Sunday, 30 March 2008

"CRYSTAL" Part 4

Ok, here is the next part of this popular adventure folks:

“CRYSTAL”: Part 4


“Well?” Katie demands:
“Where can we get something to eat?”
One of the seated contemplators gestures to her and whispers:
“ The refectory should just be opening now. There is a full range of organic food and we bake our own bread. Its just out of the door and to the left.”
As Ben, Katie and Kyle start to leave, a blonde woman in her early 30s walks in and stops Ben in his tracks. She is emaciated and rather weak looking. He stares at her in horror:
“Ben?” she says in quiet surprise. Anger creeps over Ben’s face and he storms past her.
“Er sorry”, Kyle says to her and follows Ben:
“Ere Ben, she knows you? Why’d you ignore her?”
Ben ignores him and walks into the refectory. He orders some grilled chicken and roast vegetables and a bottle of white wine.

Later, they are sitting in silence, eating , with Ben clearly in a foul mood.
“Hey Ben, come on, whats up? That woman, was she an ex or something?” Kyle asks.
“Don’t ask stupid questions Kyle. Oh and mind your own damn business.”
Ben knocks back a glass of wine and pours another.
“I presume she is an ex then?” Katie exclaims, “I knew it! All this pretence of being queer is just a ruse to make yourself seem more intriguing.”
Ben stares into his glass of wine:
“Ok then. She’s not an ex, she’s my sister.”
Katie is confused:
“Your older sister? You told me you were an only child?”
“I lied. Look, you don’t understand the damage she did to our family. Always out every night doing drugs and sleeping with any guy who asked. She drove mum and dad crazy. Dad is a very traditional man and he had to watch his little girl turn into a lowbrow slut. In the end she left. She has tried to contact us a few times but I’ve just destroyed her letters. Probably asking for drug money.”
“But she’s your sister an all that. Don’t….”
“Oh shut up Kyle. Where you come from this kind of thing is probably normal , but it isn’t in our family….. Oh look, I’m sorry I didn’t mean that. But I don’t want to discuss this matter.”


Meanwhile, in Wales, the Doctor, Donna and the Torchwood team have entered the grounds of the retreat centre and are stealthily heading towards the building. The Doctor urges caution, however Jack and Owen are fully armed and ready to fire. As they approach the centre, two figures emerge from the building dressed in white robes:
“Hey, hold it there” Jack shouts “we mean you no harm. We need to see the people in charge here……”
However he no sooner finishes than an unseen, psychic force rips the gun from his hand and Owen’s as well. They find themselves surrounded by the robed figures……..


Back in London, the Supersave Supermarket in Camden is fairly busy with shoppers. Suddenly the sound of screaming erupts from one side of the store. A pack of dogs gas entered and they leap at customers, their teeth sinking into necks. The man behind the fish counter shouts in terror as a pitbull terrier leaps up and bites into him, the blood spattering into the ice keeping the fish cold………

.………. To be continued.

Coronation Street vs Eastenders

Having just won an argument/discussion on another site regarding the relative worth of these, it is timely to restate why Corrie is far superior. On the one hand it offers a more realistic reflection of everyday life than EE, together with a more varied tone and superior characterisation. Wheras the recent 'burial alive' plot in EE served to emphasise its desperate and sensationalist scramble for viewers.

Book recommendation: "Bowie in Berlin"

For anyone interested in quality music, I recommend this new book on Bowie's Berlin period. It features in-depth asessments of 'Low', 'Heroes' and 'Lodger' as well as his work with Iggy Pop in this period. Essential.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Doctor Who Battles in Time: "Ultimate Monsters" series

I must say that I've never bothered with these cards before, however the ultimate monsters set features a range of enemies from the classic series and is well worth collecting.
And a Torchwood set is out in April.

Monday, 24 March 2008

"CRYSTAL" Part 3

Here it is folks:



The Doctor and Ben are discussing recent developments via mobile phone.
“Ok Doctor, we’ll fish around this end and see what we can find out about this organisation. I’ll call you again later” Ben concludes.
He turns to Katie and Kyle:
“Ok, have an idea. Kyle, you need to find this Hendridge woman and tell her that you’re interested in enrolling your mother into the religious retreat centre. Try and find out as much as you can. Me and Katie will question some of the patients downstairs.”
Ben and Katie set off downstairs for the main lounge area. Along the way they are blocked by two nurses having an animated conversation on the stairs:
“Excuse me but can you carry on with your dreary conversation somewhere else please” Ben says sternly, flicking his golden hair from his dark eyes.
“You know Katie, I sometimes think that other people exist just to get in my way.”
Katie laughs:“They just don’t appreciate you Ben”.

