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The Ben Chatham New Years Eve Special: "Wolf"

The cast:
Ben Chatham - Adam Rickitt
Katie Ryan - Kate Ryan
Kyle - Rory Jennings
Anselm Ashmore - Harry Lloyd
Professor Halbutt - Griff Rhys-Jones

It is New Years Eve and Ben is alone in his apartment putting the final touches to his New Years Eve Party spread. He arranges the cucumber sandwiches and nibbles and places the large bowl of punch, made with a £100 bottle of 1963 claret, in the centre. Then he sits down to enjoy an absinthe while listening to Bowie's "Low" album, having sent Katie , Anselm& Kyle out to the shops to buy more wine.
Suddenly the doorbell rings and Ben finds its one of his old Archaeology professors from the University , Professor Halbutt.
"Ben I'm in terrible trouble" he explains.
" I was asked to examine some fossilised bones from a dig at Figsbury Rings. As I was dating them this afternoon they began to glow and transform into a strange wolf-like creature. Its out there somewhere on the rampage. I know you have connections with certain organisations...."
Ben is concerned:
"You have done the right thing. Have a fox's glacier mint , while I contact Torchwood."

Meanwhile Katie, Anselm and Kyle are in Jepsons, an exclusive Cambridge wine shop.
"I don't see why Ben insisted we get such pricey booze" Kyle observes.
"Because he has standards, unlike you chavboy." Katie retorts.
Suddenly they hear screaming in the street. Rushing out, Kyle sees a huge werewolf tearing its claws into shoppers, tossing small children into the road as it bites at heads and necks. Thinking quickly, Kyle lobs a bottle of wine at the creature which hits it on the head. It runs off, making grunting noises.

Back at Ben's flat, Katie, Anselm & Kyle explain what has happened and Kyle suggests that they go out and find the creature. Ben grins:
"Theres no need. I have just recieved a text from Torchwood, they picked the thing up 10 mins ago. Sometimes the easiest thing to do IS to contact the proper agencies."
Katie suggests they all toast Ben, while the Professor helps himself to a cucumber sandwich.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all blog readers!

Have a few absinthes tonight!

Winter of the Lost: Part 6

Here is part 6 of this gripping story folks:

Running down a corridor, Ben finds Anselm outside Yates' office in a state of shock. The door was ajar and Anselm had overheard Yates' conversation with Queen Thalisa. Tears fill his eyes. As Ben ushers him away he tries to explain:
"I don't understand.... they mean to wipe the planet of most of its population.... not to take a select few to the new world..."
Ben is concerned:
"I'm sorry Anselm. Yates is clearly using your Cult of the Sun to assist him by spinning this false aim. How exactly was the transportation to another world supposed to happen?"
"We were all to assemble on Danebury Hillfort on Christmas Day and the combined force of out psychic energy was to activate the transportation."
Anselm explains more of what he heard as they find an exit and run out of the building and across some fields. He is very emotional, so Ben gives him a Fox's Glacier Mint to calm down and hugs him. Reaching a road, Kyle thumbs down a car and they hitch a lift back to the house.

In the drawing room, Ben pours out some of Lord Ashmore's brandy and ponders the situation. "It seems that this Queen Thalisa alien is using Yates in order to clear the earth for her people. Probably span Yates a yarn about returning to some pre-industrial golden age knowing that Yates once worked for UNIT. From what the Doctor said about him though he seemed an ok kind of chap so she probably has him under mind control as well. "
Kyle makes a suggestion:
"Why don't we drive to this Danebury place and check it out. "
Ben tuts:
"Hardly any point now. Its Christmas Eve and we're tired. Lets get an early night, start off tomorrow and catch them at it."

