Friday, 27 January 2012

"The Wedding of Ben Chatham" : Part 6

OK people: your Sunday evening entertainment starts right here! Its the next part of this major story:


Inspired by Ian Levine's faith in him, Ben wakes up the following day determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and turn things around. He drives his vintage car out into the Cambridgeshire countryside as its a sunny morning and Ben finds country drives rejuvenating. Then he drives to Operation Delta HQ to meet with Paul and Corinne. In the meetings room, Ben sips a cup of exclusive Blue Ridge Columbian coffee and stares at Paul:
"Any news on the three cases we talked about?" he asks. Paul frowns:
"Not really. We've pretty much drawn a blank. I think we can assume that the Slitheen case is nothing to do with this. According to Jack Harkness the vengeful Slitheen that escaped did return to try and destroy Torchwood but was killed in Cardiff. And the corrupt scientist in prison, a Dr Herrigan, died there three months ago of a heart attack. As for this Lisa Baldwin woman, she seems to have vanished. The odd thing though is that she really has vanished, as if she never existed. There are no written records of her, no internet trail, facebook profile.... nothing. Are you sure you got the name right Ben?"
"Of course I'm damn well sure. You need to keep digging on this one. People don't just vanish in the modern world. What about her mobile phone details?"
"We contacted all the major providers and used Torchwood's authority to force them to come clean. Again a complete blank. We went through all the Lisa Baldwin's and none fit the profile you gave us". Ben frowns.
"I am now suspicious. You keep working on this while I engage with the other developing strands within my life".

Ben drove to the recording studios in Hammersmith with Corinne to meet with Katie, Shakey Jake and the producer Jonathan King. Entering the studio, Ben was pleased to see that work was starting on laying down backing tracks . Jake was playing a meandering guitar solo for 'Bleeding Love' while a session drummer named Loz had been hired as a temporary measure. Loz banged away behind Corinne who had grabbed her flute. Jonathan King bustled over:
"I'm so delighted to meet you dear boy *ruffles Ben's hair*. I've worked with the Doctor and he speaks very highly of you." Ben frowns:
"I expect you to mix the album so that my vocals stand out. I don't want the musicians to swamp me."
"Have no fear dear boy. I'm simply wild about your vocal potential." Jake comes over and offers Ben a massive spliff:
"Hey man I've laid down some really groovy licks man. Far out".
"This is a pop album Jake not some ghastly 1960s psychedelic type thing" Ben verbally ejaculates. Then he walks over to the mike and begins to sing 'Bleeding Love', followed by 'Good Morning Universe'. Everyone in the studio stands transfixed by the beauty and perfection of Ben's sublime vocals.

Later, Ben takes Emma Cole out to an exclusive restaurant in London. Everyone is dressed in formal dinner wear and the whole room is lit by candlelight. Ben sips an absinthe:
"Emma, you don't have to answer me tonight if you don't wish to. However I'd really like you to marry me, as you know." Emma takes hold of Ben's hand:
"Ben are you sure that you really want this? I'm not stupid you know. I'm aware of your past... not everything but I do know that you've dated guys as well as girls. Are you sure I'm what you want?"
"Of course I am. Please don't allude to any past behaviour. That was just a phase. I want marriage and a family and nothing else. And I want you to share that with me Emma." Emma laughs and a tear falls down her cheek.
"Then of course I'll marry you Ben!" They laugh and embrace.

Later Ben drives Emma to her hotel in London before returning to the recording studio to lay down vocals for "Life on Mars" and "Sebastian". When he finished it was nearly midnight and not wanting to waste an evening in London decided to go to 'Heaven' for a couple of hours. He failed to notice the two young men following him as he entered the club.....
After a few absinthes Ben was on the dancefloor, his exclusive white shirt bulging with his well-toned muscles. He spotted a dark-haired young guy in the distance staring at him and felt an instant attraction. The guy came over and they danced together to Rhianna for a while.
"Hi, I'm Luke".
"Hi Luke I'm Ben."
"You wanna come to my place tonight Ben".
"Yes. I want you to **** me and then **** ******* ***".
After more drinks Ben left with Luke and they made their way to Luke's exclusive penthouse apartment laughing. Inside the apartment, Luke stripped his clothes off revealing his well-toned body and poured a bottle of water over himself to cool down. Ben ripped his clothes off and they dived into bed.

