Monday, 28 April 2008

The Sontaran Strategem

On the plus side it was a good old fashioned UNIT story. However the Sontarans are now too small and the plot was on the simplistic side.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

"The Claws of Time" pt 2 by Lemon Bloody Cola

The Beast In Me

Later in the day Kyle and Craig are sat in a café enjoying fish and chips when Kyle notices beneath the sleeve of Craig’s hoodie a number of laceration marks that stretch out like lines on a treasure map. But these cuts don’t not lead the way to untold riches, instead Kyle knows they have but one destination. The hollow hum of teenage desolation. Craig notices Kyle has clocked his cuts.
“Yeah I’m a cutter. So what? A lot of kids at my school do, some of them for fashion and to look emo but me I keep it to myself. It helps me get some release from the pain of being bullied and my Mum’s death. Most people can never understand what it’s like to not fit in.”

Kyle’s eyes fill up with kindness,
“Look I know what it’s like to not fit it at School. I loved my painting when I was your age but it wasn’t seen as something lads from my estate were meant to do, I go sick of getting battered so I jacked it in and joined a gang. Eventually I hardened, violence and crime came to be the most important things in my life. It’s a bad road and it’s one I walked until your Uncle saved me and showed me there’s more to life. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and stop myself ever stopping painting though..”

Kyle and Craig’s bonding is violated by a gang of hooded figures rushing into the Café and pouncing on them. One of the figures renders Craig unconscious with a nerve hold. Seeing his new young friend treated like this causes Kyle to lose control and he flies into a berserker rage, leveling one of their assailants with a headbutt square in the mouth that dislodges his two front teeth. The teeth hang in the air almost gracefully like a brutal anatomical ballet.

Kyle continues to throw expletives into the air while punching, kicking and butting the hooded figures like a man possessed. Kyle grabs one of the men and begins to pound his face with his fist in a relentless pivot motion, each swing seems to send the man’s face into a gruesome mush.
“Who ****ing sent you to attack us? You best ****ing tell me or you’ve breathed your last ****ing breath!” The man weakly begins to speak blood gushing out of his mouth with every strained syllable, ”hail the cult of the Reapers!” “What the **** is that?”“We follow the great winged ones, they visited the Earth in 1987 and we we will once again bring about their coming. To purify the earth with their mighty claws”
The man then fades into unconsciousness, Kyle surveys the broken bodies, furniture and terrified onlookers that scatter the café. He also sees Craig has awakened and seen his interrogation. “K-k-kyle you were like an animal!” Kyle beings to sob hopelessly “I haven’t lost it like that in years! It ISN’T ME IT ISN’T ME!”

Meanwhile, Jack and Ben have arrived at Skullmoor school to a most macabre sight. The playground is scattered with the corpses of students and teachers alike, in a pool of crimson and disembodied internal organs.Ben stoically quips in a sombre tone "reminiscent of Picasso's Guernica.""Yeah I knew Pablo, he was a bit of a lover man, but this isn't the time for joking we need too.."
Jack is broken off by a claw just missing Ben's head. The first of a swarm of hungry Reapers swooping down to attack the two men as if Hell had belched out it's foulest vitriol.


Saturday, 19 April 2008

"The Claws of Time"pt1 by Lemon Bloody Cola

Re: The new official Ben Chatham Adventure "The Claws Of Time"

Heres the first part proper of this exciting and sophisticated adventure. I apologies for the length but I can promise you it's a lot more action based than long winded prose based, well worth a read.

Columnated Ruins Domino

“For goodness’ sake Jack, can’t you get in touch with UNIT? I’m in a delicate mental state at the moment.” pleads Ben.“I know what it’s like to lose people close to you Ben, believe me. But in situations as crucial at this, it’s a matter of duty, the whole world is at stake,” retorts Jack.Upon hearing this Ben slumps into the sofa, head full of thoughts of “why me?” and the terrible burden of the responsibilities his travels with The Doctor have placed on him.

