Sunday, 25 May 2008


Ok, here is a brief taster of the next Ben Chatham adventure folks.


Through the vastness of space they move. Formed by intellects vastly superior to homo sapiens and focused with the certainty of a sleepwalker. As they reach the atmosphere of earth the objects slow for their final descent, homing in on their targets......

Ben is lying across the sofa in his dressing gown enjoying a cup of Blue Ridge columbian coffee and reading RJ Griffiths' definitive biography of Henry VI. As he reads, he occasionally looks up at Craig, who is sitting with his head resting on his knees and staring mournfully out of the window. Kyle enters the apartment with some shopping and approaches Craig:
"Ere I got that magazine you asked for. Hows about you help me unpack all this."
Craig stares out the window:
"It is of no concern. My life is frozen and pointless. I am alone."
He gets up and walks out and slams the door of his room.
"Aw he's still pining for Isobel Ben. Can't you ask Jack if he can visit her again like?"
Ben looks up:
"And what good do you think that will do? Use your head Kyle. The more time he spends with the girl the more he misses her later. Its best if he forgets her."
"But it ain't that simple, 'e loves her Ben."
Ben is irritated:
"And I'm worried about him too Kyle, however there is no point in pretending he can ever be with her all the time."

Ben turns on the tv to catch the news and is intrigued by the lead item:
".... and all over the world, reports are coming in of the strange metallic cylinders appearing in roads, gardens, fields. So far 14 have been reported in the UK and all are resisting all attempts to move or dislodge them. The M25 remains partly closed....."
"Hmm.... interesting" Ben muses. I think I'll ring Jack after all....

..... to be continued

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you forgot to finish the last story, doofus