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WAR & PEACE Part 4

OK folks, here is part 4 of this canon Doctor Who spin off adventure:


Part 4

A short time later Ben was sitting alone in his room in semi darkness, only the dull glow from a tablelamp lending some light to the melancholy scene. Ben picked up a book from the side table, a copy of Aldous Huxley's 'Eyeless in Gaza', before throwing it angrily to the side of the room.

“I've no interest in reading.... I've no interest in anything. My life's at a dead end...” he muttered to himself. He held his head in his hands as his mobile rang. Picking it up, he saw it was Emma and he angrily threw the phone to one side as well before sinking down onto the bed and falling into a stupor. In the corridor outside the man named Dieter approached Ben's door and listened at it. Further down the corridor, his colleague Ernst gestured that the coast was clear. Dieter slowly opened Ben's door and he and Ernst quickly went inside.....

In the lounge, Katie Ryan was feeling irritated and bored. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart had left and Katie was the victim of the unwanted advances of one of the French delegates.

“Here madame...have another cognac and let me look at your shapely physique” the swarthy delegate said, leering at Katie's breasts. Katie took the cognac and threw it in his face:

“No thanks pal. Your breath stinks of onions and you look like you need a crash diet.” She strode feistily out of the lounge and up the stairs towards Ben's corridor, hoping to raise with him a new theory she had about who may be behind the killings. She noticed Ben's door was ajar and pushing it open saw two men trying to strangle Ben with the flex from his table lamp. Quickly Katie pulled off one of her high heels and swung it at the man named Dieter's head. The pointed heel slammed into his left eye and he yelped and screamed with pain.

Katie karate kicked Ernst who crashed into the window sill and collapsed in a concussed state. Dieter was screaming with pain as Kyle ran into the room:

“Ere what the hell's goin' down?”

“Don't ask stupid questions Kyle and grab that thug” Katie shouted. Kyle pinned Dieter to the ground while Katie shook Ben:

“Ben, you ok? BEN?”

Ben coughed and spluttered. Kyle looked up:

“You'd better like phone a Doctor, his eye's really bad.”

“Oh don't be such a damn wuss Kyle” Katie spat back. She grabbed her high heel and pointed it at Dieter's other eye:

“Now tell us who you are working for or you'll get more of the same. Come on!”

“ahhhh mein gott..... ahhh..” Dieter mumbled. Katie was enraged:

“A German! Look we won the war so tell us who sent you here”. Kyle stood up:

“I'm phonin' for 'elp. This guy's in agony.”

“....ahhh no more fraulein..... I can't say anything... he'd have me shot... ahhhh ” Dieter said before passing out in shock.

A short time later Ben had recovered and he and the team were discussing recent developments with Chiara and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart in Ben's room.

“I am really not happy about the level of force that your operative used”Kate said. Katie reacted with fury:

“Oh wee off. You and your wet international organisation make me sick. Those Germans were trying to kill Ben, what would you have me do, give them a slight ticking off?” Ben looked up wearily:

“Look can we just focus on the mystery we have here. We know that those two were working for someone they are terrified of and that is why they won't talk. It is obvious that they are trying to engender conflict between world powers.”

“'ave there bin any reports recently of alien landings, UFO sightings or anything?” Kyle asked Kate.

“Oh shut up Kyle, as if that has any relevance” Katie spat out.

“Er I was thinkin' that this may be part of a plot to set the world in conflict before an outside invasion” Kyle angrily replied.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, the shadowy figure sat in darkness watching events on a tv monitor screen. Ben's room had a hidden camera. The man was angry:

“Those incompetent fools. I will have them shot for this. That blonde girl is both annoying and dangerous. It is a shame that she is so aggressive as she may otherwise be physically acceptable to me. We must eliminate her. However it may be easier to just move on to the final stage of my plan now. The Israeli will die tonight.”

In another corner of the room, a figure moves into the light given out by the tv screen:

“All is still going according to plan Sir. I am pleased that our leaders agreed to work with you on this project. Soon the earth will be ours”.

The light shone on the face of the second speaker..... the face of a Draconian..........

… be continued.

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OK folks, here is part 3 of this major Doctor Who spin off story:


Part 3

Ben, Kyle, Warrington- Pace and several members of the UK diplomatic team all followed Chiara upstairs, where they saw a group of angry Russians shouting and gesticulating wildly. One of them pointed at Kyle:

“Its heem. Theees man must be arrested now. Heees killed Sergei!”

Nigel Warrington-Pace frowned:

“One of my team has just called the police. It is up to them to decide who to arrest not you. This is England, not Moscow. I am the British ambassador to this international conference and I would like to see the body please.”

The Russian spat on the floor and scowled:

“President Putin will hear of theees.”

They entered one of the bedrooms and saw a man lying sprawled across the bed naked, with stab wounds all over his torso. Blood was soaking into the duvet and the man's eyes were open in a disturbing glazed stare.

“Notice the metallic smell of the blood. One often notices it at murder scenes where there is heavy blood loss” Ben observed, “Is this the same man that you had the altercation with Kyle? I really can't tell.”

“Yeah its him. But I ain't bin near this room since. You know that like as I've bin with you lot”.

Ben stared at the Russians:

“I can confirm that. Kyle has been with me, my team and the ambassador all the time.”

A short time later the police had collected the body and Ben, his team and Kate Lethbridge Stewart were enjoying a drink in the lounge. Kate was worried:

“This is just awful. The only reason that the conference is still going on is that the police won't let anyone leave until these deaths are cleared up. The Russians are going ballistic and we are in danger of real trouble if they try to leave by force. The Iranians are accusing the Americans of killing their own ambassador and the whole thing is getting very nasty.” Ben sipped his cognac:

“The only thing that makes any sense is that this is either the result of a deranged lone killer with psychiatric problems or a conspiracy to wreck world peace by persons unknown.” Katie Ryan sipped her Martini on the rocks and looked up:

“Its the Iranians obviously. They are trying to set the Americans and Russians against each other.” Kate Lethbridge Stewart shook her head:

“I don't think so. The last thing they want is a confrontation between the US and Russia which they could get dragged into. Russia is their ally and the US may choose to take on Russia by proxy by firming up policy towards Iran. I don't think the Iranians would risk that.” Katie Ryan took an instant dislike to Kate and slammed her glass down:

“That's a rather dismissive and speculative argument don't you think?”

Ben went to the bar to get another cognac and saw Chiara there sipping mineral water:

“Hi Chiara. Can I get you another drink?”

“No thanks Ben. I need to get back to work in a bit. How are you anyway? I heard on the grapevine that you've got married. Who's the lucky lady.” Ben looked sad and let his hair flop down over his eyes:

“Emma.... she's called Emma. Oh God my life's a mess!” Chiara was intrigued:

“Why do you say that Ben? Whats wrong?”

“I only married her out of social conformity because my family expected it. Now I'm stuck with her. I fully realise how pathetic that sounds. But just consider my life for a minute. Every relationship I've had has ended because I've been let down. Its like there's a whole row of metaphorical knives sticking in my back. I've no idea where my life is going and now this marriage has just kind of happened.” Ben's eyes filled with tears and he knocked back the cognac in one go. Chara stared at him:

“What about Emma's feelings in all of this Ben? It sounds to me like you're using her in an appalling way.” Ben was upset:

“Oh thanks a lot Chiara. I opened up to you expecting some basic sympathy and all you can do is criticise me.”

Meanwhile, down in the basement of the building, two young men dressed as cleaners moved an old wardrobe to one side, revealing a secret doorway. They opened a door and walked along a concealed passageway to another door, which they knocked and entered. The room was furnished as an office, although it was in darkness except for light from several tv screens showing live CCTV of the conference and mass of lights from a strange, futuristic A man sat in a dark corner of the room in an armchair, his face concealed in the darkness. Slowly he spoke:

“You have done well Ernst and Dieter. The Russians and the Americans are at each others throats. It will soon be time for our decisive move. You will kill the Israeli ambassador and I will use the transfiguran machine to project an image of one of the Iranians. However there is now a more pressing matter. The one called Ben Chatham. I have met him before and he could endanger this entire operation. You must eliminate him tonight............

… be continued.

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WAR & PEACE: Part 2

A short time later, Ben was sitting in the lounge of Brockton Hall with Kate Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT, who was there to brief the Operation Delta team and enable the two organisations to provide joint input. Ben poured Kate a glass of wine.

“I was very sorry to hear about your father's death Kate. On another note, what do you think is really going on here? Are the Iranians trying to scupper the conference?” Kate sipped the wine:

“I really don't think so Ben. Whatever we may think of that regime do not believe that it is in their interests to engineer a situation in which this conference fails, especially not one which involves murdering the US ambassador. The USA and Israel still have the nuclear upper hand and if this all goes pear-shaped then it is still Iran that looks the most vulnerable.”

As she speaks, Chiara enters the lounge and walks up to Ben who gestures at her with his hand:

“Not now Chiara. I'm busy talking to someone important.” Chiara looked slightly hurt:

“Oh. I'd forgotten how rude you can be sometimes Ben. I've only come to tell you that Kyle has been involved in an altercation with some Russians in your room.”

“Oh that’s all I need. I suppose I'd better see what’s going on.”

Ben finished his glass of wine and followed Chiara out of the lounge and up the large, ornate staircase. He saw a commotion in the corridor and a group of Russians in black leather jackets and jeans shouting at Kyle and at security guards who were holding Kyle back:

“.... theese Eeeenglish lout will pay for theeese. In Raashah scum like heem end up floating in the River Neva weeth a bullet in the head”.

