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Ok here is the second part of this major new adventure:


Gas starts to fill the Great Hall at Hampton Court as the Doctor & Ben shout at everyone to get down as gas floats so it is safer at ground level. The Doctor then looks frantically around :
“Will everyone like just be quiet for a minute… SHUT UP” he yells.
As the noise dies down he senses the sound of the gas emanating from a grill at the side of a far wall, under a large tapestry. Quickly he scrambles on all fours to the grill, yanks down the tapestry and covers the hole. Meanwhile most of the tourists have managed to get out of the room and the Doctor & his companions scramble out.

A short while later the Doctor & Ben are examining an air vent outside the Palace building along with Sir Alistair Mount the head of the Hampton Court management team:
“It is clear that whoever is responsible for this hooked up some kind of device or pipe to this vent” Ben says, pointing out some deep marks on the wall and metal grill. The Doctor is listening to the Scissor Sisters on his Ipod & dancing around:
“.. ‘take your mama out all night..’….. oh er yes Ben I agree.”
Martha frowns:
“Switch that damn thing off and listen properly. This is serious Doctor”
“I say, what kind of chaps would want to do such a thing”, Mount interjects, “this is the third incident in a week. First there was the fire in the Queen Anne wing and then a beam fell off the roof of the chapel and hit two American tourists. One woman is still in hospital. There’s no alternative; I’m closing Hampton Court to the public until further notice.”
The Doctor frowns:
“I think that like answers the motive question. Someone wants this place closed like.”
“I suggest we hang around here after its closed and do so surreptitiously . Then we wait for whoever it is to make their move. It could be criminals after the priceless tapestries” Ben suggests.
“Excellent thinking Ben” the Doctor replies, “however I think that the motive at work here is like more threatening than just theft. Consider the interference in the flow of time we like experienced.”

The next day, the Doctor and the others, together with Mount, are hiding out in the kitchens waiting for something to happen. The rest of Hampton Court is closed and deserted apart from a couple of security guards at the gate. Katie Ryan is looking around rather anxiously:
“And how long exactly are we supposed to just wait here for?” she asks.
“As long as it takes” Ben tersely replies.
“Well I don’t like the atmosphere in here without the tourists and staff around. Its rather spooky.”
Ben frowns:
“Oh come on Katie. Do you think that the kitchens are haunted or something. Actually there is a gallery in the palace that is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Catherine Howard however that is no where near here.”
“Catherine Howard?”
Ben is astounded:
“Do you mean to tell me that you don’t know who she is? Henry VIII’s fifth wife? My God Katie you really are pig ignorant at times. She supposedly haunts the gallery where she was dragged away screaming from Henry after he decided to have her executed. You’ll be telling me next that you don’t know who Thomas Cromwell was.”
Katie is annoyed:
“Of course I’ve heard of fucking Cromwell. He led the Roundheads against Charles I”.
“That was Oliver Cromwell ! For pity’s sake, I think even a mollusc knows that Thomas Cromwell was Henry VIII’s right hand man for most of the 1530s. Welcome to the world of the dim.”
Katie is angry:
“Oh fuck off Ben.”

The Doctor intercedes:
“Can we like stop the squabbling. I like just heard something dudes.”
They all go quiet as a whirring noise is emanating from somewhere near.
“Well bless my soul, that is coming from the cellars” Mount exclaims.
The Doctor leaps up and grins:
“Well come on, lets Explore!”
He dances a little jig while singing Scissor Sisters lyrics before draping his arms around Mount:
“Show me the way Sir Alistair” he says grinning.
Mount leads the way down some stairs to the old Tudor cellars. It is dark, damp and empty. Something shuffles in the darkness and Mount shines his torch at…. A rat.
“I hope theres a damn purpose to this. This place is lousy with vermin” Martha exclaims. Suddenly the noise starts again and coloured lights start flashing. Moving into the next chamber of the cellars they are shocked to see a sophisticated wall of equipment and a raised platform structure. The Doctor frowns:
“It is as I like feared. This is a sub-interfacing time transporter. These should no longer exist. Someone or something is trying to break through from another time……………

……………….. To be continued.