Jack’s mood undergoes a sea change, as his mischievous handsome eyes survey the room. He sends a cheeky wink Kyle’s way, kisses the hand of a for once blushing and silent Katie, before finally setting his sights with intent on Craig.
“Hey Ben, what you doing having jailbait around here with my reputation?” The misfit teen doesn’t know if he should feel embarrassed or thrilled to be found attractive. In reality his complexion answers before his mouth can as he blushes a deep shade of red.

Jack grasps Craig’s shoulders and once again his manner drifts to one of urgency.
“Well you are a lot more than a pretty fresh face kid. You might be wondering why I’m outside Torchwood’s usual jurisdiction in Cardiff, but I thought it’s best if I handle this one being as I’ve had experience working with gorgeous Ben before. I’m sorry but we’ve been tracking your Nephew for the last couple of months,” says Jack pulling a tiny bugging device from the sleeve of Craig’s My Chemical Romance hoodie.
“I need you to tell me about Skullmoor Comprehensive School, and specifically your friend Kyle.”Ben butts in “A comprehensive! A Nephew of mine in a comprehensive!? I despair.”
Jack ignores this focusing still on Craig, “tell me your friend Kyle what’s his surname?”
“Erm, Scott Sir.”

Kyle gasps, all these coincidences are now getting beyond spooky.“Is there anything strange about this kid you’ve notice, Jailbait?” “Erm well yeah he wears these Kappa tracksuits that haven’t been in fashion for like ten years and the other day he comes up to me and starts talking about this, well as he put it ‘gear’ new band called Oasis. I mean everyone knows only wrinklies listen to Oasis, it made no sense!” “My goodness!” exclaims Ben “It sounds like the timeline is collapsing in on itself or at least that would be my educated guess.” He chokes back tears and bravely proclaims “If that’s true the whole world as we know it could be at stake. We can’t allow that to happen and furthermore we can’t allow a world were 15 year old boys listen to Oasis. I’ll help you Jack, it’s what Nikki would have wanted.”
“That’s my man!” say’s Jack ruffling Ben’s heaven sent blond locks. “Now listen, Craig, Kyle I have reason to believe it’s far too dangerous for you two to be involved in this..”
“Kyle, just take care of Craig for me while me and Jack go and check it out.” orders Ben.

Friday, 18 April 2008

"The Claws of Time" Prologue : by Lemon Bloody Cola

The new official Ben Chatham Adventure "The Claws Of Time"


Time flows like waves, leaving us drenched in the salty tears of experience that burn at our skin till they out of necessity become pregnant with new life. In a gorgeously furnished London flat, a pair of beautiful forlorn dark eyes do not survey the exquisite tasteful décor, nor the rare archaeological artifacts that adorn the shelves and walls, not even the faces of his closest friends Kyle Scott and Katie Ryan that hover over him like clouds fit to burst with the rains of compassion, a compassion they display in ways unique to their characters and backgrounds which though fall in a deluge can not wipe Benjamin Chatham’s soul clean of the most gruesome monster of all, the piercing crimson claws of time, the demonic many headed beast of memory.

The beautiful dark eyes that have seen the best and worst of what this universe have to offer, the dim candle of the past, the tremulous roar of the future and savage alien lands, now finally set themselves upon the sight of something they can not process. The face of a young boy, a young boy that acts as an all too acute magnified mirror reflecting back Ben’s own grief, fear and loneliness since the death of the lost sister he found only to lose again forever.

