Sunday, 25 March 2012

Death of a Ladies' Man's Story

This wise tale deserves its own thread:

Death of a Ladies' Man. said...
This is Sandor/Mutie/LBC I'm leaving this here for posterity/safe keeping for when it's deleted from Gallifrey base.

Ben and Kyle where invesitaging strange happenings when they came across an eerie and desolate deserted village .. all around where smoked out buildings and abandoned businesses, and not a single sign of life or habitation. Our heroes where baffled by this mysterious dread place...

As they searched for clues... the became aware of smoke coming from an above mountain ledge. When they arrived to investiage, Kyle rolled back a large stone blocking the entrance to a cave. Soon the blazing of Ben's touch burned the eyes of a strange figure who had not seen light or human company in some time. A hideously ugly and twisted hermit, with a yellowed face and the scars of stab wounds all over his person. Ben said, "look here now, tell me about this place, what happened here?"

The hermit began to tale his tale... I AM THE LEMON ABOMINATION and this was once Gallium Frey, a mighty township in the kingdom of Whom. Once this place was plauged by bizarre politics, puritanical attitudes and mob mentality. A wise villager called Mork saw this and wanted to do something about it, so he crafted a fool's mask in the shape of a fish-man and would make a mockery of the absurditys of the social customs of Gallium Frey and the land of Whom. People would come for miles to jeer and pelt him with stones.. but some saw the wisdom in Mork's folly and delighted in how he made a mock of those who would perscute and jeer him. In my admiring youth, I was especially inspired and crafted my own mask in the shaped of a Lemon-headed creature, soon others did too, and those who once jeered the Fish Emperor found pleasure in his fooling. Soon enough the Fish Emperor was one of the most legendary and talked about characters in Gallium Frey, even in Whom. For years and years he we held in high position as people came in mass numbers to see him caper.

After many years, the mayor of Gallium Frey, the Robot Nicked Physician began to feel the Fish Emperor was getting too powerful and notable a part of Gallium Frey life. Many of the villagers were jealous of the attention the Fish Emperor recieved and suppored his charges.. though he was too popular to simply imprision or exile without an uprising. But the mayor had a plan! For a long time the followes of the Fish Emperor had asked for their own land to be free of persecution.. so he would finally give them it! He set up a ghetto far outside and out of view of the city limits of Gallium Frey and posted soliders and guards around its gates. No one could leave and return to the main city unless they swore an oath to never speak of the Fish Emperor. Inside the city those who spoke of the wise fish-headed fool where persecuted or exiled to the ghetto. Soon the Fish Emperor's legend faded, yet still the Robot Nicked Physician would enter the ghetto himself and dictate how the Fish Emperors few remaining followers could live.

It is here where the lines between the mask of the Lemon Abomination and the man behind became blurred, I lost my mind and started becoming the fool's mask and began a bloody revolt against our exile... this sparked a war and huge crack downs on the people of Gallium Frey to prevent subversive elements, soon the city was destroyed or people fleed to other lands.. yet I was exiled and chained in this cave. Yet I have maintained my belief that one day the Fish Emperor will return to Gallium Frey and laughter will once again ringing from its grim streets. The Robot Nicked Physician had this power to exile me, or anyone within his cities walls, yet the flexing of his power did not help his city grow any more mighty. indeed it has lead it to ruins as the people where quite free to go and settle anywhere they wanted in the land of Whom as much as the control freak Mayor was free to exile them.

Heed this story and learn its lessons. Oh, hark!

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Oh noes! It looks like all this blatant defiance of Steven Hill has lead to Gallifrey Base self destructing - AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!