“You were riflin through my gear after nickin' summat” Kyle yelled back at him.

Ben approached:

“Unhand my operative now please. What is going on Kyle?”

“I caught this guy goin' through my case an' 'it im like”. Ben noticed that the Russian didn't appear to be bleeding or even bruised.

“Clearly Kyle did not hit this Russian very hard. I am well aware that the Russian attitude towards espionage is still mired in redundant cold war thinking.” The Russian scowled:

“Pah, Eeeenglish toffboy!” He stomped off angrily. Ben led Kyle off downstairs to the lounge to calm him down. He didn't notice the young, blonde man watching the events from within the cleaners' store room, the door being slightly ajar. A short time later, the young blonde guy, dressed in the blue overall of a Brockton Hall cleaner, met with a colleague in the porters' lodge:

“Anything new happening Gunter?” the colleague asked.

“I think we have another opportunity here Ernst....”

A short time later Ben, his team and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart were called to an impromptu meeting in one of the conference rooms by Sir Nigel Warrington-Pace, the British ambassador. Sir Nigel looked worried:

“Look folks, I've called you in here because I need all the advice I can get right now. The yanks are going ballistic and I don't think that I can rein them in. The Clinton woman is the most angry that I've ever seen her, which is saying a lot considering that she looks like everybody's ex-wife crossed with a rottweiler. If they attack Iran for this the whole middle east could go up in flames.” Sir Nigel knocked back a whiskey.

“Is there any evidence at all that the Iranians were behind this murder in the lavatory?” Corinne Shaw asked. Sir Nigel walked to behind where she was sitting and gave her breasts a cuddle:

“Look love, the Americans don't need evidence. Their blood's up.” Corrine was furious:

“I'd rather you didn't grope me like that Mr Warrington-Pace.” Sir Nigel was offended:

“I only had a quick feel. I haven't had any for several weeks as me and the wife are separated.” Ben is annoyed:

“I'd rather you didn't feel the private parts of my staff while discussing a crisis in world politics. It negates the seriousness of the situation.” As Ben spoke, Chiara Smith burst in through the door:

“I'm sorry to burst in but Ben you'd better come quick. One of the Russian delegates has been found stabbed to death in his room and they're blaming you and Kyle.......

… be continued.

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The new Ben Chatham story: "WAR & PEACE"


OK folks, here is the first part of a gripping new Ben Chatham story. Someone is trying to disrupt a conference of world powers designed to end conflict in the middle east. Who and why?...........


Ben Chatham was lounging seductively and wistfully on his sofa, enjoying a continental breakfast and a cup of exclusive Columbian Blue Ridge coffee.

“Here is your newspaper Mr Chatham”, his houseboy Luigi said, handing Ben the Daily Telegraph. Ben gazed down at the leading article:


Delegates have continued to arrive for the World Peace Conference which opens later today at Brockton Hall in Suffolk. The US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said last night that this was an historic chance to end the conflict in Afghanistan, tension over Iranian nuclear pretensions and to finally put an end to conflict in the Middle East. The delegates from Israel, Iran and China are due to arrive from Heathrow shortly and the conference will open with a large welcoming banquet where her Majesty the Queen, who is visiting Canada, will be represented by the Prince of Wales. The Prime Minister has expressed his hope that the conference will be a turning point not just for conflict in the Middle East but for world tensions in general.......

Kyle emerged from the kitchen holding a peace of toast and saw Ben reading the paper:

“Ere Ben, does it say owt about us being invited to the conference?”

“Of course not Kyle. Our involvement is strictly confidential. We are there simply to give advice as regards alien threats to the earth and the impetus they add to the need for global co-operation and understanding. The powers that be hardly want to alarm the public by advertising such matters. However I am immensely proud that we have been asked.”

Ben sipped his coffee and flicked his golden hair back from his dark eyes with pride.

“ We had better get ready Kyle. Please wear a shirt and tie, I do not want you looking like we are going to the studio to record an episode of your namesake Jeremy Kyle's unpleasant show.”

A short time later, Ben, Kyle, Katie Ryan and Corinne Shaw were driving to Brockton Hall. It was a bright, sunny morning and the air smelt fresh and enticing. The sound of David Bowie's “Moonage Daydream” emanated from the car stereo. Ben's mobile started to ring and he glanced down and saw that it was Emma calling:

“Kyle, please answer that and tell her that I'm going to a World Peace Conference and will be too busy to converse with her for an indefinite period.”

Kyle looked embarrassed but answered Ben's phone:

“Hi Emma.... soz but Ben's on his way to that peace conference that’s bin on the news a lot, ain't he told you?..... Ere look I'm really sorry Emma...”

Katie jabbed Kyle in the ribs:

“Why are you apologising to that woman? Ben doesn't have to answer to her for everything.”

Corinne looked up and flicked back her hair:

“She is so needy. Pathetic really.” Kyle continued with the call:

“... yeah ok Emma I'll tell him. See ya babe ends call ere Ben that was dead embarrasin'. Don't you two talk to each ather?”

“We are married Kyle. Of course we don't”.

“I still think its like dead odd that you don't even live together” Kyle answered. Ben frowned:

“Emma understands fully that I am unable to alter my domestic circumstances to suit her as my apartment also serves as a hub for Operation Delta activity. Its a matter of priority. What we do is essentially saving the earth time and time again from extraterrestrial threats.”

They later arrived at Brockton Hall, a huge stately home that was once owned by the Dukes of Suffolk. Ben admired its architecture:

“what a magnificent building. The de la Pole family were such wonderful patrons of the best in English architecture. As I hope to say to the Prince of Wales when I meet him.”

They showed their cards to the security men and drove closer to the house however there seemed to be a commotion going on outside. Several armed men of Asian appearance were ushering someone into a car and shouting in an animated way at security staff. A man with grey hair and a woman were trying to remonstrate with the man getting into the car. As Ben drove closer he recognised the woman.

“I know that woman. Its Chiara! Chiara Smith. She used to work for us.” Katie frowned.

“So it is. Mediocrity personified. Wonder what she's doing here....”

Chiara saw them and walked towards the car:

“Hi Ben, its great to see you again. Look, we've got a bit of an incident going on here...”

“Why are you here? You are still theoretically a member of my organisation and I have not asked you to come” Ben tersely pointed out.

“Oh don't be like that Ben. I work for the diplomatic service now as a liaison officer.”

“Why are those people shouting at each other?” Corinne asked her.

“Oh God its really bad. The Iranian ambassador is threatening to leave claiming that the American ambassador came to his room and punched him. The American ambassador denies it.” Ben frowned:

“Obviously an Iranian stunt” Ben firmly stated.

They got out of the car and Kyle unloaded the luggage as another commotion broke out at the main doorway as a group of armed men ran out.

“Look I'd better go, catch up with you later Ben” Chiara said, going over to the men. Ben tried to catch what they were saying:

“More trouble by the look of it” Kyle observed. As they walked up to the entrance Chiara returned:

“Whats going on?” Kyle asked her.

“Big trouble. The American ambassador has been found dead in one of the men's lavatories. Stabbed to death.”

“This is serious” Ben solemnly stated.

… be continued.

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Its here folks; the true successor to Outpost Gallifrey. Discuss all aspects of Doctor Who here:

I have left Gallifrey Base

I will no longer be posting on Gallifrey Base. I've not enjoyed posting there for a long time . In my view Steven Hill has taken what was the best internet discussion forum I've ever encountered (Outpost Gallifrey) and turned it into a pale imitation. Anything interesting, amusing, controversial, funny, disturbing is out and instead its all bland threads about 'quite liking' things. The moderators have had sense of humour bypasses and the place seems to have had a mass exodus of all the old guard. Not for me.

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Dragon's Ear & Druid's Spear : Part 4

OK folks, here is the much anticipated fourth part of this classic adventure:


Katie stared angrily at Ben:

"So you planned to investigate this all along? Quit the games playing Ben." Ben looked vacantly ahead:

"I don't know what you mean. I just want a holiday. In the country." Katie was bemused:

"You're acting ¤¤¤¤ing weird. Anyway lets go."

Katie drove them to Ashbourne Manor as Ben stared blanklyout of the window and uttered brief directions in a monosyllabic manner. As they approached the house via the long driveway they saw other cars arriving ahead. Groups of teenagers and early-twentysomethings were jumping out of cars and camper vans painted in psychedelic colours. Katie parked in frontof the house as a youth approached the car:

"Hey guys, where you like from then?"

"Cambridge. And why are all you ¤¤¤¤ing kids arriving? We were expecting a quiet country break." The youth laughed:

"Yeah? You serious? You didn't like see the ad on facebook?"

"What ad on facebook?"

"Advertising this party like here". Katie frowned.

"Seems odd that a place like this would allow a bunch of ¤¤¤¤ing teenagers to run riot in it."

"Yeah but look Katie, they're allowin' 'em in" Kyle replied, gesturing to the entrance where two porters were ushering youths and lary girls inside. They got out of the car and went inside themselves, Ben not uttering a word. Inside the entrance hall, the porters were extracting mobile phones from the kids and issuing them with tickets.

"You ain't 'avin my phone like" a rather obese girl with dyed blonde hair protested. The porter stared at her firmly:

"Then leave. You will have complete free reign to do what you like in this house tonight. The only rule is that you hand in all mobile phones and recoording devices. Security precaution in case of legal issues."