Slowly Ben found himself returning to consciousness from the fog of sleep. His head throbbed and he stared at the unfamiliar surroundings. Slowly he remembered where he was. The bed felt wet and sticky, yet warm. Ben looked round and reeled in horror. Luke's body lay naked on the bed, covered in stab wounds. He felt something in his hand and lifed up.......... a knife. As he did so there was a bang on the door followed by a crash as the door flew open and the room bacame full of policemen. Two of them were armed:
"Don't move, don't move. Drop the knife. DROP IT NOW" one shouted. Ben threw the knife down.
"Benjamin Chatham. You are under arrest for murder!"

....................... to be continued.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


OK people: here is the gripping fifth part of this sci-fi mystery:


Later that day Ben returned to his Cambridge apartment brimming with excitement. He had drawn up an initial tracklist for the album and a few quick phone calls had ensured that work could begin at the studios the next day. However as Ben drove into his street he noticed something was wrong. A large group of youths were standing in the street hurling chunks of brick and other objects as the apartment windows as a line of riot police tried to hold them back .Ben drove down a side street and switched his mobile on. He had recieved several texts while driving which warned him not to go home. He immediately rang Katie:
"Katie what the hell is going on?" Katie sounded agitated:
"Ben why the hell has your phone been off? Have you seen the news?"
"I've been driving obviously. I am a highly responsible individual. Now that are you babbling about Katie?"
"This is really ¤¤¤¤ing serious Ben . The police have arrested Kyle again. Its all over the internet that he's the Cambridge Nightstalker!"
Ben remembered that several months ago four bodies of teenage girls had been found around Cambridge with their throats cut having been interfered with. It had been all over the media however the attention had started to die down. He quickly went onto the BBC news website on his cutting edge I -Phone:


Police have today arrested a new suspect in the ongoing hunt for the so-called Cambridge Nightstalker, suspected of the murder of four teenagers. The suspect is Kyle Barry Scott who has been living in an exclusive penthouse apartment in Rushmere Street Cambridge. The detective leading the investigation, Steve Jackson, has gone on record as saying:
"Scott has been living with discredited self-appointed alien investigator Ben Chatham who has made every effort to harbour him. We have found material on several laptops siezed from the apartment in another investigation which link Scott to the killings. It is the worst visual evidence I have ever had to view in 25 years on the force......"

Ben throws down his phone in a shocked state as his car is surrounded by police officers. He hears the window smash on his right side then everything goes blank...............

The dim sense of perception slowly filtered into Ben's mind as he slowly drifted back into consciousness. He gradually focused on the familiar decor of Katie Ryan's flat and felt pain all over his chest and a stabbing sensation in his head. He realised he was lying on her leather sofa and saw Corinne Shaw, Paul Farraday and Katie herself.
"Whaaa What happened?" he mumbled. Katie knelt by him:
"The police beat you up and then drove you here and dumped you on the pavement outside."
"None of this.... It just doesn't make sense. Why not arrest me if they think I've been sheltering a killer?" Corinne approached:
"Ben what is going on here has to be more than just an attempt to destroy Operation Delta. Otherwise they could indeed have just charged you with being an accessory to murder and have done with it. Its like you are being played with. Whoever is behind this wants you to suffer in some drawn out process. And they've clearly got it in for Kyle bigtime. Can you think of any case that you and Kyle have personally led which might have given someone or something a desire for revenge?"
Ben stares angrily at her:
"What kind of a stupid question is that? I can think of an endless lot of cases like that. Where the hell do we start with this? I can't go on."
Ben sinks back in a despondent state and shuts his eyes. His body is shaking. Paul lights a cigarette and approaches:
"Ben you have to try and think. Whoever is behind this is capable of controlling enough people in power to allow the police to operate outside the law and to control the main media outlets. Try to give us something. Has any specific threat of vengeance been made against you and Kyle?" Ben opens his eyes again and tries to think back:
"A year or so ago there was that incident when we helped Torchwood unearth a Slitheen plot to infiltrate the Ministry of Defence. They were killed and one of them said before he died that the rest of his family would come and seek me out ....."
"Thats a start. Any more?"
"I remember Kyle and I being threatened by that corrupt scientist who was using technology from a Kronan warship that crashed in Scotland to try and create duplicates of himself and his family that were incapeable of aging. Torchwood destroyed the duplicates and he vowed revenge. But he's in prison."
"Hmmm. Plots can be hatched from prison. That it Ben?"
"I think so... apart from that business over Limetree Grange".
"Go on".
"We were investigating the disappearance of some children at a home in Oxfordshire. Some woman came to us claiming that the kids were being used in experiments to do with the military and that aliens were involved. We didn't take it seriously and when Kyle and I visited the place the kids seemed happy. She turned nasty and said that we were involved in the plot. She was the mum of one of the kids that had been taken into care. You could see why by the look of her; she was on heroin and I dread to think what else. Paid for by prostitution. She threatened to kill me and Kyle. Kyle wanted to investigate further but I said no. The woman was an obvious fantasist."
Paul thought carefully:
"Well at least thats three possible leads. How long ago was the last case?"
"Oh only a few months. I should remember the woman's name ..... Baldwin... Lisa Baldwin."
"Well we'll try to look into these cases and see what we can unearth. You get some rest Ben."
Ben sank back on the sofa and let sleep engulf him."

