Friday, 27 January 2012

"The Wedding of Ben Chatham" : Part 6

OK people: your Sunday evening entertainment starts right here! Its the next part of this major story:


Inspired by Ian Levine's faith in him, Ben wakes up the following day determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and turn things around. He drives his vintage car out into the Cambridgeshire countryside as its a sunny morning and Ben finds country drives rejuvenating. Then he drives to Operation Delta HQ to meet with Paul and Corinne. In the meetings room, Ben sips a cup of exclusive Blue Ridge Columbian coffee and stares at Paul:
"Any news on the three cases we talked about?" he asks. Paul frowns:
"Not really. We've pretty much drawn a blank. I think we can assume that the Slitheen case is nothing to do with this. According to Jack Harkness the vengeful Slitheen that escaped did return to try and destroy Torchwood but was killed in Cardiff. And the corrupt scientist in prison, a Dr Herrigan, died there three months ago of a heart attack. As for this Lisa Baldwin woman, she seems to have vanished. The odd thing though is that she really has vanished, as if she never existed. There are no written records of her, no internet trail, facebook profile.... nothing. Are you sure you got the name right Ben?"
"Of course I'm damn well sure. You need to keep digging on this one. People don't just vanish in the modern world. What about her mobile phone details?"
"We contacted all the major providers and used Torchwood's authority to force them to come clean. Again a complete blank. We went through all the Lisa Baldwin's and none fit the profile you gave us". Ben frowns.
"I am now suspicious. You keep working on this while I engage with the other developing strands within my life".

Ben drove to the recording studios in Hammersmith with Corinne to meet with Katie, Shakey Jake and the producer Jonathan King. Entering the studio, Ben was pleased to see that work was starting on laying down backing tracks . Jake was playing a meandering guitar solo for 'Bleeding Love' while a session drummer named Loz had been hired as a temporary measure. Loz banged away behind Corinne who had grabbed her flute. Jonathan King bustled over:
"I'm so delighted to meet you dear boy *ruffles Ben's hair*. I've worked with the Doctor and he speaks very highly of you." Ben frowns:
"I expect you to mix the album so that my vocals stand out. I don't want the musicians to swamp me."
"Have no fear dear boy. I'm simply wild about your vocal potential." Jake comes over and offers Ben a massive spliff:
"Hey man I've laid down some really groovy licks man. Far out".
"This is a pop album Jake not some ghastly 1960s psychedelic type thing" Ben verbally ejaculates. Then he walks over to the mike and begins to sing 'Bleeding Love', followed by 'Good Morning Universe'. Everyone in the studio stands transfixed by the beauty and perfection of Ben's sublime vocals.

Later, Ben takes Emma Cole out to an exclusive restaurant in London. Everyone is dressed in formal dinner wear and the whole room is lit by candlelight. Ben sips an absinthe:
"Emma, you don't have to answer me tonight if you don't wish to. However I'd really like you to marry me, as you know." Emma takes hold of Ben's hand:
"Ben are you sure that you really want this? I'm not stupid you know. I'm aware of your past... not everything but I do know that you've dated guys as well as girls. Are you sure I'm what you want?"
"Of course I am. Please don't allude to any past behaviour. That was just a phase. I want marriage and a family and nothing else. And I want you to share that with me Emma." Emma laughs and a tear falls down her cheek.
"Then of course I'll marry you Ben!" They laugh and embrace.

Later Ben drives Emma to her hotel in London before returning to the recording studio to lay down vocals for "Life on Mars" and "Sebastian". When he finished it was nearly midnight and not wanting to waste an evening in London decided to go to 'Heaven' for a couple of hours. He failed to notice the two young men following him as he entered the club.....
After a few absinthes Ben was on the dancefloor, his exclusive white shirt bulging with his well-toned muscles. He spotted a dark-haired young guy in the distance staring at him and felt an instant attraction. The guy came over and they danced together to Rhianna for a while.
"Hi, I'm Luke".
"Hi Luke I'm Ben."
"You wanna come to my place tonight Ben".
"Yes. I want you to **** me and then **** ******* ***".
After more drinks Ben left with Luke and they made their way to Luke's exclusive penthouse apartment laughing. Inside the apartment, Luke stripped his clothes off revealing his well-toned body and poured a bottle of water over himself to cool down. Ben ripped his clothes off and they dived into bed.

Slowly Ben found himself returning to consciousness from the fog of sleep. His head throbbed and he stared at the unfamiliar surroundings. Slowly he remembered where he was. The bed felt wet and sticky, yet warm. Ben looked round and reeled in horror. Luke's body lay naked on the bed, covered in stab wounds. He felt something in his hand and lifed up.......... a knife. As he did so there was a bang on the door followed by a crash as the door flew open and the room bacame full of policemen. Two of them were armed:
"Don't move, don't move. Drop the knife. DROP IT NOW" one shouted. Ben threw the knife down.
"Benjamin Chatham. You are under arrest for murder!"

....................... to be continued.

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