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THE TWO BENS: Episode 1 "Reality Implodes"

It came from the sewer. A twisted, deformed inversion of a human being, dragging itself along the dark, rain-drenched street in search of food. It stumbled quickly, breathing in deep, rattling, snore-like gasps. As it turned a corner it saw two young women stagger out the side door of a club, the first one tripping on the pavement and falling over. It moved back into the shadows and waited. One of the girls helped the other to their feet and they stumbled along:

"Hang on San, I'll phone us a taxi" one of the girls spoke. It heard but did not register the words, which could no longer penetrate the misty recesses of its shattered mind. It moved quickly, leaping on the girl with the phone, clawing, tearing. It bit deep and felt the warm blood spurt....

Niko put on his motorbike helmet and rode out of the side exit of the Pizzaland car park, five large pizzas in his shoulderbag. He hated his job but most of all he hated delivering to students in their posh Cambridge halls of residence. Maybe he'd stop along the way and spit on the pizzas but then again maybe not. He couldn't be bothered. Tomorrow would be his last day in this dump. He was heading for London and a proper job training in a Michelin star restaurant. As Niko drove fast down Lonsdale Street, a brilliant white light flashed out in front of him. His bike skidded on its side and crashed into a parked car, bits flying into a shop window. Niko was gone.

Ben Chatham and Katie Ryan arrived at Ben's Cambridge apartment to the sound animated discussion and raised voices. As Ben entered the apartment, he saw the whole Operation Delta lead team seated around on the sofas in the midst of a tense discussion. Paul Farraday stood up and greeted Ben:

"Hi Ben. Sorry we had to end your night out but something serious has come up and I thought it warranted a full emergency meeting. Can I get you a drink?"

Ben saw that Paul had brought a range of refereshments for the meeting:

"Thanks Paul, I'd really like a Martini with ice". Paul fetched Ben the drink while Corinne Shaw handed out briefing notes to the rest of the team. She began the introduction:

"As you can see if you glance down the first page of the handout, there have been over a hundred unexplained disappearances in the south-east in the last two weeks. Far higher than average and all of them able-bodied young men and women in their early twenties. Most of them are in London but really these cases cover a wide area. There have been six in Cambridge...."

"Hey babe, tell Ben about the void activity reading. This is heavy stuff", Shakey Jake interrupted, smoking a roll up cigarette between his browned fingers. Corinne cast him a stern look:

"I was coming to that Jake. Please let me explain, then we can have a general discussion."

"Hey babe, don't get heavy with me ". Corinne continued:

"As I was saying before Jake interrupted me, these cases are far too numerous to be usual void activity and Jake's void monitoring equipment confirms this. However this is only the beginning of our problems. Ben, we have detected problems with the very fabric of reality. Another universe is trying to break into ours."

Ben sipped his Martini:

"How do you know this?"

"As you know Ben, when Torchwood became defunct, they passed much of their equipment on to us. Jake and Keith have been keeping a close watch on void activity."

Paul Farraday pulled some photographs from a file and threw them across Ben's coffee table:

"And there's these...."

The photos depicted a series of mauled and mutilated corpses. Katie Ryan frowned:

"Paul do we really need to see these again."

"I'm trying to impress on everyone what has been happening. A spate of unexplained deaths, each victim horribly mutilated."

Ben stood up:

"OK, thanks for the briefing Corinne and Paul, but I think we need a short break after the sight of those. How about I order up some food, as I suspect this meeting will be a long one. The Blue Angel has a home delivery service. Luigi will take the orders *gestures to Luigi*. Meanwhile I'll play you my exclusive advance copy of David Bowie's new cutting edge jazz influenced album "Blackstar". It isn't officially released yet, but David sent me a personally signed copy".

Ben put the CD on while Luigi phoned out for the food. Ben went over to Adam Wooten, who was sat talking to Chiara Smith:

"Adam, can I have a word please." They went into the kitchen.

"Look Adam, I wanted to say how good it is to see you again. I'm sorry I haven't phoned you for ages, but you know how it was. I was wrapped up in that awful marriage." Adam put his hand on Ben's shoulder and the kissed.

Back in the lounge, Corinne was sipping a large glass of white wine:

"In many ways I'm pleased to have a major work case to throw myself into. Otherwise it would be another Christmas of listening to my parents moaning about the state of the economy and their business problems. Not a pleasant fate". As she spoke the doorbuzzer went. Paul was standing near to the door and opened it. Kian from the Blue Angel came into the apartrment carrying a large tray of food, followed by another youth.

"Hi , We've come to deliver this order for Ben Chatham".

Ben emerged from the kitchen:

"Can someone please clear space on the table for the food. Hello Kian." Kian winked at Ben and placed the food on the table. He gestured for Ben to follow him out into the hallway:

"Will you be wanting any special services ? This is Joe by the way." Joe smiled at Ben.

"I'm sorry Kian but I'm too busy tonight unfortunately."

"Ok not to worry, see ya".

Ben went back into the apartment and started eating a greek salad.

As the rain poured down on the Cambridge street, the manhole cover was slowly raised and thrown to oneside. It pulled itself up into the street, foam dripping from its twisted mouth as it panted. It heard voices in a doorway. A young couple, out on their first date were kissing and laughing. It moved towards them fast......

..........to be continued.

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The Two Bens: Publicity Poster

The Ben Chatham 10th Anniversary Special: "THE TWO BENS" Prologue

OK people. Its ten years since Ben Chatham first appeared. His first ever story was the alternate "The Christmas Invasion" which appeared at Christmas time, 2005. Its been a long journey since then. Originally Ben became a companion to the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler, who became romantically attached to Ben. Later he travelled with the Doctor and Martha Jones. Eventually Ben left the TARDIS team for his own spin off series, the first of which was "Operation Delta". He gradually gained his own team: Corinne Shaw, Paul Farraday, Katie Ryan, Kyle Scott, Shakey Jake and others.

Now its time to celebrate! With the 9th series of Doctor Who over its now time for the 10th anniversary Ben Chatham special. This will see Ben face his most dangerous enemy to date. Its an epic that will see not just the earth in danger, not just the universe in danger but infinite reality itself under threat. So here is the prologue:



Ben Chatham sat in the corner of the downstairs bar of the Blue Angel jazz cafe in Cambridge, swirling a dry martini round and round in the glass. The lights were dim and a small jazz combo were playing "One For My Baby (And One More For the Road)". Ben knocked back the martini and gestured to the young barman to come over:
"Bring me an absinthe please Kian. And make sure that the water you use is ice cold", Ben said. He gazed longingly at the barman's pert buttocks as the latter went to prepare the drink. The barman turned round and caught Ben's stare, giving hin a coquettish smile. He slowly poured the water over the burning sugar lump and into the absinthe, then took it over to Ben.
"I hope you enjoy it. By the way, is there anything else I can do for you sir, later I mean. All the staff here provide a full service, if you catch my drift."
Ben was about to reply when Katie Ryan came flouncing through the door of the bar. She saw Ben sitting at the corner table and stormed over:
"Ben we've been looking for you everywhere. Why the hell did you leave your phone behind at the apartment. I've been round the Mermaid, the Three Gowns and Twisters. Kyle and Luigi are searching the bars by the river. You're damned irresponsible Ben."
Ben mouthed "sorry about this" silently to Kian, who tactfully withdrew, then stared at his absinthe:
"Look I'm sorry Katie, ok. I just needed some time to myself. Its coming up to Christmas and look at my life. I mean look at it really. You lot will go swanning off to see your relatives while I'm facing a choice between Christmas alone or Christmas with my boring parents, which would include my father lecturing me about my divorce. I feel completely hollow inside Katie. Life is passing me by."
"Ben we don't have time to mull over the state of your life. While you've been sitting in this dreary hole an emergency has cropped up. Paul and Corinne have called an urgent meeting . They're at the apartment now. Its serious Ben."
Ben stared at Kian, who gave him a seductive glance:
"Oh for pity's sake, can't it wait Katie? Its late. Furthermore this place is not a 'dreary hole', its a sophisticated jazz club."
Katie noticed Kian gazing at Ben:
"Hey, that barman's giving you the eye."
Ben sipped his absinthe:
"I know. The staff here provide special discreet services."
Katie snatched the absinthe out of Ben's hand glared at him:
"Ben you need to damn well pull yourself together. You need saving from yourself. Sitting here drinking yourself into a stupor and eyeing up trade like an old fruit, what the hell has happened to you? Come on."
"Ok ok. Look I need to use the gentleman's room then I'll come with you."

Ben walked through the bar, as the jazz band played "The Thrill is Gone", and through to the corridor which led to the toilets. He could hear moaning sounds from the rooms upstairs as one of the bar staff , holding a tray of drinks, followed behind Ben with a smart looking gentleman and headed up the staircase. As Ben entered the gents he felt a strange swirling sensation, as if he were falling down a steep slope. He fell to his knees and as he did so a vision appeared before him of a humanoid figure walking from one of the cubicles towards him. The figure was dark and hazy, yet it slowly became more defined. Ben was shocked to see who it was. It was Clara Oswald.
"Ben. Please don't be afraid", Clara said. Ben rubbed his hand over his eyes:
"Hey this can't be happening.... must be the absinthe. You're currently travelling through time with an immortal woman in a stolen TARDIS. The Doctor told me in his last text."
"Ben this is really happening. Look there isn't much time. I have to go as our TARDIS is locked in a cross-dimensional void interface loop. I wish I could stay longer Ben as... as I think I'm falling in love with you... I'm sorry Ben I just had to tell you this. I've never felt like this before and I've only just seen you. But I've got to tell you that you and everyone on earth is in great danger. He is coming and he won't be alone. He is prepared to risk fracturing the whole of reality and you've got to stop him. Ben you've got to stop hi.......mmmmm............"
In a whoosh Clara was dragged back into the interface loop and disappeared.