Craig Chatham stands alone as the day he was born, needing nothing more than the last link to his mother: the uncle who has saved the world so many times but finds himself as helpless as an eagle without wings when it comes to giving Craig the love and support he needs.
Kyle Scott has his own knawing melancholy to contend with, the mother stranded in the realm of addiction, but this is filed to the back of his head. He knows Ben needs him now more than ever, he must try and normalise the situation, to pierce though the wall of emotion separating Ben and Craig
“Ere so mate do ya like school?”Craig ponders and for a second is taken away from thoughts of his lost mother
“I guess it’s ok, I like art and I do okay in my lessons, but I’m always getting beat up cos of it.”
In the mind of Kyle Scott a distant memory awakens like a sleeping giant, only to be diverted from traveling to his lips by the sound of Katie's laughter.
“Ha how typical for a Chatham to get pushed around! It’s a tough world out there kid, you best toughen up or you’ll be grown up and letting some no hoper chav like Kyle here sponge off you while you lay around like a beached whale feeling sorry for yourself!”
If you could have cracked Craig’s stony face with a hammer of empathy you would uncover a world of bemusement and hurt at Katie’s statement but he so longed to stay with his Uncle Ben he changes the subject somewhat to avoid offending Katie "er actually, my best mate at School is called Kyle, he’s into art like me, he’s an amazing painter but he gets stick for it as well and his families like, underprivileged and don’t see much point in him carrying on with it so he’s thinking of jacking it in.”

Kyle can scarcely believe the coincidence in front of him but once again his attempt at speech is interrupted this time by a frantic banging on Ben’s front door so vigorous it even shakes Ben out of his prone haze of despair.“Good god, who the hells this? I can’t take any more unwanted bombshells today!”Ben answers the door to be greeted by none other than Captain Jack Harkness his face streaked by a dark shade of urgency.“Ben, something is very very wrong here, and if you don’t help me make it right it’s the end of everything!”


"CRYSTAL": Part 8

“CRYSTAL: Part 8”


As Hendridge and her men are leading Ben and the others out of the pub a fleet of UNIT vehicles zoom by.
“Quick men, back inside the pub” Hendridge shouts.
Everyone is forced back inside and Hendridge forces all of the customers up against the wall.
“So Ben Chatham, you called for reinforcements. Well I suggest that you get onto your phone and call them off or we will shoot two of these customers every half-hour. And just to show we mean business……..”
Hendridge twirls round, raises her gun and shoots an elderly man through the head, blood and brains splattering over the bar. However the man’s shocked son lunges at Hendridge, knocking her flying. Kyle and Ben pitch in, helped by the locals, grabbing Hendridge’s men causing random gunshots to spray out smashing bottles. Kyle elbows one of the men in the face and grabs a gun, however suddenly Hendridge gets to her feet and begins to glow, shape-shifting into a spider.
“The red crystals grant the power of disguise. And now you will die.”
The spider leaps onto Kyle’s back, clawing and making him drop the gun.
“Kyle” Ben shouts however the spider turns itself and a spray of acid shoots out from its mouth , straight towards Ben’s face……..


Donna is restrained by two of Dalton Mayne’s heavies as they watch more images on the plasma screen of animals attacking people in the street.
“I must say that’s a nice screen” the Doctor observes.
“Oh yes, its high definition with surround sound. The DVD player is built in and plays Blu-Ray.”
“Wise choice” the Doctor states, “it becomes the standard format by 2015. Mind you, its still not a patch on the audio-visual technology I have within my TARDIS.”
The banter lulls Mayne into a false sense of security while Donna breaks free from the men’s grasp and boots one in in the testicles:
“Ow me bollocks” he screams while she punches the other in the teeth. The Doctor grabs the spider by its spindly legs and before it can squirt any acid he spins it round and round above his head then lets it go so it flies off and smacks into the wall. Donna grabs the red crystal and they run out of the room and down the corridor.
Finding their way out of the building, the Doctor takes the red crystal from Donna:
“Only one thing to do with this….”
He cricket-ball style bowls it at the wall of the house where it shatters into numerous shards. Back inside the building, the reviving spider shrivels up and dies.
Turning round, the Doctor sees the Torchwood team approaching:
“Well done Doctor” Captain Jack exclaims and the two embrace.


The acid flies towards Ben, who just manages to turn around in time as it splats into the back of his jacket, searing into it. Ben throws off the jacket:
“Oh no… no. That cost me nearly £900.”
Kyle wrestles the spider to the ground as Ben shouts at the terrified customers to flee the pub while they can. Katie and Nikki have pitched into the fight however one of Hendridge’s men manages to grab a pistol from the floor. He raises it and aims at the fleeing customers and just at that moment Anselm joins the back of the crowd. The gun goes off…….
Meanwhile, UNIT troops storm the Cedars complex and shoot any spiders that confront them. The red crystal is machine gunned into fragments.
In the pub, the bullet whizzes just past Anselm and out the door as the spider withers and dies. However the man fires again and this time it shoots out at an angle and hits…………

………. Nikki.