A few hours later Ben awoke to the sound of voices in the next room.
".....but I must see him. I simply must...."
"Look you idiot Ben is too unwell. ¤¤¤¤ off" Ben heard Katie shout.
"Miss Ryan, I have the greatest admiration for you but please don't instruct me to ¤¤¤¤ off....."
"Who is it Katie?" Ben shouted. The door flew open and in strode......................

............Ian Levine.
"Ben I simply had to see you. I've written some new lyrics for your up and coming album. I have followed all of your adventures and have built up an extensive personal collection of memorabilia . It is because of me that the glass that you sipped absinthe from on your last night in Italy was saved from being thrown away after the waiter cracked it. I am solely responsible for saving it and paid £500 to get it." Ben sighed and his dark eyes filled with tears:
"Why bother? My life is ruined. Its all over. Everyone thinks I harbour child killers and Kyle.... why didn't I treat him better? He's probably being beaten to death in some cell. I'm finished."
"I don't care what anyone thinks. I believe in you Ben. When my good friend Keith Smith told me you were recording an album I just knew I had to be involved. I have in my hand the lyrics to side one track one: "Operation Delta in Distress".
Ian sings the lyrics to Ben while Katie laughs in the background. Ben sits up:
"I'm pleased that someone out there still believes in me and in Operation Delta. Maybe there is a point in going on........................"

.................. to be continued.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Wedding of Ben Chatham Part 4

Ok, here is the next part of this major Doctor Who spin off story folks:


Ben Chatham drove through the bustling streets and dreaming spires of Cambridge. It had been a week since his new year proposal to Emma, who was now sitting in the car next to him, an engagement ring on her finger. She stared longingly at Ben, fixing on his smooth neck and rose-petal lips. She imagined him kissing her all over and caressing her pert nipples. Ben stopped the car outside his apartment.
"Are you ok Ben?" Emma asked.
"No. I'm nervous about seeing my apartment for the first time since it was raided. Knowing the police they will have damaged some of the items inside".
"Brave heart Ben!" Emma said, squeezing Ben's knee. They got out of the car, went to the door and rang. Luigi answered and they went in, seeing Kyle and Katie. Ben stared around horrified.
"Where are my expensive David Hockney reproductions? And what the hell has happened to the carpet?" Katie stood up:
"Look Ben I did warn you. The police ripped the backs off the paintings looking for concealed documents. And the carpet was ripped up to search for then too." Ben's eyes filled with tears:
"That carpet was fitted by Hashmere and Ashtons and cost £150 a square metre." Ben went over to Kyle who had two black eyes and a swollen face:
"How are you feeling Kyle? It is absolutely outrageous what they did to you."
"Yeah I'm on the mend like. Bleedin' coppers!"
"That is not the correct attitude to take Kyle. The police do an invaluable job in maintaining law and order. However there is clearly a rogue element involved with whoever is trying to discredit us".
Meanwhile Katie notices Emma's ring:
"So its true then? You're engaged to this little airhead". Ben is irritated:
"If you have nothing positive to say Katie then please leave. Emma is my wife to be and I will not have you insulting her."
"Fine" Katie shouted, flouncing out of the apartment and slamming the door.

