakers. My name is Ivan Iblomov. In Russia we deal with people like you without having to observe the niceties of legality and I wish to bring these innovative business practices into the UK.”
Pierre is angered:
“You can’t silence Greenpeace. We know you are pumping toxic chemicals into the sea around here.”
Iblomov laughs:
“Ha! Do you think we care about what you know. In Russia we have a saying: ‘if a man is a problem, no man no problem.”
Iblomov gestures to a henchman:
“Shoot him Ivan.”
The henchman approaches Pierre and puts a gun to his head. Francoise shouts:
“No. Please. Don’t”
However before he can shoot, a door bursts open and in storms……………..
Operation Delta: Ben Chatham, Kyle and Katie Ryan. Ben & Kyle unleash tear gas canisters and Katie fires a volley of shots over the Russians’ heads. Iblomov and his associates run and Ben shouts to Pierre & Francoise:
“Quick, come with us!”
They rush out and jump into Ben’s waiting car and Ben drives them out of the complex, crashing through a perimeter gate.

Meanwhile the Doctor and Martha are on the beach, disguised in invisible cloaks:
“This is like so cool” the Doctor says, “it’s a bit boring though just like sitting here.”
Martha tuts:
“Oh grow up! We could be here for hours. The Doctor scowls:
“Oh man, that sucks. I wanna go soon. Some guys from myspace are having a Skins party and like trashing this house.”
“This was your idea Doctor. And we are not going until we’ve seen it through.”
They wait for few minutes and then suddenly something starts to emerge from the sea:
“Look, something is emerging from the sea” Martha whispers.
Slowly the creature emerges fully from the sea.
“Its like now fully emerged, from the sea like” the Doctor observes.
The creature that has emerged, from the sea, is a large crab like animal with huge claws which stands upright and has a head like an insect.
“Its as if several creatures have merged somehow and increased in size” Martha observes. Suddenly the creature lunges towards them…………………

………………. To be continued


Here is part 4 folks: the plot thickens:


Another bullet whizzes past Martha’s head as the Doctor & Pierre surface. Martha gesticulates to them:
“Get yourselves on board quick!”
They jump aboard and Francoise sets the engine going and they speed off”.
“Whats like happening dudes?” the Doctor asks.
“Someone on that other boat was shooting at us. And don’t refer to us as dudes” Martha replies tersely.
“They must work for the Gastroix Company .This is exactly how they operate in France. Last year they shot at several Greenpeace demonstrators in the grounds of their Normandy plant. Of course the French authorities failed to believe our version of events” Pierre comments.
“Who like owns this company?” the Doctor asks.
“Oh it was bought by a Russian billionaire Ivan Iblomov about eight years ago. That’s when the problems started” Francoise replies.
“Yay! That explains it like. This Russian dude is clearly cutting costs by dumping his toxic waste in the sea in cheap containers which leak. And the chemicals have had an effect on the marine life.”

Later on the Doctor and Martha have returned to the TARDIS, where the Doctor is showing Martha something in the bedroom.
“What the hell is that thing?” Martha asks firmly:
“I’ve like had this for a long time. I’ve two actually, its an invisibility cloak. I like borrowed ‘em from these alien dudes. I was like ‘can I borrow them for a while’ and they was like ‘yeah man, cool’.”
“So? Get to the point.”
“Well if we wear these and patrol the beach tonight, whatever creature thingy comes out of the sea won’t see us” the Doctor replies.

Meanwhile old Bill Oakwell is doing a bit of evening beachcombing after the sunbathers have gone home. He is pottering along with his old and rather ineffective metal detector hoping to find coins that have been dropped in the sand. As he stares at the ground he fails to hear something creep up behind him. A clawed hand reaches out: it claws and rips tearing lumps of flesh out of Bill’s neck & torso……

Pierre and Francoise have arranged to meet up with the Doctor in the pub. They have arrived early and are enjoying a drink and discussing hitchhiking up to Scotland to visit a new age community they have heard of once this business is over. Suddenly however, a group of armed men in leather jackets burst into the pub. They surround Pierre & Francoise:
“You will come with us. You will come now. You have been identified by our comrades as economic wreckers. And for this you will be shot……..”

