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The first of the Strip Stories

Anyway, moving on, here is the synopsis of the first of the two strip stories. Fugitoid & Zorklord have volunteered to do the artwork so feel free to decide which one to do.


Ben is alone in his Cambridge apartment sipping an absinthe and reading the Telegraph when the phone rings. He is surprised to hear that its an old friend from uni Chris Jennings, a science graduate.
"Hi Ben, long time no see. Look I know this might seem a bit odd, but can you come round now. I'm still living in the same house."
Ben finds this an unusual request as he never liked Chris that much, he was a friend of a friend, and Ben disliked his sarcastic manner. He tries to get out of it:
However Chris is insistent:
"Please Ben. Look I know this might seem strange coming out of the blue like this but I've heard about your interest in... well the extraterrestrial. I need to talk to someone.Please."
Ben is still reluctant:
"I never liked you. I presume this is a wind up. Goodbye."
He slams the phone down and goes back to his sofa.

Next day, Ben is shocked to see on the local news that Chris has been found dead in his rented house, suspected murder. Feeling slightly guilty he heads round there in his car and finds the place sealed off and the police around. Luckily he has contacted Torchwood who have fixed it with the police for Ben to see the house. He is intrigued to see it full of sophisticated scientific equipment . The police inform him that Chris died of a massive dose of microwave energy,
"As if he'd been put in a giant oven."
Ben is concerned and he calms himself by having a Foxes Glacier Mint. Inspecting the back garden he sees strange burn marks in the grass almost footprint shaped.

Meanwhile Chris' girlfriend Tara has turned up and is making an hysterical scene and shouting at the police.
"Look what happened to him, why arn't you telling us anything."
Ben offers her a mint and tells her to 'deal with it'. Tara slaps him, however when she then collapses in floods of tears she lets Ben hug & console her .
Ben takes Chris' journal which he finds on his desk & he and Tara go to a wine bar tound the corner for a drink & to calm down. Rrading the journal, Ben finds that Chris was working on a device to transmit microwaves huge distances in an instant, beyond even the milky way. Tara adds that Chris had told her that he was onto something that could revolutionise space communication. Ben is worried.
"What if something transmitted back.... some kind of force?"

Suddenly there is a scream from outside. Ben & Tara tush out to see a strange glowing, tansluscent thing walking down the street transmitting energy which is burning people.Tara screams and Ben shouts
as the thing moves towards them and they run as cars spontaneously combust. Ben tells Tara that Chris must have inadvertantly brought an energy creature to earth. The thing walks into a MacDonalds and people in it catch fire, screaming in agony. A group of children run out on fire and collapse in smouldering heaps in the street. Ben suggests that they head back to Chris' house for an answer.Running round the block they manage to get back in the house and find more of Chris' papers. It turns out that by reversing the polarity of Chris' machine they can reverse whatever effect it has had. Ben flicks the requisite switches and the thing disappears.

Later, back at Ben's flat, Tara and he are lying on the sofa enjoying a drink. Ben had told her about himself & his relationship with Carl. Tara is crying over Chris.
"Look, I know you're gay, but I really can't bear to be alone tonight..."
"Thats ok, stay here."
They kiss and then Ben leads her to the bedroom.....

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Its my birthday in 35 mins folks! 22nd August. I'm hoping for LOTS OF PRESENTS!

The Ben Chatham Annual 2008

OK , here is the first story in the annual folks:


Taking a short break from travelling with the Doctor, Ben is driving through the countryside having been invited to spend the weekend at his new boyfriend Carl's parents' house, Ashmore Manor, while Carl's sister Abby is left to run Foxglove Farm for unwanted horses.
He has opened the car windows, letting the summer breeze blow through his blonde hair , while listening to Rufus Wainwright's 'Want One' album on the car stereo.