Later as Emma assisted Luigi in preparing dinner, Kyle and Ben enjoyed a beer and a brandy respectively.
"Ere Ben are you really sure you're doin' the right thing gettin' married like. I mean you bein' gay like."
"I don't want to discuss it Kyle. And I'm still annoyed that you used this apartment to store goods stolen during the summer riots." Ben responded.
"It was only the flatscreen telly an' blu-ray player."
"Your criminal behaviour allowed whoever is behind this a grain of truth which they could embelish and exaggerate. And please don't question my marriage".
"I'm only tryin' to help like. I mean if you're bein forced into summat that ain't right for you......"
"I don't like talking about this. Please refrain from calling me gay Kyle. I'm not, I'm just a heterosexual male who sleeps mainly with people of his own gender." Kyle looks puzzled:
"Thats bollocks Ben. This ain't like you. "
"Shut it Kyle!" Ben shouts.

The next day Ben drives to London where he has called an emergency meeting of the Operation Delta team in their ransacked HQ. Fortunately the meeting room furniture is still in situe and Ben plugs his new top of the range £5000laptop, purchased two days before, into the powerpoint projector.
"Please desist from speaking while I outline our situation. This organisation is in crisis. I have had my good name soiled in the press and our funding has ceased. We as an organisation have been accused of financial corruption, violent disorder, drugs offences and most recently of plotting with terrorist groups. We are in serious financial trouble."
"Hey man, like when the fascists let me go they said they were gonna make sure we never took on another investigation man . What a bummer. Are we gonna wind up the group?" Shakey Jake says.
"No Jake we are not. And please don't interrupt. I have a plan which may well both restore our positive public image and provide a source of independent income. The Doctor suggested it to me. We are going to record a charity fundraising album and single. Think Band Aid 1984. Yesterday Paul and Corinne wrote on my behalf to a good range of major musicians and artists asking for their help. Linking us to such artists will restore the public's positive view of Operation Delta." There is muttering among the team:
"Which major artists have they written to?" Katie asks.
"A whole host. But they include Simon Cowell and Bob Geldof, who will oversee the project, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Madonna and lots more".

A few days later, Ben arrives at Hammersmith Recording Studios in London which he has booked for preliminary rehearsals. Paul Farraday and Corinne Shaw are waiting for him.
"Hi guys. So who are we expecting to come along today? I've got a list of possible songs to try." Paul frowns:
"Its not good news I'm afraid Ben. We've had rejections from most of the artists we contacted. We did have high hopes for Coldplay but their agent rang this morning saying no."
"What about Robbie? He sent me an email earlier in the week saying he'd come".
"Cancelled last night As did Will Young .And Simon Cowell and Bob Geldof both said no".
"So how many are coming then?"
"Just Bowie".
"I knew David wouldn't let me down. But how the hell can we record an album without a band? Maybe David will bring one with him." As he speaks, Ben's mobile rings:
"Hello, this is Ben Chatham. Oh hi David, are you on your way? Oh! Throat infection? Can't you come along anyway? Oh ok." Ben throws the phone down.
"He's not coming. But he said we could use any of his superlative back catalogue so all is not lost. But we've now got no artists to sing them."
Ben's eyes filled with tears as Katie strode in.
"Have we had any luck with the producers Katie?" he asked her, wiping the tears from his dark, dreamy eyes:
"Lots of rejections but two firm offers from Phil Spector and Jonathan King".
"Phil Spector? Didn't he work with the Beatles. We'll have him". Corinne intervenes:
"Hang on Ben. He's in prison in America."
"Well can't they release him? This is important".
"They won't do that" Corinne replied. Ben stared at her angrily:
"What so they keep him locked up for some minor crime while my organisation goes down the drain? Typical Americans. Well I'm not giving up. We will release the album."
"How?" Katie asks.
"By recording it ourselves. WE will become the band.........................."

........... to be continued.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

"The Wedding of Ben Chatham" Part 3

OK folks, here is the gripping New Years Day instaulment of this major Doctor Who spin off story.