Meanwhile, Kyle is talking to Hendridge.
“Mr Scott I’d be delighted if your mother would join one of our retreats. She’s almost finished her detox programme here. Actually, why don’t I take you and your mother to our London spiritual centre now , its only in our secondary building across the grounds. Of course you might prefer the solace of our retreat in Wales……”
“Nah, this one sounds ok.” Kyle replies.
Downstairs, Ben & Katie are talking to a wasted looking man in his early 20s with sunken eyes.
“Have you noticed anything unusual here at all, about the staff especially?” Ben asks.
“I mean have they ever asked you to take part in any odd medical experiments or anything?”
Ben senses that he isn’t getting anywhere and offers the man a Fox’s Glacier Mint to cheer him up. The patient feels the cool taste hit his mouth and a senses that he is floating down a turquoise river.

Later they all walk across the path through the grounds to a large imposing concrete building, Hendridge leading the way.
“And here it is, our second stage of recovery - detox for the soul. *looks at her watch* Oh I see that theres a contemplation session underway right now. Why don’t you all join in.”
She opens a door to reveal a large room with pictures of Christ on the walls and vases with exotic flowers. In the middle is a rug with a group of people sitting round in a circle, cross-legged. Ben, Katie, Kyle and Sharon are invited to join the circle while Hendridge disappears.
After a few minutes of sitting in silence, Katie is irritated:
“Er why isn’t anyone saying anything?”
There is no answer.
“Well? Is this some kind of meditation session or what?”
A young man next to her whispers:
“You are meant to sit here silently contemplating God. You wait for him to inspire someone to say something.”
Katie is irritated:
“Oh what nonsense. *standing up* Well I’m inspired to say something. Where can I get some refreshments, we haven’t eaten for hours!”

Meanwhile, Hendridge has taken a lift down to the complex of rooms underneath the building. She walks down a strange corridor bathed in red light and into a large room.In the centre of the room, surrounded by glass, is a large red-glowing crystal. Behind it, in the shadows of the room, a large spider, the size of a cat, sits on a raised square platform.
“Well, are they here?” it says.
“They are my Queen. Just as I promised. Ben Chatham and his group of associates.”
“This is good. And I am informed that the Doctor is in Wales investigating the cow incident. Nothing escapes our attention. Soon we will have them all.”
“But why are you so interested in this Doctor”? Hendridge asks:
“The Doctor is dangerous. However he may know of the blue crystals of Metabelis 3 however here on this planet we have brought something greater. With the power of the only two red crystals revived from its dormant state, we will be invincible. All the power in the universe will be ours!…….

.......To be continued.

Classic Album recommendation:

"Bob Dylan Live: 1975"

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Current thoughts on Coronation Street:

1) This David Platt business is dragging on far too long. They need to bring it to a head and have him locked up or something.

2) The whole Paul/Leanne/restaurant thing is a very dull storyline and the upcoming insurance scam thing is very predictable.

3) Michelle will be left with no sons at all at this rate. While Ryan's away with Nick she should move Alex back in!

"CRYSTAL" Part 2

Ok folks, here is the second part of this adventure:


The crazed felines scratch and tear at the writhing man as Ben wades in trying to pull them off, helped by two other patients. The cats sense that they are being overpowered and leap back out of the window, leaving their victim groaning with pain…..

Meanwhile the Doctor and Donna are leaving the zoo after making some enquiries:
“Hmmmm now that is annoying.” The Doctor muses.
“What, the fact that those tigers killed five people yesterday after showing no signs of abnormal aggression before?” Donna replies.
“Nah. Well yes. But I mean’t the fact that the tigers have been shot and already cremated . I’d have liked to have examined one of them. Anyway, too late now. What do you fancy doing while we wait for the others to visit Kyle’s mum? How about a quick visit to the Tate Modern?”
Donna frowns:
“Not my thing. Lets just find a café.”

Back at the clinic, the ambulance is leaving with the injured man as Ben & Katie are sitting in Sharon’s room explaining what has happened.
“…. and he was in a terrible state when they took him away… eyes all gouged” Ben finishes.
“I ‘eard the screaming, but I thought it was just one of them ‘avin a panic attack from goin’ cold turkey.” Sharon replies.
The door opens and in walks Lavinia Hendridge smiling:
“I hope the noise downstairs didn’t disturb you Miss Scott. Just a little disturbance but its all sorted out now. While your son is here, may I take the opportunity to offer you some literature on our post-rehab lifestyle adjustment centre. It is in the lovely Welsh countryside and run along Christian principles. We feel that once the body is free of impurities then to stay that way the soul must be de-toxed as well.”
Ben takes the leaflet:
“This is fascinating. A religious retreat to give a new direction to the lives of ex-addicts.”