Ben staggered back into the bar and went up to Kian:
"I'd like a glass of ice cold water please".
Kian gave him a cheeky smile and handed him the water. Ben threw it over himself. He shook his head, the water flying from his luscious hair:
"Thats better. I'm refreshed. Come on Katie, we've work to do."



Sunday, 8 November 2015


Ok folks, here is the second part of this story:


Ben and Kyle ran back into the house, where Annie was collapsed on the floor in the hallway sobbing. She had seen Scott's head explode. Ben knelt down to comfort her:
"I'm sorry that your boyfriend is dead. However you need to pull yourself together and come with us. No time for sentimentalism".
Annie screamed and sobbed some more. Ben rolled his eyes:
"Oh come on doll, you're overdoing it now. We need to get out of the house before that demonic woman arrives. *To Kyle* Kyle yank her up and follow me."
Ben strode down into the kitchen and opened the back door. Kyle helped Annie to her feet:
"Ere I'm sorry like. Ben can be a heartless ¤¤¤¤ sometimes. But we do need to get out."

They followed Ben out into the back garden, where he was staring down at the cloven footprints:
"I've had a thought. These footprints form a trail. I guess we ought to follow them." Ben followed the footprints down the litter strewn garden and towards a side gate which led out into a filthy alleyway. Ben went out into the dark alleyway which smelt of urine and damp . As he looked for traces of the footprints a middle-aged man approached him, wearing a business suit and raincoat. He looked Ben up and down:
"Oh hello. You're new here I see. Hmmm. Very nice. I'll give you £50 for an overnight stay." Ben stared at him angrily:
"How dare you. I can see that this alley is used as a cruising zone and I am pleased by your appreciation of my looks however I assure you that I am here fore other purposes. In addition, I am worth far more than £50 so kindly piss off."
The man gave a bemused scowl before turning and walking off. Ben pulled out his £5000 phone and switched on the torch append shone it around the alley. As he did so he could see the figure of an old tramp quivering in the corner. Ben approached him:
"You there. Can you tell me if you saw something animalistic in this alleyway earlier." The tramp quivered:
"What 'ere? There's animalistic goin's on all the time down 'ere so there is. But there was summat else earlier."
"What exactly?"
"Ere its cold 'ere tonight so it is. You got a wee dram 'o' whiskey?"
"No I haven't. Now tell me what you saw."
"It were 'horrible so it were. Hair all over its legs an' glowing eyes. It went through the gate into the back 'o that disused warehouse there."
The tramp pointed to another gate further down the alley. Ben strode off towards it, followed by Kyle and a still sobbing Annie.

Ben, Kyle and Annie soon found themselves standing in the grounds of a disused, corrugated iron warehouse. A group of children were guarding a bonfire with a makeshift Guy on it, amusing themselves by throwing lit sparklers at each other. Ben approached them:
"We ain't doin' nuffink mate. Ere you got any money for our Guy?"
Ben frowned:
"No I haven't. I suggest you get a paper round and...."
Ben was interrupted by a unnatural growl from within the warehouse.
"Ere Daz, its back, that thing its back", one of the children said fearfully. The first boy looked scared and ran to a box behind the bonfire, lifting out some Molotov cocktails, which he gave to Ben:
"Ere mate, you can 'ave these. We're off."
The boys ran off as another growl came from within the warehouse. Annie screamed.
"Oh for pity's sake shut her up Kyle. I'm going in there to confront this thing, whatever it is."
Ben pushed his way through a triangular hole in the corrugated wall of the building. It was pitch dark inside and there was a pungent smell of death, akin to a mixture of rotten fish and diahorrea . Suddenly a figure loomed up in the distance, with a strange red glow across its body and red eyes. It resembled the devil, with a goats legs and satanic face.
"What are you? " Ben shouted, handing the Molotov cocktails to Kyle:
"I am Ezal. The cloven one. I have risen to avenge the death of Azal. You puny humans have given us much entertainment. But now you must be cut down to size."
As he spoke the old woman and the demonic dog appeared by his side. Ezal's eyes glowed brighter.
"Now Kyle", Ben shouted. Kyle lit the Molotov cocktails with his cigarette lighter and lobbed them at Ezal. They fell next to his feet, igniting some litter within the warehouse. Ezal and the others were enveloped in flames:
"We will return... you will pay for this humans....." Ezal shouted.
"Ere I thought you liked it hot" Kyle shouted at him.
"Come on Kyle, I suggest we leave before this whole place goes up", Ben shouted, giving his charismatic smile.

Later Ben and Kyle were visiting a recovering Annie in Grantchester's private Psychiatric Hospital.
"Thank you Ben, thank you for all you've done for me. I don't think I could have got over what I saw happen to Scott without coming to this place, so thank you for paying the fees. You're an amazing guy."
"I know I am", Ben said, giving his charismatic smile.


Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Ben Chatham Halloween Special: "The Devil's Footprints" Part 1

Ok , here is the new Ben Chatham Halloween special, featuring RYAN HAWLEY as Ben Chatham:


Part 1

Ben Chatham was lying languidly across his leather sofa enjoying a luxury Halloween soul cake; one of a cluster freshly delivered to Ben's apartment by Cambridge's exclusive delicatessen. He gazed across the room at Katie Ryan, who had called round to discuss Operation Delta's precarious financial situation:
"We just can't go on like this, running up a huge deficit every month", Katie moaned. Ben closed his eyes and laid his head back on the cushion:
"Katie this is so boring. As King James I once said, 'spend and God will send". As Ben spoke the phone rang. Ben let it go to the answering machine and a frightened voice echoed round the room:
"Ben... Ben Chatham, you've got to help me. My name is Scott and I'm calling from Grantchester... Gladstone Road. Its the devil.... I've seen the devil... he's walking the earth. He'll kill us all.... you've got to help us... aaaaahhhh........."
The phone went dead. Katie laughed sardonically:
"Obviously a nutter being pestered by an early trick or treater. " Ben yawned and cast aside his Daily Telegraph:
"You know what Katie, I'm going to investigate. Anything is preferable to sitting here listening to you drone on about our finances and I fancy a drive".
Later Ben and Kyle were driving through Cambridge towards Grantchester, the afternoon sun shining down:
"You know Kyle, whenever I go to Grantchester, I always think of Rupert Brooke: "..stands the church clock at ten to three? And is there honey still for tea?"
"Never 'eard of him," Kyle replied.
"You are so uncultured Kyle. So uncultured" Ben responded.
Arriving in Gladstone Road, Ben leaned out of the window of his classic car towards a woman walking a small dog:
"Excuse me madam. I don't suppose you know a guy called Scott who lives around here somewhere do you".
The woman frowned:
"Probably one of them students who live at number 9" she said coldly. Ben and Kyle drove down to number 9 and as they did so the woman turned round to look at the car. Her eyes had turned into dark black opals and the dog hissed like a snake. Ben jumped out of the car and knocked on the door of number 9. An emaciated girl of about 19 opened the door:
"Wh... Whaaat do y'y'you want" she stammered nervously:
"I'm Ben Chatham. Does a guy called Scott live here?"
"Oh God.. you've come. Scott's upstairs. He's in a bad w'w'w' way".
The girl led them upstairs to a cold, damp room with peeling wallpaper. In the corner a young man sat with his head resting on his knees shaking:
"He's.. coming.. tonight. The devil is coming for all our souls. I've seen him."
Kyle knelt down to Scott:
"Ere its ok like. We'll help you. Can you try to tell is slowly what you saw."
"It was the devil. He was here... in the back garden. Staring up at this window. He's left footprints."
Ben turned round and went downstairs, followed by the girl.
"What's your name? He shouted to her.
"A' A' A' Annie" she stammered.
"Show me these footprints please."
Annie led Ben out into a scruffy garden full of beer cans and general litter. The grass was muddy and as he looked down he saw cloven hoof prints.
"Well these could have been made by an animal. No proof of anything supernatural."
Ben went back into the house, followed by Annie:
"I must say, you look awfully thin and ill. Have you consulted a Doctor?" Ben asked.
"I'm ok. Its just I live on a diet of pot noodles and beer. Its all we can a'a'a'afford" she stammered.
"Then you need to work longer hours", Ben advised her. It was starting to get dark and Ben heard Scott screaming. He ran upstairs, where Kyle was trying to calm Scott down:
"Its coming. The dark. The dark. Halloween. He's coming for our souls. Must get to the church".
Scott ran past Ben and down the musty stairs and out the door. Ben and Kyle followed however they were shocked to see Scott suddenly stop and fall to his knees, clutching his head. The woman that they had seen earlier with the dog approached Scott from a side alley. However the dog had become a small demon on a metal chain and the woman's features had changed into those of a wizened crone. She pointed a wooden stick at Scott's head which suddenly exploded, sending blood and brain-matter flying.
"¤¤¤¤ing hell" Kyle shouted. He and Ben ran back into the house.
..............to be continued.