Arriving at the large country house, he is pleased to see Carl standing on the front gravel, having just texted him. He walks up and kisses Carl, however Carl pulls back uncomfortably.
"Ben, I wanted to talk to you before we go in."
Ben starts to feel uneasy:
"Its just that theres something I've not told you. I'm not sure how to say this... look I'm not exactly out to my parents."
Ben is confused:
"Not exactly out?"
"They don't know I'm gay ok. Sorry I didn't tell you when we arranged this."
"Well you could have said something, but I understand. You want me to be there when you tell them for support"
Ben replies.Carl frowns:
"Er no Ben, you misunderstand. Theres no way I'm telling them ;they wouldn't approve at all. We just pretend that you're an old college friend. I assumed you'd be ok with this , from what you've told me about your own parents and how you went out with girls to please them."
Ben turns his head to one side, the tears welling up:
"What about the sleeping arrangements?"
"Separate rooms." Clive replies.

Ben begrudgingly accepts the situation and goes into the house and it introduced to Carl's parents , Richard and Margaret, in the drawing room.
"Hello Ben, pleased to meet you. Would you like a drop of brandy?" Richard asks. They all sit down for drinks before dinner is served. At the dinner table, they are joined by Abby, who has driven from the farm, and Carl's older brother David. The family are chatting:
"So Ben, I hear you're an archaeologist ?" Margaret asks.
"Yes , I'm hoping to join the team working on the Silbury restoration work soon."Ben replies.
"I do wish Carl would get a proper job. " She replies.Abby is annoyed:
"I wish you'd accept that Foxglove Farm is a proper job mum."
"Oh but it isn't dear. Looking after a few saggy old horses is ok for you, but Carl has a degree."
"Its time he got himself a girlfriend as well, " Richard chips in.
"People are starting to wonder if he's queer or something. "

The conversation then turns to politics and the need to restrict immigration and Ben feels less ill at ease. However Abby challenges her father:
"Dad I do wish you'd keep your opinions to yourself. I don't think Ben wants to hear your prejudices." Richard is angry:
"Abby is one of those namby pamby types Ben. Ok in a girl I suppose. Just ignore her."
David smiles: "We always do".
Ben feels reluctant to antagonise them so laughs and joins in the political chat.

Later , as they are being shown to their rooms, Ben notices a row of pictures on the staircase. There is something odd about them. The eys seem piercing and almost alive. However he puts it down to the drink and is shown to his room. Lying on the bed after everyone has retired, Ben texts Carl who agrees to sneak to Ben's room for a drink. However as they are both lying on the bed sharing a cognac they hear a strange thumping sound and a scream. Rushing outside they see Mima, the young polish maid, lying face down in a pool of blood. A figure in a long black cloak is striding away. Ben runs after the figure and is shocked to see in disappear into one of the paintings on the staircase!
Ben texts Torchwood while Carl rings the police on his mobile. Nobody believes what Ben saw, even the police, who insist that nobody leaves the house until a full search and interviews are conducted. The back door is found to be unlocked. Abby arrives from the farm and she is the only one to believe Ben's story. Even Carl is sceptical:
"We had been drinking Ben. Look, the intruder obviously got out through the back."
Ben is upset that Carl doesn't believe him and his beautiful dark dreamscape eyes fill with tears. David sees this and whispers loudly to Carl:
"Hey he's not a marmite chaser is he? "

An upset Ben is taken to the lounge by Abby who makes him a coffee.
"Look , don't let them get to you. They're idiots."
Suddenly there is another round of shouting and they are horrified to see two dark figures pushing Richard over the banisters so that he crahes to the floor. The police try to intervene and are run through with swords. Ben is stunned to see that the figures have no face. They disappear back into the pictures. With the police dead, Carl and David take the lead and removing the pictures take them out the back to be burned. Ben is concerned and wishes to contact the doctor for advice, but Carl won't listen and he& David set the pictures on fire. Ben's fears are confirmed as five figures, dressed as a Cavalier, an 18th century nobleman, an 18th century lady, a victorian gent and a WW1 era soldier emege from the fire.
"You have released us" they chant as they morph into silver clad aliens with golden hair , white skin and piercing eyes.
"We are the Seers! We were imprisoned in those pictures by Time Lord known as the Doctor many years ago . Now we are free!"
Ben gets through to the Doctor on his phone who tells him that the Seers are the last of an inter-galactic super-race who cannot be destroyed. They live on humanoid cellular energy . The only way to defeat them in to imprison them in inanimate objects Ben holds the phone up towards the seers and the Doctor sends sound energy from the TARDIS down it which takes the aliens and swirls them in a circle of energy before they shoot into the house walls!

