Wednesday, 26 May 2010

"DOOMWATCH 2010": Meet the Team!

"DOOMWATCH 2010" : Meet the Team!

OK, I thought I'd provide a more visual description of the new team so that people can picture them better :

Dr Peter Ashton-Scott

Team leader. An experienced chemist and ecologist from Cambridge university who left academia to set up a self-sufficient community in the hebrides. Coaxed out of retirement by Allen.Aged around 59, Ashton Scott physically resembles the late politician Michael Foot: longish white hair, thick glasses and prone to passionate gesticulating when speaking.

Steve Allen

Environmental campaigner, idealist and disillusioned science advisor to the government.Steve is in his early 30s with short hair and a muscular frame. Phsically resembles Lee Majors in his heyday in the 1970s when he played 'The Bionic Man' .

Charles Furness

Young, attractive Oxford graduate and brilliant chemist and technician. Struggling to accept his sexuality.Aged 21, Charles is slim with long, shoulder-length dark hair. He wears casual clothes, jeans and thin sweaters.

Abby Hanson

Feisty twenty-something geologist and ecologist. Gave up teaching to join the team.Abby is around 25 years old, slim with dark hair. She is attractive and businesslike.

Genna Miles

Genna is a 23 year old History graduate who formerly worked at Bosworth Battlefield Centre. She has short blonde hair and is attractive and personable. She wears smart casual clothes.

Brian Eddows

Sixty-something lab technician. An ex-prisoner seeking a new life and redemption from his crimes. Brian is 62 years old and is a thick-set stout man with very short grey hair. Has a sense of the reformed villain about him.


Youth of Australia said...

It just struck me you might actually be dead or something. I'll assume that if the comments aren't up any time soon.

Youth of Australia said...

Bummer about you being banned, but you WERE asking for it, starting fights like that and slagging off the production team so publically.


You want me to put a link to this blog in my sig. or something? Your own has vanished along with your avatar. Those not celebrating your online demise are impatiently waiting for your return, but let's be honest, they're all missing you.

Still, you can focus on blogging now, can't you?

I've actually got Gerry Davis and Kit Peddler's original plan for the sequel to Doomwatch if you're interested...

Something to do while passing this chunk of eternity.

It's not a pleasant feeling, being banned, is it?

sparacus said...

Being on leave was not pleasant however thats all in the past now.

sparacus said...

Being on leave was not pleasant however thats all in the past now.

Youth of Australia said...

Be fair, spara, it wasn't in the past when I posted it... it was the present. And why were you "on leave", anyway? Everybody wants to know.

So, how do you want me to send you this info? You got a hotmail account or something I can email it to? Or you want it posted on the GB thread?

sparacus said...

I don't have a hotmail account so it'll have to be GB

Youth of Australia said...

You realize setting up a hotmail account is easier than creating a blog, right?

Anonymous said...

It is time.

Thou art summoned.

Anonymous said...

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