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Time Out of Mind : Part 11

OK folks, here is the gripping final part of the 50th Anniversary Special. Ben Chatham will return for a new and dramatic adventure in the new year. Merry Christmas!

Part 11 : Day of Reckoning.

The Doctors looked on in horror as the grim metallic Dalek voices blasted from the plasma screen. The fourth Doctor strode forward:

"Has nobody ever told you that you don't make bargains with the Daleks. Not unless you are phenomenally deluded."

The Exalted Creath took a draw on his opium pipe and laughed sardonically:

"You may chunter away all you like Doctor. It is the bad grace of the outwitted."

"Bad grace? Oh well if you won't listen then who am I to ..... have you never actually considered that the Daleks are just using you? Why would they make an alliance with some minor little dictator of a remote planet? Once they have the TARDISes then they will use their power to subdue the universe and you will be superfluous to requirement", the fourth Doctor replied. Adric frowned:

"Kill him Lord Creath."

The Exalted Creath patted his hand:

"Later my boy, later. For now I will put up with the empty noise these Time Lords make...."

Meanwhile , in the Black With pub, the robotic Wang Ton Wo guards overturned tables and rounded on Ben Chatham. One of them raised its sabre however just in time Ben grabbed a glass of beer that was resting on the bar and threw it into the android's face. The beer went through its eyes into its electronic workings and its head began to flash and spark. Meanwhile Katie Ryan smashed a chair over the other one's head before Kyle emptied a bottle of whisky over it, which caused it to spark and hiss. Both androids collapsed in a smouldering heap.

"Excellent work team and a fitting use for such poor quality blended whisky" Ben said with a wry smile. The 5th Doctor stood up, looking enigmatic:

"Something tells me that my other selves are not too far away. A Time Lord senses these things."

"Oh I think you may be right. I suggest we find ourselves and I don't mean in the spiritual sense" the 11th Doctor replied.

They all left the pub and piled into Ben's car, with the 5th Doctor suggesting the way. They drove through the centre of Lancaster as the other pubs were turning out. Drunken louts staggered into the road in front of them, a drunken woman was performing a sexual act on a bouncer and a northern youth urinated up a NatWest cashpoint.

"The behaviour of these people is absolutely disgusting," Ben observed.

"Ere its just a few people 'avin' a laugh on a weekend" Kyle replied. Ben winced:

"I think it is more of a general encapsulation of modern urban life and its dreadful features. Happy in their dull jobs and unthinking routines, these people let off steam at the weekend by engaging in the lowest forms of behaviour they can , clubbing, booze, casual sex and a good vomit."

"Ere Ben you can be a right snob sometimes" Kyle replied. Katie Ryan pointed out of the car window:

"Kyle theres a woman over there hitting a black man with a bottle and calling him a cheating ¤¤¤¤. And a youth in a white hoodie is trying to kick the window of Barclays Bank in. Ben is not a snob, he is simply an accurate observer."

Katie lent forward and stroked Ben's golden hair as they drove out into the countryside. Eventually the Doctor's directions led to a open space of countryside before a large, brooding Lancashire hill. Before the hill stood the Forbidden Tower.

"What the hell is that?" Katie asked.

"A tower" the 11th Doctor replied.

"No ¤¤¤¤ Sherlock. Now tell us what alien force is behind this" Katie demanded.

"Hmm not sure. Suspect the Zenethians" the Doctor replied. Katie was annoyed:

"I could have worked that out myself."

"Then please do and stop nattering in my ear" the 11th Doctor replied. Katie jabbed him in the neck with her eyelash tweezers.


"Serves you right, bow-tie boy!" .

In the Forbidden Tower, the Exalted Creath p[oints towards a transmat beamer. The machine starts to glow and the Dalek Supreme materialises.

"Do you know the loc-a-tion of the oth-er Doc-tors?" it states. The Creath smiled as Adric switched on a monitor and it showed Ben's car approaching.

"They are in that car. Their TARDISes must be nearby" Adric stated,

"Shall I destroy the car Master?" he asked the Creath.

"No. I'm sure the Daleks would like the pleasure of killing the Doctors themselves."

"We do not have the fee-ling of plea-sure. This is a hu-man weak-ness. Killing the Doc-tors will be a necessity on our path to uni-verse domination. DOM-IN-A-TION" the Dalek Supreme replied.

"Oh you are so dominant. Chase me, chase me" the tenth Doctor shouted with a grin, mocking the Dalek.

"Silence! If I had my way you'd be flayed alive by my guards for your insolence" the Exalted Creath shouted. However this was a diversionary tactic to disguise the fact that the 7th and 2nd Doctors had snuck round the back of the Exalted Creath and towards the transmat device. Suddenly the 2nd Doctor flicked switches on the device while the 7th Doctor used his umbrella to smash up a control panel. The Dalek Supreme started to fade and then exploded. In the confusion the Doctors launched a full on attack on the Wang Ton Wo guards. A group of Zenethians, seeing they had a chance to overthrow the Exalted Creath, pitched in on the side of the Doctors.

Ben drove up to the Tower and the fifth Doctor lept out, using his sonic screwdriver to open a metallic door.

"Come on team, lets save the earth" Ben heroically shouted, his lush golden hair blowing in the breeze.

"You're a brave guy Ben" Katie shouted.

"I know" Ben replied.

They ran into the Tower and were greeted by the grinning face of the 4th Doctor.

"Ah you are just in time. We've overpowered the Exalted Creath however there is the small matter of a Dalek fleet heading for earth."

The 4th Doctor led the way to the throne room where the Wang Ton Wo guards lay in smouldering heaps and Adric and the Exalted Creath sat tied up with string .The 5th Doctor scowled at Adric:

"I'm disappointed in you Adric. I thought you were dead".

"You ¤¤¤¤. How dare you imply that you're disappointed I'm not dead."

"Oh do grow up Adric." the 5th Doctor replied wearily.

The 2nd Doctor had an idea and he took out a old fashioned watch on a chain from his pocket and started to swing it in front of Adric's eyes. Suddenly he snapped his fingers and Adric jerked then looked around startled:

"Where am I.... whats happened?"

The 2nd Doctor had broken the Exalted Creath's mental hold on Adric, who reverted back to normal. They untied him. Meanwhile the first Doctor had a plan:

"We can use the combined power of the ten TARDISes here to destroy the Dalek fleet. The Creath has already wired them up."

The Doctors flicked some switches and pointed to the monitor screen. A huge Dalek fleet was approaching.

"I nominate Ben to flick the final switch. Appropriate since his Operation Delta team have saved the day" the 5th Doctor exclaimed.

"Well said that man" the 3rd Doctor agreed.

Ben stepped forward and flicked the switch. On the screen the Dalek fleet exploded.

Later, Ben invited all the Doctors to a celebratory party at the Mermaid Wine Bar in Cambridge, which he booked exclusively for the evening. The Doctors had sent the Exalted Creath and the Forbidden Tower back to Zeneth and returned to earth in their TARDISes.

"Well its been great but lets hope we don't all have to meet up like this again" the 6th Doctor exclaimed, raising his glass.

"Here here" the Doctors all shouted, laughing.

"And I propose a special toast to Ben for saving the day once again" the 10th Doctor shouted.

"TO BEN" the Doctors all shouted in unison, raising their glasses. Ben blushed and Adric stared at Ben's golden hair, falling in love with him.


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Time Out of Mind : Part 10

Part 10: Death's Shadow

The ninth and tenth Doctors ran to the grim tower windows and stared out:

"Hey up, we're in the north of England. I'd recognise that rugged terrain and foul weather anywhere", the ninth Doctor exclaimed, grinning inanely. The tenth Doctor stared at the Exalted Creath:

"So how exactly do you plan to capture my fifth and eleventh incarnations?" he asked.

"*cough* *cough* twelfth actually" the War Doctor interjected.

"Oh shut it, you don't count", the tenth Doctor quipped back. The Exalted Creath laughed sardonically:

"You bickering fools. Soon I will have you all within my power. I will send out my elite guard , the Wang Ton Wo, to bring them to me."

The Creath clapped his hands and from two side doors a group of oriental warriors entered the room armed with swords. They were dressed like the terracotta army however their faces were metallic.

"Androids!" the second Doctor exclaimed.

"The Wang Ton Wo are the perfect killing machine. No fear, no emotion, no pity" the Creath exclaimed.

"You yellow fiend! I insist that you tell us who you are working with. Who has given you the technology to harness the power of the TARDIS?" the third Doctor exclaimed. Adric turned to the Exalted Creath:

"He just insulted you Master. I think you should kill him for that". The Creath stroked Adric's arm:

"Well said my boy. However I have a better idea. *To the Wang Ton Wo* bring that girl here!"

Several of the android guards moved out, grabbed Jo Grant, and brought her towards the throne. Jo screamed.

"I demand that you release Jo immediately" the third Doctor shouted. The Creath laughed:

"*To the guards* cut off her head!"

One of the gurards forced Jo's head down as another raised its sharp, glimmering sword.......

Back at 'The Black Witch' Ben Chatham knocked back another glass of whisky and stared into the glass. Kyle took the glass out of his hand:

"Don't you think you've 'ad enough a that stuff tonight? You don't even like it". Ben stared at him angrily:

"Well its about all this damn wretched place sells apart from beer. Don't you think I'm entitled to drown my sorrows given the mess my life is in?"

"It ain't the answer Ben. You need to talk to Emma like when all this is over".

"What the hell is the point Kyle. She refuses to see reason. I've given her a nice home, presents and money yet she still goes running off to my father complaining. I completely fail to understand the female mind . She mentioned a while back that she wanted children and maybe this is at the root of it."

"Or it could be you seemin' to be usin' her when she wants a proper marriage like" Kyle answered.

"Who's damn side are you on Kyle?"

"Look Ben, if you don't want to be married to her an' if you don't want kids then why not just tell 'er? An' why not stand up to the old man an' tell 'im to do one? Why treat Emma like shit by stringin' her along?"

"There speaks the simplistic ignorance of the benefits class. If I did that I'd lose my inheritance Kyle."

As Ben finished his sentence the door to the pub flew open and in marched two of the Wang Ton Wo guards. One of them raised his sword and brought it down across the table, slicing it in two.......