Later, in the drawing room, Richard is recovering from his injuries with a brandy while the agents from Torchwood carry the bodies away. Ben tells them that the aliens are now imprisoned in the very fabric of the house, in the bricks and walls.
"As long as it remains, the earth is safe".
Everyone thanks Ben, however Ben lets them know that he is going back to Cambridge. Outside, Carl follows him:
"Look you don't have to go."
"Yes I do. Your family were extremely unpleasant to me , apart from Abby, and you could have supported me more."
Carl is a bit aggrieved:"Oh come on, you're blowing this out of proportion. Stop being a wuss.And you didn't have to behave so obviously gay."
Ben is angry:
"Thats it. I'm going. "

Ben gets into the car and drives away, sobbing bitterly....

Monday, 13 August 2007

Season 4 Pitch: Episode 13: "All Things Must Pass"

Episode 13: All Things Must Pass

The Doctor is extremely angry at the sight of the Cyberman and pleads with the Monk to think what he is doing. However the Monk is having none of it:
"Oh you are in no position to lecture me about interfering with humanity. All I am doing is helping them along to their destiny."
"No, what you are doing is altering their future in this universe", the Doctor shouts.
"Even the awful, urbanised Great and Bountiful Human Empire wasn't populated by cold cyborgs."
The Monk grins:"But they're so.... collectable. And its fascinating to see how BOSS will co-ordinate a cyborg civilisation."
Donna stomps forward:"You can't just treat the human race like your toys. Handing us over to some mad computer just to satisfy your curiosity."
The Monk smiles:
"Where did you find this one from? Anyway, I'm off. I've done my bit, its now up to BOSS. I'm just an amused observer."
The Doctor & Donna are taken back to BOSS' control centre by the Monk's men.
"Welcome back, please pull up a chair. Watch the screen."
On the plasma screen, images of Cybermen marching out of New World Enterprises plants all over the world are flashed.
"Let the upgrade begin!"

Meanwhile back at Foxglove farm, the damaged Cyberman has staggered off and Ben & Carl are watching in shock at the sight of the Cybermen on the newsflash pictures.
"Its just like before when the ghosts turned into them" Abby mutters as she recovers from her beating on the sofa.
"No it isn't", Ben points out, "these are clearly of a different design."
There is a banging on the door and they find that its a team sent by Torchwood in answer to Ben's texts. It is led by a young woman who introduces herself as Martha Jones......Ben and Carl explain everything that has happened. Martha is concerned about the Doctor:
"So he has a female companion? Didn't take him long *scowls*. Anyway, no time to lose. Lets head for Fullerton."

However before they can leave, they see on the newsfashes that something else is happening. All over the world, ordinary people are pouring out onto the streets with hammers, spades and whatever they can get hold of and smashing machinery and technology, as if gripped by some force. Even being killed on mass by the Cybermen doesn't stop them. As they watch, Carl and Abby themselves leap up and start throwing chairs at the tv screen, smashing it."
The same scenes are being played out on BOSS' plasma screen, much to its annoyance.
"What is happening? This is most irregular. Even death holds no fear for them This is supremely inefficient!"
"Whats going on Doctor?" Donna asks.
"Dunno, but don't knock it."
Suddenly there is the sound of banging in the research plant. The Monk's men have gone berzerk and are smashing equipment and fighting with Cybermen. As the strange force increases, the human part of the Cybermen is affected and the creatures are thrown into a self-destructive orgy of self-hate and begin deleting each other in a mass mutual suicide.BOSS is distraught:
"What is this? My perfect Cyber race. Destroying itself. This is illogical, Maximum inefficiency, maximum inefficiency!"
As it shouts, the Monk's men burst in and machine gun spray BOSS, with the Doctor & Donna dodging behind them and out the door. BOSS explodes and a huge fire starts.