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"MIND TRAP" : Part 8

OK FOLKS: Its the big one! The final part of "Mind Trap" featuring RYAN HAWLEY as Ben Chatham. Get the popcorn and the ice cream ready, its the finale! ENJOY:

"MIND TRAP" Part 8 : The Finale

Katie rushed to the door and shouted to the others:
"Come on, we've got to save Ben from Eastman". The youth Chris had slumped to the floor and was groaning with pain:
"Ere 'ang on, we need to get this guy some help," Kyle shouted. Katie scowled feistily:
"Oh stop being sentimental. Phone the streak of piss an ambulance as we're on our way outside. Ben is our priority. Eastman may use him in his hypnotised state to carry out an assassination."
Katie, Joe and Sandra all rushed out, followed by a reluctant Kyle who was phoning 999 for Chris. Epsie Carnell pottered after them:
"Ere wait for me. I ain't as fast as you young uns with your long legs."

They ran out of the building and saw Eastman's car speeding off into the distance. Katie ran to where Ben's vintage car was parked:
"Right cram in! Kyle you drive."
Joe saw Epsie pottering towards them:
"What about the old dear?" he asked.
"Unfortunately we might need the old cow to reverse Eastman's hypnotic control of Ben. We'll just have to squeeze up" Katie shouted.
They sped off at speed after Eastman's car.

Eastman sped through the country lanes at over 80 miles per hour, the tyres of his car screeching. As he turned a corner he ploughed into a family group on bikes, sending the children flying , a little boy crashing into a tree with a sickening thud. Kyle slowed down however Katie saw that the family were hurt but alive:
"Don't stop the car you idiot, we'll lose them" Katie barked at Kyle.
"Ere what about those kids?" Kyle shouted.
"Phone another ambulance, numbnut. And keep driving!" Katie spat out. Kyle sped up again and tossed his phone to Joe to phone the ambulance. After a while they caught sight of Eastman who turned onto a major road and then the motorway.
"Put your foot down on that accelerator Kyle" Katie screamed. Ben's vintage car was fitted with a £20,000 cutting edge engine and soon got close to Eastman's car. Suddenly Epsie Carnell took something from her thick old ladies coat pocket and threw it at Eastman's car, although it missed and landed on the motorway verge. There was an explosion and soil and turf flew everywhere.
"What the ¤¤¤¤ was that?" Joe exclaimed.
Epsie reached back into the pocket and pulled out a World War II grenade:
"My Stan brought these back from the war as souvenirs me duck. They're good 'uns. "
The others stared in disbelief:
"You mad old cow, we're trying to rescue Ben not ¤¤¤¤ing blow him up" Katie screamed.
"You want to watch your mouth my lady. You could get summonsed for using language like that. Young gels today ain't got no manners" Epsie replied sternly.

They raced on down the motorway after Eastman's car.
"My guess is that they'll head for London. Eastman will send Ben to meet the most important public figure he can so that he can use him to assassinate them", Katie commented.
"Just who exactly can Ben gain access to?" Sandra asked.
"Ben can gain rapid access to anyone in government, including the Prime Minister who is a personal friend of his father, Alastair Chatham", Katie replied. Sandra was concerned:
"OK, this is worrying. I will phone my superiors in the police service".
However Eastman's car turned off the motorway and headed off in a new direction:
"Ere they're not going to London, look" Kyle shouted. They saw that they were on the road towards Cambridge. Katie froze :
"This is more serious than I imagined. Today is Cambridge University's graduation day. I suspect that Eastman will try and use Ben to disrupt this important day in the lives of the cream of English youth. Possibly even to try and assassinate the Vice-Chancellor. Come on Kyle, speed up!"

Kyle zoomed after Eastman and eventually they saw the dreaming spires of Cambridge in the distance, dominated by King's college, founded by Henry VI, who also founded Eton. Eastman's car sped into Cambridge town centre, where cars are not allowed, knocking several students off their bikes in the process. Eastman reversed his car over a student, killing him, then zoomed up to King's college. As Kyle drove up, he and the others saw Eastman and Ben running over the neatly cut King's college lawn towards the chapel from where a crowd of graduating students, parents and masters were emerging. Kyle leapt out of the car and ran after them, followed by the others. They entered the thick throng and saw Ben and Eastman pushing their way towards the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Dixby Allcott who was chatting away with a graduate about Aristophanes. Katie and Sandra shoved their way through the crowd, punching several parents to clear their way. They saw Ben stop and clutch his head, however Eastman stared into his eyes and urged him on. Eventually Kyle reached Ben, who had a knife in his hands. Eastman shouted at Ben:
"Peace and love! Now kill this man and then go and slash Allcott". However before Ben could knife Kyle, Epsie Carnell pottered up and started swinging the gold watch:
"Look at this ere watch , me duck. Now forget all that this fella-me-lad has put into yer head. You ain't hypnotised anymore. When I click me fingers wake up". Epsie clicked her fingers and Ben gasped, shaking his head:
"What..... where am I.... Cambridge? How did I get here?"
"Eastman hypnotised you. You were about to stab the Vice-Chancellor" Katie shouted. Ben dropped the knife in shock and disgust. Eastman was furious:
"Pick it up. Finish the job I programmed you for" he demanded. However Ben went up to him and smacked him one , knocking him flying."

Later they were all enjoying a meal at high table in King's college at the personal request of Sir Dixby Allcott.
"Now that the authorities have arrested all of Eastman's associates and freed those held in his centre, we can safely say that this threat has been neutralised", Ben said. He smiled radiantly and everyone felt his personal charm and warmth. Sir Dixby held up a glass of port:
"May I propose a toast to Ben Chatham and his team for saving the university and King's College graduation day from disaster. They raised their glasses and toasted Ben. Epsie Carnell knocked back her fifth port and asked for a refill while Katie stroked Joe's leg under the table. A small ensemble were playing chamber music in the corner. As the food arrived, Ben was shocked to see a familiar figure enter, carrying a silver tray with the roast pork on it..... Barry Tuck! He slammed the plate down on the table:
"Hey, if it ain't you bunch of ¤¤¤¤¤. What you lot doin' in this posh hole?" Ben was furious:
"Shhhhh, I'd rather you didn't let on that you know us Tuck, not here at high table!" Tuck grinned:
"Ooooooo. Joining the haristocracy are we." Tuck noticed Sir Dixby Allcott's much younger wife, Estelle:
"Hey up love. How yer doin? *winks*" Estelle Allcott frowned. Tuck approached her and leant over her shoulder, looking down her front:
"Lovely view of them jugs from here love. What's a fit bird like you doing with an old fossil like him? Can't imagine him doing much between the sheets 'cept farting".
Sir Dixby stood up in horror:
"How dare you insult me and leer at my wife", however Tuck had moved off towards the ensemble in the corner:
"Hey we don't want any more of that boring ¤¤¤¤e." He pushed the violin player into the cellist and they both fell over crushing their instruments."



Tuesday, 11 August 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 7

OK folks, here is the penultimate part of this classic Ben Chatham adventure starring RYAN HAWLEY:

"MIND TRAP" Part 7

Eastman moved the pliers into Ben's mouth as Kyle wrestled frantically with the straps holding him down. One of the straps snapped and Kyle lunged his arm forward, knocking the pliers out of Eastman's hand. Two guards rushed over to Kyle and held him back down. Ben sat motionless with his mouth still open. Eastman picked up the pliers and laughed:

"I suspect that you will require more than the usual technique to render you as compliant as Ben here, Mr Scott. Indeed you may not be suitable at all, in which case I think the best approach will be to have you humanely put to sleep".

"Ere you bastard, why not say murdered an' call a spade a bleedin' spade", Kyle shouted.

"I don't think we need use that kind of loaded language. Perhaps I won't pull Ben's teeth out after all. He is clearly completely under my control and will be a very useful tool once I ascertain an appropriate target for him. His pretty-boy smile may still be needed *laughs*"

Meanwhile the security guard began to lead Katie, Sandra and Joe out of Chris' room. The latter moaned and grimaced from the pain caused by his wounds:

"That guy needs urgent medical attention" Katie shouted at the guard.

"That is not your concern. Now move" the guard responded. However as he did so a voice came from the end of the corridor:

"Hey up Brian. Stop it now." They all turned round to see the elderly lady, Epsie Carnell, pottering towards them swinging an old gold watch on a chain. She swung it in front of the guard's face and his eyes followed it:

"That's it, me duck, keep your eyes on the chain... now close 'em the sandman's comin".

"What the hell? The old bat's hypnotising him" Katie exclaimed.

"Ere I may be an old bat but I ain't as daft as I'm cabbage lookin' yer know. You young un's today know nowt. Kids. They spend more on crisps alone than me mam had to spend on us for a week. This were me 'husband Stan's watch. Ee took it off a German in the war....." Katie interrupted Epsie:

"Look we are not interested in your husband or the damn war. How the hell did you learn hypnosis?" Katie demanded.

"Me mam taught me how to do it when we lived on the farm. An' she could read the tea leaves. She once told Mr Cooke the Doctor that 'is wife only ad six months to live an' ee wouldn't believe 'er but ee soon changed 'is mind when she went an' drowned her sen in the pond at back a Bowley's farm. She were never right in the 'ead me mam said. Any road I know what that Eastman's up to 'ere. But 'ee can't put 'um under as well as I can."

Sandra frowned:

"That stuff you told us regarding Eastman hypnotising people to use as assassins. Have you any evidence for that supposition?"

