Monday, 2 February 2009

Richard Littlejohn

The ever-entertaining Richard Littlejohn has been on good form recently. In Friday's Mail he devoted nearly a whole page to a bizarre rant about gay adoption. In his words:
"... official Britain and the homosexual lobby rigidly enforces the gay 'rights' agenda with a righteous zeal not seen since the Spanish Inquisition."
Funny that; I wasn't aware of the gay lobby burning Daily Mail reporters at the stake. One can but hope.
He then goes on in the same article to compare social workers removing at risk children from their homes with the Madeline McCann case:
"On the face of it the cases have nothing in common. But stolen children are at the heart of both. Does it matter whether your child or grandchild has been taken by a complete stranger or by social workers?"
Ahem well yes it does. Jerks like Littlejohn and his ilk would be the first to condemn social workers if there was another Baby P case.

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