In the Forbidden Tower, Jo Grant screamed as the android guard raised its sword. Before it could bring it down the third Doctor rushed forward and used Venusian akido to wrong foot the metallic agressor before pulling out a screwdriver and jabbing it into the android's mouth. It staggered back, emitting a shower of sparks.

"Look man, you're quarrel is with me not Jo. Let her go and ask your robotic army to chop my head off instead."

"Very noble Doctor, however I need you all alive for now. My allies asked that I hand you all over as the price for the technology to use your TARDISes.That technology will enhance my existing psychokinetic cosmic energy to the levels needed to overcome the paradox of using twelve eyes of harmony which are the same one. I will rule the stars... the entire universe and all of the past, present and future".

The first Doctor stepped forward:

"You my boy are insane. And who are these allies then hmm. Who?"

The Exalted Creath stood up and walked to a large control console below a plasma screen. He flicked a switch and an image appeared on the screen of three.....


"I have ten of them already and soon I will have the other two. Our bargain will then be complete."

"The Doc-Tor will soon be in our hands. He will be Ex-ter-min-a-ted. Twelve times. EX-TER-MIN-ATE,


EX-TER-MIN-ATE......... be continued.

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Time Out of Mind : Part 9

Ok folks, here is the part nine of this anniversary special:

Part 9 : Nemesis of the Doctor

The Zygons advanced towards Ben Chatham:

"This planet will fall to us and not to the Zenethians. Many centuries ago they were expelled from our planet for challenging our economic system. Their power must be kept in check. They will not colonise this planet."

Ben was concerned:

"Look, that is all well and good up to a point. I agree that the Zenethians should go elsewhere. However why don't you just help us to expell them without trying to conquer earth yourselves?"

"You foolish human. The only way to protect this planet from them is for us to take it first."

The fifth Doctor is annoyed:

"That is possibly the most arrogant statement I have ever heard."

"This planet is defended. And cool", the 11th Doctor added, twirling his bow tie. The zygon scowled:

"What is this nonsense? This planet is weak. We will conquer it, crush the Zenethians, then colonise this planet for living space for our surplas population."

As the zygon speaks, a group of zenethians, shape shifted into men in leather jackets and shades, arrive and a shootout starts. Ben seizes the opportunity:

"I suggest we run."

They escape the castle as the zygons and zenethians shoot it out.

Meanwhile on Zeneth, the Doctors round on the War Doctor:

"'Ang about pal, so its you who's working with this Chang, Creath or whatever he's called. A new low even for you" the 9th Doctor exclained. The War Doctor shook his head:

"Oh dear. I seem to have regenerated into a loud, leather jacket wearer. In actual fact I never destroyed Gallifrey, it is your memory that is incorrect. And I am not working for the Exalted Creath, I am his prisoner, just as you are."

The 9th Doctor offeredtheWar Doctor his phone:

"Why are you giving me this?" the War Doctor asked.

"So you can phone someone who gives a ¤¤¤¤ pal. I don't believe your daft excuses."

The third Doctor intervenes:

"There is no need for that kind of language. Control yourself man. *to the War Doctor" Well I for one believe you. Welcome to our club."

The tenth Doctor steps forward:

"Now hold on here. Club? This isn't the Albermale Club or something."

"Do you always wear your commoness on your sleeve?" the third Doctor asked the tenth.

The Exalted Creath laughed:

"You bickering fools are pathetic. Soon I will have your beloved earth in my possession, and then I will move on to taking the whole universe. Using the combined power of your TARDISes."

The tenth Doctor turns to him:

"Oh here we go. The yellow peril here thinks he can combine the power of multiple TARDISes , despite the fact that even a paradox machine cannot allow that to happen.

"It can't be done man. You're deluded" the third Doctor shouted at the Creath. Adric stared at him angrily:

"You dare to challenge my Master? You will die for that."

"Do not let them make you angry, Adric my boy. I will show them what I can do" the Creath replied, flicking a switch. On a huge monitor screen an image appeared. A large black hole was firing out rays of dark energy straight at a row of suspended TARDISes.

In Lancaster, Ben, the Doctors, Katie Ryan and Kyle Scott returned to the Black Witch pub. Ben sat by the bar, his head in his hands. Kyle went up to him:

"Come on Ben, whats up?"

"Whats up? My life is complete mess Kyle. I don't just mean this multiple alien invasion business. I've just received another text from my father ordering me to go and see Emma and patch things up. This is completely unfair, I don't see why he should pressurise me like this. Emma should just give me a damn break".

"Ere look Ben, I ain't gonna pry into your marriage but don't you think you ought to talk to her eventually?"

"No I damn well don't Kyle. I've told her straight that I think she obtained a good deal out of our arrangement. I'm under so much pressure that I'm starting to think that I'd be better off if those zygons had just shot me back there. It would save any more knives being plunged into my back. Its full enough of them surely."

Ben's golden hair fell over his eyes, which filled with tears.

Back on Zeneth, the Doctors stared at the image on the screen of the Black Hole:

"Now now, my boy, this can't be possible. Only the Time Lords have the technology to harness a black hole" the first Doctor shouted;

"And even they could never link it to multiple TARDISes" the WarDoctor added. The Exalted Creath grinned slyly:

"Then submit to my superior will and admit that I have beaten you. Soon I will have the earth in my power. All ethnic groups bar the chinese will be eradicated and then we will use it as a base for our conquest on the universe."

"You fiend. How did you get this kind of technology" the sixth Doctor shouted.

"That is my business."

"Well you haven't got hold of all of us yet" the 10th Doctor shouted.

"That is true. Your fifth and eleventh incarnations are evading my abduction beam. However old chinese proverb say, if whore wont come to visit her client, the client can always go round to the brothel". The Creath flicked a switch on the arm of his chair and the entire forbidden tower vanished from Zeneth and arrived.......

.............. in rural Lancashire.

....... to be continued.

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Time Out of Mind: Part 8

Part 8: Horror at the Castle

In 'The Black Witch', Ben Chatham poured out a round of drinks for his team as he chaired a meeting to discuss recent developments:

"Unfortunately we seem to have leaned little from that coalman that we didn't know already. Someone is stealing nuclear technology from Bowland Research Plant and presumably this is the same alien shape-shifting group who are behind the 'ghosts' and the murders. How this fits in with the Doctor's fifth incarnation being here I have no idea." The fifth Doctor grins:

"I'm afraid that whoever has the power to hijack me from my timeline has probably done the same with some of my other incarnations and succeeded."

"But who Doctor?" Tegan asked.

"I don't know. Possibly the Time Lords."

The 11th Doctor frowns:

"Er Doctor. There is something you and I need to discuss called the Time War...."

The two Doctors go off into the back room for a chat. Meanwhile Kyle sips his beer and turns to Ben:

"Ere somefink is puzzlin' me. Just before we finished questionin' the coalman he said somefink about the nuclear stuff bein' moved to somewhere totally secure. So where round 'ere is totally secure?" Ben thought for a moment:

"The Castle.... Lancaster Castle. Its huge and still in use. Come on, lets get round there immediately." The Doctors, including the ashen faced fifth Doctor rejoin them and they rush off to the castle."

Meanwhile on Zeneth, the Exalted Creath has summoned all the captured Doctors back to the Great Hall in the Forbidden Tower. He sat on his ornate golden throne and twirled his long mandarin moustache with his fingers as Adric stood by him:

"Ah Doctors. Good to see you again. I have someone I want you to meet." The 10th Doctor frowned:

"We've already met Adric thanks. Been there, got the shirt" he said, leaping about childishly.

"Act your age man!" the third Doctor shouted at the tenth."

The ninth Doctor approached Adric:

"'Ang about Adric. Why are you working for this twonk? You were a great companion once. One of the best. A good lad."

Adric scowled:

"I am not your 'good lad'. I have been to the dark mountains of Zemorah. There I drank the water and emerged reborn."

"Well whoop de do. Funny sounding water. Obviously some mind altering pap." the ninth Doctor replied.

"Well I wouldn't mind some of that" the fourth Doctor said grinning a toothy grin.

"Yeah yeah, hippy alert!" the ninth Doctor replied.

The third Doctor intervened:

"Look. I insist, Mr Chang, that you tell us what is going on. Who is it you want us to meet man? Who?"

The Exalted Creath gestured with his hand and in walked...........

The War Doctor (played by John Hurt). The third Doctor stared at the Exalted Creath:

"Well? Who is this?"

The tenth and ninth Doctors walked up to him:

"I'm afraid that this is one of our incarnations, but not a Doctor. He is a Warrior. He is us and he destroyed Gallifrey and all other Time Lords. He's called Warrior".

"And he's a right southern cunt" the ninth Doctor added.

Back on earth, Ben Chatham and the others approach the gated doorway of Lancaster Castle.

"Hmmm. We may find it rather difficult to get inside there" the 5th Doctor said.

"'Ere this ain't a problem Watch 'an learn dudes" Kyle said with a cheeky grin as he pulled out a twisted metal implement. He proceeded to pick the huge lock with ease.

"Words fail me. Utterly fail me" Ben exclaimed.

"Yeah but its how its done innit" Kyle replied, pushing the doorway open. They entered the castle however they were immediately confronted by a young guard:

"You are too late. The weaponry has been moved. Soon you will hear of our demands."

Ben stared at the young, dark-haired handome guard and felt an instant attraction. He approached him:

"I'm hoping that you are not a shape-shifting alien as I find you really attractive and would like to go to bed with you later." The young guard stared into Ben's eyes and tears welled up in his eyes as he slowly faded and changed into a Zenethian:

"I am sorry Ben Chatham. I am not human. I would like to spend the night with you however I fear that you will no longer like my appearance."

Before Ben could reply, a group of armed police officers ran through the castle doorway. One of them shot the alien dead.

Ben was annoyed:

"Why the hell did you do that? I was negotiating with him. You are trigger-happy idiots."

However slowly the policemen began to fade and change into........


to be continued.

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Time Out of Mind: Part 6

Part 7 : Power of the Doctors

"And who exactly is Adric? Hmm? Who?" the first Doctor exclaimed.

