Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Sexiest Doctor Who Companion

OK , which companions would you consider the hottest . Female Category & Male Category.

Obvious leading candidates in the girls corner:

Rose Tyler
Jo Grant
Sarah Jane Smith
Romana 1 & Romana 2

Obvious leading Male Candidates:

Ben Jackson
Mickey Smith
Captain Jack Harkness
Ben Chatham

Friday, 27 July 2007

My Pitch For Season 4 Part 2


First of a two part story

A body is washed up on a Norfolk beach, horribly mutilated. The TARDIS lands in Norwich, where the Doctor wishes to attend a conference at Norwich Cathedral on gothic architecture. Donna is not impressed, so Ben agrees to go with her on a walk about the town. In a cafĂ©, Ben and Donna overhear an eccentric tramp babbling on about having hitched from coastal town Hunstanton to get away from ‘the creatures’ that stalk the streets at night there. “They come in from Brancaster Bay” he claims. Everybody else ignores the tramp, however as they are leaving, Ben & Donna see two men get up from a table, grab the tramp & bundle him into a car.Ben & Donna contact the Doctor who agrees to investigate that evening and the TARDIS lands near Brancaster Bay. However the whole area is cordoned off with security fences with ‘New World Enterprises’ signs, Stephen Poole’s company. The Doctor learns from a local fisherman Jack that the whole area has been cordoned off for supposed research purposes, however the local community believe that something is being secretly dumped off the coast. The Doctor persuades Jack to take him out in the fishing boat, while Ben & Donna book into as b&b in Hunstanton to check out the tramp’s story. Out at sea at night, the Doctor and Jack witness canisters being dumped off the side of a large boat. They are seen and men from the boat start shooting at them. Back in Hunstanton, Ben & Donna are exploring the streets at night when they are confronted by….. Silurians!


Ben & Donna are chased by Silurians, while the Doctor is captured by the boat crew after Jack is shot dead. The crew leader admits to illegally dumping chemicals off the coast to save time and cash . However the ship is attacked by Sea Devils who kill most of the crew . The Doctor tries to reason with them, however they argue that the canisters are rupturing in the depths and polluting the sea. ‘We have come to reclaim our earth from the irresponsible usurper species’ they claim. Meanwhile, Silurians and Sea Devils emerge all along the Norfolk coast in their thousands and begin a relentless march to Norwich.Ben & Donna hide in a disused warehouse, where Ben phones UNIT & Torchwood. Emerging, they find the Silurians gone . The Doctor uses a Venusian Bliss Spray (shaped like a cigarette lighter) to stun the Sea Devils into a state of happy lethargy and escapes in Jack’s fishing boat. UNIT arrive , as does a para-military force owned by Poole’s New World Enerprises. A huge row ensues about the ethics of using reason first or just force against the Silurians, however the New World Enerprises group pre-empt the conclusion by spraying nerve chemicals all over the marching Silurian/Sea Devil hoards , killing them and hundreds of Norfolk people.The UNIT Brigadier threatens to go to the press with all of this, however Poole’s force commander assures him that press & politicians are ‘in our pockets’. Just to reinforce this, he hands the Brigadier a phone saying ‘speak to the PM’. It is clear that the PM backs New World Enterprises’.The Doctor arrives and Ben & Donna furiously tell him of recent developments. He feigns lack of concern, however back in the TARDIS, he admits that Stephen Poole is a deadly threat to the world, and will need careful investigation.


Attempting to travel to Cardiff to enlist the support of Captain Jack & Torchwood, the TARDIS is thrown off track by a cosmic storm, landing in England in the 1640s . The Civil War is raging and the Doctor, Ben & Donna take refuge in a country house owned by Sir Philip Blanchet, a royalist , and defended by cavaliers. At first treated with suspicion, the TARDIS crew are welcomed into the house after the Doctor convinces them that he supports the King. They are secretly hiding the Prince of Wales & future Charles II in the house. However at night, Donna learns by listening through a door that Blanchet & his valet are secret parliamentarians who plan to deliver the boy to his enemies. She is caught listening and thrown into a rat infested cellar. Later an army of roundheads arrive & Blanchet orders the men not to fire but to ‘let them in for negotiations’. Ben & the Doctor smell a rat and smuggle the Prince out through the back of the house. They catch a glimpse of the roundhead commander and are shocked to see Stephen Poole, clearly manipulating history again. Ben asks if he could be the Master, of whom he has heard about from Martha Jones. ‘Oh no its not him. At least he was a known quantity’ the Doctor replies. The Doctor speculates that Poole needed the monasteries dissolved to deliver land to the protestant aristocracy who in turn could be persuaded to sell it to companies like his in the future.They hide the Prince in the TARDIS, while Donna escapes from the cellar by decking a guard with a feisty right-hook and runs through the house as the TARDIS lands in the main hall. Reunited, the TARDIS crew deposit the Prince safely in France.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


