Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dragon's Ear & Druid's Spear : Part 4

OK folks, here is the much anticipated fourth part of this classic adventure:


Katie stared angrily at Ben:

"So you planned to investigate this all along? Quit the games playing Ben." Ben looked vacantly ahead:

"I don't know what you mean. I just want a holiday. In the country." Katie was bemused:

"You're acting ¤¤¤¤ing weird. Anyway lets go."

Katie drove them to Ashbourne Manor as Ben stared blanklyout of the window and uttered brief directions in a monosyllabic manner. As they approached the house via the long driveway they saw other cars arriving ahead. Groups of teenagers and early-twentysomethings were jumping out of cars and camper vans painted in psychedelic colours. Katie parked in frontof the house as a youth approached the car:

"Hey guys, where you like from then?"

"Cambridge. And why are all you ¤¤¤¤ing kids arriving? We were expecting a quiet country break." The youth laughed:

"Yeah? You serious? You didn't like see the ad on facebook?"

"What ad on facebook?"

"Advertising this party like here". Katie frowned.

"Seems odd that a place like this would allow a bunch of ¤¤¤¤ing teenagers to run riot in it."

"Yeah but look Katie, they're allowin' 'em in" Kyle replied, gesturing to the entrance where two porters were ushering youths and lary girls inside. They got out of the car and went inside themselves, Ben not uttering a word. Inside the entrance hall, the porters were extracting mobile phones from the kids and issuing them with tickets.

"You ain't 'avin my phone like" a rather obese girl with dyed blonde hair protested. The porter stared at her firmly:

"Then leave. You will have complete free reign to do what you like in this house tonight. The only rule is that you hand in all mobile phones and recoording devices. Security precaution in case of legal issues."

"Yeah all right then, if we gets to like 'ave a steamin' like time like" the girl replied, making a crude gesture. Kyle was concerned:

"This ain't right, these kids are bein' set up in some way."

"I had worked that out Kyle. But what can we do.We'll play along with it."

Kyle agreed but not before he had sent a crafty text to Shakey Jake and Corinne Shaw of Operation Delta asking for back up.

After handing in their phones they all went upstairs to their allocated rooms. Groups of youths roamed around the corridors shouting and the sound of fornicating couples could be heard behind the doors. They found a large room and threw their bags in the corner. Katie had a shower while Kyle put the tv on and watched 'Pointless'. Ben sat on the bed and stared blankly into space. Kyle kept glancing at him and then went to the bathroom. He tapped on the door of the shower cubicle, which Katie angrily opened a little:

"What the ¤¤¤¤ are you doing in here when I'm showering Kyle, you creepy perv?"

"Shhh. Do you want' 'im to hear us like?"

"Want who to hear us?"

"Ben. I think I know what's wrong wiv 'im. ' ipmotism. When he went off like in the McDonalds.... someones nabbled 'im."

"Oh what bollocks."

"LookI'm tellin' ya, he's bin 'ipmotised. I saw it on the telly on one a Martina Cole's late night crime programmes."

Katie turned off the shower.

"Kindly turn around Kyle, I don't want you leching at me. And pass me the bathtowel". Kyle turned his back and held out the towelbehind him. Katie wrapped herself in it and rubbed her hair. As she did so there was a loud bang on the door. They heard Ben open the door and a youth shouting:

"Hiya mate; the party's like on! The porters have like all cleared off and its just us in the place. Get yourselves downstairs if you ain't shaggin'."

A short time later, after Katie had dried herself and dressed in a revealing dark dress, they all went downstairs where the party was in full swing. Loud dance music blasted out of multiple speakers as gangs of youths swigged cans and danced on tables. Gaggles of laddettes screamed, shouted and swigged vodka from bottles. Ben smiled vacantly. Kyle nudged Katie:

"See what I mean like? Normally Ben'd be turnin' is nose up an goin on about how awful all of this is." As he spoke, a drunken youth gave Katie's left buttock a feel. She turned to Kyle:

"Frankly I don't care. Vulgar this may be but some of these boys are not bad looking and I intend to enjoy myself. At least they show me some attention."

Outside something stirred below the surface of the lake. As the noise of the party got louder and louder so did the urge to kill... to feed..... be continued.

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