Back at the farm, Ben & Martha conclude that the reason that they are not being affected by the force is that they both have travelled in time.
"Its the thing we have in common," Ben summises. "Which also means that the Doctor must be unaffected. We must find him."
However the TARDIS materialises and the Doctor and Donna emerge. Martha is a bit put out:"I see it didn't take you long to replace me. Not impressed."Donna looks wary and whispers to the Doctor: "Who's this irritating cat?"
"Martha this is Donna, Donna this is Martha."
Martha whispers to Ben: "Not exactly lamb."
Ben tries to move things on: "Doctor, the whole country is in the grip of this force. OK, its ended the Cybermen threat, but if it continues we''ll be thrown back into the stone age. All machinery is being destroyed. Everyone is doing it, even Martha's Torchwood collegues. They're all at it in the farmyard". The Doctor rushes into the TARDIS and looks at a screen. "Crikey its coming from Wiltshire, *zooming in* Silbury Hill!"The TARDIS lands near Silbury Hill, from where the invisible force is emenating. Donna is worried:"So if whatever is causing this is inside that hill, we're stuffed. Look at the size of it."However Ben smiles confidently:"No we arn't! As an archaeologist, I am aware that there is an old shaft round the other side of the hill that dates from the 1930s and its currently being re-excavated. Thats what all that equipment is for. I visited here only a few weeks ago!"The Doctor grins: "Ben you're priceless. Come on".They run round to the other side and see the open shaft with a wooden workmen entrance. Ben leads the way and they go in. Through the dark, musty shaft they move, Martha occasionally kicking Donna and pretending its accidental. At the end they see a purple glowing light. They find it emenated from a single stone. As they approach it cracks open to reveal a metallic cylinder. From it is projected a luminous image of a humanoid in flowing robes with strange, alien features.
"Behold humanity. I am Messar of the Silkke. To your ancestors we were the Gods from the stars. We came to give you knowledge and impart wisdom. If you are seeing my message you will not have used that knowledge as you were advised. Our planet was destroyed by irresponsible greed and technology for its own sake and we will not allow that to happen to you. Therefore we have planted within this sacred mound the protective device you see before you. Should your destruction of your own environment start to go beyond repair or should you surrender yourselves to rule by machine, then this device will ensure that you go back to the start."

Ben is concerned:"This thing won't stop until people have destroyed every machine. They'll be mass famine. Do something Doctor!"The Doctor holds up a strange fork shaped device which glows with energy from the TARDIS. It immediately disables the Silkke cylinder whicch goes dark."Thankfully, nothing can compete with Timelord technology" the Doctor grins."However let this be a lesson to all humanity. Use your technology to enhance your environment but not to destroy it or to change the climate. And keep it restricted!"

Later, the Doctor, Donna, Martha, Ben , Carl and Abby are all sitting in the lounge at Foxglove Farm, enjoying a drink and a chat. Martha is apologetic to Donna:"Hey its ok. I have my own life now with Torchwood. The Doctor is all yours."Donna frowns:"Its a shame that the Meddling Monk just slipped away without any comeback."
The Doctor looks concerned:"Yes, I doubt that we've seen the last of him. Still, two lonely survivors wandering the universe is better than just one. And it won't take civilisation long to recover.I propose a toast to Ben: without his knowledge of the excavation work at Silbury, we'd have never seen the shaft. To Ben!" *All raise glasses to Ben*
Carl turns to him:"Hey Ben, I've a surprise for you. Two tickets to see Bowie live next month, with backstage passes!"

A month later, Ben and Carl are in the audience watching Bowie , Carl planting a kiss on Ben's lips as the sound of Heroes rings out.
Later, backstage, Bowie comes up to them,"Hi Ben. I'm so pleased that you could come to my show tonight. Thanks for saving the world. You really are special", *ruffles Ben's hair, who blushes appreciatively*.


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Season 4 pitch: Episode 12: "Cyborg"

OK folks, here it is, part one of the series finale:

