Sunday, 19 July 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 6

OK folks, here is the much anticipated sixth part of this adventure:

"MIND TRAP" Part 6

Ben was horrified as he saw the assassination of Sir Douglas Leyton on the screen in front of him. He glared at Max Eastman:
"What the hell is going on Eastman? I demand that you reveal to us your sordid plans." Eastman laughed:
"Oh Ben, you do crack me up. What a pompous young man you are and of course you are not in a position to demand anything. But hell why not. I came to the conclusion long ago that peace and love would not triumph without a little push. That push will be the removal of hundreds of top government members, civil servants and influential members of the corrupt establishment. What I have perfected here is not hypnosis but deep hypnosis. A form of dormant hypnotic suggestion that can get anyone to attempt anything. Thousands of people have passed through this centre over the years. Many are now far closer to their targets than the girl whom you just saw on the screen. I can trigger them at will."
"You are insane Eastman. Even if you trigger a whole spate of assassinations the entire establishment is hardly going to collapse. New people will simply fill the roles", Ben replied angrily. Eastman laughed:
"I don't think that you fully appreciate the full scope of my plans. After the first large spate of killings I will reveal that it is well within my ability to take out the royal family and the Prime Minister, unless they abdicate their roles. Then I will neutralise the top end of the military and both developments will create the circumstances for my lads to take over."
Ben frowned:
"As I said, insane. And hardly peace and love . You're just a murderer." Eastman patted Ben on the shoulder:
"You can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. Its all for a better world Ben."
Meanwhile Katie, Sandra and Joe were exploring the upstairs rooms within the centre. They saw a uniformed man standing at the junction of one corridor and the next. As they approached him, he held up a hand:
"Sorry folks. This part of the centre is out of bounds to the general client. There are people here recovering from nervous breakdowns who must not be upset or disturbed." Katie stared at him:
"How dare you refer to me as a 'general client' ." Quickly she kicked him hard in the shin and as he bent down with the pain, Sandra kneed him in the face, causing him to fall back and hit his head on the wall. He collapsed." Katie and Sandra grinned and smacked hands:
"Right, lets explore!" Katie shouted. They strode down the corridor, the walls of which had peeling paint and strange brown stains. Sandra walked up to a door and tried the handle, but it was locked. She removed a set of police skeleton keys from her jacket pocket and in a short time had the door open. The room was in darkness and there was a moaning sound coming from the far corner. Joe found the light switch and they saw the young man, Chris lying on the bed with open sores caused by burning on his arms. Katie rushed towards him and saw that he was feverish and his eyes were rolling:
"He needs a Doctor immediately". However as she spoke the security guard whom they had overpowered earlier appeared in the doorway pointing a gun:
"None of you move. I think you lot have outstayed your welcome here".
Elsewhere in the building, Ben and Kyle had been strapped to chairs, which resembled those found in a dentist's treatment room. Eastman grinned as he lent over Ben:
"With your connections Ben, you will become a most valuable tool in my plans. Both of you will. However I must be certain that my deep hypnosis has fully worked on you. I imagine that you are both very strong willed."
Kyle wriggled however the straps holding him down were too strong:
"Ere you ain't gonna get me under no hypnotic mind control."
"Oh I think you'll succumb Mr Scott. However first you will watch how I treat and test Ben here."
Eastman stared into Ben's eyes and moved his forefinger from left to right in a rhythmic motion. As he did so an assistant in a white coat placed a helmet device on Ben's head with wires leading to a control panel. The assistant flicked several switches and Ben grimaced before falling strangely silent. Eastman kept moving his finger in front of Ben's face.
"Ben, you are in a safe place. You are happy. You are on a beach gazing at the sea and relaxing" Eastman stated. Ben smiled:
"I feel happy.... sea looks warm... might go for a swim..." Ben muttered. Kyle scowled:
"Well it must be workin' mate as Ben ain't ever 'appy". Eastman laughed:
"As I said Mr Scott, most people succumb very easily. However sometimes the technique doesn't work at all. Very rarely. As in the case of the youth you saw being eliminated earlier. It is best that they are relieved of existence. Otherwise they can have psychotic side effects such as the case of a girl called Lisa a while back. Dreadful business. She irresponsibly escaped then got herself into a road accident".
"Yeah we know. You're a first class bastard aren't you" Kyle exclaimed. Eastman grimaced:
"There is no need for invective. Its time to test Ben properly. I need to be sure that he is fully under my control. I find that under this technique any form of pain can be endured, no matter how unpleasant to the non-treated person. I think Ben here needs some dentistry, don't you think?"
Eastman went to a side drawer and took out a pair of pliers:
"You know, there was a Nazi concentration camp Doctor called Heinz Gruener who pioneered a form of hypnosis that enabled him to remove all of the teeth from someone one by one without the person resisting. However his technique only paralysed the victim and they still felt the pain as each tooth was wrenched out. However Ben shouldn't feel any pain at all under my conditioning. I think we'll just pull out a couple of teeth at the front. Of course it will ruin his pretty smile."
Eastman laughed as he approached Ben with the pliers, moving in close to Ben's face:
"Open wide" Eastman said, grinning as he moved the pliers in........ be continued.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 5