Meanwhile the Doctor and Donna are enjoying a coffee and piece of carrot cake in a café, the radio blaring in the background. Suddenly the news comes on :
“… reports are coming in from Wales of a heard of cows going berserk in Laffdiggogg town centre after breaking through the fence keeping them in their field. Emergency services are reporting many fatalities as the animals bit and trampled shoppers…..”
The Doctor’s face goes cold:
“Donna this is no coincidence. Come on, lets get to the scene in the TARDIS , pronto.”
“What about the others?” Donna asks.However the Doctor is already rushing out of the café.


In Laffdiggogg, The Doctor and Donna emerge from the TARDIS to find the town centre deserted apart from the corpses of dead cows strewn around and a team of people examining them. The Doctor grins:
“I might have known . Its Torchwood.”
Jack spots him and runs up:
“Hi Doctor, good to see you again. Come and meet my team.”
Jack introduces the Doctor and Donna to Gwen, Tosh, Owen & Ianto, giving Ianto’s left buttock a squeeze.
“Nice to meet you all. Now whats going on here?”
“Well this cow was still alive when I got here despite the bullet wounds” ,Owen replies
“And this alien device I have here which measures brain patterns was registering massively heightened emotions and awareness in the animal. And an energy source flowing into it from an external location.”
“What external location?” The Doctor asks. Toshiko looks up from her laptop computer gadgety thing:
“Ok I have a fix on it. Its that Christian retreat centre on the outskirts of town. The Cedars its called………..”

……… be continued.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

"CRYSTAL" : Part One

New Doctor Who Adventure:


Ok folks, here it is, the long-promised first episode of the new Doctor Who adventure."CRYSTAL"Featuring:

The Doctor - David Tennant
Donna Noble- Catherine Tate
Ben Chatham - Adam Rickitt
Katie Ryan - Kate Ryan
Kyle Scott - Rory Jennings

London Zoo. As the sun sets and the cold March wind blows straw, dust and empty crisp packets into the air, the last visitors are being shown out. Len Meadows, the head keeper is staring at the tigers in their enclosure and a sense of unease creeps over him. All of the animals had been behaving oddly all day, unusually quiet, docile and tranquil. Now the tigers were showing no interest whatsoever in the meat Len had thrown into their cage, when normally they’d be gnawing and tearing at it. Suddenly the animals all turn and stare at him simultaneously and Len has a feeling of deep foreboding. Then they move. The tigers leap into the air and an unnatural energy seems to propel them upwards and over the high fence which encloses them. The first tiger bites into Len’s head and shakes him like a gazelle. The others race at the departing visitors. Women scream as the tigers leap upon the crowd, tossing children around like rag dolls and biting deep into flesh…….

The TARDIS lands in the grounds of ‘The Cedars Private Clinic’ in London, a well-maintained Victorian building set among a spacious and well-kept garden.
“Well here we are then,” the Doctor quips, grinning as he steps out onto the grass, followed by Kyle, Ben, Katie and Donna.
“Mmmm lovely building , Victorian neo-gothic.”
Ben looks around confused:
“Are you sure this is where your mother is staying Kyle? I mean don’t take this the wrong way but when you said that she’s in hospital due to heroin withdrawal symptoms , I didn’t have in mind what looks like an exclusive private clinic.”
“Clearly a mistake” Katie chips in.
Kyle is irritated:“Look all I know is this ere is where mum said in ‘er text.”
“I don’t know why you bother with her,” Katie replies, “She dragged you up badly while on heroin , always a different boyfriend while you were left to look after yourself from what you’ve told us.”
“Look, quit dissin’ my mum. Whatever she’s done she’s still my mum and I love her.”
The Doctor turns round:“Look, why don’t you all go in and sort this out while me & Donna pay a visit to London Zoo. That incident with the tigers yesterday intrigues me. We’ll be back in an hour at a guess.”

The Doctor and Donna step back into the TARDIS while Ben and the others walk up to the door of the Cedars.Inside the Cedars, the group are greeted by a well-spoken and immaculately dressed woman of around 40.
“Hello. I’m Lavina Hendridge, Director of the Cedars. How can I be of assistance?”
“I’ve come to see my mum like. I did ring.” Kyle says.
“Oh you must be Mr Scott, Sharon’s son. She’s progressing very well. Our exclusive personalised care can make all the difference in these cases. You can see her now if you like.”
Katie whispers to Ben:“How the hell can chavboy’s mum afford this? Are they lottery winners?”

