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"Caves of Oblivion" part 2

Ok folks, here is the dramatic second part of this story:


Ben and Kyle are driving up to Derbyshire in Bessie, on loan to Ben from the Doctor, while Katie & Jake follow behind in Ben’s own vintage car. In the back seat of Bessie is K9, whom Ben & Jake had managed to fix using instructions left by the Doctor. Ben is listening to ‘Moonage Daydream’ by David Bowie as the wind blows through his luscious golden hair.
“Its just great to be driving along on a warm summer day like this. Wouldn’t you agree K9?” Ben asks.
“Affirmitive Master” K9 replies.
Kyle fiddles in his pocket for his phone and starts to text.
“Don’t do that Kyle. Not while we are in the car.”
“I ain’t driving, you are!” Kyle replies.
“Its distracting me . I now have the urge to text myself but cannot because I’m driving. It is like waving temptation in my face.”Kyle throws down the phone.

Later on they all arrive in Brangem at the outdoor pursuit centre, which has been doubling up as the base for the archaeological dig. Jed (played by Rupert Hill) is waiting outside to greet them along with an older man in his early forties and a woman in her late twenties. Ben jumps out of Bessie and embraces Jed:
“Hey its good to see you. Its been a long time.”
“Too long Ben. I’ve missed you. We really need to keep in better touch.” Jed replies.Ben introduces Kyle, Katie & Shakey Jake. Katie is struck by Jed’s boyish good looks and feels an instant attraction to him. Jed stares at her, mentally undressing her, however he feels it best not to appear too full on so moves the conversation on:
“Ben this is Jim Harries, head of the centre here and this is Lisa, one of the instructors..”
“Any news about the two kids like?” Kyle asks.
“Nah. The police ‘av given up”, Jim replies, “they’re gonners. Its bin a bloody nightmare. I’ve just ‘ad the parents of one of em on the phone whinging and the other lot are already up here & stayin at the pub. This is all we bloody well need.”
“Isn’t there still a chance they’re still trapped?” Ben asks.
“Nah they’ve ‘ad it lad. Don’t look like that, I’m from Yorkshire and I say what I bloody well mean. I’m as sorry as anyone about this but accidents happen. Now no doubt some bloody no win no fee legal do-gooder ‘all try an get a fortune out of us. This place’ll go.”
“The caves intersect with a whole network of unstable mine shafts. And when it rains they flood out. It poured last night” Lisa adds.
Ben turns to Jed:
“What about these crystals Jed? Can I see them?”
“In here”. Jed bekons them into the centre.

They follow him into a hall which is full of labels laid out with archaeological finds being washed and boxed. Jed opens a box and lifts out a blue crystal. Ben instantly feels a strange pulsating feeling throughout his whole body and the room seems to go hazy and pulsate. He hears a strange sound like a violin and his legs give way. Ben feels himself floating through a great darkness however something materialises before him. Strange luminous beings in white robes and with indeterminate facial features. He senses that they are warning him of some great danger, yet does not know why.

Ben wakes to see himself surrounded by the others. Kyle wipes Ben's forehead with a damp tissue.
“Wh…what happened.? No I remember…. That crystal. That IS a crystal from Alzaneran 4, I recognise that sound. They have never had that effect before though.”As he speaks, the door opens and in come Paul Farraday & Corinne Shaw of Operation Delta who have just arrived . “Are you okay Ben? What happened to you?” Paul asks.Meanwhile Katie stares at Corinne:
“Nice to meet you again Corinne. You’re looking good, its surprising how well an older woman can , how shall I put this, scrub up!”Corinne smiles sardonically and flicks her hair to one side:
“You’re looking good yourself. Well all things considered…..”
Ben intervenes:*getting up* I think we need a proper team meeting. I think there is something very very dangerous going on here. The earth may be in mortal danger”

.………… be continued.

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