"'e was my companion in my fifth incarnation. 'Ang about, 'e died" the ninth Doctor replied. The fourth Doctor stepped forward and grinned:

"Oh I remember Adric and he looks very much alive to me." Adric scowled:

"I think Doctors that you should now address me as 'Sir'. I am not your companion, rather I am the personal assistant of the Exalted Creath, the Guardian of the Universe Lord Chang!"

The tenth Doctor was puzzled:

"Now look Adric, or Sir if you prefer, whats going on? Obviously I'm overjoyed that you're alive but how? And why are you assisting this lunatic?" Chang laughed sardonically and waved his hand:

"Oh keep going with the insults Doctor, if you must. The last gasp before the darkness. As the old Chinese proverb says, the bird that faces the cat's jaws chirps the loudest." Adric turned towards the tenth Doctor:

"I did not die in the explosion that saved earth from the Cybermen. The ships' defence mechanism automatically beamed me off the ship and onto this planet. The Cybermen were trading weaponry with Zeneth at the time. I landed in the Valley of Sapphires overlooked by the dark mountains of Zemorah. Not knowing where to go I ventured into the mountain region and emerged reborn."

"And how exactly are you 'reborn'?" the third Doctor asked.

"I'm now free of childish emotion, sentiment and foolishness. The will to power is all that matters. I serve the Exalted Creath!"

"Sounds like a rather dull journey" the fourth Doctor quipped. Chang reached forward his hand and a beam of light shot out of it and froze the fourth Doctor to the spot. As the ninth Doctor rushed forward, the same thing happened to him."

"Now look. Release my other selves" the second Doctor shouted. Chang laughed:

"As you can see Doctors, I have powers beyond your imagining. You asked about the TARDIS paradox. My psychokinetic cosmic energy will supersede any paradox machine over a million times. I have the power in my mind to control all of time and space once I have control of all of your TARDISES. Watch........"

Chang directed them to a series of plasma screens in the wall which came on. They saw on the screens the 6th Doctor and Peri, the seventh Doctor and Ace and the 8th Doctor. All started to fade from the screen and vanish."

"Right now those three are arriving in another part of the forbidden tower, just as you did. I now have almost a complete set. Your fifth incarnation managed to temporarily elude me and he is with your 11th. They will soon be here also........"

Back on earth, the child Jennet Device lunged at Tegan who dodged out of the way, tripping over. The child moved towards her and aimed the knife at her left eye. However Kyle rushed forward and grabbed the child, pulling the knife from out of its hand. The child kicked and screamed, sinking its teeth into Kyle's arm:

"Ere calm down will ya, ya little madam". Suddenly Jennet began to glow and change. Kyle let go as the child transformed into a Zenethian humanoid with green skin and cat shaped eyes.

"Ere so you were a shape-shifting alien all along" Kyle shouted. The alien shouted in the child's voice:

"I am Jennet Device. My mummy is a witch". Suddenly it turned and ran.

They returned to 'The Black Witch' pub and tie the coalman up in the cellar along with Bill Smith. They they all sat down in the bar for a bite of supper and a conference. Mary Smith served them hotpots and beer:

"On a serious note, I do feel that you need to expand the range of your cuisine and beverages" Ben pointed out to her. Mary smiled:

"Well with Bill otherwise engaged I might just consider it lover-boy, if you make it worth my while." Ben winced. The 11th Doctor gave them an enigmatic look:

"Well it seems like these so-called ghosts are alien shape-shifters after all. Cool or what". The fifth Doctor frowned:

"Its hardly a laughing matter."

"Ere but why are they shape-shifting into long dead witchcraft suspects?" Kyle asked. The fifth Doctor looked up:

"I think that something has gone wrong. They no doubt started out with some kind of plan to pretend to be locals .Possibly they wanted to create a story around ghosts and the Lancashire witchcraft trials as a diversion while they made off with the nuclear technology. However something went wrong and some of them have started to believe that they actually are the people that they are impersonating. The mental tension of this has driven them insane."

"So are you saying that there are psychologically insane aliens out there committing violent killings because of some error in their shape-shifting technology?" Katie Ryan asked.

"Er ain't that obvious what 'es sayin?" Kyle replied.

"Shut it, council" Katie snapped back.

"Well I suggest that we interrogate that coalman" Ben stated. He, Katie, Kyle and the fifth Doctor went down to the cellar and Kyle untied the gag from round Powell's mouth:

"Right, tell us what you know about these nuclear bombs bein' nicked". Powell scowled:

"I'm tellin' you nowt". Katie Ryan kicked him in the shin:

"We haven't got time to mess with you. Kyle here grew up in the East End and knows a thing or two about violence. Ever heard of Frankie Fraser and his pliers? Now talk you fat bastard." The fifth Doctor took Ben to oneside:

"Is this the kind of interrogation method that Operation Delta regularly uses? I'm shocked and disgusted." Ben's golden hair fell down into his eyes:

"I'm sorry Doctor. Its Katie, she doesn't always follow the correct bounderies." Ben pulled Katie to oneside:

"Katie, you cannot interrogate him in that agressive manner."

"Oh take off your halo Ben. We need him to talk."

"Then use professional questioning."

Katie returned to to Powell and before Ben could stop her, she pulled a corkscrew out of her handbag, that she had borrowed from the bar, and held it close to Powell's face:

"Who are you working for Powell? I suggest you tell me".

"Ok ok... bloody hell she's a nutter this one. Look all I do is hide the stuff ok. My business is in trouble. They're all goin' over to gas fires round 'ere. I owe people. No one wants coal like they used to. They bailed out the business and saved me house from bein' repossessed."

"Who did?" the fifth Doctor asked.

"Them, I don't know who they are. Organised crime or summat. But I'll tell you they ain't normal. Them ghosts, they seem to control 'em...."

Meanwhile, back on Zeneth, the Doctors are led through the dark stone-walled passageways of the tower towards separate cells. The Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors have greeted the others and shared a few anecdotes. Peri is frightened:

"Where... where are we Doctor."

"In a castle of some kind obviously. Now stop whingeing Peri" the sixth Doctor stated.

"Don't talk to her like that" Ace exclaimed.

"Ace... this is no time to bicker with my former self" the seventh Doctor advised. As the seventh Doctor and Ace are shown to their cell, an alien guard runs in and shuts the door behind him:

"I am Zonar. Some of us do not agree with the Exalted Creath's plans. Please... if he knew I was one of them I would be killed within' hours. Look, the Exalted Creath is not acting alone."

"How do you mean? Who is he?"

"The one known as Chang who became our Exalted Creath came to Zeneth five generations ago at the time of the last great famine. He landed here in a spacecraft with others, all from the planet known as earth. They landed in the Valley of Sapphires and determined to set up home there. Chang and his fellow travellers were part of an international pacifist organisation on 23rd century earth who became alienated from the direction that earth politics was heading in. They determined to travel and find a new world. They encountered many problems on their journey, including a time interface storm which threw them back in time several centuries, but finally they landed here. They were happy for a time but Chang was restless and wanted to explore the Dark Mountains of Zemorah. The others warned him not to, as there was something foreboding about those mountains, however he insisted. For months he was gone and the other earthmen assumed him to be dead. And then he came back..... but he was not the same. Something had happened to him on his journey through the mountains, something strange..... sinister. He was accompanied by a group of our own people whom he had bent to his will and he had strange powers to kill just by pointing his hand and to control people with his mind. He first enlaved the other earthmen and then killed them. But he used his powers to end the famine and make the ground grow food again. In time , I am ashamed to say, my fellow Zenethians grew to worship him. He built the forbidden tower and became the Exalted Creath, Lord of Zeneth. Now he wants not just earth but the entire universe. But there is something else......"

"What? What is it?" the seveth Doctor asked:

"We in the resistance have discovered that he is not acting alone? He and his apprentice, the one called Adric, are working with someone else. Someone whose power is greater than even theirs. That is why they can use your machines together without creating this thing you call a paradox......

...............TO BE CONTINUED.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Time Out of Mind Part 5

Ok folks, here is the gripping part 5:

Part 5 : Further into Terror

The 5th Doctor stared at the 11th Doctor and smiled:

"Hi. I'm you, you're me and this is Tegan if you remember. Now thats out of the way I suggest you all come with me as there's been another killing." Kyle was confused:

"Ere am I missin' summat 'ere?" The 11th Doctor stood up and spun on his heels:

"Oh I think this is what is known as a timeline paradox situation. Most unsusual since the Time Lords no longer exist." The 5th Doctor nodded:

"Exactly. Something or some force or other tried to hijack the TARDIS and divert it off course. However I realised that if I fed the dimension interface compatalator lead into the directional bypass circuit I could reverse the directional flow of the hijacking app and follow it back to its source. Which turned out to be here. Well somewhere in the Lancashire area." Clara was puzzled and turned to the 11th Doctor:

"Whats he on about?"

"What am I on about you mean. He is me in an earlier and less attractive form. No time to explain now. Come on."

The Doctor, Clara, Tegan and Kyle followed the 5th Doctor outside. Bill Smith watched them leave and then went into the back room where the telephone was and dialed a number:

"Hello. Sorry to bother you Lord. They have just left the pub with another stranger and a girl ..... "

Meanwhile, within the strange, unearthly castle, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th and 10th Doctors were all souting at each other and bickering while Jamie and Jo looked on in powerless frustration. Suddenly a piercing scream ripped through the eerie building. The Doctors stopped shouting:

"That sounded like a girl in distress" the 2nd Doctor exclaimed.

Well don't just stand there Doctors, come on!" Jamie shouted as he and Jo headed off in the direction of the scream.

"You know, young Jamie has a point. We'd better follow them" the 3rd Doctor said, taking charge. They strode off after the companions and turning a corner saw the First Doctor, Barbara, Ian and Susan being manhandled by a group of muscular men dressed in loincloths and carrying taser-like weapons. The men had green-tinged skin and strange eyes, like those of a cat. One of them twisted Susan's arm round her back and she screamed again:

"Ahhhhhhhheeeehhhhh, do something grandfather!"

The alien pulled her hair back and tried to shove the taser-gun into her mouth. The 10th and 9th Doctors ran forward and pulled the alien off while Jamie punched another one that had thrown Ian to the floor and was kicking him.

