Friday, 10 February 2012

The Wedding of Ben Chatham: Part 7

OK folks, the plot thickens. Here is part 7 of this Doctor Who spin off series story:


Ben is taken to the remand prison and thrown roughly into a cell. One of the policemen spits a massive lump of flem at him and Ben just manages to duck in time so that it splats against the mouldy damp wall, which is covered in bloodstains. The policemen laugh and slam the cell door. Ben sees that Kyle, who has been beaten up again, is lying on a mouldy mattress in the corner. Ben goes over to him and cradles his head, offering him a Fox's Glacier Mint.
"Its ok Kyle, I'm going to get us out of here somehow. I just don't know how yet."

Meanwhile Katie Ryan arrived at Operation Delta HQ in an angry mood. She flounced into the meeting room where Corinne Shaw was pouring out coffees and slammed copies of the Sun, Mirror and Daily Mail onto the table:
"I take it that you lot haven't ¤¤¤¤ing heard. Ben's been arrested for murder!"
The others gazed at the lurid headlines and Keith Smith began to read out the Mail's lead story:

"Shamed OPeration Delta head Ben Chatham has been arrested for murder following what appears to be a sordid altercation with a gay lover. Chatham picked up the young man, named as Luke Hanson 22 from Hampstead, in Heaven nightclub, a notorious homosexual haunt. It was revealed this morning that police suspect Chatham of stabbing Luke to death as part of a twisted sado-masochistic sex session..........

"I think we've heard enough Keith!" Corinne firmly stated: "Ben will be devastated that the Mail has joined in this character assassination. Obviously the whole thing is an elaborate set up".
"Yeah but how the hell do we prove it?" Katie snapped. As she did so the door swung open and in bustled............

................Ian Levine!

"I came as soon as I could.. I must speak to you all immediately *waving a newspaper* this is all a set up and I can prove this fact".
"What the ¤¤¤¤ are you babbling on about?" Katie asked angrily. Shakey Jake took a drag on his cigarette:
"Hey babe chill ok? Let the guy speak". Ian Levine sat down panting:
"I used to work at 'Heaven' as a DJ and still have contacts there. I have been informed that Luke Hanson is an upmarket rent boy and that he has been boasting to all and sundry that he's landed a highly lucrative job that will set him up for life. One of the current DJs informed me that Hanson told him that he's planning to fly to LA this afternoon to start a new life."
"Hey man its a bit too bad that he's dead. Poor dude" Jake said mournfully. Katie scowled:
"You thick hippy ¤¤¤¤! Don't you get it? Its all a set up. This guy is probably still alive. We need to intercept him."
"Yeah babe like how? We don't know what airport or time". Ian Levine intervened:
"I can help with that. Hanson boasted that he was flying first class British Airways at 4 pm!"

That afternoon Katie, Paul, Corinne and Jake arrived at the airport. They all had copies of the Sun with Hanson's photo on the front page. Paul led the way to the check in terminal for flights to Los Angeles. They surrupticiously walked around the nearby shops keeping an eye on the passengers arriving. After what seemed like a lifetime Katie noticed a young man arrive. He had a hoodie on but as he looked around Katie had a clear view of his features:
"There he is!" She shouted. As they ran towards him, Hanson looked round in horror and bolted, running through the airport, knocking down a small child which wailed in pain. Paul and Katie kept pace with him and as Hanson turned a corner he ran headlong into a man, lost his footing and went flying. Paul grabbed him:
"You're coming with us and going public on how you helped set up Ben". Hanson looked terrified:
"Let go of me. They'll kill me. You don't know what you're dealing with". Suddenly a shot rang out and Paul seemed to feel the bullet whiz past them very close. Two armed men in business suits were running towards them:
"I think we'd all better run now" Paul shouted and they all took flight. The men carried on shooting as a party of American tourists walked in front of them. Two of the women were accidently shot, the blood splatting out over the grey polished floor. The team ran out of the airport and made for the car park, Paul holding on to Hanson's arm. They bundled him into the car and Katie drove off at speed. However as they did so a police car rounded a corner and drove straight at them on a collision course.................. be continued.

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