OK folks, here is part 5 of this gripping story featuring Ryan Hawley as Ben Chatham:

[B]"MIND TRAP" Part 5[/B]

The uniformed man approached Ben and raised the gun to Ben's head, grinning widely. However before he could shoot, a voice shouted:

"Stop, bring that one here!"

It was Eastman. The uniformed man grabbed Ben roughly by the arm, while the other pointed his gun at Kyle:

"How about this one boss? Shall I waste 'im?"

"Bring them both here!" Eastman shouted impatiently. Ben and Kyle were marched over to Eastman who shook his head:

"Oh dear oh dear. It seems that I will have to process you two volunteers sooner than I anticipated." Ben glared angrily at him:

"I am Ben Chatham and Kyle and I are here on an Operation Delta investigation. Just what kind of operation are you running here Eastman? These goons have just gunned down a teenage boy in cold blood." Eastman waved his hand from side to side:

"I do not take kindly to people coming here on false pretences. We are a retreat that offers people peace, tranquility and an escape from the stress of the outside world. " Ben is angered:

"You are talking absolute nonesense Eastman. I am shocked and disgusted by the sheer offensiveness of all of this. You claim to offer people help with their problems while tortureing and killing them." Eastman grinned:

"I think that I may as well let you into the full scope of our work here. *To the men* Bring them to the main laboratory."

Meanwhile, back in the chill out room, 'Portia Devine' was being ushered in by Catherine, one of Eastman's female volunteers. Katie and Joe were all over each other on the sofa. Catherine pretended to clear her throat and Katie looked up annoyed:

"This is our new guest, Miss Portia Devine. I would have hoped that there would still be some salad and wine left, but it seems like you've pigged it all. I will prepare some more. Oh and if you two wish to get intimate, I'd recommend a nice outdoor romp in the woods out there. The volunteers love it." Katie gave her an icy look:

"Do I look like the kind of woman that enjoys rolling around in a load of leaves? I'm not some damn tree-hugger". Joe stroked her chin:

"Hey babe, it sounds like fun". Katie frowned:

"Not to me it doesn't.*to Catherine* Bring us some more wine and food. Go on, run along." Catherine shrugged and left. When she had gone, Sandra approached Katie with a feisty look:

"OK, lets cut to the chase. I'm Sandra Harrison and I'm here on an undercover police operation. I know who you are and all about your organisation. We do not like having outside agencies such as yours interfering with police investigations." Katie stared at Sandra and elegantly removed Joe's arms from around her. Then she calmly stood up and walked up to Sandra, her hips swaying. She moved her face to within an inch of Sandra's:

"I'll have you know that we have official authority from the highest level in government that whenever our paths cross those of the police, our role in the investigation takes precedence. Therefore I suggest that you take your high handed attitude and stick it before I deck you." Sandra grinned sardonically:

"Oh I can see that Miss Katie Ryan is as charming as her reputation suggests. Its a shame that her figure doesn't follow suit." Katie lit a cigarette and blew smoke into Sandra's face:

" Oh there is no need to be concerned about my figure darling. Its clear that you are so used to seeing your own sagging tits in the mirror that you assume that all figures should look like that." Sandra smiled ironically:

"Well at least I look forward to viewing myself in the mirror as I don't have to fear the sight of any crows nests around my eyes".

Joe intervenes:

"Er look girls, this isn't really getting us anywhere is it".

"Butt out!" Katie and Sandra shouted in unison.

"Oh well, if you're gonna be like that, I'm going for a snoop round" Joe replied, getting up and heading for the door. Katie and Sandra followed:

"Not without us you're not. A man let loose on his own is a recipe for disaster", Katie said, Sandra nodding in agreement.

Joe, Katie and Sandra walked towards the TV room. Inside they saw a plasma screen tv showing 'Coronation Street' and an empty row of seats, apart from one elderly lady:

"Nothing to see in here. Lets try and find some of the volunteers" Katie stated. As they turned to leave, the old lady tugged Joe's sleeve:

"*Whispering* Hey up me duck, are you here with 'im? Ben Chatham?" Katie frowned:

"How the hell do you know about Ben Chatham?" Katie snapped.