"Well done my boy" the first Doctor exclaimed as the 4th Doctor flung his scarf around an alien and pulled it to the ground. However, suddenly there was the sound of many marching feet and a hoard of further aliens appeared, dressed on loincloths and leather boots. They shot the Doctors with tasers and they fell to the floor in agony from the electric charges.

The 5th & 11th Doctors, Clara, Tegan and Kyle stared at the corpse of Evie Hanney that was tied to the oak tree in front of them. Its eyes had been gouged out and it was disembowled. A pentagram had been carved on its forehead. On the side of the tree was pinned a note on which, "Mawkin Tower will be avenged". Tegan ran away crying:

"Its... horrible. Who would do something like that." The fifth Doctor went after her:

"Brave heart Tegan. I'm going to put a stop to whoever is doing this". The others heard a car approaching, then someone arguing with the police who were guarding the scene. Then they saw a familiar figure approaching:

"Ere its Ben!" Kyle exclaimed as Ben Chatham, accompanied by Katie Ryan, approached. The 11th Doctor grinned broadly:

"Benjamin Chatham! How are you my friend!" Ben looked at the ground:

"Awful Doctor. My life is in one of its constant low ebbs. However helping out on this case might provide some much needed distraction from the sea of melancholy on which I sail." The 11th Doctor put his arms around Ben and gave him a hug:

"Come on Ben, its ok. Its great to see you again."

"Thanks Doctor, I needed that. Is there anywhere we can go to talk properly?"

"Well there's nothing more we can do here. I suggest we return to 'The Black Witch' pub for a pint and a conflab" the Doctor replied.

Back at 'The Black Witch', Ben took out his new £5500 Ipad and consulted his notes:

"From the information that Kyle provided about the first murder I was able to acertain that whoever was behind it was drawing a connection with the Pendle Witch Trial of 1612. Therefore I've carried out some rudimentary research. It all started in March 1612 when a pedlar named John Law was travelling down a lane in Pendle forest. He met with a teenage girl named Alison Device who asked him to let her buy some pins. The pedlar basically told her where to go and carried on walking and the aggrieved Alison shouted a curse at him. Suddenly he stumbled and fell, showing all the signs that we now associate with a stroke. He was carted off to a nearby pub and when his son, Abraham Law, arrived he accused Alison of witchcraft and called the authorities in."

"Whats all this got to do with an 'Old Demdike" or a "Mawkin Tower"?" Kyle asked.

"Old Demdike was the nickname of Alison Device's grandmother. She, her daughter Elizabeth Device, known as 'Squinting Lizzie", and Alison all lived together in a run down cottage nicknamed rudely as 'Mawkin Tower' as mawkin is an old English term for a slut. Anyway, the whole lot of them were arrested for witchcraft including a strange boy James Device, Alison's brother, who was claimed to have carried out murders. The whole lot of them were hanged as witches due to evidence given by a younger child, little Jennet Device." Clara frowned:

"What a family! Especially the little madam who grassed on her own mother and siblings". Ben carried on:

"Actually they were probably all innocent. Victims of superstition. During the investigation all manner of other suspects were roped into it, including an old woman called 'Old Chattox' and a woman called Alice Nutter. They were hanged as well."

Kyle looked puzzled:

"So what are you thinkin' Ben? That there really are witches an' stuff active still in Lancashire an' out for revenge for these 'angins? Seems a bit far fetched to me."

"Quite Kyle quite. Clearly there must be more to it than that."

Katie Ryan added another layer of lipstick, while Sebastian the cat sat on her lap, eyeing the proceedings with detached bemusement.

Bill Smith approached their table:

"Are you lot orderin' any drinks?"

"An absinthe for myself and a gin and tonic for Katie here please" Ben replied. Smith frowned:

"We don't sell any poofy drinks like that in 'ere. This is Lancashire not bloody London. What do you want, beer or whiskey?"

"I don't like your choice of phraseology" Ben replied tersely. Smith shook his head:

"Then sling your hook." Clara intervened:

"Look Smith. We have reason to believe that you are a satanist. Its about time you told us about your activites and whether or not you know anything about these murders."

Smith reacted with fury. He ran behind his bar and pulled out a baseball bat:

"Right, get outa my bloody pub. Now. Yorra bunch a southern nosey bleeders." He swung the bat at the 11th Doctor, who just managed to duck in time. Katie Ryan jabbed her high heel into his shin and he winced with pain while Kyle decked him with a right hook.

"Hey, your 11th self's companions certainly know how to handle themselves" Tegan observed to the 5th Doctor.

"I suggest we use this opportunity to have a good look round this place" the 11th Doctor observed.

Katie poured Sebastian a saucer of whiskey while Kyle, Ben and the Doctors went upstairs. The upstairs landing smelt of damp and mould. Ben opened the door nearest to the stairs and there lay Mary Smith, sprawled across a bed:

"Well hello. Who have we here. What a nice looking boy you are. Come in and let me show you a good time" Ben slammed the door.

"I presume that is the landlord's wife. She has just propositioned me." Clara smiled:

"Well don't let us stop you if you want to take her up on the offer." Ben was annoyed:

"I have no desire to sleep with an obese middle aged nymphomaniac wife of a satanist publican. I was brought up in Wiltshire".

Meanwhile Kyle was down the other end of the landing and opened a door at the far end. He saw that the room was decked in pentagrams and inverted crucifixes. In the centre was an altar with a large, golden goblet filled with what looked like blood. He was about to leave the room when a strange glow appeared in the far corner. It grew bigger and bigger until a face began to emerge within it. It was the face of a man with oriental features and a long black moustache......... be continued.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Time Out of Mind Part 4

Ok folks, here is part 4 of this true 50th anniversary Doctor Who special:

Part 4 : Prisoners In the Forbidden Tower

Ben Chatham put down the phone and turned towards his father Alastair, flicking his golden hair out of his dark, tear-filled eyes:

"Look father I have to go. An important case has blown up. That was a woman on the phone who is in fear of her life and Kyle has just sent me a long email account of developments in Lancashire which require my urgent attention." Alastair Chatham frowned:

"Drop the excuses Benjamin. I want to know why you are treating your wife so contemptably. I had Emma call round in tears earlier and had to miss my Parish Council meeting in order to comfort her. You are behaving like a cad." Ben looked down at the ground:

"Look father, you don't understand. Its all just a minor disagreement."

"Minor disagreement? She was inconsolable. Said that you told her that you didn't love her. I hope you are not having thoughts of the Oscar Wilde sort again. Explain to me what is going on."

"Er no , no, look you've got it all wrong. Its nothing like that. I'm a healthy heterosexual. Its just that Emma and I disagree about .... about how to furnish the house. She wants all modern decor....."

"But she says that you don't even live together" Alastair shouted.

"Oh she's just trying to punish me. Look I've got to go, this case really is urgent..."

Ben picked up his £6000 jacket and his car keys and rushed out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, on Bowland Fell, Evie Hanney was running as fast as she could. She knew that she would be stopped had she tried to leave the Nuclear Research Centre by car, so she had scaled the perimeter wire fence, Her hands were torn and cut from the barbed wire at the top and she had dislocated her shoulder. She ran and stumbled in agony through the dank, Lancashire countryside. As she emerged onto a narrow lane, she thought that she could hear a child crying. Evie paused and listened. Somewhere an owl hooted in the distance and then Evie heard the sobbing again. It seemed very close. She walked al little down the lane then saw a little girl sitting by the side of the road. Her clothes were dirty rags and she was thin and emaciated. Evie rushed towards her:

"Hey. Whats the matter? Are you lost? Where are your mummy and daddy? I'm called Evie. Whats your name?"

"I'm called Jennet missy. I don't have a daddy."

"Oh I'm sorry. What about your mummy? Is she nearby?"

"My mummy's a witch!" the child said emphatically.

"Oh dear. Thats not a nice thing to say about your mummy. Look, why don't you come with me and we'll phone for some help."

Evie took out her Smartphone and began to phone the police. As she did so Jennet stood up and pulled a kitchen knife from behind her back. She stabbed Evie in the chest then slowly twisted the knife laughing uncontrollably....

In the strange castle, the 2nd, 3rd and 9th Doctors were still arguing when the sound of footsteps caused them to stop and turn towards the end of the corridor. Two familiar figures emerged from round the corner and strode towards them, the 10th and 4th Doctors.

"Oh now this is getting rather silly. You two are me as well I suppose?" The 2nd Doctor exclaimed.

"Er yes. Pleased to meet you. We arrived earlier. Before you ask, we are on the planet Zeneth. Prisoners in the Forbbiden Tower" the 10th Doctor said, overly fast while grinning broadly.

"What exactly is the Forbidden Tower? Come on, explain man" the 3rd Doctor sternly exclaimed. The 4th Doctor gave him a toothy grin:

"Oh I wouldn't worry. Its just an impenetrable fortress within a huge celestial city guarded by millions of alien troops. Would you like a jelly baby? *offers sweets* The 3rd Doctor frowns:

"No I would not. Would you mind explaining why we have been brought here and by whom. The Time Lords?" he asked. The 10th and 9th Doctors exchanged glances:

"Are you going to tell him or shall I?" the 10th Doctor asked. The 9th stepped forward:

"Well you see its like this pal. The Time Lords couldn't have brought us here as they no longer exist. They died in the Time War along with Gallifrey and the Daleks. Sorry an' all that."

The 11th Doctor, Clara and Kyle had returned to the Black Witch pub. They ordered some drinks and asked Bill Smith for a menu:

"Uh noo. We don't bother wi' menus in this pub. This is a traditional pub not one 'a them places thats turned inta a fancy restaurant. The wife makes meat an' potato pies an' Lancashire hot pots. Thats yer choice."

"Oh in that case I'll have a Lancashire hot pot. I've never had a hot pot. Hot pots are so wonderfully northern" the Doctor said, doing a spin on his heels. Smith frowned:

"You tryin' ta be funny?" Kyle intervened.

"Ere its just 'is way like. I'll have a pie." Clara winced:

"You need to offer a wider choice. Don't you offer a vegan dish or cous-cous and cornation chicken?" Smith glared at her:

"If you want that fancy muck lass yer can get out and go somewhere else. Yer can 'ave a pie and get it down yer neck."