It is a week after Nikki’s funeral. Ben is lying across the sofa in his dressing gown, a two-thirds empty bottle of French absinthe and a jug of iced water on the table and a glass in his hand. His dark eyes are filled with tears.
“Ben you need to stop this. Drinkin’ aint gonna do anything but make this worse. Hows about I fix you some snap.” Kyle says.
The words pass straight through Ben as he mumbles to himself:
“I should have kept in touch with her. I should never have destroyed those letters. Mum and dad will never forgive me. She’s gone Kyle.”
The door rings and Kyle opens it to see Katie Ryan who barges in:
“How is he? Still the same? *addressing Ben* You need to pull yourself together! This isn’t like you Ben. Its not as if you’d seen the silly cow for years and it wasn’t your fault in any way.”
Ben stares ahead:
“Just shut up Katie, ok? Just shut the hell up!”
The tears roll down his face as he pours another absinthe.
After Katie has gone, Ben turns to Kyle.
“There may be no more investigations Kyle. And no more trips with the Doctor in the TARDIS, at least for a time. I just can’t face it, not after what has happened. Look, I’m sorry I’ve never really appreciated you much, but I’ll make it up to you.”
Just then the door rings again:
“Oh I hope that’s Anselm.” Ben says mournfully.
Kyle opens the door to see a young lad of around 15 .
“Er hi. Are you Ben Chatham?”
“Oh er, no. Who’s askin’?”
“I’m Craig. Craig Chatham. He’s my uncle……”
Kyle ushers him in and Ben turns around:
“Er Ben, this lad says he’s your nephew like”.
“Yes I heard. Is this some kind of twisted joke?”
The boy looks hurt:
“Mum said you were her brother. I ain’t going back to that children’s home, no way.”
“You can’t be a Chatham you’ve got black hair!” Ben replies, sipping the absinthe.
“Mum said my dad had black hair.”
Ben sinks back into listlessness.
“Well you’ll have to go back into care. They’re paid professionals, they’ll help you. What do I know?”. Ben’s eyes fill with tears again and he reaches for his wallet.
“Here’s £100. This should cover the price of a b&b and your train fare back.”
The boy stares at the money.
“I ain’t going back there, not ever.”
Kyle intervenes:
“Ben e’s just a kid and you ain’t thinking straight like.”
“Ok , you can stay here, at least for tonight.”
Ben pours another drink:
*staring into the camera*
“With all this going on, I’ve made the right decision in taking a rest from travels with the Doctor. How long for….. I just don’t know…….”

………. THE END

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

An Adam Rickitt Gallery

"CRYSTAL: Part 7"

"CRYSTAL: Part 7


The spider claws at Ben’s silky smooth cheeks however he manages to throw it off just as Kyle unpicks the lock:
“Well done Kyle, lets get out of here” Ben shouts, as they rush out of the door and up the stairs. Resting in the corridor, Ben gets out his small face-mirror and examines himself.
“Thankfully this is only a very slight scratch, but that was too close for comfort.”
Katie puts her arm on his shoulder:
“You’re still beautiful Ben.”
They set out to find their way out of the complex, however as they turn a corner they see a red light glowing and hear Hendridge’s voice coming from a nearby room:
“It is happening. The final liberation is at hand. Soon my mistress will rule the world, ha ha ha ha ha………”


Meanwhile, in Wales, the Doctor and Donna rouse round to see the red crystal glowing. Mayne points to a large plasma tv screen in the wall:
“See Doctor, the power of the crystals is giving knowledge to the animals of the earth.”
“Soon they will be free” the spider queen adds.
On the screen, the Doctor sees CCTV images of packs of dogs rampaging through urban streets attacking people, biting into throats and farm animals trampling people in market towns. In one scene a horse is kicking a woman to death against a wall while in another a swarm of bees is hovering over bodies in a supermarket.”
“Stop this now” Donna shouts angrily, however Mayne laughs at her.
“Oh shut up you vulgar mare.”
Donna lunges at him, throwing him to the ground, however she is quickly restrained by two of his men.