They are shown upstairs to a private room where Sharon Scott sits watching tv, her thin face looking older than her 38 years.
“Mum” Kyle shouts, embracing her as she smiles:
“Ere hows things Kye babe?”
“Great. These are some of my friends like. You ok?”
“Yeah, this place is really ‘elpin’ me deal with it. Trevor’s payin’ for it, my new fella. He’s loaded, owns a string of nightclubs. Looks after me real well.”
Katie mutters to Ben:“So she’s living off some dodgy London wide boy, that explains it.”
Sharon looks up:“Ere I heard that, who the **** are you.?”
“Don’t you swear at me. Some of us gain money via careers rather than on our backs. It’s a shame you didn’t think more about your son years ago when getting hooked on drugs instead of wasting half your life as an addict.”

Ben grabs Katie by the arm and pushes her out:“I’m sorry Kyle& Miss Scott, sorry….”
Outside,Ben is furious with Katie:“Look that was bang out of order. What the hell is wrong with you Katie?”
“Oh come off it Ben. I was only saying what you were thinking.”
Meanwhile, Kyle is simmering with anger, however Sharon stares at him:
“She does ‘ave a point Kye. I’ve been a terrible mum….”
“No you ain’t…”
“Yes I ‘ave. Half the time never ‘ome, you left to feed yourself ‘an stuff. I’m sorry Kye.But I promise you, its all changing.I’m gonna get off smack for good.”
“Am I like my dad?” Kyle asks. Sharon smiles:
“Why’d you ask that?”
“Its just you never tell me about ‘im.”
“Well we only went out a few times. We was only kids. He didn’t wanna know when I got pregnant. But you look like ‘im…..”

Meanwhile, Ben and Katie are wandering through the clinic:
“I’m half expecting to bump into the likes of that Amy Whitehouse person or Pete Docherty” Katie observes.
“Well theres certainly some money in here.” Ben replies.
In the lounge, the window is open and a young male heroin addict is staring vacantly out of it. Suddenly, a cat leaps through the window and buries its teeth in his neck. As he howls and tries to throw it off, three more cats leap in and attack him, spitting and screeching, claws plunging towards his eyeballs………

……… be continued.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Martha Jones: Obsolete

Martha, as I have pointed out on the DWF, will be a companion too many in series 4. Will Donna returning as main companion and all the attention being on the return of Rose then who needs Martha?

Its an Easter Launch for 'Crystal'

'Crystal' has become subject to further delays and will now begin over the Easter weekend. This is due to ongoing pressures of report writing and the coursework coming in.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Claire,Chesney & Kirk in Corrie

Its about time they got rid of the awful Clurrr, every sight of her makes my blood boil. Now she's only gone and rung social services and some smarmy do-goody lefty social worker has taken Chesney into care, as if he'll be better off separated from his dog and friends. She could at least have offered to HELP Kirk and give him a chance to clean the house up.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

More delays to 'Crystal'

"Crystal" will have to wait for a few more days as I'm snowed under with reports and other work. However the longer the wait, the greater the satisfaction.......

No Coronation Street on Sundays anymore

No Corrie again tonight it seems. Whoever the damn fool is who decides the scheduling on ITV1 needs replacing. What sense is there in two episodes on Friday nights when people go out but none on Sundays when most stay in - when there is a competition to win the ratings battle with Eastenders. Dur!!!!

The Torchwood Novel: 'Slow Decay'

I'm reading this at the moment, it is to say the least, rather full of padding. Do we really need pages of Owen's meandering thoughts or descriptions of Jack's poor driving skills? In my own fiction, I try to make every word count.

Enoch Powell

I watched the programme on Enoch last night on BBC2, fascinating stuff. Clearly he went too far in his speech with some of the phraseology he used such as, 'the black man will hold the whip hand over the white man' & 'grinning pickanninies', both of which are unbelievably ill-judged and bound to undermine the point he was making. however the central thrust of his analysis ie that uncontrolled immigration leads to a divided society, social discontent and the indignenous population being pushed out of whole areas of grim towns like Wolverhampton have been proven correct. Its a shame that he didn't challenge the useless Ted Heath for the Tory Party leadership, had he done so we'd have been spared Margaret Thatcher & Tony Blair.

Friday, 7 March 2008

I'm Back Online

But things arn't working properly. And the print font looks all wrong for some odd reason.

