Monday, 21 January 2008

A Complete list of my episodes

Here is a complete list of my Doctor Who episodes and Ben Chatham spin off stories.

The Christmas Invasion
War & Peace
Fool's Errand
The Love Generation
A Time For Love
Loyalty Binds Me
World on the Edge
Hospital of the Damned
Fire & Judgement
Not Alone
Child of Destruction
Web of Lies
Goodbye Is Never Easy
The Shadows of Christmas
Operation: Delta
New Age
Power of Illusion
Dark Shadows
Shadows of the Past
Hidden Dangers
Conspiracy of Terror
Power and Lies
Love & Danger
Earth Span
Shadows and Impressions
Sign of the Cross
Deadly Experiment
Into the Laboratory
Conspiracy of Terror (again)
Rage and Deliverance
Death In The Cloisters
Dark Yuletide
Alien Seed
Harvest of Evil
Fields of Death
Road Rage
From the Depths
Reptilian Dawn
Acorn Man
The Imperfect
The Rats of Tenbury
All Things Must Pass
The Living Picture
The Sun Goblet of Sacrosan
The Zranti Beast
The Zombie Kids of Death
The Cult of Quexecostal
The Lindig Valley Mystery
The Lords of Ancrazar
Nemesis (again)
The Curse of the Vampire Skull
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
Winter of the Lost

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The 7.5 Inch Dalek Shower Gel

I must say that these are a superb bargain. I paid £5.99 each for two today, although I'm told that many shops are selling them for less. They are much better designed than the daleks in the smaller range of figures and once the shower gel in removed they make an excellent shelf decoration. There is a black dalek version as well as the gold.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Winter of the Lost : Part 7 : Conclusion!

OK, here is the final part of this classic story folks!

Kyle falls to the ground and rolls down the bank. Ben fears the worst:
"Oh no. Kyle....."
Katie grabs his arm:
"Never mind him, that lot are heading this way, lets run!"
They run down the bank however Ben stops to check Kyle.
"Leave him for ****'s sake and come on!"
Katie shouts, however Ben is annoyed:
"Look, I can't just leave Kyle like that, you go on!"
Katie mutters "Damn fool" as she and Anselm run up the other side of the bank and out of the monument. Ben is shocked as Kyle opens his eyes:
"Look I'm ok Ben, that bullet only grazed me. Now make out I'm dead like, I know what I'm doin'."

Thalisa, Yates and the others surround Ben and Kyle . Thalisa grins.
"So you thought you could stop me, earthboy. Well soon your planet will be home to my people. See how I control the minds of these dolts. Your planet is too good for such an inferior species!"
Others in the Cult of the Sun have caught up with Katie & Anselm and march them back down the slope.
"Ha! The other surviving wreckers have been reigned in. Ha Ha!" Thalisa gloats.
Kyle leaps up suddenly and tackles her to the ground, catching her offguard. The gun flies out of her hand in Katie's direction. She picks it up:
"Die bitch!" Katie shouts, shooting Thalisa. The gun fires and Thalisa staggers, glowing and turning into an alien globular thing with tentacles, before evaporating.Freed from Thalisa's mind spell, the others in the Cult of the Sun look around bewildered.

Back at the house, Ben and the others are enjoying what remains of the Christmas turkey and discussing the events.
"... of course it means a major dig be undertaken at Danebury under UNIT supervision to unearth all of that technology." Ben muses.
Kyle is curious:
"Why did they like bury it there in the iron age and only use it now?"
Anselm tuts.
"Obviously they search out planets for colonisation well in advance, only calling on their use when the need arises." Ben answers.
Anselm puts his arm around Ben and gazes lovingly into Ben's deep, dreamy eyes, moving aside his luscious blonde locks.Ben raises a glass:
"I propose a toast to us all for saving the planet."
"Here here," Lord Ashford seconds.
Following the toast, they switch on the tv to see the real Kylie performing on the Christmas Top of the Pops.
"I wonder if I will ever get to meet the real Kylie. Only time will tell." Ben muses......

...... the END