On Christmas morning, they arrive at Danebury in Anselm's car and walk up the slope towards the hillfort. Hearing voices they hide in the ditch and slowly creep up and peer over. A large group of people surround a makeshift altar as Yates preaches to them, dressed in a robe:
"Oh Children of the Sun: the day of deliverence is hear. Today we journey to the new earth.Focus your minds."
Suddenly a gasp goes up from the group as a new figure approaches the altar: Kylie Minogue:
"I will help you to reach the stars. Focus your minds on me. Imagine a world free of people, the new world green. Think of it. Focus your psychic energy."
A low hum begins and a strange glow emenates from the ground:
"How come she looks like Kylie?" Katie asks:
"Fascinating." Ben states: "The technology is buried benieth the hillfort. Its probably been here for centuries awaiting activation. Presumably it needs psychic energy to activate and the Queen is a psychic energy catalyst.She is clearly a shapeshifter impersonating Kylie to inspire unquestioning devotion in her followers".
"Then lets stop 'er." Kyle shouts.Kyle leaps up and shouts 'stop' breaking the group's concentration. The energy glow stops. Thalisa runs towards him. She pulls out a gun, aims at Kyle's head and fires.......

...... to be continued.

Winter of the Lost: Part 5

Here is part 5 of this Yuletide special folks!

Ben listens in silence while Yates explains how he plans to use alien technology to transport the Cult of the Sun members to a new planet in another solar system.
"Imagine a new world, a new beginning for mankind. You could be part of this."
Yates concludes.Ben stands up resolutely:
"I can see how this idea might appeal to some people, however I don't much care for the idea of living on some rural planet in a mud hut with no books, refined cultural pleasures and fine restaurants."
Anselm looks disappointed:
"But Ben, think of the adventure and the sense of discovery."
Ben takes his hand:
"I'm sorry Anselm. But I'd imagine the whole experience would be most distasteful. I have no desire to live like some kind of neolithic person. I like to keep myself clean."
Yates stands up:
"I'm very sorry that you feel this way Ben. We must keep you here until the project is complete, maybe you will change your mind."
As Ben is led away to a holding room, he gazes lovingly into Anselm's dark eyes,
"Think what you are doing Anselm. Don't go with them....."

Meanwhile, Kyle and Katie have been bunged in a room with some of Yates' men, when Yates himself walks in after talking with Ben.
"Ah, sorry to keep you waiting, I've had things to do and I've just been chatting to your associate Ben Chatham. He has agreed to join the Cult of the Sun and come with us to the new world."
Kyle is having none of it:
"Yeah, as if. Ben would never agree to give up 'is 'ome comforts and modern tastes."
Yates stares at him:
"Hmmm very perceptive. I can see you may be trouble."
Katie jabs Kyle in the side:"*whispering* Don't antagonise him , numbnut"
She then addresses Yates:
"Why are you keeping us here? Please just let us go and we'll say nothing."
Yates smiles:
"I assure you that we mean you no harm. We are a pacifist organisation. It is simply our dream to start again on a freash, green new world free of war, corruption and greed."
Kyle stares at him:
"Well Why did you murder that bloke then? With the sword? "
"Oh come now, that wasn't me. It was an accident. He stumbled on a ... shall we say ceremony that we were holding in the old chapel ruins. Its also an Iron age burial ground you know. There was a fight and the sword accidently went into him."
Kyle isn't convinced:"Thats a load of bull. and all this stuff about goin' to another planet don't ring true either.Whatever you're plannin' it ain't 'ow you say."
He jumps up suddenly and throws the table over, knocking Yates against the wall. Punching one of Yates' men, he grabs Katie's arm and they flee the room.

Ben is lying on the bed in his locked room, thinking of Anselm when he hears a commotion outside. The door is kicked open and he sees Kyle with Katie:
"Come on Ben, quick."
Kyle says.Ben jumps up:
"Well done Kyle. You're developing initiative skills. Ahm, we need to find Anselm".
Kyle disagrees:
"But he's one of this Cult thing and we ain't got time."
Ben is irritated:
"We are not leaving here without him."
They rush down the corridor and down a staircase looking for Anselm.

