Saturday, 7 June 2008

Forest of the Dead

That was better than the first part . The stuff with Donna in the computer world was creepy and it was all quite cleverly written. At the same time though it was a bit frustrating - the shadow creatures didn't really make sense and it would've been better to have chopped out the 'happy ending'.

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Youth of Australia said...

(I aint seen the ep yet, so I am completely prejudice-free).

Dear dear this really is a bad review. True, you did more than a line saying you liked/disliked it, but come on! "Better than the first part"? You didn't review the first part! Why is it better? What was wrong? How could it have been improved. "The stuff with Donna"?! THAT is the best you can do? YOU?! A TEACHER?! That's hardly acceptable in a review. You have to show your working - WHY didn't Vashta Nerada not make sense? HOW would it be better with a sad ending? Evidence is required to justify the critique!

Is it REALLY so difficult to type more than 53 words? You've got a degree, you should be able to come up with a better treatise than this! If you can't, we can only wonder why you put it up in the first place...