"I heared you lot talkin' earlier in the room out theeyer me duck. This 'eeerin' aid is a good un, best one I've 'ad yet. I'm Epsie. Epsie Carnell. 'ere its me birthday next week, I'm 88....."

*Interupting* "We are not interested in your damn birthday. You should not have been evesdropping on our conversation" Katie stated angrily. Epsie frowned:

"Don't you get narky wi me or I'll 'it you wi me stick. You young 'uns don't know you're born. Now listen. I know what 'ees up to. That Eastman. 'Eees hypnotisin' them young 'uns so ee can get'em to kill people for 'im. Top folk in the government. I recon ee must be one a them Nazis. In the war we 'ad one hidin' in the spinney , came by parachute ee did....." Sandra interrupted:

*Interupting* "Oh how interesting. Now you just watch your programme and have a nice little nap there. It must be tiring talking to us. *To Katie whispering* The old bat must be senile". Katie nodded.

Meanwhile Ben and Kyle were led into the large grey building they had seen earlier. Ben grimaced:

"The design of this building is vile. A grey corrugated box. I hope you shot the architect". Eastman laughed:

"Oh very droll. I'd like you to appreciate the scope of what we are doing here and fortunately you are just in time for a little test."

Ben and Kyle were led to a small room where a plasma screen was showing some CCTV footage of a university campus. A group of men in gowns were standing around as a man in a suit approached, surrounded by other formal looking people.

"This is Sir Douglas Leyton, the Minister for Science and Technology, about to open a new science wing of Lincoln University" Eastman stated.

"Why are you showin' us this?" Kyle asked. Eastman grinned and picked up a mobile. He rang a number. Ben and Kyle noticed one of the female students on the TV screen answer a call.

"Peace and love" Eastman stated. The girl on the screen pulled out a knife and lunged at Leyton, stabbing him before his security could stop her........ be continued.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 4 Second Draft

OK folks, here is the second draft of "Mind Trap" Part 4.

"MIND TRAP": Part Four


Ben rushed forward and intervened to help the young man in the chair:
"Hey are you ok? *To Katie* Phone for assistance Katie. This guy needs treatment for the burns on his arm. "
However before Ben could do any more he felt a hand on his shoulder. He spun round to see Max Eastman:
"Hey Eastman, what the hell is going on here. Why were they torturing that guy?" Ben shouted. Eastman smiled:
"Oh come now, hardly torture. Chris there is a volunteer. He feels no pain at all due to my advanced hypnosis technique" he replied. Ben was bemused:
"Rubbish Eastman, I distinctly heard him screaming. Why were we locked in our room?" he demanded. Eastman was staring at Katie. He stroked her hair:
"*To Katie* What an extraordinarily beautiful woman you are. I'm sure that you can reassure Ben here that I would never harm any of my volunteers. I regard them almost as my own family. This centre is a retreat, an oasis of peace and harmony in which people can seek the space to rediscover themselves."
Katie stared at Eastman:
"Much as I appretiate you leching over me, I am more concerned for the welfare of your volunteer. I am phoning an ambulance" she feistily stated.
Eastman snatched her phone, threw it on the floor and stamped on it:
"I've always wanted to do that . Especially to inattentive staff. However I do hope that you forgive me. You have the most gorgeous hair."
Katie is furious:
"Hey, you bastard, that iphone cost the best part of a grand. That guy needs medical assistance. *To Ben*Ben I hope that you are taking note of the fact that Eastman has noticed me. It is my hair that he is praising, not yours. Obviously he is a complete ¤¤¤¤e however at least he is paying me some attention." Ben frowns:
"This is not the time or place for your self-indulgent complaining Katie. " Kyle meanwhile had gone up to Chris:
"Ere mate, you OK?" Chris simply stared into space. Eastman rushed up to him:
"Please don't intervene in this experiment. It is at a very delicate stage and the volunteer could be harmed if you don't come away."
Kyle and Ben glared at him:
"I demand that you provide medical assistance for Chris immediately" Ben shouted, his firm chin held high. Eastman pulled out a gun from his pocket:
"I do so dislike having to brandish this symbol of aggression. However you must return to your room.
Reluctantly Ben and Kyle agreed to leave and Eastman led them all back downstairs.