Less than a day to vote in the poll folks!

Kyle in the lead at the moment!

Only 15 hours left to vote for Ben!

Some Bad News: Internet Problem

Unfortunately I'm unable to access the internet from home at the moment due to AOL's connections update not working on my computer. If they continue to mess me around I'm changing internet providers. This may cause a delay in the appearance of 'Crystal'.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

"CRYSTAL": The preview

Ok, here are some taster details about the new Doctor Who adventure :

- it features Ben taking Kyle to visit his mother who is fighting to overcome heroin addiction
- The Doctor and Donna investigate strange goings on at London Zoo
- There is a scene involving packs of dogs & supermarkets
- The story involves Torchwood and part of the action moves to rural Wales.

Monday, 3 March 2008

The Five Doctors special edition DVD

Bought mine today. It has some nice documentaries, including one on the continuity elements. The 'coming soon' ad is for 'The Invasion of Time' and not 'Black Orchid', presumably because of changes in the release order. I've not yet found the supposed 'hidden feature' yet though.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Ghosts of Weatherfield: Part 5 - the Conclusion

OK, here is the BLOG EXCLUSIVE concluding part of this story folks:

The figure of Derek Wilton steps out of the Kabin, its ghostly eyes vacant and cold. Suddenly beams of light emenate out and shoot towards Ben and Katie. They duck down as the light shoots over them and into a nearby parked car, turning it into a fiery furnace. The figure of Derek slowly vanishes.
"Thats two fires that this entity has caused. Its energy level is getting stronger. If the Doctor is correct then we can't be far from the apex manifestation" Ben observes.
"Then we must find out where this Richard Hillman bloke lived," Katie replies, "you know the serial killer and likely apex."
Ben calls over Norris, who is helping Rita back into the shop:
"Er, this Hillman bloke. Can you tell us where he used to live?" Ben asks.
"Yes over there *pointing* at Gail Platt's."

Ben and Katie knock on the door of the Platt house. David Platt , Gail's teenage son, answers the door:
"Oh hi Nick *shouting to Gail* 'mum, Nick's arrived."
Ben is confused:
"I'm sorry but there is some mistake. My name is Ben Chatham. THE Ben Chatham."
Gail arrives and stops in her tracks staring at Ben.
"Oh David this isn't Nick *staring at Ben* you do look like my other son Nick though. He's on his way home from Canada to visit us."
"Never mind all this," Katie intercedes, "We understand from Norris that you used to have Richard Hillman, the serial killer living here. We are investigating these ghost manifestations and you are in grave danger."
Gail is angry:
"I don't see what business of yours ......."
Before she can finish David starts shouting and runs out of the house. Turning round, Gail sees the ghostly figure of Richard Hillman, carrying a bloodstained axe.
Gail screams and Ben shouts 'Run'.

They rush across the street as Hillman strides out of the house:
"And now at last it is time to FEED" it says. Throwing its head back, bolts of light shoot out from all directions, setting fire to several houses. However the Doctor arrives just in time with Donna, carrying some equipment connected to a metallic fireing device.
"Ben, Ben. Hold onto this and point it at the entity. When I say 'now' pull the green lever."
Ben points it at the Hillman apex while the Doctor moves some dials on the oblong box he's been carrying:
"Ok, NOW...."
Ben points the device at the entity and a bolt of green energy dissipation catalyst ions shoot out at Hillman. The figure is bathed in a green glow and screams in an unnerving agonised way. Slowly the figure dissolves.......

Later that evening, The Doctor, Ben, Donna and Katie are enjoying some wine in the Rovers Return.
"Mmmm this wine tastes OK to me" Donna is saying , "Well done Ben by the way"
*they all clink glasses and toast Ben.*
Ben smiles in his seductive, radiant way:
"Thanks everyone. Although I disagree on this wine. No doubt these people have never tasted a 1963 Chateau de Combaire red."
As he speaks a young man enters the pub with Gail Platt and walks up to the bar. Donna nudges the Doctor:
"Hey, don't you think he looks like Ben?"
"He DOES" the Doctor replies, grinning widely."
Ben gets up and approaches the new arrival:
"Hi, I'm Ben Chatham. You must be Nick, I heard you look like me, Can I get you a drink?"
"Oh thanks, I'll have a vodka and lime. Pleased to meet you Ben *they shake hands*."
In the background, the Rovers music system plays "I Breathe Again".........

......... the END

However :
The Doctor
Katie and.....

will return soon in:


Pin-up of the week:Jonas Armstrong

Possibly the most delectable young man on current UK telly.

