Wednesday, 27 July 2016

"The Two Bens" Episode 7

EPISODE 7: MY POWER IS ABSOLUTEThe two Ben's glared angrily at the regal presence in front of them. The King was sitting elegantly on a golden throne and dressed in elaborate robes of fine silk and gold thread. He lifted his head slightly:
"You must accept the new reality of our rule. That we, King Richard IX, have brought the benefits of wise and prudent service to this troubled England of this dimension. Soon we hope to extend this to your world as a whole".
The King gave a slight, though not ostentatious, smile and adjusted one of his golden rings. The alternate Ben flicked his hair out of his eyes and strode forward:
"How dare you risk the existence of two whole universes because of your crazy lust for more power. The technology that you are using is unstable, even the Time Lords have never perfected an inter-dimensional interface rationaliser. If it fails we get total universe collapse."
Two guards moved forward and grabbed the alternate Ben, dragging him back from the throne. The King lifted his hand:
"We feel that we should remind you that crude displays of emotion and shouting are most churlish and emblematic of the lower orders".
Tears filled the alternate Ben's eyes and Ben put his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. He stared at the King:
"How dare you. Ben here is an alternate version of me and we both come from very good backgrounds. My parents have land and property in Wiltshire and my father is a well respected classical musician. In no way are we lower class and I am disgusted that you could stoop so low as to suggest it. I am also shocked and appalled that you have imprisoned her majesty the Queen in the Tower of London of all places. Plus you are threatening the existence of two universes as well."
The King remained calm and serene:
"We see that there is some spirit about you Ben that is most attractive to us. However you must realise that our power is absolute and will remain absolute. One gesture from our hand to our household guards and you can be dead within the hour, along with all of your companions. We have taken such disciplinary measures against whole peoples' in our universe for less than your displays of rudeness. However you engage our interest."

Katie Ryan and Kyle looked on in anger and Katie strode forward feistily:
"Look I'm fed up of this. Who the hell do you think you are? This is England in 2016 not the middle bloody ages. You look ridiculous and you're clearly a complete fruitcake and I don't know about your England but in this one we have something called mental health services and they might be able to do something for you."
The King raised a hand and several guards grabbed Katie, one of them trying to kiss and grope her. Kyle rushed up and punched the guard, decking him, however was soon overpowered by others.
"Gerrof me, (to the King) hey mate, call off these goons ..." Kyle shouted. The King gave a slight smile:
"Ah, the diction of the common artisan and the coarseness of Miss Ryan. We are disappointed Ben that your choice of companions is no more discerning in this world than ours".
"¤¤¤¤ off...." Katie shouted. The King nodded to his guards:
"Take them to one of our new military centres. We will decide their fate in due course."

The two Bens and the others were driven some distance in a prison van before they arrived at a barracks, now in the hands of the invaders, and were thrown in a holding room. Several soldiers were already in the cell, one of them bleeding profusely on the floor and near death. Katie and Kyle tried to help him, however Katie shook her head:
"This guy needs proper medical attention or he's dead. Mind you I think he's had it in any case."
The other two soldiers had been beaten up but were still awake and lucid. Ben approached them:
"I guess that these invaders overran this place and took you prisoner."
One of the soldiers spoke:
"No. We were part of the invasion force. We are not from your universe. We tried to sabotage their attack on this base and failed. We're part of the underground resistance movement."
The alternate Ben approached Ben:
"Not everyone agrees with the King and his insane plans. My organisation Operation Alpha is part of the resistance movement, and the resistance as a whole has agents within the army and the scientific community . There is much opposition to the King and his plans."
Meanwhile Kyle was banging on the door of the cell:
"Ere, there's a fella in here dyin'. Came on, he needs help....."
"You're wasting your time Kyle. They clearly have no conscience these people", Ben observed. Jake fiddled with his long, greying hair and pulled out a skeleton key, hidden in the hair and fixed with an elastic band:
"Hey dudes, you need this man. They never think to search in the hair."
Ben grinned:
"I never thought I've have cause to praise your scruffy hippy hair Jake. Kyle, you know what to do."

Kyle picked the lock and they all ran outside the room.
"We need to get some help like for that injured soldier fella", Kyle shouted. The Bens looked at each other and shook their heads:
"Pointless Kyle. It will just result in us being re-apprehended. No one here is likely to be on our side, " Ben stated, thinking practically. As he spoke, a series of armed men appeared from round a corridor:
"Hey, you lot, stay where you are!" The Bens and the others started to run. A shot rang out and the alternate Ben fell to the ground.........

.............. to be continued.

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