Sunday, 5 June 2016

"The Two Bens" Episode 6

Ok, here is the next part of this ground-breaking story:


The sound of Bowie's "Blackstar" filled the car:

"In the villa of Ormen, in the villa of Ormen
Stands a solitary candle,
Ah-ah, ah-ah
In the centre of it all, in the centre of it all...."

The alternate Ben looked up and smiled glowingly:
"I see you share my taste in music. What a terrific album this is, one of David Jones' best. Looking forward to seeing the live shows, he's looking so great for his age. Why did you call him Bowie?"
Kyle, Katie and Jake breathed sighs of relief as Bowie was clearly still alive in the alternate universe. Ben frowned at the alternate Ben:
"I take it that Bowie didn't change his name in your universe. That isn't right. Jones didn't suit him as a name, it is too commonplace with shades of the banal. Bowie is a more fitting name as it is both unusual and at the same time, with its Bowie-knife connotations, symbolic of the cutting-edge nature of his art."
The alternate Ben flicked his golden hair out of his eyes and stared angrily:
"David Jones is a genius and does not need a silly stage name to make him so. Your attitude here is rather Cambridge, elevating the superficial."
Katie Ryan slid her hand over the alternate Ben's inner thigh:
"I'm finding it very refreshing to be surrounded by two Bens rather than one, *whispering into the alternate Ben's ear*, I hope that some other things are different in your universe... if you catch my drift...."
A tense silence followed as they drove on towards London. Kyle broke the silence:
"Ok we're on the outskirts of London like. So what are we gonna do? Why are we here?"
Ben looked up:
"We are here to see the King Kyle. The alternate universe King is using an unstable inter-dimensional interface rationaliser to attempt inter-dimensional conquest. I realise that I've used big words there that you won't understand but basically their mad King is in danger of blowing up both universes by using dodgy unstable technology."
Kyle scowled:
"You really can be a condescending bastard sometimes Ben. I ain't that thick that I can't get what you mean. So what's the plan?"
"We confront him Kyle", Ben replied.

They drove quickly through the streets of central London as there was little traffic. People were too nervous to leave their homes. Occasionally they saw groups of armed alternate universe soldiers on patrol, however the soldiers ignored them as they drove through a near empty Trafalgar Square.
"London is almost tolerable in this deserted state, unlike the usual overcrowded mess we're used to", Ben commented.
"So where are we heading to specifically?" Katie asked.
"To Buckingham Palace of course. I recognised the desk and the room that this fake King was speaking from when I saw him on the television. I know what the rooms of Buckingham palace look like, unlike most people", Ben proudly stated.
They drove down the Mall however were stopped at the end by a road block and armed soldiers:
"Halt. Please turn around and leave. This area is out of bounds", a young dark-haired soldier stated. Ben leaned out of the car window and held up his Operation Delta ID card:
"I am Ben Chatham and I have come here to see your King." The soldier's dark eyes met Ben's and there was an instant attraction.
"I...I'm really sorry but this card means nothing to me", the soldier stated.
The alternate Ben leant out of another window and held out his Operation Alpha card:
"I apologise for my brother, he was just being flippant. I am Ben Chatham, as you can see." The soldier stared at the card and at the two Bens:
"Ok, I'm sorry. We are under clear instructions from the King that if Ben Chatham should show up, we are to let you in."
The alternate Ben smiled at the soldier:
"Thank you. I'm pleased to meet such a good looking member of the King's guard". The soldier blushed before ordering his colleagues to let them through.

They arrived outside the palace and were escorted inside by a group of alternate police officers in dark uniforms with gold dragon badges on their lapels. They were shown into a large drawing room and offered glasses of wine by a footman. After a short wait a door opened and in walked the man they had seen on the television (to be played by Ben Whishaw).
"Greetings Ben. And this must be the other Ben and his companions. We have been expecting you. We are sure that you will come to realise that the new reality is the best way forward *looks at Ben* We are pleased to see that the other Ben is as attractive to the eye as our Ben."
Ben stood up angrily:
"Where is the real Queen? Our Queen? What have you done with her?" The alternate King smiled:
"Oh come now, you must know that it is a breach of protocol to fire questions at us. However we have no desire to antagonise you. Your former Queen and her family are in a fitting place where they are being well cared for. The Tower of London........" be continued.