DVD /Youtube Recommendation: "Earthfasts"

Possibly the finest children's fantasy series since the 1970s. Starring Paul Nicholls (left) it featured standing stones, norse God mysteries and Arthurian legends. Produced by the same team who made RTD's 'Century Falls'. Unfortunately it is not available on DVD and is unlikely to be made so for reasons I will not go into as I don't want my blog to be accused of libel. However I have a copy I made from the telly and its great . You can see some scenes from it on Youtube.

Outakes/Deleted Scenes Exclusive: The Ghosts of Weatherfield

As a blog extra, here is the deleted 'Mad-Dog' sequence from part 4 of 'The Ghosts of Weatherfield'. It takes place between the following lines:

"You however can't have one" They Walk on

Suddenly Ben hears shouting........

As they walk on, a large lollopy dog suddenly appears and rushes up to Katie, putting its paws on her breasts and licking her face with its large, wet, sloppy tongue.
"Ugghh owww Ben, get it off me...." Katie pleads. Ben grins:
"I expect its a fair while that someone fondled your breasts with such passion."
Katie's elbow shoots out and hammers into Ben's side.
Meanwhile Kirk appears and comes running up.
"Are you the owner of this mutt? Get it off me" Katie shouts at him.
"Sorry, sorry. Schmichael is only being friendly" Kirk replies.
"Look you obvious learning difficulties case, get this beast off me immediately" Katie demands.
Kirk pulls Schmichael away , looking dejected and hurt.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Ghosts of Weatherfield: part 4 (Enhanced draft)

Ben and Katie have met up with the Doctor and Donna in Roy Cropper's cafe following the bus incident.
"What the hell are these things Doctor?" Donna asks.
"Dunno. I don't think they're breaking through from another dimension however just what is behind all this is unclear."
"But you must have a theory" Ben probes.
The Doctor looks serious:
"Well there have been reports from space vessels, transport ships usually, travelling through the outer reaches of this solar system, of energy entities of some kind permeating into the ship. The entity has a slight orange glow but when it collides with the ship it seems to vanish. Shortly afterwards ghostly figures appear of crewmen or passengers who have died on the ship."
"And then what happens?" Donna asks.
"Oh well, then everyone dies, wiped out by the force which has now focused itself into the form of an apex manifestation , meaning the body of the most aggressive or violent of the original deceased . This then vanishes and the entity moves on, enlarged."
Katie sips her coffee nervously:
"So you think that a creature of pure energy is here in this street feeding off the energy ripples left by the lives of the dead and then gorging on the energy of the living through killing?"
The Doctor frowns: "Well I wouldn't use the term 'creature' as such, but yes."

They sit in silence for a while before the Doctor suggests that they split into two groups again:
"Me and Donna need to return to the TARDIS. There is some energy dissipation equipment in there that could be useful. Ben and Katie ; have another scout around, see if you can get anymore information."

Walking along the cobbles again, Ben and Katie see the police and ambulances dealing with the aftermath of the bus fire. A small crowd of locals has gathered round. As they approach, Norris Cole runs up to them faffing his arms around:
"Hey you two, did you see what happened? I've heard you saw everything."
"You look like the sort of anal gossip who could be of use to us" Ben comments.
"Now hold on a minute, I'm not going to stand here and be insulted..."
However Katie puts a seductive arm on his shoulders:
"Oh come now, forgive my tactless associate. All we'd like is some info on when this ghost business started."
"Oh well, it started at the factory with strange noises and old ladies being seen."
"And also, is there any particularly violent person who has lived on this street and is now deceased?" Ben adds.
"Oh yes. Have you not heard of Richard Hillman, the serial killer? He lived over there with Gail Platt *gestures*. Horrible man. Killed his wife he did & battered poor Maxine Peacock to death."
"Thankyou" Ben replies, "that may be of great help."

Walking on, Ben sees Ryan and Alex having another argument in the street.
"... and I'm not coming home until you've gone. She's my mum. You're just a spoilt brownoser" Ryan shouts.
Ben steps up:
"*to Alex* Its Alex isn't it? Here , have a Fox's Glacier Mint *offers packet*"
Alex takes a mint and pops it into his mouth, his mind enveloped by cascading colours. Ben turns to Ryan:
"You however can't have one". They walk on.
Suddenly Ben hears shouting and turning round he sees Rita Sullivan running screaming from a little newsagents called 'The Kabin'. She is followed by Norris who is shouting:
"Its Dirk, its Dirk, he's back from the dead."
In the shop doorway, the figure of Derek Wilton appears. It stops and looks towards Ben and Katie. Light beams emenate from its vacant eyes and shoot straight towards them........