Meanwhile, Yates in in his office. He sits alone, almost in a trance. There is a low humming sound emenating from his phone, which seems to be excerting an hypnotic effect on him. Eventually he picks the phone up and presses it. A female voice comes from the phone:
"Yates. Is everything still going according to plan."
"Yes, Your Majesty. The snoopers have been confined. The will of Queen Thalisa of the Zenons will be obeyed."
"Good Yates Good. Soon this planet will be wiped clean of all technology and most of its population. Ripe for colonisation by my subjects."
Yates stares blankly:
"Yes... wiped clean....."As he gazes down at the videophone he sees the face of...... Kylie Minogue!

- to be continued.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007


Its Christmas Day!!!!!!

Friday, 21 December 2007

Winter of the Lost: Part 4

Anyway, here is part 4 of this Christmas special folks!

Ben and Anselm are lying together after making love by the riverbank:
"So, what was that vision we saw earlier? What are you involved with?" Ben asks. Anselm strokes Ben's blonde hair:
"Ben, on Christmas Day we are going on a journey, the Cult of the Sun I mean. Our leader is going to take us to a new home, another planet beyond the solar system. He has the technology. That vision was part of a game, to give us a sense of what life will be like without modern technology and society."
Ben lets his hair fall over his face as his dark, dreamy eyes fill with tears:
"But I've only just found you and now you say you are leaving."
"Come with me Ben. Come with me to the new world. *Anselm pulls out a punnet of stawberries from his bag and offers one to Ben*.

Meanwhile Katie has rung the police on her mobile, in a state of frustration. Kyle is tring to calm her:
"Look theres nowt much the police can do an' they ain't gonna take seriously us seeing weird visions. Lets see if we can find anything else."
However as he searches, three men approach and one of them pulls out a gun.
"OK, don't move. Now give us the objects."
They take the sword and catapult from Kyle and then bundle him & Katie into the back of a landrover and drive to the mud track that leads to the road.

Ben & Anselm arrive back at the house just as the police are arriving. Lord Ashford is greeting the police:
"Oh what now? We've given our statements, can't you leave us alone Barnaby?"
Chief Inspector Barnaby remains stony faced:
"My Lord, we've recieved a call from a woman in a severe state of distress on your land. Is it Ok if Sergeant Troy here has a look around?"
Ben is concerned:"Hey, that sounds like Katie. I'm sorry, my name is Ben Chatham and I've just seen a vision of some Iron Age warriors. Katie may have done the same."
Barnaby looks gone out:
"Are you taking the Michael?"
Ben is irritated:"Look, I know how it sounds, but I'm telling the truth."
Barnaby ignores him and heads off towards the garden with Troy, while Lord Ashford goes inside.In the drawing room, Ben & Anselm help themselves to a brandy:
"Look Ben, I wish you hadn't told the police that. Look, come with me now. Come and meet the leader."
Ben isn't sure about this, but he feels such a closeness to Anselm that he agrees. They knock back the brandies then set off in Anselm's car . As they leave, Barnaby comes stomping back into the house:
"Right, don't anymore of you leave. We've found another body....."

Anselm drives to a large house set within a plush estate. The gates are electronically operated & he punches in the code. As they arrive at the house, Anselm rings the occupents and the door is opened. Several men usher them into a large study, where a man stands with his back to them. Anselm addresses him:
"Sir, I have brought someone to meet you. I think he would be an ideal addition to our group. His name is Ben Chatham."The man sniggers:
"Oh I have heard of Ben Chatham. *Turning around* welcome Ben. Welcome to the Cult of the Sun. My name is Mike Yates......"

- to be continued

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These new 'Academy' Schools

What a daft idea. Ugly modern buildings, education on a huge scale.....

The best schools are those with oak-panelled walls, leafy grounds and where the headmaster knows the name of every pupil.

The Christmas Thread

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all blog users.

"Winter of the Lost" Part 3

I see that parts 1&2 are here already.