…………… to be continued.


Here is part 3 of this chiller:


The Doctor leaps up:
“Wow. This is like so random.”
He tries to comfort the man while Martha phones for an ambulance. Later after the ambulance leaves for the hospital, they sit and assess the way forward.
“We clearly need to investigate the beach and also the pollution angle. Than man had sand on his shoes and those wounds looked like animal bites” Martha says.
Pierre is keen to help;
“We have heard of other strange animal attacks round here. However as an ecology student I find it hard to believe that pollution could turn animals into the kind of thing that could inflict wounds like that.”
“They can dudes. I’ve like encountered giant maggots the size of large rats caused by pollution. It was mingin’” the Doctor replies.

The Doctor leads the way as they leave the pub and walk down to the beach. Martha and Francoise poke about the sand looking for footprints while Pierre follows on behind the others with a large bag from the boot of his car.
“Hey , I’ve got two diving suits in here. We can go and see for ourselves where the dumping is taking place.”
The Doctor is puzzled:
“But how are we like gonna get out to sea?”
Francoise smiles:
“We hired that boat over there earlier *points to boat*.”
“Wicked!” the Doctor replies grinning. Martha scowls:
“Act your age. We need to be sensible and careful about this.”
Pierre mans the helm and takes the boat out to sea. After about 20 mins they arrive at the dumping site:
“Right babes. Me and Pierre will like do the diving. You two keep a look out” the Doctor says. He and Pierre get undressed to get into the diving suits while the girls stare at the Doctor’s slim, smooth limbs and glistening torso.
“Your guy is very beautiful” Francoise observes. Martha smiles:
“There is certainly a plus side to this regeneration” she whispers to herself.
The Doctor and Pierre dive in and swim about. Diving down, they spot a series of metal drums on the sea bottom. The Doctor can sea that the drums have corroded and split and a dark liquid is seeping out.
Meanwhile, as Martha & Francoise sit on the deck of the boat they hear a noise and looking out see another boat approaching. They hear a shot and then another and feel a bullet hit the sea close by.
“They’re shooting at us” Martha shouts.
Francoise starts the engine as another bullet hit’s the boat.
“Hang on, the Doctor and Pierre. We can’t leave them” Martha shouts.
They stare down into the water but there is no sign of the boys and another bullet hit’s the boat………..

….. To be continued.


OK here is the second part of this exciting adventure - the debut appearance of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor:


Martha examines the mangled corpse of the old man:
“These claw and teeth marks couldn’t be human. Either this is the result of some kind of leopard or large cat or there is something alien involved.”The Doctor shrugs:
“Yeah whatever. Must be a weevil.”
“But these are not typical weevil wounds Doctor. I’ve seen them.”
“Yeah whatever. I’ll like just take some pics *photographs corpse on his mobile* and then get back to the TARDIS. Sorted.”Martha is puzzled:
“So you can analyse them or something using the computer database there?”
“Nah. I’ve got some mates from facebook coming round for a party like. It’ll be steamin’”
Martha is annoyed:
“Act your damned age! You are not taking this seriously Doctor. What we are going to do is contact the local police and then pay a visit to the local pub to see if we can find out if there are any rumours among the locals as to what is causing this.”
“Oh that’s so unfair!” the Doctor complains, following Martha.

Later the Doctor and Martha enter the local pub, the Goat & Boot. The pub is vibrant and noisy, however it goes completely silent as they walk in, the locals scowling at them. The Doctor is uncomfortable:
“ How comes you ain’t checked out this dive before now?”
“I should have done Doctor, however I thought I could get all my local gossip from the fishermen which came to nothing” Martha replies.The Doctor looks around:
“This place is mingin’”A couple of locals at the bar scowl at him:
“Ere we don’t like your sort around these parts. Layabout students! Get your hair cut.”The Doctor pulls a face at him and the man goes to thump him however the Landlord intervenes:
“Ere now Gus we’ll ‘ave none of that in ere. *addressing Doctor* Now what will you be ‘avin to drink?”
“A double vodka like for me”
“I’ll have a glass of water” Martha adds.