Episode 12: Cyborg

Having left the dead PM where they found him, the Doctor , Donna & Ben set off in the TARDIS for Fullerton Research Centre in Wiltshire, the main HQ of New World Enterprises. The Doctor is determined to either confront Poole head on or at least get to the heart of his organisation. However before landing something goes wrong, the TARDIS shudders and swirls and once landed the Doctor finds that they have been diverted off course and are several miles away from the Centre. The Doctor is concerned: "There is no force in the universe that can put up a barrier to the TARDIS. Only Time Lord technology could do that.... but no thats impossible.... unless the Master..... but no he can't be...."
Leaving the TARDIS they find that they have landed in the grounds of Foxglove Farm, a rescue centre for old & unwanted horses run by young Abby Simpson and her brother Carl. It is early morning and the Simpsons are feeding the horses. Engaging in conversation they learn that New World Enterprises are trying to purchase the farm in order to build a second facility on the site and that there has been underhanded pressurising going on, "several of the horses have been killed at night in an effort to force us out. Of course we can't prove it but we're planning a protest today, a march to their centre." Ben meanwhile is chatting to Carl about horsebreeding and finds himself attracted to the young, dark-haired Cambridge graduate.

After a hearty country breakfast the Doctor, Donna and Ben join Abby, Carl and around 50 supporters who have turned up to march to the Centre. They are carrying makeshift placards. Arriving at the gates they are told to clear off by security guards. Ben asks Carl to try and storm the gates and using the diversion created, Donna & the Doctor scale the perimeter fence in another area and make for the buildings. Sneaking in through a side door, they wind through a series of clinical, bland, hospital like corridors. Meanwhile, the police arrive in force and use batons to clear the demonstrators, bashing Abby to the ground and kicking her unconscious. Ben is intrigued that the police are so violent and concludes that the local police must be in the pocket of Poole's organisation.
Returning back to the farm, they hear the sound of frightened horses and running to the stables see a hooded figure firing a laser gun at a horse and killing it. Carl runs up and finding a pitchfork skewers it. However the hooded thing staggers and removes the fork, tossing it to oneside. Carl is shocked to see it has a metallic head underneith the hood.

Back in the Research Centre, The Doctor and Donna are shocked to hear a voice calling their names: "Oh Doctor! Donna! We've been expecting you. I knew our little delaying tactic would only be a temporary postponement. Please come in." The Doctor is angry: "Ok, whatever you are, wherever you are. Do you mind telling us where to go?" "Why the second door on the left in front of you. Come on in and have a civilised drink."Donna feistily leads the way and stomps through the door and gasps. The whole room is full of high tech gadgetry and massive computer stacks. On a huge plasma screen , a man in a business suit can be seen. "Hello again Doctor. Long time no see. You might find me rather upgraded shall we say since our last meeting. I'm the boss. The computer. "But the Doctor isn't having it:"Hang on old bean, or should I say old chip. That force that diverted my TARDIS was beyond and technology that could have developed, fallen, been left, lost or lent to this world. And who the hell rebuilt you anyway after the Global Chemicals business?""That was my doing I'm afraid" a voice says.
The Doctor & Donna turn to see Stephen Poole and several armed men.

In Poole's office, The Doctor & Donna are offered drinks, which they refuse."Oh Doctor, you really shouldn't be so churlish. Anyway, its all very simple you see. I've done my bit as they say. The boss really is the boss, or at least will be after tomorrow. Then I take a back seat. Its so much easier this time round with the internet and so forth. Tomorrow one computer system takes over the entire planet. At last this pathetic, chaotic world will have some order, efficiency and uniformity placed on it. "Donna is angry: "Why the hell would you want to see a machine running the world?"Poole smiles: "For fun my dear. Oh don't look so shocked. You see I just think its the human destiny to be regulated. And enhanced. Upgraded even! Its clearly happened elsewhere.... I'm just moving things on a little.... for the pleasure of it shall we say. I'm only a backseat driver. Its intriguing. The Doctor understands me if you can't. He's as fascinated with humans as I am."
"What does he mean upgraded?" Donna asks the Doctor. The Doctor looks very worried.
"The future of the human race." Poole gloats, grinning. "After all, it happens in other universes..."The Doctor stands up. "Who are you?" Poole grins. "Haven't you guessed? I've been called many things but as I love the contemplative life, the Monk will suffice. Its how you knew me before my regeneration."
"But you couldn't have survived the Time War!"
"Oh but I did. Slipped sideways shall we say. Into another universe where I saw the future of the human race. And I knew that I'd have to help them along a bit in this one. Its been a fascinating journey."
"What future"? Donna asks.
A door opens and in walks a figure which, athough different in design, clearly resembles...........