A New 11th Doctor/Ben Chatham Adventure: "Planet Waves": Part 1

Here it is folks, the much anticipated new adventure:


The Doctor, Martha Jones , Ben Chatham & Katie Ryan are returning to earth in the TARDIS after a trip to Alzaneran 4. The Doctor had wanted to show Ben the legendary Museum of the Crystal Caves, the largest depositary of archaeological finds and techniques in the galaxy. As the TARDIS lands, Ben’s mind is still buzzing:
“That was simply fascinating Doctor. The lost civilisation of the Clanacs must have been amazing given the wealth of material there. And some of the technology used to date those things was phenomenal.”
The Doctor grins:
“I’m like pleased you were impressed like. Hows about we take another trip later to actually see the Clanac Empire.”
Martha interjects:
“I think a rest is in order from this archaeological business. Some of us have a limited interest in such matters.”
“Well you don’t have to come. You are clearly someone who has little sense of intellectual curiosity” Ben points out.
Martha scowls :
“That is a stupid thing to say. I simply have different interests to you. Why is it all men are overgrown fourteen year olds?”
Ben is irritated and does not reply.

The Doctor meanwhile is making a call on his mobile to a friend from Facebook:
“I was like ‘yeah’ and she was like ‘how come’ and I was like ‘yeah’ and she was like ‘no kidding’ and I was like ‘well mingin’ and she was like…….”
Suddenly the TARDIS shudders and everyone has a complete sense of confusion and displacement. Time seems to freeze and then accelerate then freeze again.
“Whaaaaaats happpennnnning?” Katie shouts
Quickly the time displacement stops and things return to normal, however the Doctor is frantic and leaps around, fiddling with the TARDIS controls.
“What is going on?” Ben asks. The Doctor frowns:
“That was a mega time displacement fissure. For a few moments the natural flow of time was completely thrown off balance. Someone or something is using primitive time travel equipment.”
Martha frowns:
“And is this dangerous?”
“Of course its like dangerous. Potentially it could indicate an atttempt to like change history in which case we get the mingin’ Reapers . Or a time rupture could occur .”
The Doctor slams his hand on his floppy-haired head:
“Ah interesting. The source of the energy lies somewhere near London. Hampton Court Palace in fact.”

Within minutes the TARDIS lands in the grounds of Hampton Court. Fortunately it is in the bushes so none of the tourists milling around notice it. Ben is intrigued:
“I love visiting this place. So much History and heritage is bound up here. Not many of the original tudor rooms remain however the Queen Anne & Georgian rooms are superb. Many people believe the original Palace was built by Henry VIII wheras it was actually a gift to him from Cardinal Wolsey.”
The Doctor is impressed:
“Excellent background info Ben. Lets try and find the source of that time displacement.”
They set off in search of the energy. The Doctor has a device in his hand which detects residual energy from time travel. They walk across the grounds, stopping to look at the Great Vine, the largest grape vine in the world. Entering the building, they purchase tickets and enter the main palace complex:
“£12 entrance fee? They must be damn well coining it in!” Katie complains.
They enter the tudor hall and the Doctor stops in his tracks.
“This is like weird. The readings say that the energy is like coming from below us.”
Suddenly everyone begins to gasp:
“Hey its GAS… choking….” Martha shouts.
They all fall to the floor fighting for breath……………..

…………………….. To be continued.

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I Met Peter Purves Today!

He was doing a book signing session to promote his new autobiography. Its an excellent read and has a whole section about his time on Doctor Who. A nice man.

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Oh Dear.... 'Delta & the Bannermen' is out on DVD in June

Probably the worst ever classic series Doctor Who story. I expected it to be left until last along with 'Paradise Towers'. I will buy it as I wish to collect them all however I'd rather have any of the remaining stories than this turkey.

"NEW MORNING" Part 8: The gripping conclusion!

OK here is the final part of this classic adventure folks! Will the Doctor be shot or will he survive? Find out below!