"I heard it with me own 'ears me duck. They think I'm deaf or daft but I listen to all they say. I recon 'ees a Nazi or one a them Russians....."

Katie frowned:

"There is no time to lose. We need to find Ben and Kyle then use this old dear to stop Eastman's plans in their tracks".

Elsewhere, Eastman has just finished questioning Ben and he grinned:

"Excellent. So Ben's father Alastair has socialised with The Prime Minister and his circle. I think Ben here could be the one to do the deed and take out the PM for us. What do you think, Mr Scott?"

"I think you're a nut job" Kyle shouted.

"Oh how predictable you are. Anyway, I think its time now to move to phase two, the first bit spate of assassinations. Eastman moved towards a control panel, flicked several switches and leant towards a microphone:

"Right now the mobile phones of around twenty operatives are being answered. All I need tell them are the trigger words: peace and love. However I think it might be amusing to let Ben say them."

Eastman undid the straps holding Ben down and led him towards the microphone. As he did so, Katie and the others burst into the room. Eastman's guards ran towards them however Epsie Carnell held up the gold watch and swung it:

"Look at the watch me ducks. That's it. You're feelin' sleepy...." The guards yawned and lay down on the floor as Katie undid the straps holding down Kyle. Eastman scowled:

"Ben, I order you to say 'peace and love' into the microphone". However before Ben could move, Kyle grabbed the microphone and wrenched it off the control panel. As he did so, the youth Chris staggered in, covered in sores and wounds. He screamed incoherently at Eastman, picked up a chair and smashed it into the control panel which sparked and exploded. Smoke billowed everywhere, blocking everyone's sight, however Kyle managed to get several windows open. As the smoke cleared he looked around the room, however Ben and Eastman were missing:

"Ere he's escaped with Ben and Ben's still under his hypnotic influence........"

..........to be continued in the final part of 'MIND TRAP'

Sunday, 19 July 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 6

OK folks, here is the much anticipated sixth part of this adventure:

"MIND TRAP" Part 6

Ben was horrified as he saw the assassination of Sir Douglas Leyton on the screen in front of him. He glared at Max Eastman:
"What the hell is going on Eastman? I demand that you reveal to us your sordid plans." Eastman laughed:
"Oh Ben, you do crack me up. What a pompous young man you are and of course you are not in a position to demand anything. But hell why not. I came to the conclusion long ago that peace and love would not triumph without a little push. That push will be the removal of hundreds of top government members, civil servants and influential members of the corrupt establishment. What I have perfected here is not hypnosis but deep hypnosis. A form of dormant hypnotic suggestion that can get anyone to attempt anything. Thousands of people have passed through this centre over the years. Many are now far closer to their targets than the girl whom you just saw on the screen. I can trigger them at will."
"You are insane Eastman. Even if you trigger a whole spate of assassinations the entire establishment is hardly going to collapse. New people will simply fill the roles", Ben replied angrily. Eastman laughed:
"I don't think that you fully appreciate the full scope of my plans. After the first large spate of killings I will reveal that it is well within my ability to take out the royal family and the Prime Minister, unless they abdicate their roles. Then I will neutralise the top end of the military and both developments will create the circumstances for my lads to take over."
Ben frowned:
"As I said, insane. And hardly peace and love . You're just a murderer." Eastman patted Ben on the shoulder:
"You can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. Its all for a better world Ben."
Meanwhile Katie, Sandra and Joe were exploring the upstairs rooms within the centre. They saw a uniformed man standing at the junction of one corridor and the next. As they approached him, he held up a hand:
"Sorry folks. This part of the centre is out of bounds to the general client. There are people here recovering from nervous breakdowns who must not be upset or disturbed." Katie stared at him:
"How dare you refer to me as a 'general client' ." Quickly she kicked him hard in the shin and as he bent down with the pain, Sandra kneed him in the face, causing him to fall back and hit his head on the wall. He collapsed." Katie and Sandra grinned and smacked hands:
"Right, lets explore!" Katie shouted. They strode down the corridor, the walls of which had peeling paint and strange brown stains. Sandra walked up to a door and tried the handle, but it was locked. She removed a set of police skeleton keys from her jacket pocket and in a short time had the door open. The room was in darkness and there was a moaning sound coming from the far corner. Joe found the light switch and they saw the young man, Chris lying on the bed with open sores caused by burning on his arms. Katie rushed towards him and saw that he was feverish and his eyes were rolling:
"He needs a Doctor immediately". However as she spoke the security guard whom they had overpowered earlier appeared in the doorway pointing a gun:
"None of you move. I think you lot have outstayed your welcome here".
Elsewhere in the building, Ben and Kyle had been strapped to chairs, which resembled those found in a dentist's treatment room. Eastman grinned as he lent over Ben:
"With your connections Ben, you will become a most valuable tool in my plans. Both of you will. However I must be certain that my deep hypnosis has fully worked on you. I imagine that you are both very strong willed."
Kyle wriggled however the straps holding him down were too strong:
"Ere you ain't gonna get me under no hypnotic mind control."
"Oh I think you'll succumb Mr Scott. However first you will watch how I treat and test Ben here."
Eastman stared into Ben's eyes and moved his forefinger from left to right in a rhythmic motion. As he did so an assistant in a white coat placed a helmet device on Ben's head with wires leading to a control panel. The assistant flicked several switches and Ben grimaced before falling strangely silent. Eastman kept moving his finger in front of Ben's face.
"Ben, you are in a safe place. You are happy. You are on a beach gazing at the sea and relaxing" Eastman stated. Ben smiled:
"I feel happy.... sea looks warm... might go for a swim..." Ben muttered. Kyle scowled:
"Well it must be workin' mate as Ben ain't ever 'appy". Eastman laughed:
"As I said Mr Scott, most people succumb very easily. However sometimes the technique doesn't work at all. Very rarely. As in the case of the youth you saw being eliminated earlier. It is best that they are relieved of existence. Otherwise they can have psychotic side effects such as the case of a girl called Lisa a while back. Dreadful business. She irresponsibly escaped then got herself into a road accident".
"Yeah we know. You're a first class bastard aren't you" Kyle exclaimed. Eastman grimaced:
"There is no need for invective. Its time to test Ben properly. I need to be sure that he is fully under my control. I find that under this technique any form of pain can be endured, no matter how unpleasant to the non-treated person. I think Ben here needs some dentistry, don't you think?"
Eastman went to a side drawer and took out a pair of pliers:
"You know, there was a Nazi concentration camp Doctor called Heinz Gruener who pioneered a form of hypnosis that enabled him to remove all of the teeth from someone one by one without the person resisting. However his technique only paralysed the victim and they still felt the pain as each tooth was wrenched out. However Ben shouldn't feel any pain at all under my conditioning. I think we'll just pull out a couple of teeth at the front. Of course it will ruin his pretty smile."
Eastman laughed as he approached Ben with the pliers, moving in close to Ben's face:
"Open wide" Eastman said, grinning as he moved the pliers in........

......to be continued.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 5

OK folks, here is part 5 of this gripping story featuring Ryan Hawley as Ben Chatham:

[B]"MIND TRAP" Part 5[/B]

The uniformed man approached Ben and raised the gun to Ben's head, grinning widely. However before he could shoot, a voice shouted:

"Stop, bring that one here!"

It was Eastman. The uniformed man grabbed Ben roughly by the arm, while the other pointed his gun at Kyle:

"How about this one boss? Shall I waste 'im?"

"Bring them both here!" Eastman shouted impatiently. Ben and Kyle were marched over to Eastman who shook his head:

"Oh dear oh dear. It seems that I will have to process you two volunteers sooner than I anticipated." Ben glared angrily at him:

"I am Ben Chatham and Kyle and I are here on an Operation Delta investigation. Just what kind of operation are you running here Eastman? These goons have just gunned down a teenage boy in cold blood." Eastman waved his hand from side to side:

"I do not take kindly to people coming here on false pretences. We are a retreat that offers people peace, tranquility and an escape from the stress of the outside world. " Ben is angered:

"You are talking absolute nonesense Eastman. I am shocked and disgusted by the sheer offensiveness of all of this. You claim to offer people help with their problems while tortureing and killing them." Eastman grinned:

"I think that I may as well let you into the full scope of our work here. *To the men* Bring them to the main laboratory."

Meanwhile, back in the chill out room, 'Portia Devine' was being ushered in by Catherine, one of Eastman's female volunteers. Katie and Joe were all over each other on the sofa. Catherine pretended to clear her throat and Katie looked up annoyed:

"This is our new guest, Miss Portia Devine. I would have hoped that there would still be some salad and wine left, but it seems like you've pigged it all. I will prepare some more. Oh and if you two wish to get intimate, I'd recommend a nice outdoor romp in the woods out there. The volunteers love it." Katie gave her an icy look:

"Do I look like the kind of woman that enjoys rolling around in a load of leaves? I'm not some damn tree-hugger". Joe stroked her chin:

"Hey babe, it sounds like fun". Katie frowned:

"Not to me it doesn't.*to Catherine* Bring us some more wine and food. Go on, run along." Catherine shrugged and left. When she had gone, Sandra approached Katie with a feisty look:

"OK, lets cut to the chase. I'm Sandra Harrison and I'm here on an undercover police operation. I know who you are and all about your organisation. We do not like having outside agencies such as yours interfering with police investigations." Katie stared at Sandra and elegantly removed Joe's arms from around her. Then she calmly stood up and walked up to Sandra, her hips swaying. She moved her face to within an inch of Sandra's:

"I'll have you know that we have official authority from the highest level in government that whenever our paths cross those of the police, our role in the investigation takes precedence. Therefore I suggest that you take your high handed attitude and stick it before I deck you." Sandra grinned sardonically:

"Oh I can see that Miss Katie Ryan is as charming as her reputation suggests. Its a shame that her figure doesn't follow suit." Katie lit a cigarette and blew smoke into Sandra's face:

" Oh there is no need to be concerned about my figure darling. Its clear that you are so used to seeing your own sagging tits in the mirror that you assume that all figures should look like that." Sandra smiled ironically:

"Well at least I look forward to viewing myself in the mirror as I don't have to fear the sight of any crows nests around my eyes".

