Wednesday, 1 August 2012


OK folks. The plot thickens.


Kyle and Katie, having searched the toilets and all through the McDonalds, rushed outside and looked around the car park. However there was no sign of Ben.

"Ring his damn mobile again!" Katie shouted.

"I 'ave done. Its switched off as I said" Kyle answered, looking into the car windows.

"Well I'm going back inside. The food will be ready by now" Katie said, flouncing back into the building. Kyle searched the car park a while longer before joining her.

"So should we like go back to Ben's apartment an 'ope he like just turns up?" Kyle asked.

"*munching a burger* No Kyle. Use your brain. We are on a case and will go and see this Renfew guy. If Ben is likely to turn up anywhere it is there", Katie replied.

"Hows about we contact Torchwood an get 'em to trace Ben using that gear they 'ave that can track his mobile even when its switched off?"

"Later Kyle. For all we know Ben has simply pulled someone and gone off with them. You know what he's like".

A short time later, Katie and Kyle were sitting in Professor Renfew's study. The room was extremely untidy with piles of books and unmarked assignments strewn around. Professor Renfew was an elderly academic with grey unkempt hair, a whispy beard andthick glasses. He wore a dowdy tweed suit.

"Now then, oh how nice it is to have visitors. Would you both like a cup of tea or would you prefer coffee".

"Ere I'd love a coffee" Kyle said.

"Two coffees please" Katie added.

"Oh splendid, splendid. Its so good to know that Ben has such delightful friends. Later I'll show you my latest research on iron age burial mounds in Dorset". Katie is bemused:

"We haven't got time to listen to you rabbit on about your latest academic research. We are here to follow up this missing student case that you contacted Ben about."

The Professor poured out the coffees and brought them over.

"Here you are. Surely you'll stay for a while though."

"Look just tell us about the student" Katie demanded.

"Oh dear well its all so strange you see. Elliot Rhys-Mandeville is his name. A brilliant young man, simply brilliant. He was sure to get a first, his reasearch project on the Winderbourne barrows was pioneering. It completely altered my understanding of late-neolithic burial practices."

"Never mind all that , how has he disappeared?" Katie demanded.

"Well he was always a rather lively young fellow and he had organised a party with his friends to celebrate his birthday. And then he and his group of friends simply vanished. The police visited the house that they had hired for the party and found no trace of them or of anything out of the ordinary. They believe that the group of them just took off travelling on a whim or something."

"An' you think otherwise like?" Kyle asked.

"Oh yes. Its simply not like Elliot. He may have been a bit wild but he was totally committed to his studies. He wouldn't just take off and throw away his degree. Also there are Miss Dent's statements."

"Miss Dent?"

"Oh yes. Gabriella Dent, Elliot's girlfriend. Flighty piece she is. They found her staggering down the A16 at five in the morning screaming about dragons. Has been institutionalised since".

"What do you mean 'about dragons'"? Katie asked.

"Oh lots of stuff about dragons killing her friends. Clearly the girl is deranged however there is something odd behind all of it as I told Ben."

After finishing the coffees, Katie insisted that they leave. Kyle was rather annoyed with her as they walked to the car.

"Ere we could 'ave let the old boy tell us about his work. He seemed a lonely sort."

"Oh perlease! We'd have been there for another two hours listening to the boring old get. I have a degree in Archaeology but even I'd draw the line at listening to him drone on about his pet projects. And you would have been bored stiff."

"Why'd you say that?"

"Because Kyle you are completely uneducated and your interests are daytime TV and petty crime" Katie replied laughing.

"Ere that ain't fair. That was me once yes. But I'm a different bloke now, I've learned stuff since working for Ben............"

Kyle stopped in mid-sentence as they saw Ben waiting for them by the car. He looked dazed and was leaning over the front. Katie rushed forward:

"Where the hell have you been Ben? Drinking?" Ben stood upright.

"Of course not... I can't remember.... Anyway it doesn't matter. Lets go."

"What do you mean it doesn't matter? And go where?"

"We are going on holiday. I've booked us in at a top class country retreat. We all need a break." Kyle and Katie look at each other.

"Ere Ben you sure you're ok like?" Kyle asked.

"Never felt better Kyle. Now lets go." be continued.


Youth of Australia said...

I'm confused. Torchwood doesn't exist any more - after the end of Miracle Day, Jack left the planet, Gwen went back to her family, and Rex returned to the CIA. And Jack erased all mention and retconned everyone who knew about them.

So... why does the otherwise-intelligent Kyle think they can help? Doesn't OD have its own illegal, privacy-infringing technology?

sparacus said...

Things have moved on since then. Torchwood has been re-formed.

Youth of Australia said... it hasn't.

Gwen and Jack agreed to destroy Torchwood and give them both a fresh start, as detailed in the latest series of audiobooks. Miracle Day showed Jack used the Doctor's computer virus to wipe Torchwood from all the files, so the government couldn't ressurect it if they wanted to.

Did you not watch Miracle Day?

I assumed that was why David Cameron funded OD, because there was nothing else. I'm surprised OD can't find Ben anyway...