Iblomov points his gun at the Doctor’s head and prepares to fire. However just in time Kyle kicks the gun out of his hand and Ben launches himself at Iblomov’s henchmen. One of them shoots however it whizzes past Ben’s head and hit’s the ground. Kyle stamps on Iblomov’s head then kicks a henchman in the teeth while Ben punches the other one.
Soon the Russians are all out cold.
“Good work as always Kyle” Ben says and they both laugh. The Doctor dusts himself down.
“Like wow that was fab. Anyways guys, lets like explore inside.”They enter the building and wander round some corridors before entering a large warehouse . Hiding behind some boxes they overhear two of Iblomov‘s scientists talking:
“Now that we have perfected these products they are to be shipped worldwide.” The other man is nervous:
“I still do not like this Nikolai. The GM blood for example is highly dangerous.” The other man laughs sardonically:
“You are a sentimental fool Boris. This blood has been modified to stay fresh without being refrigerated. it’s a license to print money. Of course it will kill anyone its transfused to, but not for several years. Not so amusing as our GM conifers that grow 20foot high in six months. It’ll take years for them to realise that they’re full of deadly nanogenes.”
“Wheres your conscience Nikolai Ivanovich?” Boris replies however Nikolai laughs.

The Doctor is disgusted and ushers Ben & Kyle back outside:
“That like settles it. Theres no way I’m allowing any of this stuff to like leave here.”
“Hows we gonna stop them?”Kyle asks. Ben has an idea:
“Why don’t we cause a commotion. Theres a fire alarm up there so we can smash it, get the Russians out then wait for backup.”
“Like brill!” the Doctor exclaims.Ben smashes the alarm and the Russians begin to evacuate the building. A sprinkler system automatically comes on, adding to the chaos. Outside the Russians stand around with the alarm ringing. Iblomov revives and begins to rant:
“What the hell? Get back inside and find the intruders…..”However the police and UNIT arrive and the Doctor & his team watch as the Russians are rounded up.

Later they are discussing the case in the Goat & Boot.
“That’s the kind of ending I like. Everyone is saved., well save like for the victims of that creature. I’ve like contacted an organisation called Doomwatch who will clear up the toxic stuff from under like the sea like.”
“What will happen to Iblomov?” Katie asks:
“He’s under arrest and about to be deported to the Ukraine where he’s wanted for several gangland murders. And his GM stock is being safely incinerated” Martha replies
“I’d just like to say that I couldn’t have like done this yeah without you Ben and your Operation Delta dudes. You’re steamin’”
They all laugh and the Doctor & Ben share a hug.…………

……. THE END.

The 11th Doctor will return to face a dangerous enemy from the past in................



Ok, here is the next part of this gripping tale folks! I have taken on board a couple of constructive suggestions and removed alcohol drinking and added a bit more humour:


The creature lunges towards the Doctor, its crab-like claws aiming for his throat. The Doctor leaps out of the way and picks up a dustbin lid which he uses as a shield and a piece of wood from the broken side of the chicken run which he waves around as if it’s a sword:
“Behold tis Saint George come to slay the dragon. Beware ye untamed beast!” the Doctor shouts jokingly, waving the ‘sword’ around. The creature runs at him but he jumps sideways as it crashes into some bins.
“Ha Ha; brave Saint George is too quick” the Doctor shouts, his floppy hair flying around as he dances a little jig. The creature flies at him again however this time Martha sneaks up behind it and clonks it over the head with a milk bottle which shatters. The creature falls.
“Hey I was like enjoying that” the Doctor shouts. Martha frowns:
“Oh grow up man *examining creature* its out cold.”
Pierre and the Doctor borrow some string from the householder’s shed to bind the creature while Martha phones Torchwood to come and pick it up.

Later they meet up with Ben’s group again in the pub to discuss their next move. They make a collective decision not to drink alcohol as their priority is the case in hand.
“Until Torchwood have fully analysed that thing we have no concrete evidence to link it to the Gastroix plant or Iblomov’s operations here” Ben observes.
“But we know they are linked. We saw the leaking metal drums on the seabed” Pierre complains.
“Yes but unfortunately we need clearer proof before we can act. A man like Iblomov will have top lawyers on his payroll and probably the local police” Ben replies. The Doctor looks up:
“Why don’t we like sneak into the Gastroix plant and like try and find some evidence. I’ve got this snazzy new phone that takes brill pics like.”
“That is a good idea Doctor” Ben replies, putting his hand on the Doctor’s shoulder .