Joe intervenes:

"Er look girls, this isn't really getting us anywhere is it".

"Butt out!" Katie and Sandra shouted in unison.

"Oh well, if you're gonna be like that, I'm going for a snoop round" Joe replied, getting up and heading for the door. Katie and Sandra followed:

"Not without us you're not. A man let loose on his own is a recipe for disaster", Katie said, Sandra nodding in agreement.

Joe, Katie and Sandra walked towards the TV room. Inside they saw a plasma screen tv showing 'Coronation Street' and an empty row of seats, apart from one elderly lady:

"Nothing to see in here. Lets try and find some of the volunteers" Katie stated. As they turned to leave, the old lady tugged Joe's sleeve:

"*Whispering* Hey up me duck, are you here with 'im? Ben Chatham?" Katie frowned:

"How the hell do you know about Ben Chatham?" Katie snapped.

"I heared you lot talkin' earlier in the room out theeyer me duck. This 'eeerin' aid is a good un, best one I've 'ad yet. I'm Epsie. Epsie Carnell. 'ere its me birthday next week, I'm 88....."

*Interupting* "We are not interested in your damn birthday. You should not have been evesdropping on our conversation" Katie stated angrily. Epsie frowned:

"Don't you get narky wi me or I'll 'it you wi me stick. You young 'uns don't know you're born. Now listen. I know what 'ees up to. That Eastman. 'Eees hypnotisin' them young 'uns so ee can get'em to kill people for 'im. Top folk in the government. I recon ee must be one a them Nazis. In the war we 'ad one hidin' in the spinney , came by parachute ee did....." Sandra interrupted:

*Interupting* "Oh how interesting. Now you just watch your programme and have a nice little nap there. It must be tiring talking to us. *To Katie whispering* The old bat must be senile". Katie nodded.

Meanwhile Ben and Kyle were led into the large grey building they had seen earlier. Ben grimaced:

"The design of this building is vile. A grey corrugated box. I hope you shot the architect". Eastman laughed:

"Oh very droll. I'd like you to appreciate the scope of what we are doing here and fortunately you are just in time for a little test."

Ben and Kyle were led to a small room where a plasma screen was showing some CCTV footage of a university campus. A group of men in gowns were standing around as a man in a suit approached, surrounded by other formal looking people.

"This is Sir Douglas Leyton, the Minister for Science and Technology, about to open a new science wing of Lincoln University" Eastman stated.

"Why are you showin' us this?" Kyle asked. Eastman grinned and picked up a mobile. He rang a number. Ben and Kyle noticed one of the female students on the TV screen answer a call.

"Peace and love" Eastman stated. The girl on the screen pulled out a knife and lunged at Leyton, stabbing him before his security could stop her........

...........to be continued.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 4 Second Draft

OK folks, here is the second draft of "Mind Trap" Part 4.

"MIND TRAP": Part Four


Ben rushed forward and intervened to help the young man in the chair:
"Hey are you ok? *To Katie* Phone for assistance Katie. This guy needs treatment for the burns on his arm. "
However before Ben could do any more he felt a hand on his shoulder. He spun round to see Max Eastman:
"Hey Eastman, what the hell is going on here. Why were they torturing that guy?" Ben shouted. Eastman smiled:
"Oh come now, hardly torture. Chris there is a volunteer. He feels no pain at all due to my advanced hypnosis technique" he replied. Ben was bemused:
"Rubbish Eastman, I distinctly heard him screaming. Why were we locked in our room?" he demanded. Eastman was staring at Katie. He stroked her hair:
"*To Katie* What an extraordinarily beautiful woman you are. I'm sure that you can reassure Ben here that I would never harm any of my volunteers. I regard them almost as my own family. This centre is a retreat, an oasis of peace and harmony in which people can seek the space to rediscover themselves."
Katie stared at Eastman:
"Much as I appretiate you leching over me, I am more concerned for the welfare of your volunteer. I am phoning an ambulance" she feistily stated.
Eastman snatched her phone, threw it on the floor and stamped on it:
"I've always wanted to do that . Especially to inattentive staff. However I do hope that you forgive me. You have the most gorgeous hair."
Katie is furious:
"Hey, you bastard, that iphone cost the best part of a grand. That guy needs medical assistance. *To Ben*Ben I hope that you are taking note of the fact that Eastman has noticed me. It is my hair that he is praising, not yours. Obviously he is a complete ¤¤¤¤e however at least he is paying me some attention." Ben frowns:
"This is not the time or place for your self-indulgent complaining Katie. " Kyle meanwhile had gone up to Chris:
"Ere mate, you OK?" Chris simply stared into space. Eastman rushed up to him:
"Please don't intervene in this experiment. It is at a very delicate stage and the volunteer could be harmed if you don't come away."
Kyle and Ben glared at him:
"I demand that you provide medical assistance for Chris immediately" Ben shouted, his firm chin held high. Eastman pulled out a gun from his pocket:
"I do so dislike having to brandish this symbol of aggression. However you must return to your room.
Reluctantly Ben and Kyle agreed to leave and Eastman led them all back downstairs.

As they arrived back downstairs they saw Joe Peters had arrived and was being led inside. Ben went up to him:
"I completely forgot about you. I was more concerned about poor Chris, a young man being tortured here. I didn't give you a second thought." Ben stated before letting Eastman lead them back to the chill out room. Arriving into the room they saw two girls laying out a salad spread with several bottles of white wine:
"Please accept some refreshments as a form of apology. I promise that the door will stay open and you are free to walk about the centre and visit the gym and the television room" , Eastman stated. As he left he slid his hand down Katie's back:
"And you my dear can visit my own rooms if you wish." Kyle grimaced:
"Ere what a creepy old lech. You ok Katie?"
"Of course I'm ok. For your information Kyle, Mr Eastman is clearly someone with excellent taste in women." Joe approached her:
"He's not the only one."Katie smiled and stroked his leg. Ben was bemused:
"Oh for pity's sake. Come on Kyle, lets explore this establishment. That wine looks cheap, the salad clearly isn't fresh, and Katie is on heat. In other words, a trilogy of horrors. However the main reason that I wish to continue this investigation is that I care. I do not like young people being tortured."

Ben and Kyle went out into the lobby and saw a glamorous girl flouncing in the door, being remonstrated with by two of Eastman's female volunteers:
"You cannot come in here. You are not the right type", one of the girls stated. The glamorous girl , who was wearing a tight, short leather skirt pushed her aside:
"Shut your mouth you plain little thing. I am Portia Devine, the glamour model" she shouted. Eastman approached:
"What is going on here? Who are you?" Portia smiled at him and gave him her best pout:
"Darling, I am astounded that you don't recognise me. *Sidles up to Eastman* I am Portia Devine. I understand that you can help people with..... with certain issues. If you help me darling, (*flashes eyes*)I can make it worth your while."
Eastman smiled at her and blushed:
"Ehhm oh I see. Welcome Portia to our centre of peace and healing. But I don't see how I can help you. You are stunningly attractive and not at all an ugly fat munter from Newcastle or something. You don't need to lose any weight"
"Thank you Mr Eastman. That comment will be well rewarded tonight if you wish. However I just have this small matter that I need help with. You see I'm rather partial to the odd drink and perhaps you could help me in overcoming this minor intrusion into my modelling career," Portia replied, pouting.
"Oh I see. You're a booze, addled alcoholic model who has been sent here by her agent as a cheap alternative to the Priory. Of course I will help you. You look stunning and I have no desire to see you end up as a dring sodden lush lying in a pool of her own piss. Here we can cure all addictions in a week, especially drink and drugs".
Kyle turned to Ben:
"Ere Ben, I know her. She's not a model, she's Sandra Harrison a friend of mine from back in the day. I 'elped 'er sort herself out years back but then we kind of lost touch. Rumour was she joined the old bill an' I was like really shocked as were all me mates." Ben frowned:
"What the hell are the police doing sending an undercover officer in. This is an Operation Delta investigation. They will complicate things. We must get her on her own later and warn her off" Ben stated.
"Eastman's makin' some big claims there. What say you we try an' talk to some of his volunteers" Kyle suggested. Ben frowned:
" He won't let us get near them. You can bet that the gym and tv room will be either deserted or populated by flunkeys. And he'll have made sure we don't get access to elsewhere."
"Yeah but I've got a plan Ben......"