- a Cyberman!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Season 4 pitch: Episode 11 "Conscience"

Anyway, moving on, here is episode 11:

Episode 11: Conscience

A silent office. 2 am in the morning. A man sits with his head in his hands, a desk light shining down on him while the rest of the office is dim. Outside the glass windows the lights of London shine like intrusive ertzatz stars. Sweat pours from John Deerman's face and dribbles down the nape of his neck. He wrenches at his collar to loosen it, then takes another gulp of scotch from the glass in front of him. Inside his fevered head, his mind is dizzy and gliding.
He sees the boy that used to be him staring down at him mother's coffin as it is lowered into the grave. He is seven years old. The cold hand of his father rests on his shoulders as the grey, earthen faces of the mourners turn away coldly. Then he sees a room where his father is stumbling in from the pub and takes a swing at his younger self. He is lifted from the ground and thrown against a bookcase, crashing down. "You're a useless failure" the father shouts.

Taking another huge gulp of whisky he sees a study at Marlborough School and his teenage self is working hard at his studies on a hot summers day. Everyone else is outside socialising in the sun, but John sits working. Through the hazy fog of incandescent memory he sees himself as a student sitting reading on the grass of an Oxford college. An attractive girl approaches: "Hi John. I was wondering if you'd like to come for a drink later." He looks up coldly: "No I can't .I have to work. Some of us want to succeed in our finals." The girl turns and walks away, muttering angrily.
In the office, John Deerman rises unsteadily on his feet and gazes out the window at the lights of London. He sees in his head a party in full swing to celebrate his election to a safe seat as MP for Helmford South. The champagne is flowing as an older collegue slaps him on the shoulder, "Hows it going with Ruth? " John replies: "Fine. I've asked her to marry me. She's efficient and an essential accessary for promotion purposes." The collegue steps back a little: "Oh come on, you're joking surely. You see Ruth as an 'accessary'?" John does not answer and turns to talk to someone else.
He drifts to the scene of another funeral, his father's. As the coffin is lowered he mutters under his breath, "not a failure anymore you old bastard".

Returning to his desk in the office, he pours another large scotch and gulps it down. His mind is floating on a sea of radient swirling colours and disjointed scenes. He sees himself in his Westmister office when he was Environment Secretary. Sitting opposite him is Stephen Poole. Poole is showing him plans for a series of major plants and production facilities. "The economic gains to the country I can bring will be immense.All I need is fastracked approval. Perhaps you'd like to remember the stake I have in several leading newspapers. Do you want me behind your leadership campaign or not?" Deerman replies that hewill back Poole's plans fully. Poole smiles steelily. "Then I'm sure this is the start of a fruitful partnership."
Slumping down at the desk again, Deerman's intoxicated mind floats into another meeting, in the PM's office. He is frightened, more frightened thatn he has ever been before. "This is monstrous, horrific. What you are planning to do must be stopped." Poole smiles: "And Ruth? Your children? You now know I'm sure exactly what I have the capacity to do to them. To anyone who gets in the way. You will obey the Boss or pay the price." Deerman begs and pleads with Poole but his mind is broken and fragmented. He submits to the stronger will. Poole smiles, "call this the Triumph of the Will as a greater man than you used to say".

Back in his London office, Deerman pours a final large glass of scotch. He opens the bottle of tablets on his desk and gulps down a handful . He takes a large swig. Then another handful and another drink. Eventually both bottle and tumbler are empty. Deerman lays his head down on his folded arms. Outside the London nightlife continues. Deerman sinks into unconsciousness. His breathing becomes slower. He dies.
The TARDIS materialises in the corner of the office. The door opens and the Doctor emerges to see a corpse.....

Monday, 6 August 2007

Season 4 pitch: the next two episodes

Anyway, here is the next part of my pitch folks:

Episode 9: The Rats of Tenbury

1st part of a two part story

The TARDIS lands near the village of Tenbury in Suffolk where Ben is keen to visit the newly discovered site of a Saxon ship burial. "This is potentially more important than Sutton Hoo" he enthuses to Donna as he sips on an absinthe in the TARDIS lounge. Leaving the TARDIS, they walk to the site only to find it fenced off with police tape. They learn from the police that there has been an 'incident' at the site. Later in the local pub, the Dog and Hedgehog, a local named Pete tells them that he's heard that the chief archaeologist Brian Ford has been found murdered with a saxon sword.
Ben is upset as Brian had been one of his lecturers at Cambridge and has a few too many glasses of cognac. The young barman, James, advises Ben that he has had enough and although Ben is angry, he finds himself attracted to James. James tells him that he has just finished his History degree at Oxford and is doing bar work before finding a proper career. Their eyes meet.

