Sunday, 21 September 2008

A Doctor Who Movie Proposal: "NEW DAWN"

The mooted Doctor Who film: a proposed plot outline!

OK, with David Tennant keen to star in a Who film, it strikes me that this would be a great opportunity for the show to reach even more people, especially in the US, and enhance its credibility. However it needs to be done in the correct way, rather than as some lightweight run-of-the-mill sci fi movie . Here is my proposal for how it could be done.


The movie will be set mainly in the US, in California's Death Valley, both to evoke a sense of place & landscape and to appeal to a transatlantic audience. There will also be some scenes in the UK. The Doctor will be travelling with Donna Noble who has recovered her memory. She is a popular companion and needs to be brought back. Also the film needs a 'big name' to pull in the audience , so Jack Nicholson will be in the cast.

main characters:

The Doctor
Donna Noble +

Ben Chatham
Katie Ryan
Kyle Scott
Captain Jack Harkness+

Chuck - an ex-US soldier & Vietnam vet , now a spiritual seeker, in his 60s played by Jack Nicholson
David Leader - a 21 year old university dropout
Jade Serena - a 20 year old daughter of a leading US senator
Bill Wayne - the local gun-totin' police chief

a brief synopsis of the plot:

The TARDIS lands in death valley, California, as Donna had asked to see the US and the Doctor thought it would be an amusing jape to take her somewhere different than the predictable LA or New York. They survey the atmospheric landscape - Donna is unimpressed and the Doctor pokes impish fun at her.Suddenly a beaten car shoots across the landscape and stops before them:
"Hey man, get in quick. They're comin' for us", a paranoid looking young man shouts from the car. The Doctor hesitates so the car drives off. Suddenly, he & Donna see a strange swirling wind with strange lights within it. This encircles the car & it explodes and vanishes.

Convinced that something is seriously wrong, the Doctor & Donna head towards a distant wooden shack where they meet Chuck (Jack Nicholson), a Vietnam vet who has lived in death valley for 30 years. He offers them some soup and a joint and explains that the earth is sick, that world leaders are not in control of their own actions and that some unknown force is manipulating world events for unknown purposes. He explains that he discovered the truth long ago and decided to live alone in the valley as he feels that he himself is a threat to others as the unknown force has tried to control his own mind. Donna believes that Chuck is insane, however the Doctor is not so sure.

Jade appears from within Chuck's shack and claims that she has evidence that Chuck is correct. She says that she has just arrived in the valley having just travelled from Washington, where her father is a Senator. She claims that the President and entire establishment are controlled by a mind-warping force and that the force is designed to lead the human race into self-destruction and is controlled by aliens. She says that 'desruction day' is close.

- to be continued

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