Ben felt alone, despondent and wretched. The walls of life seemed to be crushing his sensitive mind. He knocked back another glass of port and stared at the familiar surroundings of his parents' country house in rural Wiltshire. Alastair Chatham had insisted that his son spend the Christmas perod at home and the boredom of doing so was driving Ben to distraction. He threw his glass at the Christmas tree and it whizzed past and smashed on the wall beyond. The sound brought Ben's mother into the room:
"What was that noise? Ben? Did you throw a glass at the wall again?" Ben's dark dreamy eyes stared into space. Mrs Chatham elegantly turned towards him:
"Its high time that you pulled yourself together Benjamin. Your father and I are deeply concerned about your state of mind." As she spoke the doorbell rang and Mrs Chatham went into the hall to answer it. Opening the door she saw an attractive blonde youth standing before her:
"Er Hello. I'm James. James Bartlett. My father invited me........" Mrs Chatham gasped :
"He did what??" As she spoke Alastair Chatham came rushing downstairs:
"Er yes dear, I must have forgotten to explain. I thought we could have a proper family New Years celebration together."
"My God Alastair, you never cease to disgust me. I'm surprised you didn't invite his French whore of a mother as well. I'm going upstairs for a valium."

Mrs Chatham elegantly glided upstairs while Alastair showed James into the exquisedly furnished front room with wooden beams, wood panelling, stag-heads mounted on the walls and exclusive Harrods Christmas decorations. Ben looked up at his brother:
"Oh this just gets worse. Why are you here?" Alastair frowned:
"He's here because I invited him. He is my son and a fine young man. Man being the key word." Ben flicked his golden hair back:
"You know nothing about him." James held out his hand to Ben:
"Look Ben can we not like make up. I'm sorry for what I did."
"No we can't".
Alastair Chatham left the room to go upstairs and talk round his wife. James elegantly smiled:
"Look Ben I'm not just here because of dad. Your colleagues Katie and Jack contacted me and I'm like working with them. They know that dad has stopped you seeing Operation Delta people as part of his bail conditions and they're waiting in the Red Lion . All we have to do is make an excuse to go for a New Years Day drink."
When Alastair Chatham returns, Ben and James pretend to have made up and to be engaged in an interesting discussion about Flemish painting. Alastair smiles:
"I've succeeded in talking your mother round. I pointed out that only the lumpen bourgeoisie object to their husbands having mistresses wheras a true lady accepts her husband's occasional dalliances." James smiles radiantly:
"We have also like made up. We thought we'd celebrate with a glass of wine in the Red Lion."

Later in the Red Lion Ben sipped an absinthe and stared at Captain Jack Harkness:
"What is going on Jack?"
"Its a conspiracy that has been very carefully planned Ben. Given the goddam police have been allowed to concoct false evidence and beat up suspects without exposure, I'd say that involves not just their bosses but the major media moguls as well as politicians and other influential people."
"But why?"
"Hell Ben we must assume that its some kind of alien threat. Why else target Operation Delta."
Katie Ryan interjected:
"I recon that its an attempt to take over the UK from the top down. We can assume that they don't have the power or resources to just invade. So they are gaining control over those in power on a gradual basis."
"How is Kyle doing?" Ben asks.
"Oh chavboy? He's still very weak. Luigi has been released as well so we're both looking after him. He took one hell of a beating. Also we're running out of cash and the bills are piling up. If this goes on for much longer we'll have the ¤¤¤¤ing bailiffs knocking on Operation Delta HQ's door."
Ben stared at his glass and swirled the absinthe round:
"I feel like I've really had enough Katie. My organisation is going bust and my name has been ruined in the press. My father wants me to get married as well or he'll cut me out of his will." Katie reaches under the table and strokes Ben's knee:
"At least something good is coming out of this then Ben".
"What do you mean?"
"Oh come on Ben. I'm more than ready to help straighten you out".
"I'm not marrying you. I have someone else in mind."
Ben takes out his mobile and rings a number:
"Hi is that Emma? Emma Cole? Hi its Ben here. Happy new year! I'm calling to offer you marriage. You know how wealthy my family is so you'll be able to live in a nice house with room for a pony. I assure you that you will be well provided for and I will engage in sexual activity with you once every two weeks provided that our parents approve..........." be continued.