Meanwhile the Doctor & Donna are chatting to Pete, the beardy local. He informs them that there had been strange goings on at the dig even before the death; dark figures and shapes seen moving around Tenbury woods , next to the dig. The Doctor also learns that beyond the woods is a large chemicals plant owned by a company called New World Enterprises. The Doctor is concerned and fears the involvement of Poole. Ben is in no fit state to leave so he stays the night at the pub, helped to his room by James. Meanwhile Donna and the Doctor land the TARDIS just outside Tenbury woods for a snoop about. They walk among the trees but see nothing. Donna gets her legs scratched on some bramble and moans and they are about to go back when they hear a piercing scream. Rushing towards it, the Doctor sees a local tramp lying dead with his throat ripped out. He hears a massive scream from Donna and returning back finds her... gone.
He finds landrover tyre marks just outside the woods and sees the vehicle speeding off in the distance. The Doctor leaves a message on Ben's mobile to say he is going to the chemicals plant and lands the TARDIS in the grounds. His hunch is right as he sees Donna being bundled off into the building by two men.

Meanwhile, Ben wakes up in the early hours in bed with James, his head resting on James' firm chest. He realises that a rustling noise downstairs has woken him . James is also awake and they agree to go downstairs together to investigate. As they go downstairs they flick on the light and see a large animal scurry off out of the open door. The landlord is lying dead on the pub floor, horribly mutilated. Rushing back upstairs they look out of the window and see dark shapes scurrying around the lane outside. Ben recognises the shapes. The whole pub is surrounded by..... giant rats!

Episode 10: Lair

Ben & James call out for police help and Ben contacts UNIT. Meanwhile the Doctor has been caught by patrol guards at the chemicals plant and is marched off to a holding room. Eventually the plant Director named Cooper comes to interrogate them. The Doctor tells him not to bother with any piffle as he knows that the tramp in the woods was killed by some kind of ravenous mammal and would like to know how the chemicals plant has caused this. "Well you already know too much so a little more won't hurt before your demise" Cooper replies. It seems that the plant had been dumping waste products in the river that runs by the woods and that somehow the waste had been killing fish, yet caused rats and watervoles to become enlarged and aggressive. Brian Ford had been killed with the Saxon sword because he saw the rats. The Doctor is concerned as the river flows on right through the nearby town of Holmton. "If it reaches an urban rat population, they could kill hundreds. And if it spreads further... to London...."
However the Doctors fears are founded. In Holmton enlarged rats start coming up from the sewers in their hundreds, and attack shoppers in the High Street, going for the throats. Several babies are ripped from prams and devoured while the local Starbucks is overun with the ravenous vermin. In an outer housing estate a woman pegging out washing is attacked by a giant otter which bites off her lower arm, while more rats race down the streets.
Ben and James are rescued by UNIT and join the force as it heads towards Holmton to try and contain the town. Backed up by the army, the town is surrounded. However rats from Tenbury woods and further down the river's route are spreading out . Meabnwhile,at the chemicals plant the Doctor and Donna are taken out into an outside delivery yard to be shot. As they are being ordered to stand against a wall, the Doctor sees Stephen Poole's face looking at them from a window. However before the guards can shoot them there are shouts of panic from within the building. A giant rat has entered the complex by knawing through the perimeter fence and is running amok. The Doctor uses this as an excuse to floor the remaining guards with venusian martial arts moves, kicking their guns away, and he and Donna escape.
Making it to the TARDIS, they travel to Holmton, having read Ben's info texts. The Doctor persuades the UNIT Brigadier to have a sample dead rat and takes it to the TARDIS lab to work on isolating the chemical. Once found, he quickly produces a counter- compound. Ben bravely volunteers to enter the town with a sprayer and spray one of the rodents as a test. James insists on going to and they both set off. Turning a corner they see a large rat nibbling at a corpse. Ben suggests that they wait in a doorway for it to approach however James recklessly strides out into the street to spray it only to be attacked on all sides by other rats and killed. Ben rushes out and fires a jet of spray at the creatures before running. As he turns around he sees the rats dying.....

