Sunday, 8 November 2015


Ok folks, here is the second part of this story:


Ben and Kyle ran back into the house, where Annie was collapsed on the floor in the hallway sobbing. She had seen Scott's head explode. Ben knelt down to comfort her:
"I'm sorry that your boyfriend is dead. However you need to pull yourself together and come with us. No time for sentimentalism".
Annie screamed and sobbed some more. Ben rolled his eyes:
"Oh come on doll, you're overdoing it now. We need to get out of the house before that demonic woman arrives. *To Kyle* Kyle yank her up and follow me."
Ben strode down into the kitchen and opened the back door. Kyle helped Annie to her feet:
"Ere I'm sorry like. Ben can be a heartless ¤¤¤¤ sometimes. But we do need to get out."

They followed Ben out into the back garden, where he was staring down at the cloven footprints:
"I've had a thought. These footprints form a trail. I guess we ought to follow them." Ben followed the footprints down the litter strewn garden and towards a side gate which led out into a filthy alleyway. Ben went out into the dark alleyway which smelt of urine and damp . As he looked for traces of the footprints a middle-aged man approached him, wearing a business suit and raincoat. He looked Ben up and down:
"Oh hello. You're new here I see. Hmmm. Very nice. I'll give you £50 for an overnight stay." Ben stared at him angrily:
"How dare you. I can see that this alley is used as a cruising zone and I am pleased by your appreciation of my looks however I assure you that I am here fore other purposes. In addition, I am worth far more than £50 so kindly piss off."
The man gave a bemused scowl before turning and walking off. Ben pulled out his £5000 phone and switched on the torch append shone it around the alley. As he did so he could see the figure of an old tramp quivering in the corner. Ben approached him:
"You there. Can you tell me if you saw something animalistic in this alleyway earlier." The tramp quivered:
"What 'ere? There's animalistic goin's on all the time down 'ere so there is. But there was summat else earlier."
"What exactly?"
"Ere its cold 'ere tonight so it is. You got a wee dram 'o' whiskey?"
"No I haven't. Now tell me what you saw."
"It were 'horrible so it were. Hair all over its legs an' glowing eyes. It went through the gate into the back 'o that disused warehouse there."
The tramp pointed to another gate further down the alley. Ben strode off towards it, followed by Kyle and a still sobbing Annie.

Ben, Kyle and Annie soon found themselves standing in the grounds of a disused, corrugated iron warehouse. A group of children were guarding a bonfire with a makeshift Guy on it, amusing themselves by throwing lit sparklers at each other. Ben approached them:
"We ain't doin' nuffink mate. Ere you got any money for our Guy?"
Ben frowned:
"No I haven't. I suggest you get a paper round and...."
Ben was interrupted by a unnatural growl from within the warehouse.
"Ere Daz, its back, that thing its back", one of the children said fearfully. The first boy looked scared and ran to a box behind the bonfire, lifting out some Molotov cocktails, which he gave to Ben:
"Ere mate, you can 'ave these. We're off."
The boys ran off as another growl came from within the warehouse. Annie screamed.
"Oh for pity's sake shut her up Kyle. I'm going in there to confront this thing, whatever it is."
Ben pushed his way through a triangular hole in the corrugated wall of the building. It was pitch dark inside and there was a pungent smell of death, akin to a mixture of rotten fish and diahorrea . Suddenly a figure loomed up in the distance, with a strange red glow across its body and red eyes. It resembled the devil, with a goats legs and satanic face.
"What are you? " Ben shouted, handing the Molotov cocktails to Kyle:
"I am Ezal. The cloven one. I have risen to avenge the death of Azal. You puny humans have given us much entertainment. But now you must be cut down to size."
As he spoke the old woman and the demonic dog appeared by his side. Ezal's eyes glowed brighter.
"Now Kyle", Ben shouted. Kyle lit the Molotov cocktails with his cigarette lighter and lobbed them at Ezal. They fell next to his feet, igniting some litter within the warehouse. Ezal and the others were enveloped in flames:
"We will return... you will pay for this humans....." Ezal shouted.
"Ere I thought you liked it hot" Kyle shouted at him.
"Come on Kyle, I suggest we leave before this whole place goes up", Ben shouted, giving his charismatic smile.

Later Ben and Kyle were visiting a recovering Annie in Grantchester's private Psychiatric Hospital.
"Thank you Ben, thank you for all you've done for me. I don't think I could have got over what I saw happen to Scott without coming to this place, so thank you for paying the fees. You're an amazing guy."
"I know I am", Ben said, giving his charismatic smile.


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