"Yeah all right then, if we gets to like 'ave a steamin' like time like" the girl replied, making a crude gesture. Kyle was concerned:

"This ain't right, these kids are bein' set up in some way."

"I had worked that out Kyle. But what can we do.We'll play along with it."

Kyle agreed but not before he had sent a crafty text to Shakey Jake and Corinne Shaw of Operation Delta asking for back up.

After handing in their phones they all went upstairs to their allocated rooms. Groups of youths roamed around the corridors shouting and the sound of fornicating couples could be heard behind the doors. They found a large room and threw their bags in the corner. Katie had a shower while Kyle put the tv on and watched 'Pointless'. Ben sat on the bed and stared blankly into space. Kyle kept glancing at him and then went to the bathroom. He tapped on the door of the shower cubicle, which Katie angrily opened a little:

"What the ¤¤¤¤ are you doing in here when I'm showering Kyle, you creepy perv?"

"Shhh. Do you want' 'im to hear us like?"

"Want who to hear us?"

"Ben. I think I know what's wrong wiv 'im. ' ipmotism. When he went off like in the McDonalds.... someones nabbled 'im."

"Oh what bollocks."

"LookI'm tellin' ya, he's bin 'ipmotised. I saw it on the telly on one a Martina Cole's late night crime programmes."

Katie turned off the shower.

"Kindly turn around Kyle, I don't want you leching at me. And pass me the bathtowel". Kyle turned his back and held out the towelbehind him. Katie wrapped herself in it and rubbed her hair. As she did so there was a loud bang on the door. They heard Ben open the door and a youth shouting:

"Hiya mate; the party's like on! The porters have like all cleared off and its just us in the place. Get yourselves downstairs if you ain't shaggin'."

A short time later, after Katie had dried herself and dressed in a revealing dark dress, they all went downstairs where the party was in full swing. Loud dance music blasted out of multiple speakers as gangs of youths swigged cans and danced on tables. Gaggles of laddettes screamed, shouted and swigged vodka from bottles. Ben smiled vacantly. Kyle nudged Katie:

"See what I mean like? Normally Ben'd be turnin' is nose up an goin on about how awful all of this is." As he spoke, a drunken youth gave Katie's left buttock a feel. She turned to Kyle:

"Frankly I don't care. Vulgar this may be but some of these boys are not bad looking and I intend to enjoy myself. At least they show me some attention."

Outside something stirred below the surface of the lake. As the noise of the party got louder and louder so did the urge to kill... to feed..... be continued.

Moffat acknowledges 'Deviant Seed' by continuing plot elements from it.

Last night's 'Asylum of the Daleks', a much better episode than I expected, continued the sub-plot storyline of Amy & Rory's relationship problems that I started in 'Deviant Seed'. This suggests that Moffat regards my story as canon.

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OK folks, here is part 3 of this intriguing story:


In the car, Katie questioned Ben further:

"Look Ben, what the hell is going on? Huh? You disappear for hours and then suddenly return saying that you've arranged a country break? What about the case?" Ben gave a shrug:

"Who cares. We need a break from all this. Lighten up Katie."

"Don't ¤¤¤¤ing tell me to lighten up. Where did you go to?"

"Oh I just went for a walk. And to arrange the break. Chill out", ben replied with a smile. Kyle gave Katie a worried look:

"Ere for once I agree with Katie here. This ain't like you Ben, its like you're not yourself. The old Prof told us the 'ospital where the missing student dude's girlfriend is. Lets go there an' see 'er before we go anywhere else." Ben smiled:

"Ok Kyle, thats fine. Then we'll go to the country retreat." Kyle frowned:

"See, thats what I mean. That ain't like you Ben. Normally you'd 'ave said summat like, "I don't need you telling me what to do Kyle", or some other arsy comment. You being fair and reasonable ain't really you." Ben laughed:

"I'm happy Kyle. And I really value your suggestions." Kyle looked even more puzzled.

Arriving at the hospital, Kyle spoke to a receptionist and found out the ward that Gabriella Dent was in. They took the lift to level four and walked into Ward 32. A stern nurse asked them to use the hand steriliser on the wall before entering. They were shown to a private room where Gabriella Dent sat propped up in ben watching television.

"Hi Miss Dent. Were like investigating what 'appened to you. We belong to an organisation called Operation Delta" Kyle explained. Gabriella stared blankly at him:

"I've already told everything to the police". Katie switched off the tv and scowled:

"Well we arn't the police so you will damn well have to explain it all again won't you." Ben meanwhile had sat down on a side chair and was looking out of the window , grinning and completely disinterested in Gabriella, who began to talk.

"We were all having fun at the party.It was like really steamin' and Elliot was about to go upstairs with me when *starts to cry*"

"When what?" Katie demanded.

"... this thing, it just came crashing through the french bit into them.. blood.. so much blood."

"Well? What was it. Describe the damn thing!" Katie shouted. Kyle pulled her to one side:

"Hey, can't you see she's upset? Let me talk to 'er."

"Get you hands off my arm Kyle or I will shove your chavboy face into that wall."Kyle let go of Katie and moved towards Gabriella:

"Soz about all that. You just take your time and try to explain."

"I can't remember much, it was all so quick. It was a reptile thing... it killed Elliot. I keep seeing the blood... it bit into his face......*becoming hysterical* blood all over him it was horrible........"

Kyle let her cry on his shoulder:

"Hey you're ok now".

"Stop trying to pull her Kyle and tell her to stop snivelling" Katie stated, using her face mirror to apply some fresh lipstick. Kyle ignored her.

"Where did all this 'appen Gabriella?"

"It was a place called Ashbourne Manor. Elliot hired it for the weekend from a man called Kerrigan from the University."

"What, Professor Kerrigan the eminent historian?" Katie interjected.

"Yes thats him." Throughout the interview Ben remained silent and stared out of the window.

As they were leaving the room, two official looking men arrived.

"Excuse me, but are you relatives of Miss Dent?" one of them asked. Katie frowned:

"No we are from Operation Delta *shows membership card*. I presume you are from the police. Have you spoken to Professor Kerrigan yet?"

"Er yes Miss, but I really don't see why this should be any concern of yours.We are satisfied that Miss Dent is suffering from post intoxication delusions brought on by the consumption of illegal substances. There is nothing much else to all of this." Kyle is annoyed:

"What, you mean you're just dismissin' 'er like that? What about the other students who she says 'ave been killed?"

The detective laughs:

"We are investigating that yes. Why else do you think we are here? However I'm pretty much satisfied that they've all just taken off backpacking and that Miss Dent's boyfriend left her behind because he was tired of her. we found nothing untoward at all at the Manor and certainly no monsters *laughing again*"

"You're out of order mate. This ain't some big laugh, the girl is traumatised" Kyle exclaimed.

"As far as we are concerned Sir the case is closed. We will not be bringing charges against Miss Dent, despite the toxicology reports."

Outside in the car Kyle was still seething.

"Their attitude was bang out of order". Katie gave a shrug:

"You're just anti-police."

"Yeah ok, I ain't exactly got reason to trust the coppers, but they were just dismissin' everything she said as fantasy just because she'd done a few drugs at the party."

"Well maybe they're right."

"Yeah pull the 'aver one. A group of kids don't just take off backpackin in the middle of a party with no word to anyone and no phones or any way of contactin' em."

Throughout the conversation, Ben stared out of the car window grinning. He suddenly turned round:

"Can we go now. We need a break in the country." Katie stared at him:

"And where have you booked us into Ben?"

"Oh its a nice country house retreat called Ashbourne Manor........" be continued.

Book recommendation: "Electric Eden' Rob Young

I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in English cultural history and roots music. Its absolutely superb.

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OK folks. The plot thickens.


Kyle and Katie, having searched the toilets and all through the McDonalds, rushed outside and looked around the car park. However there was no sign of Ben.

"Ring his damn mobile again!" Katie shouted.

"I 'ave done. Its switched off as I said" Kyle answered, looking into the car windows.

"Well I'm going back inside. The food will be ready by now" Katie said, flouncing back into the building. Kyle searched the car park a while longer before joining her.

"So should we like go back to Ben's apartment an 'ope he like just turns up?" Kyle asked.

"*munching a burger* No Kyle. Use your brain. We are on a case and will go and see this Renfew guy. If Ben is likely to turn up anywhere it is there", Katie replied.

"Hows about we contact Torchwood an get 'em to trace Ben using that gear they 'ave that can track his mobile even when its switched off?"

"Later Kyle. For all we know Ben has simply pulled someone and gone off with them. You know what he's like".

A short time later, Katie and Kyle were sitting in Professor Renfew's study. The room was extremely untidy with piles of books and unmarked assignments strewn around. Professor Renfew was an elderly academic with grey unkempt hair, a whispy beard andthick glasses. He wore a dowdy tweed suit.

"Now then, oh how nice it is to have visitors. Would you both like a cup of tea or would you prefer coffee".

"Ere I'd love a coffee" Kyle said.

"Two coffees please" Katie added.

"Oh splendid, splendid. Its so good to know that Ben has such delightful friends. Later I'll show you my latest research on iron age burial mounds in Dorset". Katie is bemused:

"We haven't got time to listen to you rabbit on about your latest academic research. We are here to follow up this missing student case that you contacted Ben about."

The Professor poured out the coffees and brought them over.

"Here you are. Surely you'll stay for a while though."