Ben, Katie, and Nikki have managed to sneak out of the building and into the grounds. They are shortly followed by Kyle, who slipped back into the rehab centre to fetch his mum. Katie is irritated:
“That was stupid Ben letting him go back in and get her. It risked compromising our entire escape.”
Ben looks thoughtful:
“Well there isn’t much we can do about this on our own. I’ve contacted UNIT and they should be arriving soon. I suggest that we go and find a pub or something while we wait”.
As they are leaving though, an expensive sports car pulls up alongside them. It is Anselm.
“Ben, look I just had to see you after our talk on the phone. Look, one is sorry for some of what one said, not all of it mind you.”
Later, in the pub, Ben has bought a round of drinks and sips his brandy.
“Look Nikki, I just want to say that from now on I promise to keep in touch.”
Nikki smiles:“Thanks Ben.”
Anselm pulls Ben’s jacket arm:“Can we go and sit on our own please. I have things to discuss regarding our relationship that I don’t want these people to overhear.”
Suddenly the door of the pub bursts open and Hendridge arrives with a group of armed men:
“You will come with us. I can see that it was a mistake not to simply shoot you. That will be rectified……..”

………. To be continued.

A design for a new Doctor Who alien.

Female pin-up of the week:Gabrielle Drake

Pin-up of the week: Adam Rickitt

Monday, 14 April 2008

'Black Orchid' released today

I'm watching the Now and Then documentary now - a fascinating insight into the locations. This is a charming little story full of period detail.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

The need to replace Murray Gold

It has to be said that this new 'beefed up' Doctor Who theme is the worst yet, even the late 80s McCoy era version wasn't quite as bad. Unsubtle , stomping McMusic. Its time to replace Gold with someone who understands electronic music and how to deliver atmosphere via uncluttered synths. I recommend Gary Numan or David Sylvian.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Classic alien of the week: Menoptra

The Fires of Pompeii

I am unable to access the DWF again - well the section on FoP anyway. I suppose its too busy. Anyway, what a superb improvement on last week. The monsters were a tad underwhelming but everything else about that episode was very good - the support characters, script and Catherine Tate.

Friday, 11 April 2008

"CRYSTAL" Part 6

Anyway, here is the next part of this Doctor Who adventure folks:

"CRYSTAL" Part 6


The Doctor and Donna stare at the giant spider in front of them.
“Well say something!” Donna says to him.
“Er like what? I’m rather stuck for words at the mo.”
Donna barges forward: “Ok then *addressing spider* what do you want with us?”
The spider remains still.“Well?”
“Quiet female human. I shall speak. I am the Queen and I am here on this planet to reign.”
The Doctor is curious:“How did you survive the death of the Great One? Without her you cannot exist, or so I thought?”
“By the power of the red crystals. The crystals gave us insight and independence beyond the Great One and beyond the blue crystals. We took them and lay dormant on this world. We planned and soon the great deliverance will come.”
“Great deliverance?” Donna asks.
“We will use the power of the crystals to enlighten and free every animal on this planet. The human infestation will be removed.”
The Doctor is angry:“I won’t let you do that. Humans have evolved naturally to be the most intelligent life form here. You cannot tamper with that.”
“Silence! The red crystals give us that power! Behold”!
The red crystal starts to glow and sends out a shaft of light which causes the Doctor and Donna to collapse.