And I've had a fine few days in Wilts. Visited the Earl of Pembroke's estate, climbed Windmill Hill and spent several nights within Avebury stone circle.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Right I'm off to Wiltshire for a week

I'll have to finish my pitch when I come back and you'll have to manage without me folks. I suggest keeping busy watching the Timelash DVD or the DVD of 'Children of the Stones' - its all about Avebury where I'm going. See you later!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

My Pitch for Season 4



Presuming that I’d be restricted to the current format, the series would consist of 13 episodes, including three two-part stories. I would keep the current decision to replace Martha Jones with Donna Noble for most of the series, although Martha would return at the end. Ben Chatham would feature in the season as a regular companion. The other main aspect of the RTD approach which I would retain is that there would be an overall theme to the season, revealed at the end. This would be a conspiracy against the entire human race and features in a roundabout way the return of an old Doctor Who adversary.


The Doctor returns to London and meets up with Donna Noble. He is contacted by Ben Chatham regarding strange press reports about anti-GM crop protesters being found mutilated in the fields. Investigating a site in Wiltshire, they are met with obstruction from the company, owned by a Director named Stephen Poole, and farmers. Ben suspects a conspiracy, however the Doctor also believes that there are alien forces at work. Indeed it is revealed that the deaths are the result of the Xanto Worms , alien creatures that have come to earth after floating in space and descending in pods. The Doctor uses burning incense, which is deadly to them, to defeat them.


Arriving in Colchester in the late 1530s, the TARDIS crew become embroiled in the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Thomas Cromwell’s men have just hanged the Abbott of St John’s Abbey and are ransacking the place. Ben and Donna help the monks to escape while the Doctor is shocked to learn that Cromwell’s Inspector who fabricated false allegations against the Abbey is a certain Stephen Poole….
Using the TARDIS, The Doctor visits Henry VIII in Hampton Court where he finds a half-insane King gloating at the wealth dissolving the monasteries is bringing him, egged on by Poole & Cromwell.
Before he can confront Poole the King’s guards arrive and he has to escape. Having saved some of the rebel monks, Ben and Donna wish to assist the Pilgrimage of Grace rebels in the North, however the Doctor warns them against such a fundamental interference in history and they leave.


The TARDIS lands near Binfield Woods, the site of a major anti-roads protest by new age eco-warriors who have a camp in the woods. The Doctor, Ben & Donna learn that the massive bypass through the ancient woods is being built via a PPI scheme by a private company ‘New World Enterprises’ , whose Director is Stephen Poole. They are concerned.
A new-age girl called Sparrow asks them to join the protest, however Ben refuses citing their unhygenic encampment and insists on finding a room in the local village.
That evening, the encampment is attacked at night by creatures who turn out to be composed of mutated vegetable matter. Trapped and surrounded on all sides, Donna rings Ben who contacts UNIT. There follows a siege and several battles before the creatures are defeated.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Delivery services like Parcelforce and City Link

I'm absolutely furious frankly. They only deliver Monday to Friday at times when people are AT WORK. They then proceed to take your parcel to some distant depot in the middle of nowhere , impossible to get to if you don't drive. They won't redeliver on Saturdays and if you phone them you get some patronising recorded message.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


It is about time a spade were called a spade. Freema has been sidelined because her performance lacked charisma. Partly this is not her fault as the Martha character was scripted as a generically feisty bore with a grating crush on the Doctor, however Freema clearly lacked the ability to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and the production team want her out. However I suspect that there might be contractual reasons ewhy they can't just sack her. Also this might lead to her going to the press and 'dishing the dirt' , revealing behind-the-scenes rows etc. Therefore they've possibly palmed her off with the promise of 'new opportunities' in Torchwood in order to present a demotion as something else.

Obviously the above is speculation, however it is incisive speculation based on the glaringly obvious. Had Freema gained the confidence of the production team they would not be giving her a lesser role in the series. You don't demote successful people. They probably worked out very quickly in the shooting of the series 3 production blocks that she couldn't cut the mustard and so RTD rewrote the ending of 'Last of the Timelords' to have her leave. I'd guess that her contract was for two seasons or that they thought that sacking a companion would generate bad publicity. So they've possibly hauled her into the office and cut a deal: said words to the effect of: "Look Freema. We don't want to sack you. So here is option two: we give you a role in Torchwood and a few episodes of series 4 and you agree to accept this." Classic management tactic that.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Where should I go on holiday to?

I fancy Scotland again - the Western Isles. Should I do Arran or Mull? And I fancy Salisbury as well & a week in lovely Wiltshire.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Thread for random stuff from the old blog

So it doesn't clog up the 'Return to the Orchid House' thread.