Sunday, 12 October 2008

"NEW DAWN" Part 2


- continued

Meanwhile the Doctor receives a call from Ben Chatham, who is at an archaeological dig at Cerne Abbas. He informs the Doctor that Russia has launched a nuclear attack on Poland and that its all on the radio news. He asks the Doctor for help as the US may be about to retaliate and World War III begin. He also tells him that a strange light is shooting out of the Cerne Abbas chalk figure and into space.The Doctor confirms to Chuck & Jade that he thinks they are right. Meanwhile David Leader arrives on a motorbike, pursued by a police car. He claims that the establishment are after him because he fire-bombed a warehouse ‘owned by alien shape-shifters’.
The police car stops and Bill, the police chief approaches, telling them to:
“Get the hell away from this nut”. When the Doctor protests, Bill says:
“Don’t give me any of that **** boy”. However, Bill his shocked when his two policemen fade and change into reptilian aliens. They raise their weapons to execute David, however Donna throws some sand into their faces and everyone runs. As the reptilians pursue them, shooting a strange red light descends from the sky and engulfs them. The aliens vanish.Chuck explains that the earth is a living organism and that it is fighting back against the alien control force. He claims that he discovered the truth while wounded in Vietnam & being tended in a Buddhist monastery. He says that death valley is a centre for the benign earth energy.

In Cerne Abbas, Ben, Katie & Kyle are joined by Captain Jack. Having been briefed by the Doctor, he surmises that the alien mind-control machine is buried under the Cerne Abbas hill. As they examine the light, they are surrounded by aliens. They explain that they are Gantonians and that the aim is to capture earth for the Gantonian Empire. Once they have caused nuclear war on earth, they will invade and strip the planet of its resources. Ben tries to protest, but is restrained.Back in death valley, David and Jade walk away from the others trance-like and begin to kiss in the hot desert sun. Chuck explains that making love in the valley enhances the power of the earth’s energy and as David & Jade get heavy with each other, strange lights descend from the sky and a lilting music.

In Cerne Abbas, Ben jumps into the alien light and blocks it…… but is disintegrated.Breaking the light allows the earth energy to overcome the alien force. Beneith Cerne Abbas the alien machine stops and the Gantonians on earth are disintegrated. World leaders are freed from the mind grip.That evening, the Doctor , Donna & the others sit in death valley watching a massive light-show in the sky ‘the earth celebrating’ Chuck muses. There is no nuclear war and sanity is restored. Ben reappears in Cerne Abbas, having been saved my the earth’s force and he & his team celebrate.


Leonard Hatred said...

Hang on. 'New Dawn' is a film outline, right? But you posted it in two parts (haven't read either, I have better things to do with my time like watching cat turds go hard on my lawn).

So does that mean that Part 2 of 'ND' is actually a movie sequel? Enquiring minds need to know.

Youth of Australia said...

It's just his usual chronic inability to finish something in a single sitting, LH.

Oh, and Spara, get rid of the crap off this blog - you know, the youtube vids, the pointless polls, all they do is clog up webspace. This place takes ages to load and is rarely worth the effort.

If you can't be bothered to maintain a blog, you should delete it an unclutter the web.

sparacus said...

I have tidied up the blog a little and removed some of the pictures and vids.

Youth of Australia said...

Bloody hell, didn't expect that.

Leonard Hatred said...

He listens!

Youth of Australia said...'s a trap!

Run, Leonard! Run to my blog and we'll hide there till he's gone. I've got four of the bloody things, so we should be able to lose him...

Leonard Hatred said...

I only know the URL to your anti-Ben blog, Youth...

Leonard Hatred said...

Oops, only just realised that I can access your other blog by clicking on your username, Youth.


Youth of Australia said...

Oh, well, he's put another bloody poll up! That's me unable to visit here until it's deleted.

See you lot round.