As they arrived back downstairs they saw Joe Peters had arrived and was being led inside. Ben went up to him:
"I completely forgot about you. I was more concerned about poor Chris, a young man being tortured here. I didn't give you a second thought." Ben stated before letting Eastman lead them back to the chill out room. Arriving into the room they saw two girls laying out a salad spread with several bottles of white wine:
"Please accept some refreshments as a form of apology. I promise that the door will stay open and you are free to walk about the centre and visit the gym and the television room" , Eastman stated. As he left he slid his hand down Katie's back:
"And you my dear can visit my own rooms if you wish." Kyle grimaced:
"Ere what a creepy old lech. You ok Katie?"
"Of course I'm ok. For your information Kyle, Mr Eastman is clearly someone with excellent taste in women." Joe approached her:
"He's not the only one."Katie smiled and stroked his leg. Ben was bemused:
"Oh for pity's sake. Come on Kyle, lets explore this establishment. That wine looks cheap, the salad clearly isn't fresh, and Katie is on heat. In other words, a trilogy of horrors. However the main reason that I wish to continue this investigation is that I care. I do not like young people being tortured."

Ben and Kyle went out into the lobby and saw a glamorous girl flouncing in the door, being remonstrated with by two of Eastman's female volunteers:
"You cannot come in here. You are not the right type", one of the girls stated. The glamorous girl , who was wearing a tight, short leather skirt pushed her aside:
"Shut your mouth you plain little thing. I am Portia Devine, the glamour model" she shouted. Eastman approached:
"What is going on here? Who are you?" Portia smiled at him and gave him her best pout:
"Darling, I am astounded that you don't recognise me. *Sidles up to Eastman* I am Portia Devine. I understand that you can help people with..... with certain issues. If you help me darling, (*flashes eyes*)I can make it worth your while."
Eastman smiled at her and blushed:
"Ehhm oh I see. Welcome Portia to our centre of peace and healing. But I don't see how I can help you. You are stunningly attractive and not at all an ugly fat munter from Newcastle or something. You don't need to lose any weight"
"Thank you Mr Eastman. That comment will be well rewarded tonight if you wish. However I just have this small matter that I need help with. You see I'm rather partial to the odd drink and perhaps you could help me in overcoming this minor intrusion into my modelling career," Portia replied, pouting.
"Oh I see. You're a booze, addled alcoholic model who has been sent here by her agent as a cheap alternative to the Priory. Of course I will help you. You look stunning and I have no desire to see you end up as a dring sodden lush lying in a pool of her own piss. Here we can cure all addictions in a week, especially drink and drugs".
Kyle turned to Ben:
"Ere Ben, I know her. She's not a model, she's Sandra Harrison a friend of mine from back in the day. I 'elped 'er sort herself out years back but then we kind of lost touch. Rumour was she joined the old bill an' I was like really shocked as were all me mates." Ben frowned:
"What the hell are the police doing sending an undercover officer in. This is an Operation Delta investigation. They will complicate things. We must get her on her own later and warn her off" Ben stated.
"Eastman's makin' some big claims there. What say you we try an' talk to some of his volunteers" Kyle suggested. Ben frowned:
" He won't let us get near them. You can bet that the gym and tv room will be either deserted or populated by flunkeys. And he'll have made sure we don't get access to elsewhere."
"Yeah but I've got a plan Ben......"

Kyle and Ben headed back to the chill out room. Katie and Joe were canoodling on the sofa, enjoying a bottle of wine and a mixed leaf salad. Kyle went up to the window, which was locked, took out his penknife and picked the lock in seconds.
"Look Ben, we need to escape out the window like an' then find a way into other parts of this place". Ben sighed:
"Anything is preferable to watching those two pawing each other. "
Outside they walked around the grounds. Ben started to open up emotionally to Kyle:
"You know I really feel that I've been on an emotional journey with this divorce from Emma. I really trusted her and thought that our arrangement was what she wanted. But it wasn't. What she asked of me at the end of the day, well Caligula would have blushed. When I tried to reason with her, she just said that I had been in the house too long. I naturally fled. But I've learned from the experience thats for sure. I'm not entangling myself with a woman again. Why is it that in my life, I give valuable time to people who don't care if I live or die?"
Kyle put his hand on Ben's shoulder:
"Oh cam on Ben, you'll get over this."
"I know I will Kyle. I feel like a stronger person now."
Suddenly Ben noticed a large grey building in the distance:
"Lets try getting into that horrible looking carbunkle". As Ben spoke they heard shouting and a thin youth ran from behind the building towards a wooded area. There was a shot and the youth fell screaming and clutching his leg. Ben tried to help the youth by shouting at the two uniformed men who were approaching him:
"Leave that guy alone or you'll have me to answer to."
However one of the men shot the youth through the head. Then he came for Ben........

........... to be continued.