As they sit at a table, a boy and girl in their early 20s approach them
Hi I’m Pierre and this is Francoise. We’re over here from France. We both study Ecology at the Sorbonne. Do you mind if we join you?”
“Yay! Pull up chairs guys.” the Doctor replies. Pierre explains that they are ecology students over here on holiday in the summer break.
“Actually we have.. Whats the English phrase… an ulterior motive. We both belong to Greenpeace and we are over here investigating the operations of the Gastroix Company. They are a major pollutant in France and they are using your coastline to dump their waste. They make GM synthetic rubber and oil. They’ve done a deal with your government to share some of their research if they can dump their waste in your sea.”
The Doctor is bored:
“This is like so boring. How about you guys coming to a party at my place. Its been advertised on face book like.”Martha intervenes:
“Don’t mind him Pierre, he’s not himself at the moment *kicks the Doctor hard in the shins* This is interesting. I’m investigating a series of strange deaths near here.Suddenly the door of the pub flies open and a man staggers in. He is covered in claw marks and his left arm is hanging half severed. He staggers and falls to the floor screaming…………………

…………………. To be continued.

My pitch for an 11th Doctor story: "NEW MORNING" : part 1

OK folks, here is my pitch for a series 5 11th Doctor adventure which I aim to feature a darker tone than the RTD era while still containing the essential lighter interludes which characterise the show. Hopefully Moffat will adopt this approach. I envisage Martha making periodic returns the show so she features in this story, as will Ben & Katie later.


A small fishing village on the cornish coast. The wind is blowing damp air in from the sea as old Jim Andrews examines his crabnets and extracts the last of the crabs. The sun is setting and Jim looks forward to getting home to his wife Annie and a cup of piping hot tea. Suddenly however there is a strange whistling sound coming from the water. Jim shrugs it off and continues to examine his nets. Behind him something emerges from the sea and an arm reaches for Jim. It grabs hold of him as another claw descends and slashes open his throat…………

Martha Jones is walking down the cobbled street of the Cornish village of Little Bampton towards the local Inn, pondering why UNIT had sent her to investigate the strange sightings nearby and disappearances. Since entering into full time investigative work for UNIT in the UK following the events of Journey’s End she had never been so bored by a case. Nothing has happened in the three weeks that she had been in the village and she found the locals distasteful and she suspected some of the older ones were rather prejudiced. Suddenly there is a familiar sound and she sees the TARDIS materialise in front of her. She grins excitedly as the door is flung open:
“DOCTOR……….OH” she shouts as instead of the Doctor, a slip youth with floppy hair emerges, dressed in jeans and a casual jacket.
“Who are you? Wheres the Doctor” she exclaims.
“Hey babe, I’m like the Doctor. I’ve regenerated like. Wow its great to see you again. Wicked!”Martha is perturbed:
“But you’re so….. So much younger.”
“Yay its great to be a kid again. I’m like so gonna get a myspace page. You look great in that jacket babe, I’ve like SO got the hots for you. Hows about we get up close and personal on the TARDIS double bed.”
The Doctor coyly lets his floppy hair descend over his eyes.

Suddenly however there is a scream from the distance.
“Hey that’s coming from the shore. Come on Doctor” Martha shouts, running. The Doctor runs after her, filming the scene on his mobile phone to put on Youtube later.On the shore, Martha finds bloodstains and some torn fabric:
“Oh no. Nothing for three weeks and now this.”
“Never mind babe. Lets get back to the TARDIS and get hot and sticky.”Martha scowls:
“Are you on heat or something? Grow up. Someone has just been killed here.”
Tears well up in the Doctor’s eyes:
“Look if you don’t like me you could just say.”Martha shrugs:
“I’m sorry but…… look I’m not used to your new regeneration that’s all.”
Suddenly there is another scream, this time from behind some beach huts. They run over and are confronted by the sight of a mangled corpse of an old man, its head severed. Something scurries away into the shadows………… be continued

Saturday, 10 January 2009

DVD Recommendation: "The Fugitive" series 1

Bought this today in the Zavvi clearout sale, its actually the whole of series 1 ; all 30 episodes. Classic 60s series starring David Janssen not the inferior remakes. I've just watched the first 3 episodes; superb stuff.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Doctor Who Forum is down tonight

Ho hum Hopefully they'll sort out the slowness problems. In the meantime I'll watch 'Battlefield'.

