Monday, 17 August 2015

"MIND TRAP" : Part 8

OK FOLKS: Its the big one! The final part of "Mind Trap" featuring RYAN HAWLEY as Ben Chatham. Get the popcorn and the ice cream ready, its the finale! ENJOY:

"MIND TRAP" Part 8 : The Finale

Katie rushed to the door and shouted to the others:
"Come on, we've got to save Ben from Eastman". The youth Chris had slumped to the floor and was groaning with pain:
"Ere 'ang on, we need to get this guy some help," Kyle shouted. Katie scowled feistily:
"Oh stop being sentimental. Phone the streak of piss an ambulance as we're on our way outside. Ben is our priority. Eastman may use him in his hypnotised state to carry out an assassination."
Katie, Joe and Sandra all rushed out, followed by a reluctant Kyle who was phoning 999 for Chris. Epsie Carnell pottered after them:
"Ere wait for me. I ain't as fast as you young uns with your long legs."

They ran out of the building and saw Eastman's car speeding off into the distance. Katie ran to where Ben's vintage car was parked:
"Right cram in! Kyle you drive."
Joe saw Epsie pottering towards them:
"What about the old dear?" he asked.
"Unfortunately we might need the old cow to reverse Eastman's hypnotic control of Ben. We'll just have to squeeze up" Katie shouted.
They sped off at speed after Eastman's car.

Eastman sped through the country lanes at over 80 miles per hour, the tyres of his car screeching. As he turned a corner he ploughed into a family group on bikes, sending the children flying , a little boy crashing into a tree with a sickening thud. Kyle slowed down however Katie saw that the family were hurt but alive:
"Don't stop the car you idiot, we'll lose them" Katie barked at Kyle.
"Ere what about those kids?" Kyle shouted.
"Phone another ambulance, numbnut. And keep driving!" Katie spat out. Kyle sped up again and tossed his phone to Joe to phone the ambulance. After a while they caught sight of Eastman who turned onto a major road and then the motorway.
"Put your foot down on that accelerator Kyle" Katie screamed. Ben's vintage car was fitted with a £20,000 cutting edge engine and soon got close to Eastman's car. Suddenly Epsie Carnell took something from her thick old ladies coat pocket and threw it at Eastman's car, although it missed and landed on the motorway verge. There was an explosion and soil and turf flew everywhere.
"What the ¤¤¤¤ was that?" Joe exclaimed.
Epsie reached back into the pocket and pulled out a World War II grenade:
"My Stan brought these back from the war as souvenirs me duck. They're good 'uns. "
The others stared in disbelief:
"You mad old cow, we're trying to rescue Ben not ¤¤¤¤ing blow him up" Katie screamed.
"You want to watch your mouth my lady. You could get summonsed for using language like that. Young gels today ain't got no manners" Epsie replied sternly.

They raced on down the motorway after Eastman's car.
"My guess is that they'll head for London. Eastman will send Ben to meet the most important public figure he can so that he can use him to assassinate them", Katie commented.
"Just who exactly can Ben gain access to?" Sandra asked.
"Ben can gain rapid access to anyone in government, including the Prime Minister who is a personal friend of his father, Alastair Chatham", Katie replied. Sandra was concerned:
"OK, this is worrying. I will phone my superiors in the police service".
However Eastman's car turned off the motorway and headed off in a new direction:
"Ere they're not going to London, look" Kyle shouted. They saw that they were on the road towards Cambridge. Katie froze :
"This is more serious than I imagined. Today is Cambridge University's graduation day. I suspect that Eastman will try and use Ben to disrupt this important day in the lives of the cream of English youth. Possibly even to try and assassinate the Vice-Chancellor. Come on Kyle, speed up!"

Kyle zoomed after Eastman and eventually they saw the dreaming spires of Cambridge in the distance, dominated by King's college, founded by Henry VI, who also founded Eton. Eastman's car sped into Cambridge town centre, where cars are not allowed, knocking several students off their bikes in the process. Eastman reversed his car over a student, killing him, then zoomed up to King's college. As Kyle drove up, he and the others saw Eastman and Ben running over the neatly cut King's college lawn towards the chapel from where a crowd of graduating students, parents and masters were emerging. Kyle leapt out of the car and ran after them, followed by the others. They entered the thick throng and saw Ben and Eastman pushing their way towards the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Dixby Allcott who was chatting away with a graduate about Aristophanes. Katie and Sandra shoved their way through the crowd, punching several parents to clear their way. They saw Ben stop and clutch his head, however Eastman stared into his eyes and urged him on. Eventually Kyle reached Ben, who had a knife in his hands. Eastman shouted at Ben:
"Peace and love! Now kill this man and then go and slash Allcott". However before Ben could knife Kyle, Epsie Carnell pottered up and started swinging the gold watch:
"Look at this ere watch , me duck. Now forget all that this fella-me-lad has put into yer head. You ain't hypnotised anymore. When I click me fingers wake up". Epsie clicked her fingers and Ben gasped, shaking his head:
"What..... where am I.... Cambridge? How did I get here?"
"Eastman hypnotised you. You were about to stab the Vice-Chancellor" Katie shouted. Ben dropped the knife in shock and disgust. Eastman was furious:
"Pick it up. Finish the job I programmed you for" he demanded. However Ben went up to him and smacked him one , knocking him flying."

Later they were all enjoying a meal at high table in King's college at the personal request of Sir Dixby Allcott.
"Now that the authorities have arrested all of Eastman's associates and freed those held in his centre, we can safely say that this threat has been neutralised", Ben said. He smiled radiantly and everyone felt his personal charm and warmth. Sir Dixby held up a glass of port:
"May I propose a toast to Ben Chatham and his team for saving the university and King's College graduation day from disaster. They raised their glasses and toasted Ben. Epsie Carnell knocked back her fifth port and asked for a refill while Katie stroked Joe's leg under the table. A small ensemble were playing chamber music in the corner. As the food arrived, Ben was shocked to see a familiar figure enter, carrying a silver tray with the roast pork on it..... Barry Tuck! He slammed the plate down on the table:
"Hey, if it ain't you bunch of ¤¤¤¤¤. What you lot doin' in this posh hole?" Ben was furious:
"Shhhhh, I'd rather you didn't let on that you know us Tuck, not here at high table!" Tuck grinned:
"Ooooooo. Joining the haristocracy are we." Tuck noticed Sir Dixby Allcott's much younger wife, Estelle:
"Hey up love. How yer doin? *winks*" Estelle Allcott frowned. Tuck approached her and leant over her shoulder, looking down her front:
"Lovely view of them jugs from here love. What's a fit bird like you doing with an old fossil like him? Can't imagine him doing much between the sheets 'cept farting".
Sir Dixby stood up in horror:
"How dare you insult me and leer at my wife", however Tuck had moved off towards the ensemble in the corner:
"Hey we don't want any more of that boring ¤¤¤¤e." He pushed the violin player into the cellist and they both fell over crushing their instruments."




Youth of Australia said...

Hullo, Spara. Just passing, heard The Underwater Menace is finally going to be on DVD. Can promise you Episode 2 will not be a let down, and the story as a whole is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


sparacus said...

I'm very much looking forward to getting The Underwater Menace.