The group decide that Pierre, Francoise , Martha & Katie will create a diversion at the front gates while the Doctor, Ben & Kyle sneak in round the back.Shortly, Martha leads her group up to the gates of the plant carrying placards reading “Ban GM Products” and “No to Frankenstein Chemicals”. She also carries a loudhailer and Pierre has bags of eggs & rotten fruit to throw at the security guards. At the gates Martha begins a speech while Pierre throws eggs at a guard and Katie & Francoise take wire cutters to the fence. The security guard calls his colleagues over and they all come running , allowing the Doctor free reign round the back. Kyle quickly cuts through the wire & they all sneak in. However as they enter the building through a side door, they are faced with Iblomov and two of his men, armed with handguns.
“Ha so you thought you could fool me yeah? I Ivan Sergeiovich am no fool. Get back outside!”They all back out. Iblomov grins:
“Back in Russia we have a saying: ‘the death of one man is a tragedy as you’ve plenty left to shoot’ *to the Doctor* on your knees”.The Doctor reluctantly kneels down. Iblomov points the gun at him and prepares to pull the trigger……………

…………… to be continued


Ok here is the much anticipated next part of this adventure folks:


The creature lunges towards the Doctor and Martha however it cannot see them and stumbles past towards some beach huts.
“That was close, if it wasn‘t for these invisibility cloaks that thing would have torn us apart” Martha observes.
“Yeah like that was like yeah” the Doctor adds.The creature climbs up onto the promenade, saliva dripping from its fish-like mouth, and it lumbers into some bushes and gardens. Martha’s phone rings and she answers it. The call is from Pierre who informs her of recent developments . He then puts Ben on who asks to speak to the Doctor. Martha hands him the phone:
“Oh hi dude. Hows you?” the Doctor asks, overcome with emotion. Ben arranges to meet up in the Goat & Boot in 20 minutes to discuss a plan of action.

Twenty minutes later, the Doctor, Martha, Ben, Katie, Kyle, Pierre & Francoise are sitting in the pub. They have purchased the following drinks: the Doctor: a vodka & orange, Martha: water, Ben: a cognac, Katie: a pint of Fosters, Kyle: a pint of John Smiths, Pierre & Francoise: two glasses of wine.
“It is quite clear from what Pierre and Francoise have said that this creature is somehow the product of the illegal waste dumping that has been going on. I simply fail to see how though.”The Doctor frowns:
“Its like so the result of GM technology. On other planets the consequences of like changing the genetic makeup of plants and chemicals have been equally dangerous *staring into the camera* which is why it is important like to stand up and protest against it.”
Katie is unimpressed:
“What piffle. GM technology isn’t dangerous, it increases crop yields. You sound like you’ve regenerated into a hippie and to be honest you look a bit odd as well now, funny elongated face and theres something not right about your eyes.”Ben is annoyed:
“Oh shut up Katie.” He stares at the Doctor who finds himself attracted to Ben’s silky skin and dark eyes.
“Thanks Dude! Anyways gang lets get spinnin’. I says we like go and find the creature before any other cats get like killed” the Doctor says, jumping up and downing his drink in one go.

They go to the TARDIS to get some stun guns that the Doctor was given during a curious adventure on the planet Gevarus 9. Then they split into two teams and set off to find the creature: Ben and his team in one group and the Doctor leading the other. Ben, Kyle and Katie check out the gardens behind the promenade:
“Ere, won’t the creature be gone from here by now?” Kyle asks.
“Maybe, however we need to be thorough in checking it , just in case” Ben replies.
“I noticed that you took a liking to the new Doctor Ben” Katie says caustically.
“He is very attractive yes. Am I not allowed to notice this?” Ben replies.Katie ignores him.

Meanwhile the Doctor’s group are searching the lanes nearby.
“The creature could be anywhere” Martha says.Suddenly there is a loud commotion from the garden behind a house and a woman screams. The Doctor and Martha run to the house and up the path. Kicking open a gate into the back garden they are horrified to see the creature attacking some chickens in a chicken run, biting their heads off and ripping open the carcasses. A woman stands nearby whimpering with terror. Suddenly the crazed creature turns and lunges towards the Doctor…………………

…………………… to be continued.