OK, here is part 3 of this festive story:

Back at Duxforth House, Ben, Katie and Kyle are enjoying afternoon tea in the drawing room and admiring the magnificent tree. The police have arrived and are removing the body.
"I expect they'll want to interview us all" Ben warns. Lady Ashford frowns:
"Oh how inconvenient. I have a meeting at the church hall at four to discuss the arrangements for the New Year country crafts fete."
Ben sympathises with her then frowns.
"I wonder whose body it was."Anselm answers:
"Oh I recognised it instantly. It was Porter, the assistant gardener. Probably stabbed by one of his drunken mates in a fight, he was always getting into trouble in the Dog & Gun."
Lord Ashford is angry:
"Damn that man! We should have let him go long ago, he was always loafing around .No wonder the garden is out of control."
Kyle chips in:
"Ere, the bloke has just been done in ain't he? Hows about leaving off 'avin a go at him."
Ben glares at Kyle for his akward comment while the others carry on with the conversation.

After the police gave conducted the interviews, Anselm offers to take Ben to the river for an evening of fishing. Ben is keen to spend more time with the attractive young aristocrat and agrees. Left alone in the drawing room with Katie, Kyle suggests that they go back to the garden site to investigate.
"I'm sure the police have dealt with everything"Katie muses.
"Yeah but they didn't experience the time shift thing or believe us when we told 'em. Theres stuff goin' on here, lets find out what."
Katie reluctantly agrees and they go out to the garden area which is cordoned off with police tape. Katie is annoyed:
"See? All cordoned off. Why the hell did Ben leave me alone with you?"
Kyle spots something in the grass:
"Hey whats this? Its another sword, like the one used to kill that bloke. And theres a catapult thing 'ere too."
Suddenly the air around them starts to go swimmy and they see a vision of a group of bearded men dressed in rags & fur charging at them, swords drawn. Katie screams!

Meanwhile, at the river, Ben & Anselm are fishing.
"It must be great to have he opportunity to fish and shoot whenever you like on your own land" Ben muses.
"Its a shame that we don't all have the chance to live more naturally." Anselm replies.
"I love the country way of life" Ben states.
He stares at Anselm and feels an onslaught of desire for him. Ben imagines himself holding him in bed and exploring his slender limbs. Anselm stares back:
"Ben, ever since I saw you, I suspected that you were our kind of guy."
"You mean gay? Yes. Its funny how you sometimes know."
Anselm grins:"Well yes, I am gay but I didn't mean that. I mean our kind of guy. Look Ben, when I was at university, some of us formed a circle. An underground group if you like. Devoted to rejecting the culture of the modern urban world and returning to a simpler way of life. We call ourselves the Cult of the Sun. You can be part of this. Ben the new age is coming. On Christmas Day, everything changes. The Leader will deliver!"
Ben feels nervous. Suddenly everything swirls around gim and he sees visions of men with spears.
"Wha... whats happening?" he mutters.
"Don't fight it Ben. Its a taste of things to come" Anselm replies, embracing Ben in his arms.....

.... to be continued

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New Ben Chatham Story: "Winter of the Lost" on OG

The Ben Chatham Christmas special is now being posted on OG. Will post here if theres enough interest.

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I'm off for 3 days on a work trip

Taking the students on an Archaeology trip to Stonehenge/Avebury

The new Radio Times Doctor Who cover

I'm not sure I like the picture. Kylie looks very OLD in it and David Tennant has a strange expression, as if he needs the toilet.

I'm BACK on OG (The Doctor Who Forum!)

YAY! They seem to have rectified the problem.

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I CANNOT log into the new DoctorWhoForum!!!!!

What is going on? Everytime I try to log in it claims I've typed the wong password and locks me out!!!! I am typing the CORRECT password!!!!!!

More Ben adventures coming soon

I've been having a break due to work pressures. However hopefully by the end of the week I'll have time to finalise & post my 2009 specials pitch.