"Look just tell us about the student" Katie demanded.

"Oh dear well its all so strange you see. Elliot Rhys-Mandeville is his name. A brilliant young man, simply brilliant. He was sure to get a first, his reasearch project on the Winderbourne barrows was pioneering. It completely altered my understanding of late-neolithic burial practices."

"Never mind all that , how has he disappeared?" Katie demanded.

"Well he was always a rather lively young fellow and he had organised a party with his friends to celebrate his birthday. And then he and his group of friends simply vanished. The police visited the house that they had hired for the party and found no trace of them or of anything out of the ordinary. They believe that the group of them just took off travelling on a whim or something."

"An' you think otherwise like?" Kyle asked.

"Oh yes. Its simply not like Elliot. He may have been a bit wild but he was totally committed to his studies. He wouldn't just take off and throw away his degree. Also there are Miss Dent's statements."

"Miss Dent?"

"Oh yes. Gabriella Dent, Elliot's girlfriend. Flighty piece she is. They found her staggering down the A16 at five in the morning screaming about dragons. Has been institutionalised since".

"What do you mean 'about dragons'"? Katie asked.

"Oh lots of stuff about dragons killing her friends. Clearly the girl is deranged however there is something odd behind all of it as I told Ben."

After finishing the coffees, Katie insisted that they leave. Kyle was rather annoyed with her as they walked to the car.

"Ere we could 'ave let the old boy tell us about his work. He seemed a lonely sort."

"Oh perlease! We'd have been there for another two hours listening to the boring old get. I have a degree in Archaeology but even I'd draw the line at listening to him drone on about his pet projects. And you would have been bored stiff."

"Why'd you say that?"

"Because Kyle you are completely uneducated and your interests are daytime TV and petty crime" Katie replied laughing.

"Ere that ain't fair. That was me once yes. But I'm a different bloke now, I've learned stuff since working for Ben............"

Kyle stopped in mid-sentence as they saw Ben waiting for them by the car. He looked dazed and was leaning over the front. Katie rushed forward:

"Where the hell have you been Ben? Drinking?" Ben stood upright.

"Of course not... I can't remember.... Anyway it doesn't matter. Lets go."

"What do you mean it doesn't matter? And go where?"

"We are going on holiday. I've booked us in at a top class country retreat. We all need a break." Kyle and Katie look at each other.

"Ere Ben you sure you're ok like?" Kyle asked.

"Never felt better Kyle. Now lets go." be continued.

New Doomwatch Books!

Two new Doomwatch books are being published, both by Michael Seely. The first is a collection of complete scripts of missing episodes and is out now.

The second is a complete guide to Doomwatch. Both are essential purchases.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The new Ben Chatham Story: "DRAGON'S EAR & DRUID'S SPEAR"


The sound of laughter and clinking glasses echoed through the old, country house as the party was in full swing. Heavy metal music blared loudly from the speakers and outside in the gardens several couples were copulating in the bushes, in between swigging from bottles of wine. In the main hall, young, vivacious and nubile Anthropology student Gabriella Dent sidled up to her boyfriend the bearded Archaeology student Elliot Rhys-Mandeville:
“Hey I like still can’t believe you were able to rent this place for the whole weekend for next to nothing. This Kerrigan guy must really rate your research skills.” Elliot grinned at her and swept his long hair aside:
“Yeah babe, I can’t like believe what a great 21st party this is turning out to be. All my mates like pissed as ****s, Slayer blasting out of the speakers and me about to take you upstairs and shag you ragged. What more can a dude want?” Gabriella laughed out loud and stroked his beard. Outside, beyond the misty lawns and dark spinney, the surface of the lake gently rippled and glimmered in the moonlight. It was a warm, sultry summer night with the light mist gently drifting across the water. Occasionally bats glided and swooped between the trees of the spinney as the sound of the party in the distance punctuated the night with its incongruous and intrusive presence. Slowly something began to stir under the water of the lake. It sensed the noise in the distance, the sound of young people shouting and laughing. It moved towards the surface, the predatory senses alert and engaged……

Back at the party, two long haired youths wearing Iron Maiden T-shirts were dancing on the table kicking beer glasses at the walls as others laughed. Elliot was leading Gabriella up the stairs when there was a massive crash and the sudden sound of screaming. They turned and saw it……. Elliot screamed at Gabriella to run as a clawed arm thrashed towards them, blood spattering in all directions as the sound of teeth crunching through bone could be heard……..

In Cambridge, Ben and Emma Chatham walked towards the car as Kyle Scott loaded luggage into the boot.
“Ere you two ‘ave a good time okay” Kyle said as Emma smiled:
 “How could we not do? A honeymoon in the Algarve… wonderful.” Ben frowned:
 “I would still have preferred that we stuck to my original plan of a serious trip to the excavation site near Rouen where they think they have discovered the site of one of the Frankish king Clovis’ battles.” Emma was irritated:
“Ben, I want a proper honeymoon not an Archaeology trip.” As she spoke, Ben’s mobile rang. He had a short, muttered conversation before looking up with a grin:
 “Hey guys, looks like the honeymoon will have to wait. We have a case!” Emma frowned:
“What do you mean Ben?”
“That was one of my old university lecturers Professor Gus Renfew. One of his most promising current students has gone missing under very odd circumstances. I need to go and visit him at once. Kyle, you may come along. I’ll text you later Emma.” Emma was disgruntled:
“Look I don’t care about your old lecturer or his students. We are supposed to be going on honeymoon Ben.”
“It is far more important that I follow up a potential Operation Delta case than swan off on some holiday Emma”, Ben firmly replied.
“You are not being fair Ben” Emma angrily stated.
“I will discuss this with you when you are less emotional. Come on Kyle”.

Ben drove Kyle to Katie Ryan’s flat to pick her up before heading off to Professor Renfew’s rooms in Magdalene College. Katie was disgruntled as she had missed her breakfast:
“I was about to prepare myself some poached eggs and lightly grilled tomatoes. I don’t appreciate being dragged out without having eaten so I hope that this turns out to be important Ben.” Kyle looked out of the window:
 “Ere there’s a McDonalds over there. Lets stop and gerrus a bite”. Ben was bemused:
“I do not and would never consider frequenting a McDonalds Kyle. It is low quality food for the lumpen masses.” Katie interjected:
“Well I’m ******* famished Ben. Pull in there.” Ben flicked his luscious blonde locks out of his sad, dreamy eyes and sighed deeply:
“On your own heads be it.”

Entering the McDonalds Ben felt slightly nauseous as he saw the room overcrowded with screaming children, obese women in skin-tight leggings shouting at each other and teenage youths wearing baseball caps who were scowling at everyone. Ben reluctantly sat down as Kyle and Katie went to order food. Looking around, Ben was sickened by the tasteless garish colours of the d├ęcor and the inability of the customers to interact without shouting. A smiley McDonalds worker approached him:
“*smiling* Good morning Sir. I hope you’re having a nice day. Can I take your order?”
 “*smiling* Oh I’m sorry Sir. I didn’t know you had ordered already.”
“I haven’t. I have no intention of doing so. Please don’t smile at me as if I am a close friend or something. I’m not.”
The worker looked uncomfortable and left. Ben noticed a young woman with a lip piercing on the next table shoving food at two emaciated looking children:
“’that’s ‘alf an ‘appy meal each for yer. Gerrit down yer, its all I can afford till I get me giro.” Ben was disgusted:
“Excuse me, but if you bought your food wisely off the market and learned how to cook then you could feed those children far more nutritiously and for a fraction of the cost of the rubbish they serve in here. No doubt the reason that you don’t is that you are too idle to prepare food yourself.” The woman flares up:
“Who the fuck asked your opinion? Snotty cunt!” Ben sighed:
“You clearly think it is appropriate to use such invective in front of children. You are a disgrace frankly.” One of the children makes a rude gesture towards Ben and the mother laughs. Ben turned away and saw a middle-aged and smartly dressed man approaching. The man leant over to Ben:
“I’d just like to say that the way you told it like it is to that woman was admirable *gestures to an empty seat* may I?”
 “Er yes” Ben replied. The man sat down.
“I must confess Mr Chatham that me encountering you in here is no coincidence. I also know that you are about to visit Professor Renfew about a missing student.”
“How do you know this….. Who are you?” Ben asked.

A short time later, Kyle and Katie returned to the table after ordering their food. Ben was nowhere to be seen.
“Eees probably in the bog” Kyle observed. However after a while there was no sign of him.
“Either he’s having a marathon dump or something is wrong. Ring his mobile” Katie stated. Kyle rang Ben’s mobile:
 “Ere its switched off. Summat’s up ………”

…….to be continued.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Ben Chatham Series now the longest running Dr Who spin off!