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"DEADLY YULETIDE: Part 6 : the Conclusion"

OK folks, here is the final part of this exciting festive adventure:


“RUN” Ben shouts, as the Cheaon ship descends.They run across the grounds and into the field beyond.
“This is possibly the start of the full Cheaon invasion. On that ship may well be their deadly virus” Ben adds.
“Then we’ve no time to lose. I suggest a full on assault on the blighters” the Brigadier exclaims. However Ben frowns:
“I think we need to consider this more carefully. The last UNIT attack completely failed.”
“No guns man, no guns” Shakey Jake adds.
Walking through the damp grass they eventually reach a road where they encounter a UNIT convoy. They are recognised by the commander and climb on board a truck which heads off for a country house where UNIT have set up base.

At the house, Ben holds a brainstorming session while Jake prepares food in the kitchen.
“We’ve got a large number of reinforcements arriving shortly. We need to encircle that health centre and hospital with our lads while launching an air attack on that ship” the Brigadier proposes.Ben disagrees:
“The Doctor once said to me: ‘Ben, an ounce of thought is worth a ton of brawn.’ we need to consider this much more carefully. A better approach might be to try and divide Xanonomian from the Cheaons by convincing each that the other is planning to betray them”.
“I agree with Ben” Katie comments.
Jake arrives from the kitchen carrying a large cake:
“Hey guys. I’ve baked a special cake to help us chill and dig the heavy situation.”Katie frowns:
“As if we need a damn cake at a time like this.”
Suddenly there is a commotion outside and a UNIT soldier bursts in:
“The Cheaons are attacking us. We’re surrounded!”
Before they can move, Xanonomian and several armed Cheaons enter the room.
“Do not attempt to move. You are in our control.”Jake tries to scurry into the kitchen with the cake, however Cheaons block his way:
“What is that?” Xanonomian asks:
“Hey man its just a cake” Jake answers.
“I find your manner suspicious” Xanonomian replies. He prods the cake with his fingers and tastes it.
“Hmmm. This is most strange.” He breaks off a chunk of cake and eats it, as do several Cheaons………………….

An hour later, Ben, Katie and the Brigadier are laughing with the UNIT commanders:
“Our men have occupied the alien vessel and are taking care of the babies” the commander says.Outside in the garden the Cheaons are lying in the grass singing and gazing at the sky:
“Hey the stars are whispering to me. Cosmic!” Xanonomian says.
“My mind is floating. Peace is the truth.” a Cheaon replies, dancing in a haze.Jake is strumming his guitar while a Cheaon plays the bongos:
“Hey you guys are far out” Jake says.
“I can hear the grass singing to me. All the world is love.” the Cheaon replies.Ben raises a glass:
“I propose a toast to Jake for saving the day with his special cake”
“To Jake” they all reply, clinking glasses.
“I’ve just been informed by Torchwood that the UN have agreed to let the Cheaons settle on an island in the pacific and raise their new generation. So all’s well that ends well” Ben adds.The Brigadier pats Ben’s shoulder:
“Well my boy, I hope to meet you and your colleagues again soon. And say hello to the Doctor for me if you see him before me. Splendid chap, all of them”………

……… THE END.

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Matt Smith & Adam Rickitt: the perfect team!

Surely with Matt being cast as a younger Doctor, the time is perfect for Adam Rickitt to be cast as Ben Chatham and be the 11th Doctor's companion.

How Matt should play the Doctor!

OK, now we know that the superb Matt Smith is to be the 11th Doctor, here are my thoughts on how he should play the role:

1) Bring back the flamboyance of Jon Pertwee. Play the Doctor as a charismatic young dandy.

