Sunday, 18 May 2014

"The Crystal Skulls of Halsinar" Part 3

OK folks, here is part three of this dark adventure for Ben:

"The Crystal Skulls of Halsinar"

Part 3 : Labyrinths of Pain

Kyle lept back in horror, although Ben's features quickly returned and the goat-like image faced. Kyle luncged forward and knocked the goblet out of Ben's hands. It flew across the room and smashed in to the wall, wine splattering the wallpaper. Ben held his head in his hands:
"I feel... kind of faint...what's happening..."
He looked up and saw the wine splattered wall:
"Hey, what the hell has happened to my wall? That wallpaper cost £30 a roll and the exclusive decorating company charged £550 per wall to decorate this apartment. Not that I make a habit of the vulgar practice of considering the financial cost of things, however what the hell have you done Kyle?"
Kyle grinned:
"Whew, that's more like the Ben I know. You was under the influence of that goblet thing Ben. You wern't yourself."
"Nonsense Kyle. I mean, I don't remember clearly..."
"Well you was. And summat else, your face started to change into summat none human..."
As Kyle spoke the door buzzer rang. Kyle jumped up and answered it as Katie Ryan flounced in:
"What's all this about you getting divorced Ben? I can't say I'm surprised, in fact I'm stunned it lasted so long," Katie exclaimed.
Ben sighed, his golden hair falling down over his eyes:
"News travels fast. How the hell did you find out?" He asked.
"Oh I was out delivering UKIP leaflets near Trinity College and your wife virtually ran straight into me. Then she started shouting about you and crying. Frankly I told her to pull herself together and she barged off in the direction of Fulton & Howe's office, you know the solicitors. I hope you've got a good lawyer yourself."
Ben lay back on the sofa and stared at the ceiling:
"I really don't need this. No doubt my father won't lend me the finance to hire the very best legal advice. I'll have to use the Operation Delta reserve funds."

Meanwhile Dr Jeremy Lenton walked up the steps to the constituency office of Sir Basil Colley, the Conservative MP for Cambridge. He rang the doorbell and was shown inside by Miriam Keeler, Colley's secretary, a young woman of about 23 with long blonde hair.
"Its Dr Lenton come for his appointment Sir Basil" Miriam said, showing Lenton into Colley's office.
"Ah Dr Lenton. Sit down man, sit down. Not sure what it is you want but its always good to see an Oxford man round here. One gets rather isolated stuck here on enemy turf so to speak."
Lenton smiled:
"Oh I hope that you'll soon be feeling less of a fish out of water. What I want you to do is to get me in to one of the Prime Minister's little dinner parties. You know the ones with senior business leaders and so forth. Make sure its one with the Deputy PM and the Chancellor present as well."
Sir Basil frowned:
"I don't understand. Are you having a little joke with me Dr Lenton?"
"Oh I assure you I'm not joking", Lenton replied with a grin.
"Then there's nothing I can do for you. I can't just wave a hand and get you into the Prime Minister's exclusive meetings. Why on earth would he want a ruddy Anthropologist there? Its not as if you do anything important."

As Lenton and Colley talked, Joe Hannigan stumbled through the streets of Cambridge, his consciousness battling through the dense fog of confusion that surrounded his mind like a vice. He heard the voice of the armoured King, whispering directions to him. Joe arrived at Colley's constituency office and, seeing the sign, a sense of his old hatred and resentment surfaced. Joe hated politicians almost as much as he despised the police and academics. To him they represented the jackboot of the corrupt and selfish middle-aged continually stamping down on the hopes and dreams of the young. To Joe the likes of Sir Basil Colley had been handed their easy path in life by their social background and lacked the imagination to even conceive of the life that Joe had led. They could never walk in his shoes, not even in their dreams... or nightmares. Joe remembered how one of his mother's boyfriends had used to punch him across the room and then lock him in the shed all night with only the wooden floor to sleep on. These thoughts ebbed and flowed through the confused labyrinths of his mind as he rang the door bell. Miriam Keeler answered the door:
"I need to see Colley" Joe stammered out.
"Er, you don't have an appointment and Sir Basil is with someone right now. I suggest you ring in and formally book a time."
Joe shoved her violently out of the way and barged in.
"Hey, come back, you can't just barge in here....." Miriam shouted. He started to ring 999 on her phone, however Joe grabbed it and stamped on it. He bounded up the stairway and flung himself into Colley's office.
"What the devil...." Colley exclaimed. Lenton looked at Joe bemused.
"I suggest that you leave now young man. I am talking to Sir Basil about some very important business. You would not want to cross me." Joe heard the voice inside his head whispering to him. He placed his bag on Colley's desk and took out one of the crystal skulls. It glowed with a strange, green light. Lenton stood up sharply:
"So you are the other thief. I suggest that you hand over the other skulls immediately. You have no idea what you have got yourself involved with boy" he shouted at Joe. Colley gave him a puzzled look:
"Just what on earth is going on here Lenton?" He asked. Joe stared at Lenton:
"I know what you are involved with old man. He spoke to you but now he speaks to me. The King is speaking to me now. I am the King's servant now. He needs no other!"
Joe lifted up his hand and a bolt of green light shot out from it and into Dr Lenton's torso. His face writhed with agony as his hair and skin caught fire, the flames hissing and spitting. Lenton's eyeballs frizzled and melted as he collapsed onto the floor in a smoking heap. be continued.

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