Its been going for 5 + years folks!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Gallifrey Base is Down

And I was looking forward to spending the whole evening on there!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

"The Wedding of Ben Chatham" Part 9

Ok folks, here is the next part of this epic story. Imagine that you are watching it on screen on a warm summer Saturday evening at 6pm. Lets make it happen:


John Drake sat back in his chair and laughed.
"Ok Ben. I should have realised that destroying your organisation wouldn't be a completely easy ride. However you must realise that you cannot possibly win."
"Answer the question Drake! What's this all about?" Katie shouts. Drake laughed again:
"Ahh its the lovely MIss Ryan. You are as attractive in the flesh as you are in photographs." Ben is bemused:
"We are not here to listen to your disingenuous compliments. Please furnish us with a proper explanation" he stated.
"Now now. My compliment was not disingenuous. I would like to think that in different circumstances Miss Ryan and I could get to know each other much more closely. However duty is duty. You people need to realise that the government has its priorities and that your organisation is, how shall I put this, in the way. How about we come to an arrangement. Shall we say £500,000 each for yourselves and the rest of your team to quietly disband and keep your mouths' shut?".
Ben reacted with fury:
"*tossing his golden hair out of his dark eyes* We can't be just bought off Drake. Even if we were to accept your outrageous 'offer' how could we be certain that you wouldn't have us quietly disposed of one by one later?"
Drake laughed:
"Oh such cynicism. As if I would."
Lin Sang stepped forward and pulled out a small, petite golden pistol from his chic handbag:
"You talk now. We want answers."
"I suggest that you all consider my offer seriously. Ok, I will explain, since there is no chance of you getting this information into the public domain. Just over two years ago, a significant offer was recieved by us from ... from visitors. From another world. Obviously such information is both politically sensitive and potentialy damaging to the cohesion of society. It would not be beneficial to anyone to publicise the details of this and risk unnecessary debate and division. Suffice to say that the visitors have offered us unprecedented technical advancement and healthcare advice which could advance society by several hundred years. British business stands to make billions."
Ben frowned:
"I do not accept your explanation. What is the catch? Why else are you keeping this from the public?"
"Well obviously there is no such thing as a free lunch. We must supply out visitors with a regular supply of good quality material. However to fail to do this will cost the economy billions."
"What kind of material?" Ben asked.
"Our visitors require some of our population resources. This is hardly unusual and has happened before. They also require that our government allow them a territorial resource. We believe that South Wales would be suitable for this and a cover story is currently being worked on to facilitate this."
"So you plan to hand over the whole of South Wales and loads of people to some unknown alien invaders?" Katie shouts. Drake laughed:
"Please don't be over dramatic and emotional Katie. Think of the economic benefits."
"Who are these aliens? Why you help them?" Lin Sang shouted:
"They have taken on our form. Suffice to say that they come from a planet called Zeneth and work for someone or something known as 'The Exalted Creath......."

As he spoke they heard the sound of sirens outside the building:
"Someone must have seen Lin using the disc on the security men and called for back up. Lets get out of here" Katie shouted.
"You come with us now" Lin Sang shouted at Drake, holding the pistol at him. They all ran out of the office and Lin Sang used the Xianovian comfort disc an a large group of armed police who were stomping through the main entrance. They shoved Drake into the back of Ben's vintage car and drove off at speed. Ben drove rapidly to the recording studio as they were 45 minutes late for the next round of sessions for the album. Arriving at the studio they ran inside only to see the place in uproar. Long-haired men with beards lounged about over the mixing desk while there was food and spilled drink all over the floor. The producer Jonathan King was shouting at Shakey Jake:
"... just get these people away from my equipment. This is intolerable."
"What is going on? Who are these people and why isn't the studio ready?" Ben asked.
"Hey chill man. Its just the band man. I asked them here to play on the album man. Like jammin' with us" Jake replied. One of the band staggered to his feet, put his arms around Katie and shoved a massive spliff in her mouth:
"Hey babe have a toke. But don't bogart the joint" he mumbled.
"I am NOT having these lowbrow individuals play on my album" Ben shouted. Jake looked puzzled:
"Hey Ben don't be an uptight fink man. Chill. Have a tab *offered Ben a tab of acid*" Ben took the tab from Jake and turned to the others:
"I have an idea. Jake's irresponsible behaviour may actually have given us the means to turn around our situation. *to Jonathan King* Mr King, am I right that this studio used to be used for television work?"
"Er yes. All the cameras and stuff are still in the store room".

A short time later Jake and his band had set up the tv cameras in the old studio while Corinne Shaw and Paul Farraday arrived from Operation Delta HQ with a laptop-like device. Ben smiled:
"Ah. The overrider we borrowed from Torchwood. Connect this thing up and we can broadcast immediately on all TV channels. Here we go!"
Lin Sang made Drake take the acid tab at pistol point and then they waited. After a few minutes Drake began rambling to himself:
"Like wow its great. I feel I'm floating on a sea of tranquility. Everyone should take acid. Yeah. I'm drifting on the crystal wind".
The cameras were on and the footage going out live. The band sat around Drake as he shared joints with them. At one point he shouted out to Lin Sang:
"Hey babe come and join us. You're a cute girl".
"I not a girl, I beautiful Thai Ladyboy" Lin Sang replied, coyly sitting on Drake's knee. Katie Ryan laughed:
"This is superb footage Ben. Drake is getting a taste of his own medicine. When the public see him taking drugs and cavorting with a Ladyboy his career will be over!"
Ben shouted over to Drake:
"Mr Drake, please tell us and the viewing public where the aliens are based that you and your government have been working for". Drake looked up from kissng LIn Sang and grinned:
"Heyyyyy theyyyyy've like got a ship under the sea just off Walton on the Naze. Its hidden by a cloaking device........"
Ben flicks his hair back:
"Contact UNIT ! Its time for the final showdown!!!!" be continued.

Death of a Ladies' Man's Story

This wise tale deserves its own thread:

Death of a Ladies' Man. said...
This is Sandor/Mutie/LBC I'm leaving this here for posterity/safe keeping for when it's deleted from Gallifrey base.

Ben and Kyle where invesitaging strange happenings when they came across an eerie and desolate deserted village .. all around where smoked out buildings and abandoned businesses, and not a single sign of life or habitation. Our heroes where baffled by this mysterious dread place...

As they searched for clues... the became aware of smoke coming from an above mountain ledge. When they arrived to investiage, Kyle rolled back a large stone blocking the entrance to a cave. Soon the blazing of Ben's touch burned the eyes of a strange figure who had not seen light or human company in some time. A hideously ugly and twisted hermit, with a yellowed face and the scars of stab wounds all over his person. Ben said, "look here now, tell me about this place, what happened here?"

The hermit began to tale his tale... I AM THE LEMON ABOMINATION and this was once Gallium Frey, a mighty township in the kingdom of Whom. Once this place was plauged by bizarre politics, puritanical attitudes and mob mentality. A wise villager called Mork saw this and wanted to do something about it, so he crafted a fool's mask in the shape of a fish-man and would make a mockery of the absurditys of the social customs of Gallium Frey and the land of Whom. People would come for miles to jeer and pelt him with stones.. but some saw the wisdom in Mork's folly and delighted in how he made a mock of those who would perscute and jeer him. In my admiring youth, I was especially inspired and crafted my own mask in the shaped of a Lemon-headed creature, soon others did too, and those who once jeered the Fish Emperor found pleasure in his fooling. Soon enough the Fish Emperor was one of the most legendary and talked about characters in Gallium Frey, even in Whom. For years and years he we held in high position as people came in mass numbers to see him caper.

After many years, the mayor of Gallium Frey, the Robot Nicked Physician began to feel the Fish Emperor was getting too powerful and notable a part of Gallium Frey life. Many of the villagers were jealous of the attention the Fish Emperor recieved and suppored his charges.. though he was too popular to simply imprision or exile without an uprising. But the mayor had a plan! For a long time the followes of the Fish Emperor had asked for their own land to be free of persecution.. so he would finally give them it! He set up a ghetto far outside and out of view of the city limits of Gallium Frey and posted soliders and guards around its gates. No one could leave and return to the main city unless they swore an oath to never speak of the Fish Emperor. Inside the city those who spoke of the wise fish-headed fool where persecuted or exiled to the ghetto. Soon the Fish Emperor's legend faded, yet still the Robot Nicked Physician would enter the ghetto himself and dictate how the Fish Emperors few remaining followers could live.

It is here where the lines between the mask of the Lemon Abomination and the man behind became blurred, I lost my mind and started becoming the fool's mask and began a bloody revolt against our exile... this sparked a war and huge crack downs on the people of Gallium Frey to prevent subversive elements, soon the city was destroyed or people fleed to other lands.. yet I was exiled and chained in this cave. Yet I have maintained my belief that one day the Fish Emperor will return to Gallium Frey and laughter will once again ringing from its grim streets. The Robot Nicked Physician had this power to exile me, or anyone within his cities walls, yet the flexing of his power did not help his city grow any more mighty. indeed it has lead it to ruins as the people where quite free to go and settle anywhere they wanted in the land of Whom as much as the control freak Mayor was free to exile them.

Heed this story and learn its lessons. Oh, hark!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

"The Wedding of Ben Chatham" Part 8

OK folks, here is part 8 of this explosive story:


Katie puts her foot down on the accelerator and shouts at the others:
"Hang on, this might be ¤¤¤¤ing rough!"
As the police car drives straight at them Katie abruptly swerves to the right and dodges it. The police car shoots forward and has no time to avoid a white van which is moving up behind. The police car and the van crash into each other and explode into flames. Paul, Corinne, Jake and Katie all give a cheer and zoom off into the distance.

