Monday, 29 June 2009


Here is part three of this eerie tale folks:


Ben has convened a team meeting in the lounge of the centre. Lisa brings in a tray with coffee, bourbons and fresh cream. Corinne is concerned about Ben who is very tired after his experience:
“Ben, I think we need to explore your experience and pool ideas as a group. Can you tell us exactly what you saw in your mind?” She sips her coffee in a businesslike manner and lights a cigarette. Ben holds his head in his hands:
“It was very strange…. Surreal. I saw the beings in white and although they said nothing, I had a sense of great power. I just knew that they were warning me of something. Corinne I just have this feeling that those I saw were of the Clanac.” Ben replies.
Paul Farraday leans forward:
“The Clanac?”
“The Clanac Empire was one of the largest benevolent alliance of planets to have existed in the known universe. Their huge expansion was due to the appeal of their incredible artistic culture and perfectly planned and efficient economy . They never used wars of conquest. Like all Empires, it eventually broke up, however it left behind a most fascinating archaeology . The Doctor recently took me to the Museum of the Crystal Caves where it is housed.”
Paul sips his coffee:
“I think our first priority should be to explore the cave where the boys vanished, dangerous or not.”
They decide that Ben, Katie and Corinne will explore the caves while Paul & Jake analyse the crystals.

Later, Ben and the others are preparing to enter the caves with Jim & Lisa giving a brief introductory talk about the cave system and its labyrinthine meandering passageways. Jim is rather short-fused as he’s just had an altercation with one of the missing boys’ father:
“ Now I’ve just had that bloody trouble maker threatening us with legal action. The last thing I need is any other bugger going missing so just follow me and do as I bloody say.”He leads the way into the cave, with Ben and the others following. As they stumble in the dim, dank cave, Ben chats to Corinne:
“Its good to see you again Corinne. I’ve had a hard time recently what with splitting up with Anselm and then there is the whole saga of Nathaniel that you don’t know about. I could do with getting it all off my chest.” Corinne smiles:
“Your chest is perfect as it is Ben. Seriously though, are you sure that you know what you want? I mean don’t take offence but your relationships with men always seem problematic.”
Katie is extremely irritated that Ben is having a conversation about such personal matters with Corinne. She fakes a stumble in the dark so that she plunges forward & jabs her torch into Corinne’s back.
“Ow…. Hey watch it” Corinne shouts.
“Oh I’m so sorry. I lost my footing” Katie replies.

Meanwhile, back in the centre, Jake & Paul have set up a makeshift lab. Jake pokes at a crystal:
“Hey this is like wow man. It has a structure of amazing density. I dig its strange sounds.”Paul uses a welding torch on one and the crystal suddenly glows and pulsates. It shoots out a brilliant white light which shoots into Paul’s head. He collapses onto the floor . Dazed he looks up to see the light continuing to emerge from the crystal, but this time it forms a strange mist. Strange alien figures appear in the mist before vanishing.

Meanwhile, in the caves, Jim calls on the group to listen up:
“Right, this turning here leads into the mine shafts. We should be alright as its low tide, but they are prone to the odd roof cave in.”As he speaks, Corinne gives a gasp. They turn around to see two figures emerging from the mine tunnel. It is the two boys, however they are bathed in a strange, eerie glow and their eyes shine a luminous blue. The taller one speaks:
“I am Asiron. I am your guide to the knowledge of the Clanac. There is danger. Great danger. The dark ones come………”

………… be continued.


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this isnt eerie its dreary

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"this isnt eerie its dreary"

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