Kyle and Ben headed back to the chill out room. Katie and Joe were canoodling on the sofa, enjoying a bottle of wine and a mixed leaf salad. Kyle went up to the window, which was locked, took out his penknife and picked the lock in seconds.
"Look Ben, we need to escape out the window like an' then find a way into other parts of this place". Ben sighed:
"Anything is preferable to watching those two pawing each other. "
Outside they walked around the grounds. Ben started to open up emotionally to Kyle:
"You know I really feel that I've been on an emotional journey with this divorce from Emma. I really trusted her and thought that our arrangement was what she wanted. But it wasn't. What she asked of me at the end of the day, well Caligula would have blushed. When I tried to reason with her, she just said that I had been in the house too long. I naturally fled. But I've learned from the experience thats for sure. I'm not entangling myself with a woman again. Why is it that in my life, I give valuable time to people who don't care if I live or die?"
Kyle put his hand on Ben's shoulder:
"Oh cam on Ben, you'll get over this."
"I know I will Kyle. I feel like a stronger person now."
Suddenly Ben noticed a large grey building in the distance:
"Lets try getting into that horrible looking carbunkle". As Ben spoke they heard shouting and a thin youth ran from behind the building towards a wooded area. There was a shot and the youth fell screaming and clutching his leg. Ben tried to help the youth by shouting at the two uniformed men who were approaching him:
"Leave that guy alone or you'll have me to answer to."
However one of the men shot the youth through the head. Then he came for Ben........

........... to be continued.  

Sunday, 28 June 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 4

Ok people, here is part four of this new adventure starring RYAN HAWLEY as Ben Chatham:

"MIND TRAP": Part Four

Ben was about to rush forward and intervene to help the young man in the chair however before he could do so he felt a hand on his shoulder. He spun round to see Max Eastman:

"Hey Eastman, what the hell is going on here. Why are they torturing that guy?" Ben shouted. Eastman smiled:

"Oh come now, hardly torture. Chris there is a volunteer. He feels no pain at all due to my advanced hypnosis technique" he replied. Ben was bemused:

"Rubbish Eastman, I distinctly heard him screaming. Why were we locked in our room?" he demanded. Eastman was staring at Katie. He stroked her hair:

"*To Katie* What an extraordinarily beautiful woman you are. I'm sure that you can reassure Ben here that I would never harm any of my volunteers. I regard them almost as my own family. This centre is a retreat, an oasis of peace and harmony in which people can seek the space to rediscover themselves."

Katie stared at Ben:

"Ben I hope that you are taking note of the fact that Eastman has noticed me. It is my hair that he is stroking, not yours. Obviously he is talking complete ¤¤¤¤e however at least he is paying me some attention." Ben frowns:

"This is not the time or place for your self-indulgent complaining Katie. " Kyle meanwhile had gone up to Chris:

"Ere mate, you OK?" Chris simply stared into space. Eastman rushed up to him:

"Please don't intervene in this experiment. It is at a very delicate stage and the volunteer could be harmed if you don't come away."

Reluctantly Kyle agreed to leave and Eastman led them all back downstairs.

As they arrived back downstairs they saw Joe Peters had arrived and was being led inside. Ben went up to him:

"I completely forgot about you" Ben stated before letting Eastman lead them back to the chill out room. Arriving into the room they saw two girls laying out a salad spread with several bottles of white wine:

"Please accept some refreshments as a form of apology. I promise that the door will stay open and you are free to walk about the centre and visit the gym and the television room" , Eastman stated. As he left he slid his hand down Katie's back:

"And you my dear can visit my own rooms if you wish." Kyle grimaced:

"Ere what a creepy old lech. You ok Katie?"

"Of course I'm ok. For your information Kyle, Mr Eastman is clearly someone with excellent taste in women." Joe approached her:

"He's not the only one."Katie smiled and stroked his leg. Ben was bemused:

"Oh for pity's sake. Come on Kyle, lets explore this establishment. That wine looks cheap, the salad clearly isn't fresh, and Katie is on heat. In other words, a trilogy of horrors."

Ben and Kyle went out into the lobby and saw a large girl barging in and being remonstrated with by two of Eastman's female volunteers:

"You cannot come in here. You are not the right type", one of the girls stated. The large girl pushed her aside:

"Wye eye doon't goer tellin' me what ta dooo bitch" she shouted. Eastman approached:

"What is going on here? Who are you?" The large girl smiled at him:

"Wye eye, I'm Kylie like. I'm a just a fat slag from Newcastle like ya nooo. I've come ahhl the way doon 'ere like 'cause me mate said yooos can help lasses looose weight."

Eastman smiled at her:

"Oh I see. Welcome Kylie to our centre of peace and healing. I agree that you are at the moment a hideous obese slattern and a horrible looking fat munter, however we can indeed help you. Within three weeks I can have you looking as slim and attractive as Abigail and Catherine here. Everything is free if you become a volunteer here."

"Wye eye thanks Mr Eastman like. I noooed yoo'd help us owt like. Ere an' I get what you's means about volunteer *winks*. You's can 'ave your ooots here tonight *winks*"

Kyle turned to Ben:

"Ere Ben, Eastman's makin' some big claims there. What say you we try an' talk to some of his volunteers." Ben frowned:

" He won't let us get near them. You can bet that the gym and tv room will be either deserted or populated by flunkeys. And he'll have made sure we don't get access to elsewhere."

"Yeah but I've got a plan Ben......"

Kyle and Ben headed back to the chill out room. Katie and Joe were canoodling on the sofa, enjoying a bottle of wine and a mixed leaf salad. Kyle went up to the window, which was locked, took out his penknife and picked the lock in seconds.

"Look Ben, we need to escape out the window like an' then find a way into other parts of this place". Ben sighed:

"Anything is preferable to watching those two pawing each other. "

Outside they walked around the grounds. Ben noticed a large grey building in the distance:

"Lets try getting into that horrible looking carbunkle". As Ben spoke they heard shouting and a thin youth ran from behind the building towards a wooded area. There was a shot and the youth fell screaming and clutching his leg. To uniformed men approached him and one of them shot him through the head......

........... to be continued.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 3

Ben's car careered off the road and into the woods, coming to a halt in a ditch. Ben looked around him in a dazed state.
"What the hell was that? There was a wall across the road," he stammered. Katie Ryan looked up angrily:
"That was damn weird. As you swerved the car , the wall seemed to fade and vanish."
As Katie spoke, Ben was looking around:
"Where's Kyle? Oh my God, he must have been thrown out of the car by the crash impact." Ben, Katie and Joe jumped out of the car and started to look around:
"Hey Ben, he's here" Joe shouted. Kyle was lying by the side of a tree unconscious, blood on his forehead. Ben rushed up and checked Kyle's pulse:
"His pulse seems ok. He has clearly bashed his head on the tree trunk." Ben pulled out his Operation Delta smartphone and tried to dial the emergency services, however there was no signal:
"Katie, try your phone. Mine isn't working for some reason." Both Katie and Joe tried their phones however there was no signal. Ben was concerned:
"I don't like this. There should be a signal Its not like we are in the Outer Hebrides or something. Looks like we'll have to get to that wretched Eastman place by foot and phone from there. Katie and I will go. Joe you need to stay here and look after Kyle."

Ben and Katie walked along the lane in the direction of the Eastman Research Centre.
"I saw you and Joe getting rather friendly earlier Katie. I'd prefer it if you didn't mix business with pleasure Katie", Ben remarked. Katie gave him an icy look:
"Spare me your lofty self-righteousness Ben. Joe is single. His former girlfriend is dead. We are both adults. Oh and one more thing, mind your own damn business." Ben glared at her:
"I am thinking of your own interests here" he stated. Katie laughed sardonically. They walked on in silence until they came to a large country house set in leafy grounds. A sign by the entrance read: "The Eastman Centre for Extra-Sensory Research and Retreat". A young man and girl stood by the entrance gates chatting. Ben approached them:
"Hello. My name is Ben Chatham. We need to use a telephone urgently as our friend has been hurt in a car accident." The young man, a long-haired androgynous looking youth, stared vacantly:
"Oh how unfortunate. However you cannot telephone from here." Katie frowned:
"Why the hell not?" she spat out.
"Because you aren't the right type. You can't come in here." Ben was furious:
"Now look here. I have verbally articulated to you that our friend is hurt. Therefore either let us in or ask Mr Eastman to come out here and talk to us." The youth and girl started laughing:
"Oh aren't they funny. So uptight. Definitely not the sort of people we'd let in here" the girl said. Katie pushed the gate open with a violent jolt and barged through. As the youth tried to stop her, she punched him, knocking him down. Ben stared down at him:
"I find you rather attractive. However you left Katie with no choice but to deck you. Catch up with me later when you've cleaned yourself up," Ben sympathetically stated.

Walking up to the house, Ben was surprised to see the door was half open and there was the sound of singing from inside. Ben and Katie walked in and saw a large hallway with black and white chessboard flooring and modernist sculptures. They looked into a side room where a group of young people were singing a Joni Mitchell song. Ben was unimpressed. As he turned around he saw a middle aged man with long grey hair and dressed in a white robe-like outfit descending the stairs. He walked up to them smiling:
"Welcome friends. You must be Mr Chatham and his delightful young assistant Katie." He took hold of Katie's hand and kissed it. She jerked it away:
"How do you know who we are?" Katie asked.
"Oh my dear, there are ways of seeing beyond the ordinary senses." Ben stared at him:
"Mr Eastman, our friend Kyle has been injured in an accident. We need to use a telephone urgently." Eastman smiled oddly:
"Oh we don't allow telephones here. People come here to escape the demands of the humdrum and oppressive world around us. Besides, your friend can recover here. Look."
Ben and Katie turned round to see two attractive young women helping a staggering Kyle through the entrance door.