Meanwhile at the prison a feminine figure approaches the imposing doorway and rings the buzzer. A burly prison guard answers on the intercom device:
"Yeah? Who is it?"
"It is Chief Inspector Chiang. You expecting me".
"Oh hang on".
The guard undoes the locks and opens the door letting the oriental person in, who is holding up an identity card.
"You're here to interrogate that Chatham an' 'is mate ain't ya. ¤¤¤¤ing bandit. I'd sow their arses up" the obese guard comments, spitting on the floor.
"I not interested in your opinion. Please show me to the prisoners!"
The guard grunts and mumbles something under his breath about 'chinks' before leading the way to the cells. As he fumbles with his keys to unlock the door of Ben's cell, the oriental person places a hand on his shoulder. A ring on their finger glows red and the guard collapses on the floor. Ben stirs from an uncomfortable slumber as he hears the cell door opening. The oriental person walks in:
"There no time to explain. I hear to get you out of this place."
Ben frowns:
"You're not one of my employees. I'm not aware of any chinese woman on the staff. I don't trust you."
"I not a chinese woman. I beautiful Thai ladyboy Lin Sang. I sent by the Doctor whom I been travelling with. He busy dealing with a Sontaran plot to invade Orion5 so he send me to help you." Ben stares at Lin Sang:
"Well you certainly had me fooled. I presume you use hair extensions and false breasts. "
"I no time to discuss my appearance. Please come with me."
"Ben reaches over to Kyle and gives him a gentle shake to wake him up. Then he helps the injured and bruised Kyle to his feet and follows Lin Sang out of the cell. As they approach a bunch of guards Lin Sang holds up a metallic, silver disc. The guards all fall down asleep.
"What is that thing?" Ben asks.
"It a Xianovian comfort disc. The Doctor lend it to me. They wake in two hours." Ben is irritated:
"I could have used that device many times. Its extremely inconsiderate of the Doctor not to give me one."
Lin Sang uses the device a few more times until they have recovered Ben'sa mobile and are safely out of the prison. Lin Sang leads them to a pink sports car which they help Kyle into before driving off at speed.

Later Ben, Kyle and Lin Sang meet up with the others at a secret location; a disused aerodrome sometimes used by Operation Delta to store equipment. In one of the hangers, Katie ties Luke Hanson to a chair and throws a bucket of water over him.
"Now you're going to talk Hanson or I'll make you suffer!"
Ben takes her to one side:
"Katie this is inappropriate. Operation Delta does not torture prisoners." Katie frowns:
"You're such a ¤¤¤¤ing wuss sometimes Ben. Anyway I'm not torturing him. Just scaring him a little."
They walk over to Hanson who looks terrified:
"Look you don't know what you're dealing with. They'll kill me if I say anything."
Katie removes a high-heeled shoe and raises it above Hanson's head.
"Ok Ok..... look I was offered the chance to start a new life. To get off the game and have piles of cash."
"Who by?" Ben asks.
"By..... look its the security services ok. MI5, MI6... the whole lot. They're outside of the law now. They can do anything. They are all infiltrated by some group or other. The government as well. All I know is that they answer to someone called Drake. John Drake". Ben frowns:
"John Drake? You mean the Defence Secretary John Drake?"
"I don't know who the hell the guy is. Just the name."
Ben is concerned:
"If the conspiracy stretches all the way up to the cabinet then we really are in trouble. *Turning to Hanson* I am extremely hurt and upset by your actions . You were excellent in bed and I wanted you to become a regular sexual activity partner."

Later Ben, Katie and Lin Sang walk into the Ministry of Defence in London and Lin Sang uses the Xianovian comfort disc to render unconscious the security and office staff. They make their way up to the Minister's office and barge in. Sitting behind a large oak desk, the Minister stares angrily as Ben strides forward:
"Mr Drake, I am Ben Chatham. You will now tell us exactly why you have been trying to destroy my name and my organisation........" be continued.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Wedding of Ben Chatham: Part 7

OK folks, the plot thickens. Here is part 7 of this Doctor Who spin off series story:


Ben is taken to the remand prison and thrown roughly into a cell. One of the policemen spits a massive lump of flem at him and Ben just manages to duck in time so that it splats against the mouldy damp wall, which is covered in bloodstains. The policemen laugh and slam the cell door. Ben sees that Kyle, who has been beaten up again, is lying on a mouldy mattress in the corner. Ben goes over to him and cradles his head, offering him a Fox's Glacier Mint.
"Its ok Kyle, I'm going to get us out of here somehow. I just don't know how yet."

Meanwhile Katie Ryan arrived at Operation Delta HQ in an angry mood. She flounced into the meeting room where Corinne Shaw was pouring out coffees and slammed copies of the Sun, Mirror and Daily Mail onto the table:
"I take it that you lot haven't ¤¤¤¤ing heard. Ben's been arrested for murder!"
The others gazed at the lurid headlines and Keith Smith began to read out the Mail's lead story:

"Shamed OPeration Delta head Ben Chatham has been arrested for murder following what appears to be a sordid altercation with a gay lover. Chatham picked up the young man, named as Luke Hanson 22 from Hampstead, in Heaven nightclub, a notorious homosexual haunt. It was revealed this morning that police suspect Chatham of stabbing Luke to death as part of a twisted sado-masochistic sex session..........

"I think we've heard enough Keith!" Corinne firmly stated: "Ben will be devastated that the Mail has joined in this character assassination. Obviously the whole thing is an elaborate set up".
"Yeah but how the hell do we prove it?" Katie snapped. As she did so the door swung open and in bustled............

................Ian Levine!

"I came as soon as I could.. I must speak to you all immediately *waving a newspaper* this is all a set up and I can prove this fact".
"What the ¤¤¤¤ are you babbling on about?" Katie asked angrily. Shakey Jake took a drag on his cigarette:
"Hey babe chill ok? Let the guy speak". Ian Levine sat down panting:
"I used to work at 'Heaven' as a DJ and still have contacts there. I have been informed that Luke Hanson is an upmarket rent boy and that he has been boasting to all and sundry that he's landed a highly lucrative job that will set him up for life. One of the current DJs informed me that Hanson told him that he's planning to fly to LA this afternoon to start a new life."
"Hey man its a bit too bad that he's dead. Poor dude" Jake said mournfully. Katie scowled:
"You thick hippy ¤¤¤¤! Don't you get it? Its all a set up. This guy is probably still alive. We need to intercept him."
"Yeah babe like how? We don't know what airport or time". Ian Levine intervened:
"I can help with that. Hanson boasted that he was flying first class British Airways at 4 pm!"

That afternoon Katie, Paul, Corinne and Jake arrived at the airport. They all had copies of the Sun with Hanson's photo on the front page. Paul led the way to the check in terminal for flights to Los Angeles. They surrupticiously walked around the nearby shops keeping an eye on the passengers arriving. After what seemed like a lifetime Katie noticed a young man arrive. He had a hoodie on but as he looked around Katie had a clear view of his features:
"There he is!" She shouted. As they ran towards him, Hanson looked round in horror and bolted, running through the airport, knocking down a small child which wailed in pain. Paul and Katie kept pace with him and as Hanson turned a corner he ran headlong into a man, lost his footing and went flying. Paul grabbed him:
"You're coming with us and going public on how you helped set up Ben". Hanson looked terrified:
"Let go of me. They'll kill me. You don't know what you're dealing with". Suddenly a shot rang out and Paul seemed to feel the bullet whiz past them very close. Two armed men in business suits were running towards them:
"I think we'd all better run now" Paul shouted and they all took flight. The men carried on shooting as a party of American tourists walked in front of them. Two of the women were accidently shot, the blood splatting out over the grey polished floor. The team ran out of the airport and made for the car park, Paul holding on to Hanson's arm. They bundled him into the car and Katie drove off at speed. However as they did so a police car rounded a corner and drove straight at them on a collision course.................. be continued.

Friday, 27 January 2012

"The Wedding of Ben Chatham" : Part 6

OK people: your Sunday evening entertainment starts right here! Its the next part of this major story:


Inspired by Ian Levine's faith in him, Ben wakes up the following day determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and turn things around. He drives his vintage car out into the Cambridgeshire countryside as its a sunny morning and Ben finds country drives rejuvenating. Then he drives to Operation Delta HQ to meet with Paul and Corinne. In the meetings room, Ben sips a cup of exclusive Blue Ridge Columbian coffee and stares at Paul:
"Any news on the three cases we talked about?" he asks. Paul frowns:
"Not really. We've pretty much drawn a blank. I think we can assume that the Slitheen case is nothing to do with this. According to Jack Harkness the vengeful Slitheen that escaped did return to try and destroy Torchwood but was killed in Cardiff. And the corrupt scientist in prison, a Dr Herrigan, died there three months ago of a heart attack. As for this Lisa Baldwin woman, she seems to have vanished. The odd thing though is that she really has vanished, as if she never existed. There are no written records of her, no internet trail, facebook profile.... nothing. Are you sure you got the name right Ben?"
"Of course I'm damn well sure. You need to keep digging on this one. People don't just vanish in the modern world. What about her mobile phone details?"
"We contacted all the major providers and used Torchwood's authority to force them to come clean. Again a complete blank. We went through all the Lisa Baldwin's and none fit the profile you gave us". Ben frowns.
"I am now suspicious. You keep working on this while I engage with the other developing strands within my life".