The test successful, UNIT and the army carpet spray the town and along the river's route to kill the remaining rats. Later Ben and the Doctor are shocked to discover that no action is to be taken against the chemicals plant for this 'accident' and that the PM , John Deerman, has ordered a national ban on media reporting of the incident 'for economic reasons'.Ben is upset at James' death, ' I told him to wait but he just ran out . We'd only just met and now he's gone and left me alone again'. His eyes fill with tears and Donna comforts him, stroking his lush blonde hair.
The Doctor says ominously that it is time to pay the PM, John Deerman, a visit.....

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Season 4 pitch pt 3


Morning. Donna wakes up , dresses and enters the TARDIS console room to find the TARDIS has landed in a field & the door is open. The Doctor has gone. She wakes Ben and they go outside to look for the Doctor. They see a spinney in the distance and hear the sound of a flute. Ben starts to feel dizzy. He collapses. Donna is scared and runs to where the flute playing is coming from. She sees a scruffy young man sitting cross legged counting acorns. “I am the acorn man” he says to her and smiles. His teeth are all black. Getting up, he reaches out a hand which has long black fingernails and claws Donna’s face. She runs.
Meanwhile Ben awakes to find himself in a stables, lying on straw. He sees a girl who he thinks is sleeping. Turning her over he sees that her eyes are gouged out. Reeling back in horror, he sees her get up and lunge towards him. He runs outside to find that he’s in a busy city street. Turning back he sees only a brick wall. Staggering through the street, Ben feels nauseous and cannot speak. All around he hears laughing.
Donna runs back to find the TARDIS and sees the Doctor standing by the door. Relieved she runs towards him. He grins, displaying black teeth: “I am the Acorn Man” he says, pulling from behind his back a meat cleaver. Donna screams as the Doctor lunges towards her. She runs.
Surrounded by complete darkness, the real Doctor is locked in a mind battle. He sits cross legged summoning up all of his mental energy. “You will submit” a voice says. “Never” the Doctor replies.
Ben collapses outside a bus shelter. An old lady walks up to him. “Are You alright dear” she says before kicking him in the ribs. She walks off. He sees the street change into a sandy beach with seagulls picking at discarded rubbish. It begins to rain, but the rain is like blood.
“Give me the TARDIS” a voice says, however the Doctor is too strong. Summoning up all of his psychic will, he defeats the intruding entity. Ben & Donna awake, this time for real, within the TARDIS. The Doctor explains that a psychic presence had been trying to destroy them .The TARDIS lands near the source. They emerge into a large house and see an old man slumped dead at a desk. All around the room are books on the occult. The Doctor recognises Gabriel Decavenar, the UK’s leading black magician. In his dead hand are three acorns and a sprig of woodbine. Outside the window a man walks quickly away from the house. It is Stephen Poole.


The TARDIS lands on Ictar 3 in the Andromeda galaxy. The Doctor has promised to show Ben the planet of the Elians, who had visited the earth centuries before and documented in von Daniken’s ‘Chariots of the Gods’. Ben had been sceptical about von Daniken’s theories until meeting the Doctor. However all is not well on Ictar 3. The once peaceful and benevolent Elians are now living under the tyranny of the Council, an oligarchy obsessed with efficiency and perfection. All dissent is crushed via execution in the modernisation chamber, an atomising machine. In the highly technocratic society, all people are linked to a master computer via implants in the head. The ruling Chairman Cressar can be seen on telescreens everywhere grinning. The Doctor, Ben & Donna join a group of underground rebels who tell them that the Council came to power centuries before as an oligarchy of business interests and since then have stifled all free expression. However the planet and its immediate neighbours are running short of resources and it is looking to expand its network of subservient planets. The Doctor helps the rebels hack into the master computer network and cripple the technological infastructure of the authorities. With the network down, mass rebellion ensues and the Council resign and leave Ictar 3.