......... to be continued.

The Ghosts of Weatherfield: Part 3 (Enhanced draft)

Michelle Connor screams as the figure before her slowly fades away. Ben and Katie vault feistily over the Rovers bar and rush into the back room.
"What was it? What did you see?" Ben asks:
"It.. it was a woman... she just vanished...." Michelle stammers.
"Well? What did she look like" Ben enquires:
"She was... old",
"And? Is that it? For pity's sake can't you recall anything else? Her clothing for instance?"
However Michelle is too shocked and Liz comforts her, asking Ben and Katie to leave.

Meanwhile the Doctor and Donna have arrived at the Underworld factory. Walking in, they are met with a number of suggestive whistles from the girls:
"He's a bit of alright" Kelly says.
"Eees more than alright " Janice Battersby cackles lewdly.
"Er excuse me girls but I'm looking for the boss," the Doctor says:
"Eees in that office luv," Janice replies.
Walking into the office, they see Liam and Carla locked in a romantic embrace . They jump apart:
"Who are you?" Liam asks in a nasal Manc voice.
"I'm the Doctor and this is Donna. We are investigating the series of hauntings reported in this street. I understand that this factory has been a major centre of this."
"It has that pal. Apparenly there used to be an old Mission on part of this site. We've seen all sorts, its taken me 'alf an hour to get that lot out there to come back in."
Suddenly there is a scream from outside. The Doctor, Donna & Liam rush out to see the girls all rushing out:
"Its Mr Baldwin back from the dead" Janice shouts.
There in front of them, the figure of the late Mike Baldwin stands, a glass of scotch in his hand. He slowly fades........

Meanwhile, Ben and Katie are leaving the Rovers Return and walking along the cobbles. In the distance, a bus is leaving Rosamund Steet. As it turns into Coronation Street, three figures appear in front of it. As they watch they almost bump into a sixty-something man in front of them, also staring at the figures:
"Thats Ena Sharples, Minnie Cauldwell and Martha Longhurst," Ken Barlow says : "But they've been dead for years...."
Suddenly a light shoots out from the figures mouths and hits the bus. The passengers inside scream and claw at the glass as the fire leaps up and crackles and spits through their hair. Two children run out and fall over smouldering as the others turn slowly red then black. The ghostly figures slowly fade.
Ben turns to Katie:
"This is serious....." be continued

Important Announcement: Blog exclusives

As part of the upgrade and relaunch of this blog, I can confirm that several exclusive pieces of Doctor Who fiction will be posted here. The first will be the final part of "The Ghosts of Weatherfield"

These will not appear on any Doctor Who Forum.

The Ghosts of Weatherfield : part 2

Anyway, here is the next part of this adventure:

part 2

In the TARDIS, the Doctor briefs Ben and Katie:
"There have been reports of supernatural phenomena concentrated on an area in Manchester called Weatherfield. Ghosts to be precise, just outlines shaped like people. Now if you remember last time that happened....."
Ben is puzzled:
"You think it could be Cybermen again? But you told me it couldn't happen again, that nothing could break through from that dimension any more."
The Doctor frowns:
"Oh I dunno. I'd say it can't, but this is a mystery and I've an uneasy feeling about it."

Meanwhile in Weatherfield, at number 13, Sally Webster is preparing for work:
"Sophie, get down these stairs now, you'll be late for school."
Sophie Webster appears dressed for school:
"Bye mum" she casually says, leaving the house and slamming the door.
"What about your breakfa..... oh never mind" Sally exclaims, pouring herself a quick tea. Suddenly she hears someone else coming downstairs:
"Kevin, is that you? I thought you and Rosie had gone."
She rushes into the living room and is horrified to see a featureless shape in front of her. It begins to take shape and condense into the form of..... Stan Ogden!Sally shrieks and drops the tea as the entity grins before slowly dissolving.Sally gives another shriek and rushes out into the street.

The TARDIS lands in Rosamund Street and The Doctor, Donna, Ben and Katie emerge.
"Ok lets split into two groups" the Doctor instructs:
"Me and Donna will try the factory where many of the main sightings are reported to have been seen, while Ben and Katie, you cover the rest of the street, see if theres a pub or a shop."
Ben and Katie walk along chatting, Katie still concerned about Kyle:
"Right now I'd imagine he's texting his mates to come round and raid your bar area."
"Oh give it a rest Katie will you *looking around* what a run down dump."
"Its pretty grim certainly, I've never been to Manchester." Katie adds.
"Me neither. As far as I'm concerned the north of England is just somewhere you have to pass through on your way to holidays in Scotland."