They sat down:

"I suggest that we get him tipsy at his own bar then question him. If Rebecca's tip is right, and they always are, he may at least know about the rituals involved in Fawley's death." Clara scowled:

"She seemed as daft as a brush. Its beyond me why you befriend such freaks" she exclaimed. Kyle stared at her:

"Ere I don't get you. You were all reasonable when we were with that copper, sayin' that modern wiccans don't murder people. Then in Rebecca's 'ouse you were bang out of order an' bloody rude to 'er like." Clara slammed her glass down:

"Don't you question me. Who are you anyway, just some investigator?"

As she spoke, Mrs Smith arrived from the kitchen with a tray of food. She was a large lady with long, black hair and a well endowed upper region. She put down the tray:

"Get this lot down yer necks *turning to the Doctor* Its not often we get such fine lookin' boys in here. I might have a special treat for you later."

Smith shouted at his wife:

"Mary. Get back 'ere an' put another barrel on for me. Leave the lad alone."

As he spoke, the door of the Black Witch flew open and in strode......

............. the Fifth Doctor with Tegan!

.............. to be continued.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


OK folks, here is part 3 of the dark, autumnal 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special. The one that I'd have written and had filmed were I in the showrunner's seat. Enjoy:

Part 3 : Mist Over Pendle

The 11th Doctor winced at the sight of Fawley's eyeless corpse tied to the tree. The rope was pulled so tight round the neck that it had cut into the flesh.

"Oh that's nasty. Not cool. Not cool at all." The policeman approached:

"Aye. This be witchcraft. Time they brought back burnin' 'em if you ask me laddie. Aye it is." Clara was annoyed:

"Thats an ignorant opinion. Modern wiccans do not engage in acts of ritual sacrificing." The policeman turned to the Doctor:

"She's a fiery lass you've got there. Sure she ain't one of 'em? In wi that Pendle lot?" The Doctor frowned:

"Clara is not a witch. I think we've seen enough here".

The Doctor, Kyle and Clara returned to the car:

"Ere Doctor, what did that ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ mean by 'that Pendle lot?' Kyle asked.

"He was referring to the Pendle witch trial of 1612. A whole group of people who lived near Pendle Hill in Lancashire were accused of witchcraft and hanged as a result. There are people who still think that there is a secret witch cult active in the Pendle area and it seems that our policeman friend is one who believes that."

"Sounds like a load a superstitious crap" Kyle replied.

"Well I think we'll pay a visit to an old friend of mine to get more info. She's cool. You'll love her" the Doctor says with a grin.

Elsewhere the Third Doctor's TARDIS landed.

"Where are we Doctor?" Jo Grant asked.

"Hmmm. I've no idea Jo. The monitors have all gone dead and the screens are blank. Most inauspicious.Lets have a look shall we."

The Doctor opened the TARDIS doors to reveal the long, stone corridor within a medieval style castle. Burning torches flickered from pedastals in the walls and lit the scene. At the far end of the corridor stood..... another TARDIS!

"Oh no. I might have guessed. He must be here!" the Doctor said angrily.

"The Master!" Jo added in an annoyed tone.

"Hey Doctor, he's made his TARDIS look like yours" Sgt Benton added.

"Hmm. Well he always was an imitator rather than an innovator" the Doctor said, striding off towards the other TARDIS. As he neared the other TARDIS, the Door flew open and out walked...............

.......the Second Doctor and Jamie.

"Oh no. What the hell are you doing here?" the third Doctor asked.

"Me? What am I doing here? What are you doing here?" The second Doctor shouted back.

"Is this their doing? The Time Lords? Come on man explain!"

"Me explain? You explain!"

"No you explain!"

Jo Grant intervened:

"Er Doctors. Sorry to interrupt, but isn't it better for us to just calmly try and work out what has happened here?"

"NO!" The Doctors shouted in unison. Suddenly there was the familiar sound of the TARDIS materialising. Out of the third TARDIS stepped......

.......the ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

"'Ang about. Whats going on?" the ninth Doctor explained.

"Well he can't be one of us, he's a rather scruffy looking northerner" the Third Doctor said in a disgusted tone.

"Hey I am one of you. You're that snooty dandy I once was. Thank Christ I grew out of then daft outfits. And playing that silly recorder." The second Doctor was annoyed:

"Who are you calling silly? At least I don't look scruffy?" The ninth Doctor grinned:

"Me scruffy? You look like a bloody tramp." Rose Tyler approached Jamie:

"Hi I'm Rose"

"Och I'm Jamie lassie"

"Pleased to meet you Jamie" *pouts seductively*.

Meanwhile, back on earth, the 11th Doctor, Clara and Kyle drove through the dark, windswept Lancashire countryside towards the huge, brooding, shadowy Pendle Hill. It was a cold, damp night and there were no street lights along the narrow lanes. They turned a bend and saw a small , whitewashed cottage in the distance. The Doctor gestured to Kyle to stop:

"Hey we're here. Yay. Fun. Come on". He jumped out of the car, adjusted his bow tie and rapped the little wooden door. The door squeaked open and there stood an attractive woman in her early thirties with long flowing dark hair and hippyish clothes, involving beads and purple flowing scarves.

"Doctor! How great to see you!"

"And its so very good to see you Rebecca. Everyone, this is my dear friend Rebecca Hearne, head of the English Federation of White Witches. May we come in......"

Rebecca served them all a cup of nettle tea and a slice of fruitcake. Her cottage was full of drying herbs and books on Wiccan herbalism and candle magic. Clara winced:

"This tea is disgusting and this cottage gives me the creeps. It stinks of incense." Rebecca laughed:

"Would you prefer a beer or a glass of wine?"

"Whats that got in it? Frogs legs?" Clara said in disgust.

Kyle intervened:

"Ere Rebecca. I'll 'ave a beer if its ok. I think you're gaff looks really nice."

The Doctor smiled:

"Please forgive my female colleague Rebecca. We are here to ask you if you know of any black witch or satanist activity in the area recently. There's been a rather grisly murder up near Bowland Fell." Rebecca sipped her nettle tea:

"Oh no. I feared something like this might happen soon. I saw a black raven in the tea leaves this morning and had a seeing where blood dripped from a tree. Was it near the nuclear research station?"

"Yes" the Doctor replied.

"People have told me of strange things going on near there. Evidence of black mass celebrations and so on. Ridiculous people mostly, students and kids who think that wicca equates to satanism and all that stuff. So ill informed. You might want to talk to a man called Bill Smith. He runs a pub in Lancaster called The Black Witch. A very silly man who sees himself as a black magician."

"Ere I'm stayin' there. He was a bit of a funny 'un" Kyle said.

Back at Bowland Fell Nuclear Research Station, a girl in her mid-twenties was putting some equipment back into a storage room. The lab was deserted, yet she still looked around warily before locking herself in the room and pulling a smartphone out of her overall pocket. She dialed quickly:

" hello... hello. Can I speak to a Mr Chatham please. Oh hi, my name is Evie Hanney Mr Chatham. Please you've got to help me. Did Nathan ring you?.... Nathan Fawley.. Look we're in danger.....Mr Chatham please listen.....they're stealing nuclear bombs.......

.................... to be continued.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The 50th Anniversary Special: "Time Out of Mind" Part 2

Part 2 : Old Demdike

Kyle Scott drove steadily through the driving Lancashire rain. In the darkness he could just make out the flashing lights of police vehicles in the distance before he came to a police road block. He would down the car window:

"Ere I spoke to you lot on the blower a while back. I'm Kyle, the geezer who was goin' to meet with Fawley like. Any chance I can get a shufty of the scene?"

"Noo lad noo. The guvnor will come and intervooo you , aye he will", the officer replied. As he did so, a young man danced towards the car and Kyle recognised the Doctor:

"Oh hi Doc",

The Doctor grinned:

"Oh wow its Kyle isn't it? Kyle Scott. *Grinning* how's Ben doing. Clara, come and meet Kyle. Kyle's cool."

Clara strode up frowning:

"This is no time for socialising Doctor *sees Kyle and blushes* Oh, hi Kyle, pleased to meet you." Clara nudged the Doctor in the ribs:

"He's hot" she whispered. The Doctor grinned and turned to Kyle:

"We just got here. Followed a hitchhiker so to speak. Don't like hitchhikers. Hitchhikers arn't cool. So why are you here?"

"Ben like sent me. I was goin' to meet Fawley as he had info on some cover up or other at that nuclear research centre up the road."

"Ah yes that. Saw that in the distance. Nuclear means bad. Usually. Come and see the body" the Doctor quipped, showing the policeman his psychic paper. The policeman grunted and gestured that Kyle could drive on. The Doctor and Clara jumped into the car and they were allowed through the road block, Clara sitting in the front passanger seat and gazing at Kyle's legs.

Elsewhere in time and space, the Third Doctor was chatting away to Jo Grant while enjoying a glass of 1886 Chateau De Homboux claret and some finest Isle of Arran stilton.

"Mmmm this wine has just the right body for its cheeky pivaro grape flavours. The Brigadier certainly keeps a fine cellar for a man so embraced by the military mindset."

Jo laughed:

"Oh Doctor, you know we'd be lost without him. We'd never have escaped the Ogrons back there without UNIT back up." The Doctor grinned:

"Yes Jo, I suppose you're right. Your loyalty to your superior officer is commendable."

As he spoke, SGT Benton emerged from the TARDIS back rooms"

"Thanks for the shower and the change of uniform Doctor. I really needed that after falling in that swamp on Skaro."

"Ah SGT Benton. We should soon be home. Thanks again for your help" the Doctor said before a strange judder went through the TARDIS."

"What's happening Doctor?" Jo shrieked. The Doctor went to the console and flicked some switches as the TARDIS continued to judder:

"Jo, we seem to have aquired an unwanted hitchhiker. One who has the ability to divert the TARDIS off course. Wherever or whenever we are going, it certainly isn't 2oth century earth......."

The First Doctor huffed and grunted as the TARDIS continued to judder and sway. Ian Chesterton frowned:

"Can't you do something to stop it Doctor?" The Doctor stared at him arrogantly:

"My dear boy, you surely don't expect me to solve every problem in an instant do you? Hmmm?"

