Friday, 3 December 2010

Poor sales of the Doctor Who series 5 DVD set

As I predicted this set is selling less rapidly that the previous series boxsets. This suggests that a rethink is needed in the show's direction.


Youth of Australia said...

So, you don't think that maybe the global financial crisis and resulting recession might have something to do with it?

Or maybe people are waiting until closer to Christmas to buy them as a present?

How do you even know what the sales are like - you don't even know what's on your own blog!

Cameron Mason said...

Where I work, the Series Five box set is our highest selling DVD, more than doubling the sales of its nearest rival, a Michael Parkinson compilation DVD.


Anonymous said...

(Landed here via random link/subject in re: Doctor Who - Sales)

I read other bits you posted on a related site/link (Gallifrey Base), and I have to say that I agree with the two posters above and elsewhere: your reasoning behind your statement is flawed. Sales for most boxsets of TV series, in general, were down over the past year, likely more to do with the economy - and the relative price of boxsets - than with Doctor Who, as a series. Perhaps you are conflating your own feelings about season/series 5 with the broader picture of DVD sales, in general (as sales have also been down, market-wise, due to considerable online pirating, particularly of "niche" items such as sci-fi movies/series, and animation). Just saying: you might want to take a step back and look at things a bit more objectively... as the title of your blog suggests...