Meanwhile Ben is answering a call from Anselm while Nikki finishes her coffee.
“…. oh right so you want us to just pick up where we left off despite what you’ve done…….What?….. What I did? You are the one who hasn’t answered my texts……… look that’s nonsense……… you needed some space? I haven’t had sex for three weeks because of this and I need it now…….look ok, as soon as this case is over we’ll meet up. Bye darling *blows kisses*.
Nikki smiles, “Is that your girlfriend Ben?”
Ben looks uncomfortable.“Please don’t be shocked but I’m gay.”
“Oh, I did wonder. Anyway, whats his name?”
Ben is irritated:“What do you mean you did wonder?”
As he says this, Kyle and Katie return:
“Well its good to see you two are still speaking” Katie says.
Suddenly the table is surrounded by Hendridge and five men in white uniforms:
“Ok, Ben Chatham. You and your little gang will accompany us” Hendridge says with a sinister frown.

Ben and the others are led down some stairs into a celler, with a door in one wall. The door is opened and they are thrown into a pitch dark room and the door slammed shut.
“What…. Ben do something, I can’t see anything.” Katie shouts.
Kyle pulls out a cigarette lighter and flicks it on. All they can see in the shimmering light are their faces. Suddenly a noise comes from the shadows. A scurrying sound. Then a strange whispering begins:
“Come, come, come to ussss…. Fly fly fly to usssss”
Ben is concerned about the situation:
“There is something in here with us. Stay calm everyone.”
Kyle gets up and uses the lighter to find the door:
“Ok, I’m like gonna try an pick this lock.”
“Hurry up” Katie shouts.
Suddenly they here scurrying again and in the flickering light see the spiders. One of them leaps onto Nikki’s face, biting. Kyle picks frantically at the lock as two spiders leap onto Ben, their legs clawing at his pale, smooth cheeks………

………to be continued.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A typical Ben Chatham daily diet

Breakfast = Two lightly poached eggs, or five boiled quail eggs, with brown bread and smoked mackerel. Blue Rigdge coffee.

Lunch = Hummus & greek salad with olives, absinthe or orange juice.

Dinner = Two perfectly cooked lamb chops or venison with new potatoes, carrots, broccoli and mint sauce. Followed by apple pie, fresh devon cream and mints. Accompanied by exclusive bottle of 1965 Chataux De Cromaix red and Blue Ridge coffee.

Supper = Caviar or smoked salmon on french bread.

Book Recomendation: "Stranger in a Strange Land" Robert Heinlein

Possibly the greatest sci fi novel ever. Grokking, water-brothers and general fabulousness.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

RIP Charlton Heston

Star of 'Planet of the Apes', 'Soylent Green', 'The Omega Man' and 'Ben Hur'. I didn't always agree with his views, however he was a superb actor and 'soylent Green' is one of the finest sci-fi films ever made.

The Poll is about to close folks.....

And unless there is a last minute change it looks like 'Blake's 7' has won. So a crossover episode will occur later in this season. My next story 'The Zeroids' will be the promised alien planet story.

The slowness of the Doctor Who Forum

I do wish they'd sort it out. Most people want to post on the night that an episode is shown not the next day!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

"Partners in Crime": The worst Doctor Who story ever!

I have to say that that was terrible. Indeed it was beyond terrible. Awful.

1) The Adipose 'children' are possibly the silliest Doctor Who creatures ever.

2) The 'plot' was trivial, juvenile and may just have possibly worked as a CBBC 'Sarah Jane Adventures' story but thats it.

3) It was embarassing to watch especially the cheesy Bernard Cribbins scene at the end.

4) The McMusic which swamped the episode was worse than ever, especially the beefed up theme.

"CRYSTAL" Part 5

OK folks, on a Doctor Who packed day, here is the next part of 'Crystal':

"CRYSTAL": Part 5


In the refectory, Ben has finished off the bottle of wine and started another.
"Don't you think you'd better go easy on that?" Katie remarks.
"Why should I? I've had a shock."
The door opens and Ben's sister walks in and comes over.
"Hi Ben.... look its good to see you... can we talk?"
"Er why?" Ben replies, sullen.Kyle gestures to Katie:
"Lets you and I have a shufty around like, see if we can find out anything."
Katie gets the hint and she and Kyle get up and leave the others to talk."
What do you want Nicola? I see you've finally sunk to the level of needing rehab."
"Don't be like that Ben. Its good to see you, its been a long time. Why didn't you reply to my letters?"
"Are you serious? After all the rows and the hassle you caused its hardly surprising."
Nicola looks dejected:
"I suppose mum and dad feel the same then? You did pass on my letters to them?"
"You included letters to them? Actually I binned anything from you when I recognised the writing without opening it so no."
Nicola is hurt:
"Ben that was ****ing nasty . I sent the letters to the folks via you because of how we left things. Thought they'd be more responsive if you passed them over."
Ben knocks back another glass of wine:
"Responsive? They were always responsive where you were concerned. Nicola this, Nicola that , always worrying about you. Meanwhile I was the invisible boy. Just there while mum and dad spent all their time worrying about your problems."