"Oh do something grandfather, its getting worse" shrieked Susan, who was in a state. The Doctor put his arm around her:

"Now now my dear there's no need to worry. All thats happened its some alien force has latched onto the TARDIS and is following in its wake like an unwanted passenger".

"But where are we heading for Doctor" Barbara asked.

"My dear, how an I supposed to know that? Hmmm? How?"

The Ninth Doctor jumped around his console leering and grinning. Rose Tyler stared at him:

"I can't believe you just dumped my mum off in the high street, said 'bye' then flew us off again."

"'Ang about, it was you who wanted her out of the way. Now the daft old trout is gone we can go anywhere we like. Together. *grins*"

Rose laughed:

"Oh well if you put it like that. I suppose Mickey can wait as well."

"Oh Dickie. I'd forgotten all about him".

Suddenly the TARDIS juddered and a strange whirring sound started.

"Do you have a problem with your pipes?" Rose asked. The Doctor leered:

"'Ey there's no need to get personal. Looks like we've been hijacked......."

Kyle, the 11th Doctor and Clara got out of the car and approached Fawley's car, which had smashed into a large oak tree. The Doctor approached a policeman:

"I suppose the body's all mangled and horrible. Can I take a little peek?" the Doctor asked.

"Nay lad. Its not in the car. Its worse than that."

"Ere where is it then? Thrown out like by the impact?" Kyle asked.

"Come wi me lads" the burly lancashire policeman gestured. He turned to Clara:

"Not you lassie. This ain't a sight for the fairer sex." Clara was annoyed:

"You sexist northern pig. Show me the body now!"

"Fair enough lassie. On you're own 'ead be it."

The policeman led them through some dank undergrowth and out into a field where some other policemen were shining a torch on a grisly sight. Tied to a tree was Fawley, his eyes gouged out and a pentagram carved onto his naked torso. On the tree was nailed a piece of paper with a stange message inscribed on it:

"Old Demdike lives!"........ be continued.

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The Doctor Who/Ben Chatham 50th Anniversary Special: "TIME OUT OF MIND"

The Doctor Who / Ben Chatham 50th Anniversary Special: TIME OUT OF MIND


OK folks, its Autumn and in the run up to November its time for the alternate Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. For 50 years, Doctor Who has been a major part of many peoples' lives. This special is not intended to encompass every facet of the show's history, rather to reflect its best ever eras and present a story that I feel would work well on screen and be an impressive addition to the canon. My aim is to present an alternate to the actual TV special which has certain additional features:

- a wider range of past Doctors will feature

- a wider range of past companions also

- Ben Chatham and Operation Delta

- a plot more faithful to the best era of the classic series



Part 1 : Death on the Fell

The rain poured down in torrents, driven by the harsh north-eastern wind, as Nathan Fawley rushed nervously out of Bowland Fell Research Station and towards the car park. He quickly bundled the papers onto the back seat and drove towards the main exit, as he had done so many times before. The unrelenting wind drove the rain into his windscreen on this cold, autumn night in Cumbria. Fawley showed his ID to the armed men patrolling the exit and they waved his car through. He breathed a sigh of relief and drove for several miles before stopping at the side of a lane to make a phone call.

" hi, its Nathan Fawley. Is that Mr Scott? Ok I'm out of there and on my way to Lancaster now, I should be half an hour. See you in the pub. I've got the evidence".

In Lancaster, Kyle Scott put his mobile down and went to the bar to order a pint. He felt aggrieved that Ben had sent him on this case alone, especially as it didn't seem much of a case at all. Just some man working at a scientific research centre claiming that he had information on some cover-up or other. Kyle took his pint back to his seat and shrugged. The dingy little pub , 'The Black Witch', looked like something from the 1930s with cobwebs on the walls and a publican with a handlebar moustache who was smoking, despite the ban. However the pub was otherwise deserted and Kyle assumed that its very quietness was why Fawley had insisted on meeting up here. Kyle sipped the beer and winced:

"Tastes like friggin' bog water" he muttered to himself.

Fawley drove on through the driving rain over the hills and troughs of the bleak Cumbrian landscape. As he rounded a bend, he suddenly saw a woman standing in the middle of the road and he broke sharply. The woman was dressed in strange, antiquated clothing and wore a headscarf . She approached the car. Fawley wound the window down:

"You could have been killed standing in the road like that" he shouted. The woman held up a leather bag:

"I be Squinting Lizzie. I be sellin' pegs an' cutl'ry. How many you want?"

"What? I don't want anything from you, you stupid old cow. If you're daft enough to go walking about selling crap in weather like this then thats you're business but you just nearly caused an accident." The woman laughed, revealing a row of black teeth:

"Rude bugger ain't ya. You'd be better to buy summat as old Lizzie 'as ways of making it worse off for yer if ya don't."

Fawley sighed and drove off, winding the window down.

"Mad as a brush" he mumbled to himself. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the back of this neck. He turned around and was horrified to see the old woman sitting in the back of the car with a long knitting-needle in her hand.

"Hey, how the hell did you get in here?" The woman laughed and plunged the needle straight into Fawley's left eye, driving it straight through into the brain. The car swerved violently and crashed into a tree.

Meanwhile, in the TARDIS, the 11th Doctor danced a little jig and spun on his heels:

"Yes, we're off to see the golden fountains of Lemoria. I like the golden fountains of Lemoria. The golden fountains of Lemoria are cool." Clara was not impressed:

"I wish you wouldn't dance about all the time when you're talking Doctor. And whats so good about some fountains?"

"Clara, these arn't just any old fountains. The water looks like liquid gold and the mountains glisten with real diamonds and emeralds. Whaheeey, geronimo! *dancing*".

"Grow up Doctor" Clara said wearily. The Doctor frowned:

"This is my TARDIS is in not?"

"Er yes",

"Its not your TARDIS is it?"

"You know its not."

"Then I'll be as immature as I like in it."

The Doctor made a farting noise and Clara frowned and flounced towards the door. However as she did so there was a shudder throughout the TARDIS and time seemed to slow down to a crawl. Moving and speaking was like moving through liquid tar. The Doctor desperately tried to move towards the TARDIS console, however suddenly things became normal again and he fell into the console with a thud.

"Ow, that hurt. Whoe!" the Doctor shouted.

"What the hell was that? Is this machine of yours on the blink?" Clara shouted.

"Hey don't call her a 'machine'. And she's not on the blink, that was a time current wake distortion. I'd know one anywhere."

"What the hell is a 'time current wake distortion?" The Doctor gave Clara a serious stare:

"Someone or something is trying to latch onto the TARDIS and follow it through time. Like tying your trailer to the back of a lorry and hitching a ride."

The Doctor fiddled with some knobs on the TARDIS.

"And the origin of this attempted hitcher is earth, England. The golden fountains of Lemoria will have to wait."

In Cumbria, Kyle Scott was onto his third pint, waiting in the pub. He tried ringing Fawley again however no one answered. He approached the bar:

"Ere it looks like I'm gonna be stuck 'ere all night. Do you let rooms out mate? Or is there a B&B near 'ere I can get digs?"

"You can 'ave the back bedroom upstairs. As long as you don't expect luxury" the publican answered.

"Ere do I look like the kind of geezer who expects luxury?" Kyle laughed, "I wouldn't mind watchin' a bit of telly though. Ain't you got one for the bar?"

"We have never had a television in this pub and we never will. This is a local pub. We do have a radio. Since you are my only customer you may listen to it at a low volume."

The publican placed a battered old transistor radio on the bar and switched it on. Kyle went back to his seat to finish his pint when the local news came on:

"Reports are coming in of an accident on the Bowland Fell lane. A car has hit a tree and we understand that there has been one fatality. The male victim has not yet been named."

Kyle quickly tried to ring Fawley again and this time his call was answered:

"This is the police. Who is ringing please?"

"This is Kyle... er Kyle Scott."

"Mr Scott, I should inform you that the person you are ringing, who we understand to be Nathan Fawley, is dead....... be continued.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

All Things Must End: Part 2

Part 2

After Cassie had left, Ben lay back on the sofa and smiled sadly:

"I really don't think that there is much to investigate here. I'm not being heartless and I do feel sorry for that girl however she is clearly undergoing some kind of meltdown due to her grief."

Kyle sat at Ben's laptop:

"Ere I wouldn't be so sure about that Ben, 'ave a gander at this."

Ben sat up and looked at the screen. It was an article from the online version of the Cambridge Daily Echo:


A 45 year old man was arrested last night after attempting to dig up his late wife's remains in Grantchester Cemetary. Police were called to the scene after passers by noticed lights in the cemetary and, taking a closer look, saw the man, who has not been named, digging. It is understood that no remains were actually disinterred, however in a bizarre twist the Echo can reveal that the man had told neighbours that his wife was still alive and that he had come home to find her preparing evening dinner earlier in the week. It is possible that the man was trying to prove that his late wife, who we understand died six months ago of cancer, was not actually in the coffin that was buried.

Ben frowned:

"So what? So there is another case of a delusional, grief-stricken person imagining things. This hardly suggests a pattern Kyle."

Meanwhile, in her apartment, Katie Ryan was busy writing a report on the excavation of an Iron Age village in Lincolnshire that she had been comissioned to write by "Archaeology Today" magazine. As she typed the door buzzer went and Katie looked up angrily:

"Oh who the hell is that?" she said out loud, before getting up and opening the door. It was Adam Wooten:

"Er hi Katie. Sorry to bother you but I just came round to ask your advice about the case synopsis write-up for the Peace Conference case. Ben asked me to do it and I know you've done them before. I was just wondering how much detail....."

"Couldn't you just email me about this? I'm busy!" Katie angrily interrupted.

"Er I have done several times and you didn't answer" Adam sheepishly answered.

"Well you should have got the message then that I'm too busy to hold your damn hand when you're doing basic admin tasks" Katie shouted. As she did so, her mobile rang:

"Oh what now!" She answered the mobile:

"Hello. Er what? Is this some kind of sick joke? Look I don't know who you are you sick fucker or how you got this number, but I'm reporting you to the authorities and if I ever get hold of you I'll smash your teeth down your throat".