Later Ben, Katie and a recovering Kyle were enjoying a mineral water and organic salad in one of the Eastman Centre's relaxation rooms. Ben frowned:
"Who on earth would choose to come here to relax. They don't allow alcohol. And this salad is horribly bland. Are you sure you're ok Kyle? I'd prefer to get you checked out by a Doctor."
"Look I'm ok Ben. Just a bit dazed like. But yeah this food is gross."
Katie stood up.
"Well I'm not just sitting here eating rabbit food, I'm taking a look around." She tried the door but it was locked:
"Hey the bastard's locked us in." Kyle went to the door and pulled out a collection of keys and bits of wire:
"Time for the expert I recon....." he said grinning. Shortly he had picked the lock and they were walking down a corridor. As they turned a corner they heard the sound of screaming and someone pleading for something to stop. They rushed to a doorway looked inside to see a young man tied to a chair. Two men in white coats stood around him and one was using an electric iron to burn his arm. As he did so again, the second man stared into the victim's eyes:
"You will now feel no pain. Nothing at all......"

............ to be continued.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 2


Ben sat with Joe Peters in the lounge at the Operation Delta Hub, enjoying a cappuccino. As they sat making small talk about new excavations at Sutton Hoo Paul Farraday and Corinne Shaw entered the room.
"Ah Paul and Corinne, meet Joe Peters. Have you got the info on this Max Eastman character that I asked for?" Ben authoritatively asked. Corinne opened up a file:
"Oh yes. Mr Eastman has been known to us for some time. He runs a kind of New Age centre near Swindon. Offers holistic healing, undertakes research in ESP and runs courses in divination, palmistry, the I-Ching and that sort of thing. Seems innocent enough on the surface however there have been complaints made by angry parents that students and other young people have gone missing after attending his courses."
Ben thought for a moment:
"Is there any indication that this is a money-making racket? Or a cult?" Paul looked up:
"Neither. The courses are free and people get paid to take part in the ESP research. Its all on their website here."
Paul handed Ben his top of the range Operation Delta laptop. Ben perused the website:
"Well how the hell does he pay for all of this then? If something seems too good to be true it probably is. Right, the first thing that we need to do Joe is to visit the driver of the car that Lisa was in. Then we will pay Mr Eastman a visit" Ben stated.
"Oh by the way, Shakey Jake has visited Eastman's centre" Corinne said with a wry grin.
"Why am I not surprised" Ben said in an exasperated tone before phoning Jake. A short time later Jake arrived and helped himself to a coffee:
"Hi cats. Just need some caffeine man I had a really heavy night last night. There were these two chicks in the bar...."
"Spare us the details please. Its 2015 not 1969" Ben interrupted, "Just tell us about Eastman's place".
"Hey it was like really far out. The meditation room was really serene and happening. But this really heavy lady tried to stop me getting in. Said I was too old man, can you believe that?"
Ben laughed:
"Well you are a relic from a bygone age Jake. However that is interesting. They clearly want to attract students and young people to their centre. We need to get in there incognito as visitors. Come on."

Ben drove Joe, Kyle and Katie through the lush countryside of late spring towards Swindon. He let the warm breeze blow through his hair as he listened to Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' on the car stereo:
"You know, Emma used to hate this piece of music. Just shows what a poor taste doll it was I married," Ben said, tossing his head back and laughing.
"You seem a lot more upbeat all of a sudden," Katie remarked to him. Ben grinned:
"Well I'm free Katie. I'm going to try and look to the positives. I'm free."
They arrived at Swindon City General and quickly found the ward where Dave Hemming was lying in the end bed near the window. Dave was asleep and Ben approached him. He rattled the bed. Dave roused round:
"Hey... who are you" Dave asked.
"I am Ben Chatham and these are my colleagues apart from Joe here whose ex-girlfriend was the girl you killed in the crash. Could you tell us what happened please?"
Dave tried to sit up and groaned:
"Look I'm really sorry. But she like went crazy, grabbed at me and grabbed the steering wheel. I couldn't do anything."
Joe was angry:
"Yeah right, you're trying to blame it all on Lisa you bastard. I hear you were drunk."
Dave sank back into the pillow:
"Look I ain't gonna lie to you. I was over the limit from the night before okay. I put my hand up to it. But that wasn't why we crashed. I swear to you she went raving mad. I'd just picked her up as a hitcher."
Joe was furious:
"I don't believe that pile of crap. If you weren't in that bed I'd punch your ¤¤¤¤in......."
"Joe calm down. This is not acceptable behaviour in a hospital," Ben interjected, "Thank you Mr Hemmings. Come on, we've work to do."
As they left the ward, Katie sidled up to Joe and whispered:
"You were right to be angry Joe". Joe let her stroke his arm.

Later they were driving down the leafy lane towards Eastman's centre. As they turned a corner they almost his a ragged group of about ten long-haired undergraduates, bearded youths and young girls with flowing dresses and hats.
"Look where you're damn well going" Ben shouted at them. One of the youths grinned:
"Hey dude chill will ya."
"Ere are you lot off to this Eastman centre place?" Kyle asked them.
"Yeah man. We need to cleanse ourselves of the pollution of this sick society. Get healed", a bearded youth with a guitar on his back replied. Ben decided to initiate the subterfuge:
"Oh well thats okay man thats okay. Sorry for being heavy with you man. We're going there too. We need to get pure and free from the dry materialism of society" he stated. A girl approached him:
"Hey thats like really great. See you there honey."
Ben drove on:
"Pretentious bunch. They'll all be bankers and city traders in ten years time." As they turned round another corner they were shocked to see a brick wall stretching right across the road. Ben swerved the car drastically and it shot off the road and into a wooded area......

............to be continued.

Monday, 25 May 2015


MIND TRAP : Part 1

Ben Chatham pushed violently on the door of the Family Court building in Cambridge and strode out into the street, followed by Kyle Scott and Katie Ryan. Tears filled Ben's eyes as he stood on the pavenent, clenching his fists. Kyle held out Ben's jacket:
"You like forgot this Ben".
Ben grabbed the jacket without saying anything. As he did so the door swung open again and Emma Chatham emerged with Paul Jarvis, her solicitor. Ben glared at her:
"I suppose you're pleased with yourself. Well don't think this is over."
Emma walked towards him:
"Ben you know I never wanted it to end this way." Ben fixed her with an icy stare:
"You may well think you've won, you dim-witted doll. But I'll just hire another expensive lawyer to find a string of clever ways to avoid paying you any of the money you think you've stolen from me."
Emma turned away from him and walked away with Jarvis. Katie Ryan put her hand on Ben's shoulder:
"Just move on Ben. At least its just one big pay-off."
"Move on? Are you serious Katie? You heard how much the little slapper was awarded by that idiot judge. I'll have to sell my property portfolio and will be lucky to still keep the apartment. I'm just grateful that my parents are on holiday in the Algarve and not here to find out all the things she accused my of. That Jarvis called me a promiscuous homosexual who habitually committed adultery."
Katie could not resist a sardonic laugh:
"Well he did have photographs and witness statements to back that up."
Ben rounded on her:
"Yes and that is called creepy stalking. Any intelligent judge would have seen that. I am not homosexual, I am a straight guy who prefers to sleep with men. Besides I don't recall you complaining whenever I've given you what you want. Emma could well have cost me my inheritance as well as the legalised theft that she achieved today. Come on, lets go to that pub over there, I need a drink."

Ben, Kyle and Katie went into the pub across from the court, the Wig and Pen, and Ben ordered a double brandy, a pint for Kyle and a vodka and orange for Katie. He slumped down by the corner table and began to tear up the beermats out of frustration.
"Ere Ben look it might not come to you losin' everythin'. Ben wiped tears from his eyes:
"Oh yeah and what do you know Kyle? You've never had anything to lose. All your drug-addled mother will ever leave you is a stack of debts."
Kyle slammed his pint down on the table, spilling some:
"Don't fucking slag off my mum Ben. You wanna feel sorry for yourself an' wallow in self-pity then fine. But don't bring my mum into it."
Ben tore up another beermat:
"Look I'm sorry I said that Kyle. I'm grateful for you two supporting me today. I'm just so damn angry. Where the hell is my life going?"