Turning the corner, they find themselves on Coronation Street.
"Oh cobbles. How quaint." Ben observes.
Walking along they see Jamie & Violet with the baby arguing about leaving:
"Look if we don't leave now Sean will never leave you alone." Jamie is saying:
"Well I'd certainly leave here if I were you." Katie adds as she passes them.
Further down the street, they see Ryan and Alex having an argument:
"Nobody wants you here Alex. Mums giving you all the attention. Go off to your poxy private school. She's my mum not yours." Ryan shouts.
They grapple and Ben runs up, pushing them apart:
"Excuse me now pack that in *turning to Ryan* look, seeing as this lad, Alex I think you said, goes to a proper school and you clearly don't, its only natural that your mother wishes to lavish more attention on him than you. Deal with it."
Steve MacDonald, sitting in his taxi, overhears this and gets out:
"Who the flaming heck are you? Don't talk to Ryan like that!"
"Thankfully the day that I have to take advice from taxi drivers has not yet arrived" Ben replies and he and Katie walk on and into the Rovers.They walk up to the bar, where Liz MacDonald is serving:
"Hello, we'd like two absinthes please" Ben says.
"Yer what? Absinthe?" Liz replies puzzled:"Er yes absinthe. Is there a problem?" Ben says.
Katie whispers to Ben:
"Talk about mutton dressed as lamb".Liz is annoyed:
"Well we don't sell that here and I heard that lady. Anymore of that and you can get out."
Katie is annoyed but Ben intervenes:
"Don't rise to it Katie *to Liz* Look, we're here to investigate the ghost sightings."

As they chat to Liz, Michelle Connor is in the back room applying lipstick in front of the mirror. Suddenly she catches something in the mirror behind her. She spins round terrified to see an amorphous grey form behind her. Slowly the entity takes shape into the form of
...... Annie Walker.
"W.. w..what are you? Wha..What do you want?" Michelle stammers. The entity smiles, sedately yet firmly:
"I bring you death my dear......" be continued.

Sean/Violet/Jamie in Corrie

What a selfish pair of boring ***** Violet and Jamie turned out to be. Not even interestingly devious but drab, morose and concience-striken devious. Just because Violet is the mother and Sean is 'only' the father does not mean that his parental rights should be any less than hers. It all makes me think that Fathers For Justice have a point, although at least Violet isn't taking Sean to court for maintanence while denying him access.
I thought Anthony Cotton was good in last nights episodes. I'm no fan of his 'young Larry Grayson' persona, however he managed to deliver some believable and painful viewing scenes.

Ryan & Alex in Corrie

The problem with this Michelle child-swap storyline is that its all being presented from Ryan's point of view. Ryan is being pushed out, Michelle ignoring Ryan, Alex is an attention seeker etc. Yet there is another side to all of this. Why shouldn't Alex want to know his real Mum? His 'dad 'clearly doesn't like him and his 'mum' has a new boyfriend who Alex hates. Alex is not trying to push Ryan out, indeed he has made every effort to be polite to him and just wants to share Michelle. However Ryan sees this as a threat and wants Michelle to kick Alex out.

Children Need Discipline

Its high time parents in the UK , especially twenty-somethings, faced up to the fact that children need to be set bounderies and shouted at if they behave badly. The 'little angels' culture where parents won't discipline kids is just as bad as the 'chav parenting' of hurling foul-mouthed abuse as children for nothing. Both lead to out of control , vodka swigging louts who intimidate others in towns and often end up on drugs. Less understanding from liberal Ms Social Worker and more good old fashioned fear is needed.

The 'Tragic Life Stories' Industry

One of the biggest growth areas in literature in the past few years has been the 'tragic life story' genre. I went into WH Smiths recently and saw in front of me an entire row of shelves devoted to such books. What struck me most was the similarity in the cover designs, as if the public outpouring of some awful experience now has a distinct brand image. They tend to have a white cover and the picture of a crying child on the front. All kinds of tragic experiences were represented, from cancer through to childhood neglect.
While one can understand how the bearing of ones miserable experiences in print can have a cathartic benefit for the author, and this is hardly something to criticise, the mind boggles as to what kind of voyeristic pleasure the readers of such books get from it. Has our society become so self-indulgent that we can spend all our free time wallowing in someone else's awful experiences?
The WWII generation had more than there fair share of grief but they just got on with it.