Ben drove to the recording studios in Hammersmith with Corinne to meet with Katie, Shakey Jake and the producer Jonathan King. Entering the studio, Ben was pleased to see that work was starting on laying down backing tracks . Jake was playing a meandering guitar solo for 'Bleeding Love' while a session drummer named Loz had been hired as a temporary measure. Loz banged away behind Corinne who had grabbed her flute. Jonathan King bustled over:
"I'm so delighted to meet you dear boy *ruffles Ben's hair*. I've worked with the Doctor and he speaks very highly of you." Ben frowns:
"I expect you to mix the album so that my vocals stand out. I don't want the musicians to swamp me."
"Have no fear dear boy. I'm simply wild about your vocal potential." Jake comes over and offers Ben a massive spliff:
"Hey man I've laid down some really groovy licks man. Far out".
"This is a pop album Jake not some ghastly 1960s psychedelic type thing" Ben verbally ejaculates. Then he walks over to the mike and begins to sing 'Bleeding Love', followed by 'Good Morning Universe'. Everyone in the studio stands transfixed by the beauty and perfection of Ben's sublime vocals.

Later, Ben takes Emma Cole out to an exclusive restaurant in London. Everyone is dressed in formal dinner wear and the whole room is lit by candlelight. Ben sips an absinthe:
"Emma, you don't have to answer me tonight if you don't wish to. However I'd really like you to marry me, as you know." Emma takes hold of Ben's hand:
"Ben are you sure that you really want this? I'm not stupid you know. I'm aware of your past... not everything but I do know that you've dated guys as well as girls. Are you sure I'm what you want?"
"Of course I am. Please don't allude to any past behaviour. That was just a phase. I want marriage and a family and nothing else. And I want you to share that with me Emma." Emma laughs and a tear falls down her cheek.
"Then of course I'll marry you Ben!" They laugh and embrace.

Later Ben drives Emma to her hotel in London before returning to the recording studio to lay down vocals for "Life on Mars" and "Sebastian". When he finished it was nearly midnight and not wanting to waste an evening in London decided to go to 'Heaven' for a couple of hours. He failed to notice the two young men following him as he entered the club.....
After a few absinthes Ben was on the dancefloor, his exclusive white shirt bulging with his well-toned muscles. He spotted a dark-haired young guy in the distance staring at him and felt an instant attraction. The guy came over and they danced together to Rhianna for a while.
"Hi, I'm Luke".
"Hi Luke I'm Ben."
"You wanna come to my place tonight Ben".
"Yes. I want you to **** me and then **** ******* ***".
After more drinks Ben left with Luke and they made their way to Luke's exclusive penthouse apartment laughing. Inside the apartment, Luke stripped his clothes off revealing his well-toned body and poured a bottle of water over himself to cool down. Ben ripped his clothes off and they dived into bed.

Slowly Ben found himself returning to consciousness from the fog of sleep. His head throbbed and he stared at the unfamiliar surroundings. Slowly he remembered where he was. The bed felt wet and sticky, yet warm. Ben looked round and reeled in horror. Luke's body lay naked on the bed, covered in stab wounds. He felt something in his hand and lifed up.......... a knife. As he did so there was a bang on the door followed by a crash as the door flew open and the room bacame full of policemen. Two of them were armed:
"Don't move, don't move. Drop the knife. DROP IT NOW" one shouted. Ben threw the knife down.
"Benjamin Chatham. You are under arrest for murder!"

....................... to be continued.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


OK people: here is the gripping fifth part of this sci-fi mystery:


Later that day Ben returned to his Cambridge apartment brimming with excitement. He had drawn up an initial tracklist for the album and a few quick phone calls had ensured that work could begin at the studios the next day. However as Ben drove into his street he noticed something was wrong. A large group of youths were standing in the street hurling chunks of brick and other objects as the apartment windows as a line of riot police tried to hold them back .Ben drove down a side street and switched his mobile on. He had recieved several texts while driving which warned him not to go home. He immediately rang Katie:
"Katie what the hell is going on?" Katie sounded agitated:
"Ben why the hell has your phone been off? Have you seen the news?"
"I've been driving obviously. I am a highly responsible individual. Now that are you babbling about Katie?"
"This is really ¤¤¤¤ing serious Ben . The police have arrested Kyle again. Its all over the internet that he's the Cambridge Nightstalker!"
Ben remembered that several months ago four bodies of teenage girls had been found around Cambridge with their throats cut having been interfered with. It had been all over the media however the attention had started to die down. He quickly went onto the BBC news website on his cutting edge I -Phone:


Police have today arrested a new suspect in the ongoing hunt for the so-called Cambridge Nightstalker, suspected of the murder of four teenagers. The suspect is Kyle Barry Scott who has been living in an exclusive penthouse apartment in Rushmere Street Cambridge. The detective leading the investigation, Steve Jackson, has gone on record as saying:
"Scott has been living with discredited self-appointed alien investigator Ben Chatham who has made every effort to harbour him. We have found material on several laptops siezed from the apartment in another investigation which link Scott to the killings. It is the worst visual evidence I have ever had to view in 25 years on the force......"

Ben throws down his phone in a shocked state as his car is surrounded by police officers. He hears the window smash on his right side then everything goes blank...............

The dim sense of perception slowly filtered into Ben's mind as he slowly drifted back into consciousness. He gradually focused on the familiar decor of Katie Ryan's flat and felt pain all over his chest and a stabbing sensation in his head. He realised he was lying on her leather sofa and saw Corinne Shaw, Paul Farraday and Katie herself.
"Whaaa What happened?" he mumbled. Katie knelt by him:
"The police beat you up and then drove you here and dumped you on the pavement outside."
"None of this.... It just doesn't make sense. Why not arrest me if they think I've been sheltering a killer?" Corinne approached:
"Ben what is going on here has to be more than just an attempt to destroy Operation Delta. Otherwise they could indeed have just charged you with being an accessory to murder and have done with it. Its like you are being played with. Whoever is behind this wants you to suffer in some drawn out process. And they've clearly got it in for Kyle bigtime. Can you think of any case that you and Kyle have personally led which might have given someone or something a desire for revenge?"
Ben stares angrily at her:
"What kind of a stupid question is that? I can think of an endless lot of cases like that. Where the hell do we start with this? I can't go on."
Ben sinks back in a despondent state and shuts his eyes. His body is shaking. Paul lights a cigarette and approaches:
"Ben you have to try and think. Whoever is behind this is capable of controlling enough people in power to allow the police to operate outside the law and to control the main media outlets. Try to give us something. Has any specific threat of vengeance been made against you and Kyle?" Ben opens his eyes again and tries to think back:
"A year or so ago there was that incident when we helped Torchwood unearth a Slitheen plot to infiltrate the Ministry of Defence. They were killed and one of them said before he died that the rest of his family would come and seek me out ....."
"Thats a start. Any more?"
"I remember Kyle and I being threatened by that corrupt scientist who was using technology from a Kronan warship that crashed in Scotland to try and create duplicates of himself and his family that were incapeable of aging. Torchwood destroyed the duplicates and he vowed revenge. But he's in prison."
"Hmmm. Plots can be hatched from prison. That it Ben?"
"I think so... apart from that business over Limetree Grange".
"Go on".
"We were investigating the disappearance of some children at a home in Oxfordshire. Some woman came to us claiming that the kids were being used in experiments to do with the military and that aliens were involved. We didn't take it seriously and when Kyle and I visited the place the kids seemed happy. She turned nasty and said that we were involved in the plot. She was the mum of one of the kids that had been taken into care. You could see why by the look of her; she was on heroin and I dread to think what else. Paid for by prostitution. She threatened to kill me and Kyle. Kyle wanted to investigate further but I said no. The woman was an obvious fantasist."
Paul thought carefully:
"Well at least thats three possible leads. How long ago was the last case?"
"Oh only a few months. I should remember the woman's name ..... Baldwin... Lisa Baldwin."
"Well we'll try to look into these cases and see what we can unearth. You get some rest Ben."
Ben sank back on the sofa and let sleep engulf him."

A few hours later Ben awoke to the sound of voices in the next room.
".....but I must see him. I simply must...."
"Look you idiot Ben is too unwell. ¤¤¤¤ off" Ben heard Katie shout.
"Miss Ryan, I have the greatest admiration for you but please don't instruct me to ¤¤¤¤ off....."
"Who is it Katie?" Ben shouted. The door flew open and in strode......................

............Ian Levine.
"Ben I simply had to see you. I've written some new lyrics for your up and coming album. I have followed all of your adventures and have built up an extensive personal collection of memorabilia . It is because of me that the glass that you sipped absinthe from on your last night in Italy was saved from being thrown away after the waiter cracked it. I am solely responsible for saving it and paid £500 to get it." Ben sighed and his dark eyes filled with tears:
"Why bother? My life is ruined. Its all over. Everyone thinks I harbour child killers and Kyle.... why didn't I treat him better? He's probably being beaten to death in some cell. I'm finished."
"I don't care what anyone thinks. I believe in you Ben. When my good friend Keith Smith told me you were recording an album I just knew I had to be involved. I have in my hand the lyrics to side one track one: "Operation Delta in Distress".
Ian sings the lyrics to Ben while Katie laughs in the background. Ben sits up:
"I'm pleased that someone out there still believes in me and in Operation Delta. Maybe there is a point in going on........................"

