Sunday, 28 June 2015

"MIND TRAP" Part 4

Ok people, here is part four of this new adventure starring RYAN HAWLEY as Ben Chatham:

"MIND TRAP": Part Four

Ben was about to rush forward and intervene to help the young man in the chair however before he could do so he felt a hand on his shoulder. He spun round to see Max Eastman:

"Hey Eastman, what the hell is going on here. Why are they torturing that guy?" Ben shouted. Eastman smiled:

"Oh come now, hardly torture. Chris there is a volunteer. He feels no pain at all due to my advanced hypnosis technique" he replied. Ben was bemused:

"Rubbish Eastman, I distinctly heard him screaming. Why were we locked in our room?" he demanded. Eastman was staring at Katie. He stroked her hair:

"*To Katie* What an extraordinarily beautiful woman you are. I'm sure that you can reassure Ben here that I would never harm any of my volunteers. I regard them almost as my own family. This centre is a retreat, an oasis of peace and harmony in which people can seek the space to rediscover themselves."

Katie stared at Ben:

"Ben I hope that you are taking note of the fact that Eastman has noticed me. It is my hair that he is stroking, not yours. Obviously he is talking complete ¤¤¤¤e however at least he is paying me some attention." Ben frowns:

"This is not the time or place for your self-indulgent complaining Katie. " Kyle meanwhile had gone up to Chris:

"Ere mate, you OK?" Chris simply stared into space. Eastman rushed up to him:

"Please don't intervene in this experiment. It is at a very delicate stage and the volunteer could be harmed if you don't come away."

Reluctantly Kyle agreed to leave and Eastman led them all back downstairs.

As they arrived back downstairs they saw Joe Peters had arrived and was being led inside. Ben went up to him:

"I completely forgot about you" Ben stated before letting Eastman lead them back to the chill out room. Arriving into the room they saw two girls laying out a salad spread with several bottles of white wine:

"Please accept some refreshments as a form of apology. I promise that the door will stay open and you are free to walk about the centre and visit the gym and the television room" , Eastman stated. As he left he slid his hand down Katie's back:

"And you my dear can visit my own rooms if you wish." Kyle grimaced:

"Ere what a creepy old lech. You ok Katie?"

"Of course I'm ok. For your information Kyle, Mr Eastman is clearly someone with excellent taste in women." Joe approached her:

"He's not the only one."Katie smiled and stroked his leg. Ben was bemused:

"Oh for pity's sake. Come on Kyle, lets explore this establishment. That wine looks cheap, the salad clearly isn't fresh, and Katie is on heat. In other words, a trilogy of horrors."

Ben and Kyle went out into the lobby and saw a large girl barging in and being remonstrated with by two of Eastman's female volunteers:

"You cannot come in here. You are not the right type", one of the girls stated. The large girl pushed her aside:

"Wye eye doon't goer tellin' me what ta dooo bitch" she shouted. Eastman approached:

"What is going on here? Who are you?" The large girl smiled at him:

"Wye eye, I'm Kylie like. I'm a just a fat slag from Newcastle like ya nooo. I've come ahhl the way doon 'ere like 'cause me mate said yooos can help lasses looose weight."

Eastman smiled at her:

"Oh I see. Welcome Kylie to our centre of peace and healing. I agree that you are at the moment a hideous obese slattern and a horrible looking fat munter, however we can indeed help you. Within three weeks I can have you looking as slim and attractive as Abigail and Catherine here. Everything is free if you become a volunteer here."

"Wye eye thanks Mr Eastman like. I noooed yoo'd help us owt like. Ere an' I get what you's means about volunteer *winks*. You's can 'ave your ooots here tonight *winks*"

Kyle turned to Ben:

"Ere Ben, Eastman's makin' some big claims there. What say you we try an' talk to some of his volunteers." Ben frowned:

" He won't let us get near them. You can bet that the gym and tv room will be either deserted or populated by flunkeys. And he'll have made sure we don't get access to elsewhere."

"Yeah but I've got a plan Ben......"

Kyle and Ben headed back to the chill out room. Katie and Joe were canoodling on the sofa, enjoying a bottle of wine and a mixed leaf salad. Kyle went up to the window, which was locked, took out his penknife and picked the lock in seconds.

"Look Ben, we need to escape out the window like an' then find a way into other parts of this place". Ben sighed:

"Anything is preferable to watching those two pawing each other. "

Outside they walked around the grounds. Ben noticed a large grey building in the distance:

"Lets try getting into that horrible looking carbunkle". As Ben spoke they heard shouting and a thin youth ran from behind the building towards a wooded area. There was a shot and the youth fell screaming and clutching his leg. To uniformed men approached him and one of them shot him through the head......

........... to be continued.

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