Meanwhile, The Doctor and Donna are led into the Welsh Cedars retreat by the robed figures. They are led into a hall where a group of people are sitting before an altar and a giant cross, mumbling prayers. The man leading to session approaches:
"Ah Doctor, welcome. We've been expecting you. My name is Dalton Mayne. Please, would you like to come and pray with us."
The Doctor frowns:
"Er nah. I think I'll give that one a miss. Now what the hell is going on?"
"Oh Doctor, there is no need to use that word in here. We are a deeply religious organisation devoted to helping these poor people overcome their self-destruction and addictions."
"While all the time using some unseen force to turn animals into killing machines?"
Mayne looks hurt:
"Oh come now Doctor, I wouldn't put it like that."
"When how would you put it then?" Donna asks.Mayne smiles:
"Let me explain. Pick up any newspaper and what to you see? A world increasingly filled with vice, addictions and violence. Violent crime out of control, pornography at the click of a computer mouse, drugs in schools and the churches empty. We truely are living in the last days, and the Rapture is coming."
"What's the Rapture?" Donna asks.
"When the true believers will be taken from this earth to leave only the ungodly. Then there will follow years of war and destruction before the Lord will return to establish his Kingdom on earth. The Lord has spoken to us. Those animals were doing Christ's work, the people they killed are right now sitting in heaven at God's right hand side."
The Doctor grins:"*whispering to Donna* Barking." He turns to Mayne:
"Oh I think I can work this out. Bunch of mad fundamentalists presumably with massive amounts of cash provided by wealthy Americans have taken it upon themselves to speed up the Rapture by turning animals into 'agents of the Lord' killing the saved so that they can go to heaven. Presumably the end plan is for you lot to kill yourselves and join them. One problem though; you lot can't possibly have the technology to control animals in that way."
Mayne smiles:"Oh but the Lord provided it. Come, let me show you........"


Nikki places her hand over Ben's:
"I'm sorry I made you feel like that Ben. You're my little brother and I've missed you. You've grown up , but I still recognised you, same look in the eyes, same blonde hair that you had as I child. Well that and the fact that I've seen your pic in the papers. You're quite a celebrity among certain circles."
Ben frowns:"I fight alien threats to earth. Hardly being a celebrity. I despise shallow celebrity culture."
"Since you burned the letters, I suppose you don't know that you're an uncle?"
"You've got children?"
"One child. A son named Craig. He's 15." Nikki replies:
"Hang on, if he's 15 he must have been born just after you left."
"Well yes. I knew how mum and dad felt about unmarried mothers and couldn't go to them. I did write and tell them all about him, and sent pictures."
Ben pours another glass of wine:"Which I destroyed."
"I just assumed that none of you wanted to know."
"Who was the father or dare I ask?"
"Just a boy I knew. Kevin. He didn't want to know ."
"Well the name Kevin says it all" Ben replies, smiling for the first time, "look I'm sorry I destroyed the letters.".


Mayne leads the Doctor and Donna downstairs to a crypt-like underground room. There is a stone table with a glass cylinder resting on it. Inside the cylinder is a red crystal.
"Behold, the Lord's crystal" Mayne announces."
The Doctor studies it closely."
"Hmmmm. This is more serious than I'd imagined. This looks dangerously like the blue crystals of Metebelis 3. But red? RED?"
Suddenly a panel shoots back from behind the stone table to reveal a giant spider.........

......... to be continued.