"Is everything OK Katie?" Adam asked.

"Does everything look ok to you? Huh? My dad died three years ago and I've just had some sick cunt on the phone pretending to be him. He was imitating his voice just as it sounded....."

"OK Kyle, I accept that I dismissed this too hastily and that we should look into it" Ben said as Kyle grinned cheekily.

"Thats a first, you admitting you were wrong over summat" he replied. He stared down at the four other recent cases of people claiming to have seen dead loved ones that he had printed out from articles in the online press.

"I was not wrong Kyle. I merely gleaned new information and developed my approach in the light of this. I'm still not fully convinced that there is anything going on untoward. These cases are from all over the south-east, for all I know it could be a fairly regular thing with grief stricken people. However we will look into it. I say we visit that Cassie girl now and get a fuller statement from her. She left her address."

"What about Emma? She's comin' round in a bit" Kyle answered.

"I can't face her Kyle. This provides an excellent excuse to avoid her and her whining."

"Don't you think you're actin' like a kid over this Ben? Stringin' her along and puttin'off talkin' things through I mean".

"Don't you think I damn well know that Kyle? I just can't deal with her. She knew what the situation would be like when she married me and yet she springs this emotional neediness on me all of a sudden. She's impossible. I don't actually want to hurt her, which is why I can't face her. Come on, lets go."

Ben and Kyle drove through Cambridge to the converted former hotel where Cassie Buckley lived. It took Ben some time to find the flats but eventually he parked the car in the communal car park outside. Getting out of the car he stared at the overflowing wheelie bins and shabbily maintained building:

"What a dump. Why an earth would she want to live here?" he commented.

"You any idea how 'ard it is to get a roof over your head if you ain't earnin' much Ben?" Kyle asked.

"Then get a better job" Ben tersely replied.

They took the damp smelling lift up to Cassie's floor and walked to flat 12. They rang the buzzer and a tall, muscular young man with dark hair opened it:

"Is Cassie Buckley in? My name is Ben Chatham and I wish to speak to her. She called round to see me earlier."

"She's out at the mo. I could ring her if its urgent. You mind me asking what its about? I'm Paul Latham, her boyfiend....................." be continued.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ben Chatham in "All Things Must End" Part 1


Part 1

Heavy rain poured down in torrents as Cassie Buckley left the office and rushed quickly to the dingy little car park where her small blue Fiat was parked. The cold February wind blew mercilessly into her face and the rain covered her glasses, making it difficult to see. As Cassie got into the car, she began spontaneously to cry, as she did most nights. It had been six months since her boyfriend Paul had died and Cassie still felt completely alone and lost. Her only consolation was that Paul had died doing something he loved, having sustained neck injuries while playing rugby for the small local team. Cassie hated going home after a tedious day working as a trainee accountant only to find her flat cold and empty. This was her first job after leaving university, where she had met Paul, and she despised every aspect of it, especially the petty office politics and pecking order. However she needed to keep working to pay the mortgage on the flat as he parents had moved to Spain and had financial problems of their own.

Cassie drove carefully home through the driving rain and parked in the communal parking area beside the flats, a converted former hotel and pub. As she was locking her car, a gust of wind blew a branch off an overhanging tree and it fell onto her car, denting the bonnet.

"Oh fuck thats it! Thats all I need" Cassie said openly, angry tears welling up. She ran into the flats and took the dirty, litter strewn lift up to the top floor. Arriving, she walked towards the door of flat 12 and opened the door with her key. What she saw inside caused her to drop her keys.... there waiting for her was Paul, holding a bottle of wine and grinning:

"Dinner is ready Madame" he cheekily said, just as he used to on many a Friday evening. Cassie stared in disbelief:

"Paul.... how.... you can't be...." Paul came over to her:

"Hey Cassie, whats wrong? Whats happened?" he said, puzzled.

"You... you're dead.." Cassie mumbled.

"What do you mean dead? You ok Cassie?"

"Six months ago.... you died after the rugby match..." Paul was confused.

"I don't get it Cassie. Is this a joke or something? You know full well that I was fine this morning when I saw you off to work...."

Ben Chatham sat nervously on the exclusive leather sofa in his Cambridge apartment, his laptop open on his lap. Kyle poursed himself and Ben a coffee:

"So you gonna reply to her or not Ben? Its really mean not to."

Ben had received an email from Emma and he was agonising over how to respond. He looked up at Kyle:

"I really don't know what to do for the best. She's threatening to come over here tonight."

"She is your wife like. Yous two really should get all this sorted. Neither of you seem to be getting anything from all this." Ben frowned:

"I do not need relationship advice from you Kyle!"

He stared at Emma's email which read:


I called you again three times last night and you still didn't answer. What the hell is wrong with you? You can't just pretend that I don't exist Ben. Why are you doing this, guilty conscience? I knew when I married you that it wouldn't be a regular set up afterwards, what with your work and stuff, but I never thought that I'd never see you, never live with you or anything. What kind of marriage is that? You said last time we spoke that you'd given me a nice home and that I was being looked after so what was I angry about. You really have no idea do you? Yes I knew that you had money and yes I was kind of pleased to be marrying a successful man who would look after me and our children financially but do you really think that that was all I wanted? I remember that first night we spent together when I woke up with my head rested on your chest and you kissed my forehead. Is it really too much for me to want that all the time Ben? I love you but I think all you really wanted was a trophy wife to show to your parents, well I won't be that anymore Ben. I'm coming over to Cambridge today and I'll be round to your apartment around 4 pm ish, there is no point going out Ben I'll wait all night if I have to . I know you don't want to talk, well I do.


Ben didn't object when Kyle lean't over and read the email:

"What you gonna do Ben? She sounds really upset. You've gotta talk to her." Ben put his hands in his head:

"Agghh its so difficult. Why can't she just give me some space to think things through? I really can't handle this Kyle. Maybe I could go round to Katie's and you could tell Emma that I'm away on a major investigation in London. Before Kyle could raise any objections the door buzzer went. Luigi, Ben's cook and cleaner, emerged from the kitchen, rubbing his hands on a dishcloth, and opened the door. A girl of about twenty-four stood there:

"Er hi. I'm told that this is where Ben Chatham lives.I'd er I'd like to talk to him if he's in." Ben went over to the door:

"I am Ben Chatham. Who are you?"

"Er hi. My name's Cassie Buckley. Can I come in? I'm a friend of a friend of Adam Wooten. He works for you? I really need your help."

"You'd better come in. What exactly has Adam been saying to your friend?" Ben asked.

"That you investigate.... that you investigate the paranormal and stuff..." Cassie began to cry. Kyle went over to her:

"Ere its ok. We'll try and 'elp you". Ben frowned:

"I am not impressed with Adam talking about this organisation and its work to his friends. But that isn't your fault. What has happened to you?"

Cassie explained to Ben about the night that she came home in the rain to find Paul back from the dead and behaving like nothing had happened:

".... and we had a lovely meal, just like we always did on a Friday evening. Then we snuggled up on the sofa watching telly and I fell asleep." Ben was confused:

"I don't get this. Didn't you question him further? Why didn't you get yourself out of there? You were behaving rather unconcernedly for a woman who has just come home to find her dead boyfriend offering her a glass of wine." Cassie wiped her eyes and stared angrily:

"Do you know what its like to lost someone you love? You can't stop thinking about them and suddenly they're back and its as if nothing had happened. I'll be honest with you, I just didn't care about what was happening or why; I was just glad to have my life back as it was before. I can see that you don't understand."

"Look, I imagine that grief can do funny things to the mind. Have you sought medical advice?" Ben asked softly. Cassie stood up angrily:

"Look I'm telling you that what happened was real. When I woke up later on the sofa, he was gone and I was alone in the flat again. But he was there, he was......" be continued.

Monday, 21 January 2013

WAR & PEACE Part 7

WAR & PEACE : Part 7

They rushed out of the cellar and up the stairs. As they reached the top, two German guards appeared.

“Achtung halt!” one of them shouted. Kyle kicked out, knocking the gun out of the guard's hand before punching him in the teeth. Warrington-Pace grabbed the other one and flung him down the stairs. They ran out into the house and out into the grounds. Ben saw the German guards in the distance, marching a group of people towards the woods. Fortunately, Ben had picked up the gun that Kyle had kicked out of the German's hand and he held it up and fired into the air. The groupin the distance turned around.

“Oh great. So now they are going to come and shoot us instead. Nice work Ben, I don't think!” Katie Ryan angrily shouted. Ben looked calm:

“There is no need to panic Katie. We will lure them into the house and then run out of the back.”

They rush back into the house, Kyle and Ben overpowering another guard who was emerging from the bathroom. Ben rifled through his jacket and found his mobile. He tossed it to Kate-Lethbridge Stewarty who phoned for UNIT back-up troops. However as they ran through the house, three armed Draconians and Hitler appeared.

“Stop where you are!” a Draconian tersely commanded. The Germans from outside appeared.

“What are you doing in here? Where are the Jews and Americans?” Hitler demanded.

“Vee had to leave them in the woods Mein Fuhrer.”

“You idiots! I'll have you shot for this. Go and round them up again now!”

However before Hitler has finished, the sound of military trucks arriving could be heard. One of the Germans looked out of the window:

“Its UNIT troops Mein Fuhrer. Lots of them.”

“Gott in himmel. I am surrounded by idiots. Still, they will not storm this house while we have these hostages. We will adopt a siege defence position” Hitler shouted.

“It must remind you of the bunker all of this” Katie Ryan sardonically stated. Hitler glared at her:

“I detest women who don't know their place”. Katie put her hands on her elegant hips:

“Bothered Hitler. Bothered!”

They were marched into the drawing room where they sat on armchairs while German guards paced up and down. The Draconians and Hitler went into the study to converse while Warrington-Pace poured everyone a glass of brandy.

“I don't see that Hitler has any option but to surrender” he stated. Ben looked up:

“From my knowledge of World War Two I do not think that surrender is part of Hitler's vocabulary. He will go down fighting and take us with him if necessary. Our only hope is to reason with the Draconians. From what the Doctor told me they are a highly rational species and if they realise that the earth is more trouble than its worth they will leave.”