Ben ordered several more drinks and downed them rapidly. As he stared into an empty glass a young man with a beard and a Mumford & Sons t-shirt approached their table:
"Hi, Ben. Remember me? Its Joe."
Ben looked up lethargically:
"Joe who? Hold on I think I do vaguely remember you. Joe Peters. From my practical fieldwork course at uni." Joe grinned:
"Yeah hows it goin' mate?
"I'm not your mate. I didn't like you. Thought you had the personality of a fourteen year old" Ben replied. Joe kept grinning:
"Hey you're kiddin' me Ben aren't ya. They've got some great beers on in here. How about we go over there and shoot some pool".
Ben looked up icily:
"I have no desire to 'shoot some pool'. I hate pool. I suggest you go and get yourself a beer and then  pour it over your own head. It is the sort of thing that might amuse you."
Joe sat down still smiling:
"Hey I'm chuffed that you've lost none of your wit Ben. Look I'll be honest with you, my being here is not just a coincidence. I called round your place earlier. A young italian guy said he was your cleaner and that you were in the court over there this afternoon and that you were likely to come into the nearest pub to get plastered afterwards."
Ben frowned:
"Hmmm. That may well have just cost Luigi his job. What do you want by the way? I may as well listen to you witter on a bit more now you're here."
"Look Ben, I heard from a mate of ours, Jim Simmonds, all about how you're an investgator now. Into the paranormal and stuff."
"Jim Simmonds was not a mate of mine. He was your mate and just as immature." Joe had stopped grinning and now looked deadly serious:
"Look Ben, I need your help. I've come all the way here from Swindon to see you. Its my former girlfriend Lisa. She's been killed in a car crash. The driver is in the City General with concussion and other injuries. They say he was drunk and he drove the car into a crowd of people at a bus stop.  Some of them were hurt as well. But it just doesn't add up. The car stopped before hitting any buildings so why was she killed? Also she went to stay at that guy Max Eastman's weird ESP research place. Have you heard of him? Recruits people for his mind over matter experiments and other stuff. She sent me this weird text the day before the accident saying that she was in danger and could I come and get her away from there."
Ben stared blankly at his glass:
"Why does any of this matter? If she's your ex then why are you bothered?"
"Look Ben I still love her.... loved her ok. She was the one who ended it. Said she was bored."
"I know how she felt" Ben muttered under his breath.
Kyle interjected:
"Look mate, Ben ain't himself at the mo. But look we'd like to help investigate like. I'll cam an' shoot some pool an' you can fill me in with more details."
Kyle and Joe left for the pool table and Ben put his head in his hands:
"I suppose a new case will take my mind off everything Katie........"

...........to be continued.

"MIND TRAP" Prologue



The rain hammered down on the windscreen of Dave Hemming's car as he drove through the narrow lanes towards Cranfield. He knew that he'd be in trouble for being late again for his job at the Dog & Hedgehog, where he worked as a chef and occasional barman. However Dave didn't care. He'd already made up his mind to tell Prentice, the publican, to stick his lousy job up his backside. Dave was planning to move to Spain where his uncle ran a string of bars for British ex-pats. The night before Dave had been to a mate's 25th birthday party and got totally hammered. He was still half-drunk as he drove along but he didn't care. As the car skidded round a narrow bend, Dave saw the girl in the distance. She was staggering along the lane, occasionally falling down. The howling wind drove the rain down even harder. Dave stopped the car next to the girl:
"You wanna lift love? I'm goin' to Cranfield" he shouted.
The girl picked herself up, mud spattered over her jeans and tee-shirt.
"Got to get away... got to run...." she stammered.
"Ere love you in some sort of bother? Get in the car. You look like my kind of woman" Dave said with a grin. The girl backed away:
"I don't know you. Did he send you?" she said hesitantly.
"Did who send me? Look love I ain't some kind of perv if that's what you're thinkin'. Get in before you get any more drenched than you are already."
Reluctantly the girl got into Dave's car and he sped off down the lane. She resisted any of Dave's attempts at conversation and they eventually reached Cranfield, driving down the main street. Suddenly the girl cringed with pain:
"No... no... go away... no I won't...." she screamed.
"Hey what's the problem?" Dave exclaimed. The girl suddenly lunged at him with both hands, grabbing his neck and squeezing.
"What the ¤¤¤¤......" Dave shouted as the car zig zagged over the road.
"Can't stop..... its him....." the girl screamed before the car plunged into a crowd of people waiting at the bus stop.

to be continued

Ryan Hawley is Ben Chatham in : "MIND TRAP"

A brand new series of the Ben Chatham Adventures and I can announce that Ryan Hawley will replace Adam Rickitt in the lead role.

[B][U]Official Social Media Release[/U][/B]

[I]After ten successful years as Ben Chatham, Adam Rickitt has moved on and Ryan Hawley will be the new Ben Chatham. The last ten years have seen Ben move from being a support character in Doctor Who to establishing his own highly successful spin-off series. Much of this success has been down to Adam's talent and appeal and we wish him all the best for the future. A new era is now beginning. Ryan Hawley is one of the UK's finest actors and is best known for his recent portrayal of Robert Sugden in Emmerdale, a stunning performance which is unlike anything else on current TV. We are confident that Ryan has the ability, the talent and the charisma to take Ben in a new direction and develop the franchise into an even bigger success.Ryan was originally cast to play Ben's half-brother James Bartlett and that role will now go to Mitch Hewer.[/I]

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The Ben Chatham Facebook Page

Ben now has his own facebook page:


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"Darkness at the Break of Noon": Part 2

Part 2

Ben quickly put together his action team, consisting of himself, Kyle, Paul Farraday, Corinne Shaw and Adam Wooten. Ben drove the team at speed through the frost laden countryside towards Suffolk and Rendelsham Forest. Paul Farraday briefed the team:
"In 1980 there was a major UFO incident in Rendelsham Forest. At the time part of RAF Woodbridge, based there, was being used by the US military.Dozens of US Air Force personnel reported seeing strange lights within the forest and a rectangular vehicle which glowed red and had strange liguid dripping off it. UNIT investigated and the government ordered a massive cover up in order to avoid alarming the general public."
"So what was the outcome of the UNIT investigation?" Adam Wooten asked:
"They concluded that an unknown alien threat had attempted to infiltrate the base and failed," Paul replied, sipping a glass of scotch. Ben frowned:
"I think it is more likely that the incident back then was just a fact finding mission by these aliens. They were attempting to gauge the stength of our defences and our response to them. Now they have returned with a serious plan."
As Ben spoke, a group of Christmas revellers were staggering up the street in front of them and a drunken young woman in a short skirt staggered in front of the car. Ben managed to swerve and avoid hitting her and she she guffawed loudly:
"Its not funny that you nearly died, you stupid woman!" Ben yelled out of the window to her. The woman and her friends all laughed.
"I wouldn't waste your breath on such people Ben", Corinne Shaw commented.

It was dark when they arrived on the outskirts of the forest. Ben pulled out a device given to him by Keith Smith in order to track the location of the alien vehicle. He gazed at the screen:
"Ok team. The vehicle is located half a mile West from here." Kyle pointed to the trees:
"Ere we can't just walk through them trees as its all overgrown with brambles and undergrowth cr@p".
"I am aware of that Kyle. I'm not blind as a bat. We need to find a pathway," Ben decisively replied. The team searched around for a pathway and Ben spotted an elderly man walking a scruffy looking dog:
"Excuse me. Are you from round here? Is there a pathway through the forest anywhere near here?" Ben asked him.
"Yes, I be from round 'ere young man. I be Sam. Sam Truthers and this 'ere is Barney." Sam jerked the dog's lead and it growled:
"There be a path not far from 'ere. Walk along that there edge an' you'll find it at the end of the field. Leads into the middle. What you doing wantin' to go in there though at this time of night?"
"That is our business. Thank you for your advice. I do think you need to give your dog a wash when you get it home, the animal is filthy," Ben advised. The man tutted and the dog growled. Ben led the team through the field towards the path. He failed to notice the old man pull out a phone from his pocket:
"Ere I've just sent 'em towards the pathway. They should be getting to you in fifteen minutes or so....."
Ben and the team walked through the dark forest, Ben and Kyle leading the way with torches. Ben turned to Kyle and smiled sadly:
"You know Kyle, it is a really sad indictment of the state of my life that I'd rather be spending the festive period doing this than with my so called family. There is no one in my life to see the new year in with." Adam Wooten overheard him and put his hand on Ben's shoulder:
"Hey Ben, don't say that. You know I'd like nothing better than to spend New Years Eve with you". Ben flicked his hair out of his eyes:
"I thought you'd given up on me after my ill-conceived marriage fiasco. Its a date Adam." As Ben spoke, they saw a strange, glowing light through the trees.Approaching slowly, they saw a triangular shaped craft resting in a large clearing.

 Paul Farraday held up his phone and took a picture. He sent the picture to the Operation Delta database and a response was immediate:
"No known data on this type of craft," Paul stated.  An eerie crackling sound began and three strange looking figures approached them. They glowed silvery-blue and had no facial features apart from slits for eyes.

Paul took another photograph, however again there was no date on the figures. One of them spoke:
"We know who you are, earthmen. You are wasting your time coming here, Ben Chatham. The chaos we have created so far is but a preliminary experiment and it has paid us well."
"What do you mean, paid you well?" Ben asked. The alien gestured with its hands and an image appeared in the air of a group of frightened men and women, dressed in prison  uniforms.
"Your government has agreed to hand over the material which you see in exchange for us ceasing to cause social chaos and violence. We will experiment on the material and learn more about your world."
Ben frowned:
"I am disgusted that the government has undermined Operation Delta by not informing me of their covert plan to hand over criminals to you as a form of appeasement."
The aliens turned and walked to their craft. They seemed to melt into it before it began to spin and pulsate. It suddenly rose and shot off at great speed.

Later, Ben held an emergency meeting in the Operation Delta Hub lounge. Paul Farraday poured himself a large Martini, with ice, and stood by the wood fire as he briefed the team:
"It seems that there are elements within the government that are pursuing an appeasement policy with these aliens, whatever they are. I expect them to return in the future. In the meantime, I expect our organisation to be undermined via a covert propaganda campaign in the media or worse. We need to find out which establishment figures are behind this policy."
Ben lay his head back on the sofa and sighed. He took out his phone and typed out a text and pressed send. Adam Wooten's phone bleeped and he looked at Ben's text and blushed. He winked at Ben and Ben smiled, sipping his absinthe.