.................. to be continued.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Wedding of Ben Chatham Part 4

Ok, here is the next part of this major Doctor Who spin off story folks:


Ben Chatham drove through the bustling streets and dreaming spires of Cambridge. It had been a week since his new year proposal to Emma, who was now sitting in the car next to him, an engagement ring on her finger. She stared longingly at Ben, fixing on his smooth neck and rose-petal lips. She imagined him kissing her all over and caressing her pert nipples. Ben stopped the car outside his apartment.
"Are you ok Ben?" Emma asked.
"No. I'm nervous about seeing my apartment for the first time since it was raided. Knowing the police they will have damaged some of the items inside".
"Brave heart Ben!" Emma said, squeezing Ben's knee. They got out of the car, went to the door and rang. Luigi answered and they went in, seeing Kyle and Katie. Ben stared around horrified.
"Where are my expensive David Hockney reproductions? And what the hell has happened to the carpet?" Katie stood up:
"Look Ben I did warn you. The police ripped the backs off the paintings looking for concealed documents. And the carpet was ripped up to search for then too." Ben's eyes filled with tears:
"That carpet was fitted by Hashmere and Ashtons and cost £150 a square metre." Ben went over to Kyle who had two black eyes and a swollen face:
"How are you feeling Kyle? It is absolutely outrageous what they did to you."
"Yeah I'm on the mend like. Bleedin' coppers!"
"That is not the correct attitude to take Kyle. The police do an invaluable job in maintaining law and order. However there is clearly a rogue element involved with whoever is trying to discredit us".
Meanwhile Katie notices Emma's ring:
"So its true then? You're engaged to this little airhead". Ben is irritated:
"If you have nothing positive to say Katie then please leave. Emma is my wife to be and I will not have you insulting her."
"Fine" Katie shouted, flouncing out of the apartment and slamming the door.

Later as Emma assisted Luigi in preparing dinner, Kyle and Ben enjoyed a beer and a brandy respectively.
"Ere Ben are you really sure you're doin' the right thing gettin' married like. I mean you bein' gay like."
"I don't want to discuss it Kyle. And I'm still annoyed that you used this apartment to store goods stolen during the summer riots." Ben responded.
"It was only the flatscreen telly an' blu-ray player."
"Your criminal behaviour allowed whoever is behind this a grain of truth which they could embelish and exaggerate. And please don't question my marriage".
"I'm only tryin' to help like. I mean if you're bein forced into summat that ain't right for you......"
"I don't like talking about this. Please refrain from calling me gay Kyle. I'm not, I'm just a heterosexual male who sleeps mainly with people of his own gender." Kyle looks puzzled:
"Thats bollocks Ben. This ain't like you. "
"Shut it Kyle!" Ben shouts.

The next day Ben drives to London where he has called an emergency meeting of the Operation Delta team in their ransacked HQ. Fortunately the meeting room furniture is still in situe and Ben plugs his new top of the range £5000laptop, purchased two days before, into the powerpoint projector.
"Please desist from speaking while I outline our situation. This organisation is in crisis. I have had my good name soiled in the press and our funding has ceased. We as an organisation have been accused of financial corruption, violent disorder, drugs offences and most recently of plotting with terrorist groups. We are in serious financial trouble."
"Hey man, like when the fascists let me go they said they were gonna make sure we never took on another investigation man . What a bummer. Are we gonna wind up the group?" Shakey Jake says.
"No Jake we are not. And please don't interrupt. I have a plan which may well both restore our positive public image and provide a source of independent income. The Doctor suggested it to me. We are going to record a charity fundraising album and single. Think Band Aid 1984. Yesterday Paul and Corinne wrote on my behalf to a good range of major musicians and artists asking for their help. Linking us to such artists will restore the public's positive view of Operation Delta." There is muttering among the team:
"Which major artists have they written to?" Katie asks.
"A whole host. But they include Simon Cowell and Bob Geldof, who will oversee the project, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Madonna and lots more".

A few days later, Ben arrives at Hammersmith Recording Studios in London which he has booked for preliminary rehearsals. Paul Farraday and Corinne Shaw are waiting for him.
"Hi guys. So who are we expecting to come along today? I've got a list of possible songs to try." Paul frowns:
"Its not good news I'm afraid Ben. We've had rejections from most of the artists we contacted. We did have high hopes for Coldplay but their agent rang this morning saying no."
"What about Robbie? He sent me an email earlier in the week saying he'd come".
"Cancelled last night As did Will Young .And Simon Cowell and Bob Geldof both said no".
"So how many are coming then?"
"Just Bowie".
"I knew David wouldn't let me down. But how the hell can we record an album without a band? Maybe David will bring one with him." As he speaks, Ben's mobile rings:
"Hello, this is Ben Chatham. Oh hi David, are you on your way? Oh! Throat infection? Can't you come along anyway? Oh ok." Ben throws the phone down.
"He's not coming. But he said we could use any of his superlative back catalogue so all is not lost. But we've now got no artists to sing them."
Ben's eyes filled with tears as Katie strode in.
"Have we had any luck with the producers Katie?" he asked her, wiping the tears from his dark, dreamy eyes:
"Lots of rejections but two firm offers from Phil Spector and Jonathan King".
"Phil Spector? Didn't he work with the Beatles. We'll have him". Corinne intervenes:
"Hang on Ben. He's in prison in America."
"Well can't they release him? This is important".
"They won't do that" Corinne replied. Ben stared at her angrily:
"What so they keep him locked up for some minor crime while my organisation goes down the drain? Typical Americans. Well I'm not giving up. We will release the album."
"How?" Katie asks.
"By recording it ourselves. WE will become the band.........................."

........... to be continued.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

"The Wedding of Ben Chatham" Part 3

OK folks, here is the gripping New Years Day instaulment of this major Doctor Who spin off story.


Ben felt alone, despondent and wretched. The walls of life seemed to be crushing his sensitive mind. He knocked back another glass of port and stared at the familiar surroundings of his parents' country house in rural Wiltshire. Alastair Chatham had insisted that his son spend the Christmas perod at home and the boredom of doing so was driving Ben to distraction. He threw his glass at the Christmas tree and it whizzed past and smashed on the wall beyond. The sound brought Ben's mother into the room:
"What was that noise? Ben? Did you throw a glass at the wall again?" Ben's dark dreamy eyes stared into space. Mrs Chatham elegantly turned towards him:
"Its high time that you pulled yourself together Benjamin. Your father and I are deeply concerned about your state of mind." As she spoke the doorbell rang and Mrs Chatham went into the hall to answer it. Opening the door she saw an attractive blonde youth standing before her:
"Er Hello. I'm James. James Bartlett. My father invited me........" Mrs Chatham gasped :
"He did what??" As she spoke Alastair Chatham came rushing downstairs:
"Er yes dear, I must have forgotten to explain. I thought we could have a proper family New Years celebration together."
"My God Alastair, you never cease to disgust me. I'm surprised you didn't invite his French whore of a mother as well. I'm going upstairs for a valium."

Mrs Chatham elegantly glided upstairs while Alastair showed James into the exquisedly furnished front room with wooden beams, wood panelling, stag-heads mounted on the walls and exclusive Harrods Christmas decorations. Ben looked up at his brother:
"Oh this just gets worse. Why are you here?" Alastair frowned:
"He's here because I invited him. He is my son and a fine young man. Man being the key word." Ben flicked his golden hair back:
"You know nothing about him." James held out his hand to Ben:
"Look Ben can we not like make up. I'm sorry for what I did."
"No we can't".
Alastair Chatham left the room to go upstairs and talk round his wife. James elegantly smiled:
"Look Ben I'm not just here because of dad. Your colleagues Katie and Jack contacted me and I'm like working with them. They know that dad has stopped you seeing Operation Delta people as part of his bail conditions and they're waiting in the Red Lion . All we have to do is make an excuse to go for a New Years Day drink."
When Alastair Chatham returns, Ben and James pretend to have made up and to be engaged in an interesting discussion about Flemish painting. Alastair smiles:
"I've succeeded in talking your mother round. I pointed out that only the lumpen bourgeoisie object to their husbands having mistresses wheras a true lady accepts her husband's occasional dalliances." James smiles radiantly:
"We have also like made up. We thought we'd celebrate with a glass of wine in the Red Lion."

Later in the Red Lion Ben sipped an absinthe and stared at Captain Jack Harkness:
"What is going on Jack?"
"Its a conspiracy that has been very carefully planned Ben. Given the goddam police have been allowed to concoct false evidence and beat up suspects without exposure, I'd say that involves not just their bosses but the major media moguls as well as politicians and other influential people."
"But why?"
"Hell Ben we must assume that its some kind of alien threat. Why else target Operation Delta."
Katie Ryan interjected:
"I recon that its an attempt to take over the UK from the top down. We can assume that they don't have the power or resources to just invade. So they are gaining control over those in power on a gradual basis."
"How is Kyle doing?" Ben asks.
"Oh chavboy? He's still very weak. Luigi has been released as well so we're both looking after him. He took one hell of a beating. Also we're running out of cash and the bills are piling up. If this goes on for much longer we'll have the ¤¤¤¤ing bailiffs knocking on Operation Delta HQ's door."
Ben stared at his glass and swirled the absinthe round:
"I feel like I've really had enough Katie. My organisation is going bust and my name has been ruined in the press. My father wants me to get married as well or he'll cut me out of his will." Katie reaches under the table and strokes Ben's knee:
"At least something good is coming out of this then Ben".
"What do you mean?"
"Oh come on Ben. I'm more than ready to help straighten you out".
"I'm not marrying you. I have someone else in mind."
Ben takes out his mobile and rings a number:
"Hi is that Emma? Emma Cole? Hi its Ben here. Happy new year! I'm calling to offer you marriage. You know how wealthy my family is so you'll be able to live in a nice house with room for a pony. I assure you that you will be well provided for and I will engage in sexual activity with you once every two weeks provided that our parents approve..........." be continued.