2) Incorporate elements of Peter Davison's portrayal, especially the sense of justice.

3) The costume: something with a hint of Oscar Wilde about it: flamboyant and a tad 19th century.

4) Emphasise the Doctor's darker side and sense of loss, but not all the time.

Matt Smith IS the Doctor!

This is an excellent choice. He's young, attractive, charismatic and has the right sense of eccentricity for the role.

Thursday, 1 January 2009


OK, here is the next part of this festive adventure folks:


Ben , Katie and the Brigadier get out of the car and Aston orders them into the centre.
"You may as well give up now. UNIT troops are on the way!" Ben points out, however Aston laughs sardonically:
"Our plans are far too advanced to just give up. I think you will find that your armed forces are no match for our defences."Ben and the others are led into a room deep within the centre where Aston is greeted by several Cheaons.Ben is curious:
"Now that you have us in your control, could you tell us exactly what your plans are? You may as well."Aston smirks:
"Since you are going to die anyway, I see no reason not to. As you may have gathered, I am not a Cheaon. My true name is Xanonomian and I originate from a planet far from this galaxy. In form we are humanoid, however we long ago developed the technology to enhance our psychic energy into its physical form. I could kill you with one energy blast from my eyes. I was exiled from my world for supposedly corrupting science. Our culture was a feeble one, hidebound with foolish ethical restrictions.Fortunately my ship landed to the planet of the Cheaons, a dying world. I proposed to them a solution: find a similar planet with aliens not too dissimilar and I would use my technology to breed a new generation of Cheaons via females from the new planet. Then we will wipe you all out using our deadly virus!"Ben is puzzled:
"Whats in it for you?"Aston laughs:
"Why power of course. The Cheaons will make me their Emperor!"

Suddenly there is a commotion outside. The UNIT troops have arrived. Ben and the others are locked in the room as Aston and the Cheaons use a strange laser device to bathe the UNIT troops in energy and turn their brains into liquid within their skulls. The troops fall to the floor dying,white fluid pouring from their ears. Meanwhile, Ben has picked the lock of the room they are in:
"A little trick I learned from Kyle" he exclaims before they rush out of the room. Running down a corridor, they encounter Shakey Jake coming out of his room:
"Hey guys, like whats happening?" Jake asks.
"No time to explain now, run!" Ben shouts back. They all exit the building and run through the grounds and into some trees. Emerging from the other side, they ponder what to do next:
"Right. Now the first priority is to get back to the hospital and rescue those poor women" the Brigadier says firmly.
"Oh leave them. Its too dangerous. We need to leave here now" Katie snaps. The Brigadier isn't impressed:
"Miss Ryan. I will not leave those other ladies to be experimented on by aliens."

They return to the hospital, where Ben has a plan:
"As we were leaving the centre, I grabbed these from a dead UNIT soldier on the grass *holds up tear gas canisters*. We'll light them and cause mayhem in the building."
"Well done that man!" the Brigadier exclaims.Entering the hospital, Ben flings the canisters inside having lit them with Shakey Jake's lighter. In the ensuing commotion, they run through and downstairs. Ben and Katie punch several Cheaons while the Brigadier locates the keys and frees the women. Then they all rush outside.
"Whew, job well done there guys" Ben says, offering everyone a Fox's Glacier Mint to calm down. Suddenly however there is a loud noise above them. Looking up, they see to their horror a massive saucer-shaped Cheaon space ship descending.................

............... to be continued.

UCAS decide points awarded to Pre-U & IB qualifications!

Interesting. A pre-u second grade will be awarded more points than one of the new A*s at A level. Meanwhile the points awarded for the IB diploma will be reduced. Clearly UCAS are pushing the Pre-U while quietly trying to disuade centres from doing the IB.
I'm not sure what the hidden agenda is here, but there clearly is one. Possibly the elitist educational establishment fear the international nature of the IB or specifically that the exams are set and marked outside of the UK.


May 2009 bring you health and happiness & the comissioning of a Ben Chatham tv series .