“I agree with Ben” Kate Lethbridge-Stewart added. Suddenly Hitler burst back into the room with a group of SS guards.

“We have decided to show UNIT that we mean business. One of you hostages is to be shot. And just to make it interesting, you get to vote as to which of your number it is.......”

….......... to be continued.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bernard Cribbins Attacks Modern Kids TV

I agree with him. Too fast, too commercially driven, too lacking in imagination.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


WAR & PEACE: Part 6

Ben found himself staring into the face of.....

….....Adolf Hitler!

“You!” Ben exclaimed.

“Quite so Benjamin. Since I escaped after our last encounter, I have fondly anticipated meeting you again.” Ben winced:

“Well the feeling certainly isn't mutual. Why the hell are you working for the Draconian Empire? During my travels with the Doctor I learned a great deal about them. They hardly fit your definition of Aryans.” Hitler stared at Ben:

“Oh come now Benjamin. Sometimes alliances are necessary with non-unions, such as my alliance with the Japanese. The Draconians will let me rule the earth and in return I will supply their Empire with a plentiful supply of cheap labour, namely the untermenschen: slavs, Jews, gypsies and persons of mixed race. Then the Deutsch will have living space to multiply.”

“Its just the same old twaddle from you Hitler. Have you never thought about changing the record?” Ben asked, defiantly. Hitler stared at him:

“You are a fool Ben Chatham. I could offer you a place in highest ranks of the National Socialist movement if you would only agree. I can tell from looking at you that you have aryan blood coursing through your veins, although you do look rather pasty faced.” Ben is angry:

“I would never work for the Nazis. And I am not pasty-faced, I'm just tired. I've been through hell over the last few months, forced to go through a marriage just to please my parents. And now I've got a splitting headache coming on.” Hitler banged his fist on the arm of the chair:

“You English have gone soft! Weak public school educated, decadent pipsqueaks. Soon I will be Fuhrer of the earth, *raising voice* , I will crush the zionist filth, kill the vermin races, crush the blacks and the slavs, *shouting*, kill the weak, weed out the maggots and the scum of humanity!”

Ben stares back, defiantly flicking his hair back:

“You really are a nasty piece of work Hitler. You know I have a headache and your shouting has just made it worse.”

Hitler gestured to his guards:

“Take these English away and lock them up, then take the Israelis and the Americans out into the woods behind the house and shoot them. We will then use Draconian technology to broadcast false messages claiming to be Iranian-backed terrorists. The whole middle-east will go up and then it will be World War Three. And when the dust settles the Draconian invasion will be so much easier!”

Later, Ben and the others are locked in the wine cellar. Warrington-Pace pours them each a glass of Chateau-De-Compais:

“We may as well make the best of this situation” he comments. Ben is sat in a corner with his chin resting on his knees. His blonde hair has fallen over his eyes and he is lost in the depths of his inner gloom. Chiara goes over to him:

“Hey Ben, don't worry, we'll find a way out of this somehow.”

“Its all gone wrong Chiara. Everything. This situation is just the final straw. I didn't want to get married, but my father was threatening to disown me if I didn't. I know I've not been fair to Emma in some ways, yet I have given her status and a nice home. But she wants more. And now the icing on the cake is this wretched mess. Nazis and Draconians about to enslave the earth and its all down to me to stop it. I don't think I can cope.” Chiara rests her hand on Ben's shoulder:

“Look Ben, everyone has self-doubt. But look at what you've achieved so far. It must take real skill and determination to run an organisation like yours.”

Meanwhile, Kyle is using a piece of wire from part of the wine rack to pick at the lock:

“When I was like doin' break-ins I could do this in a jiffy. I'm losin' it......'ang on its unlocked. Waheay!” Ben looked up:

“Thanks Chiara and Kyle. Come on, lets stop Hitler before he shoots the delegates.”

…........... to be continued.

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A Complete List of My Stories So Far

Here is a complete list of my Doctor Who episodes and Ben Chatham spin off stories.

Season 2 Pitch

00 The Christmas Invasion

01 War & Peace

02 Fool's Errand

03 The Love Generation

04 Starman

05 A Time For Love

06 Loyalty Binds Me

07 World on the Edge

08 Hospital of the Damned

09 Fire & Judgement

10 Not Alone

11 Child of Destruction

12 Web of Lies

13 Goodbye Is Never Easy

The Shadows of Christmas

Operation: Delta

New Age

Power of Illusion



Dark Shadows



Shadows of the Past

Hidden Dangers

Conspiracy of Terror

Power and Lies

Love & Danger


Earth Span

Shadows and Impressions

Sign of the Cross

Deadly Experiment

Into the Laboratory

Conspiracy of Terror (again)

Rage and Deliverance

Death In The Cloisters




Dark Yuletide


Alien Seed

Harvest of Evil

Series 4 Pitch

Fields of Death


Road Rage

From the Depths

Reptilian Dawn


Acorn Man

The Imperfect

The Rats of Tenbury




All Things Must Pass

Ben Chatham Annual 2008

The Living Picture

The Sun Goblet of Sacrosan

The Zranti Beast

The Zombie Kids of Death

The Cult of Quexecostal

The Lindig Valley Mystery

The Lords of Ancrazar

Nemesis (again)

The Curse of the Vampire Skull

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Winter of the Lost

Wolf (New Years Eve Special 2007-8)

Lord of the Reedy River

The Ghosts of Weatherfield

Peace in Our Time


The Case of the 12 Gold Crosses (unfinished)

New Dawn

Face of Death

Deadly Yuletide

New Morning

Planet Waves

The Creeping Sand

Caves of Oblivion



Curse of the Zenon Amulet & the Devil Birds of Zenos

Ch√Ęteau of Death

Shakey Jake in The Prince of Alaxan

New Dawn

The Operation Delta Interviews

Day of the Beasts

Halloween Special 2010 “The Devil's Tower”

Peril in San Remo

The Cascading Fountains of Zeneth

Alternate Series 6: 1) Pyracanthia

Alternate Series 6: 2) Silent Screams

Alternate Series 6: 3) Deadly Sabbath

Halloween Special 2011 “Deadly Nightshade”

The Legend of Casington (failed Big Finish Pitch)

The Blooding

The Wedding of Ben Chatham

Dragon's Ear & Druid's Spear

War & Peace

The Fanzine Stories

The Ghosts of Peversham Station

Acorn Man 2012

The 'Orchids' Trilogy

Aliens in the Orchid House

Return to the Orchid House (unfinished)

Orchids in June (Play for the theatre)

Doomwatch 2010

1) Price Worth Paying

2) Nest of Doom (unfinished)

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"WAR & PEACE" Part 5

OK folks, here is part 5 of this classic adventure:

“War & Peace” Part 5

Later, back in the bar, Ben was discussing the recent developments with his team, Chiara, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Nigel Warrington-Pace. He sipped a glass of 1986 Chateau-De-Compais red.

“You know, one thing I will say about this conference is that the quality of the wine is superlative. The 1986 Chateau-De-Compais is probably the finest red produced in France in that decade. It has soothed the ache of my bruises as well.”

“So are you ok now Ben?” Kate asked.

“As ok as one can expect I suppose, after a violent and traumatic altercation. Anyway, back to business. The two Germans have clammed up, but clearly we need to find out who they are working for and who else is in danger here. Any blue skies lateral thinking on this.... anyone?”

Chiara looked up:

“Well so far they have attempted to antagonise relations between the US and the Russians. However that is unlikely to result in any direct conflict. I'd have thought that if someone really wanted to stir things up then they'd go for trying to cause some more probable conflicts. You know, where there is already tension.”

“You mean like that between India and Pakistan? Or North and South Korea?” Kate Lethbridge Stewart replied.

“Yeah, exactly”.

Katie Ryan frowned:

“Oh yes, and that wild speculation is founded on exactly what evidence?”

“I'm not claiming it is Katie, we are in a position where all we can do is speculate?” Chiara answered.

“Pffft thats just a cop out. You clearly know nothing and are just trying to impress Ben” Katie replied. Kyle chipped in:

“Well I reckon like that Chiara's right. If they wanna cause a major conflict they I'll bet they'll go for the middle east. Build on the suspicions they've created about the Iranians. Do in someone from Israel then … pow... the shit really 'its the fan”. Warrington-Pace & Kate Lethbridge Stewart looked at each other:

“You're right. Come on, lets check on the Israeli delegation right now” Warrington-Pace said.

“Good thinking Kyle, come on!” Ben added.

They all rushed upstairs to the suite of rooms where the Israeli delegation were staying and were confronted by two armed men in the corridor:

“Achtung halt!” they shouted, before a bullet whizzed past Ben's head. Warrington-Pace pulled out an automatic pistol and fired back at them while security men appeared. One of the Germans was shot in the leg and both were captured. The wounded man, delirious with pain, started to babble:

“I'm sorry , I have failed you... I vill never forgive myself for mein inadequacy”

“Who the hell is he talking to?” Katie asked.

“A camera.... someone is watching this on the security cameras.... where is the control centre based?” Ben asked.

“In the basement” Warrington-Pace answered.

Ben led the way downstairs to the basement and towards the control room. As he approached, he noticed that the door was ajar:

“This is suspicious. I think it maybe a trap.”

However it was too late. The security men who had followed from upstairs pulled guns on Ben and the others. Warrington-Pace was disarmed. Then, from out of the shadows, emerged three armed Draconians.

“Do not attempt to resist. It seems that our plans need to progress onto plan B”. Ben recognised them from stories told by the Doctor:

“Why does the Draconian Empire want to stir up trouble on earth? You have shown no interest in aggressive expansion in this area of the galaxy before?” A Draconian frowned:

“Ah, I see we have an informed human here. Actually the Empire has gone into economic decline and we desperately need to seek out new and cheap sources of forced labour. Our associate assures us that this planet has a surplus of low quality people ideal for slave work.”

“Who the hell is your associate?” Ben asked, asked, angrily.

“Oh haven't you guessed yet, Benjamin Chatham?” a voice said from within the darkened control room. Ben walked into the room and saw a man sitting in the corner of the room, bathed in shadows. Suddenly the light switch went on and Ben found himself staring into the face of.......

…................. to be continued.

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