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OK folks, here is part 3 of this intriguing story:


In the car, Katie questioned Ben further:

"Look Ben, what the hell is going on? Huh? You disappear for hours and then suddenly return saying that you've arranged a country break? What about the case?" Ben gave a shrug:

"Who cares. We need a break from all this. Lighten up Katie."

"Don't ¤¤¤¤ing tell me to lighten up. Where did you go to?"

"Oh I just went for a walk. And to arrange the break. Chill out", ben replied with a smile. Kyle gave Katie a worried look:

"Ere for once I agree with Katie here. This ain't like you Ben, its like you're not yourself. The old Prof told us the 'ospital where the missing student dude's girlfriend is. Lets go there an' see 'er before we go anywhere else." Ben smiled:

"Ok Kyle, thats fine. Then we'll go to the country retreat." Kyle frowned:

"See, thats what I mean. That ain't like you Ben. Normally you'd 'ave said summat like, "I don't need you telling me what to do Kyle", or some other arsy comment. You being fair and reasonable ain't really you." Ben laughed:

"I'm happy Kyle. And I really value your suggestions." Kyle looked even more puzzled.

Arriving at the hospital, Kyle spoke to a receptionist and found out the ward that Gabriella Dent was in. They took the lift to level four and walked into Ward 32. A stern nurse asked them to use the hand steriliser on the wall before entering. They were shown to a private room where Gabriella Dent sat propped up in ben watching television.

"Hi Miss Dent. Were like investigating what 'appened to you. We belong to an organisation called Operation Delta" Kyle explained. Gabriella stared blankly at him:

"I've already told everything to the police". Katie switched off the tv and scowled:

"Well we arn't the police so you will damn well have to explain it all again won't you." Ben meanwhile had sat down on a side chair and was looking out of the window , grinning and completely disinterested in Gabriella, who began to talk.

"We were all having fun at the party.It was like really steamin' and Elliot was about to go upstairs with me when *starts to cry*"

"When what?" Katie demanded.

"... this thing, it just came crashing through the french bit into them.. blood.. so much blood."

"Well? What was it. Describe the damn thing!" Katie shouted. Kyle pulled her to one side:

"Hey, can't you see she's upset? Let me talk to 'er."

"Get you hands off my arm Kyle or I will shove your chavboy face into that wall."Kyle let go of Katie and moved towards Gabriella:

"Soz about all that. You just take your time and try to explain."

"I can't remember much, it was all so quick. It was a reptile thing... it killed Elliot. I keep seeing the blood... it bit into his face......*becoming hysterical* blood all over him it was horrible........"

Kyle let her cry on his shoulder:

"Hey you're ok now".

"Stop trying to pull her Kyle and tell her to stop snivelling" Katie stated, using her face mirror to apply some fresh lipstick. Kyle ignored her.

"Where did all this 'appen Gabriella?"

"It was a place called Ashbourne Manor. Elliot hired it for the weekend from a man called Kerrigan from the University."

"What, Professor Kerrigan the eminent historian?" Katie interjected.

"Yes thats him." Throughout the interview Ben remained silent and stared out of the window.

As they were leaving the room, two official looking men arrived.

"Excuse me, but are you relatives of Miss Dent?" one of them asked. Katie frowned:

"No we are from Operation Delta *shows membership card*. I presume you are from the police. Have you spoken to Professor Kerrigan yet?"

"Er yes Miss, but I really don't see why this should be any concern of yours.We are satisfied that Miss Dent is suffering from post intoxication delusions brought on by the consumption of illegal substances. There is nothing much else to all of this." Kyle is annoyed:

"What, you mean you're just dismissin' 'er like that? What about the other students who she says 'ave been killed?"

The detective laughs:

"We are investigating that yes. Why else do you think we are here? However I'm pretty much satisfied that they've all just taken off backpacking and that Miss Dent's boyfriend left her behind because he was tired of her. we found nothing untoward at all at the Manor and certainly no monsters *laughing again*"

"You're out of order mate. This ain't some big laugh, the girl is traumatised" Kyle exclaimed.

"As far as we are concerned Sir the case is closed. We will not be bringing charges against Miss Dent, despite the toxicology reports."

Outside in the car Kyle was still seething.

"Their attitude was bang out of order". Katie gave a shrug:

"You're just anti-police."

"Yeah ok, I ain't exactly got reason to trust the coppers, but they were just dismissin' everything she said as fantasy just because she'd done a few drugs at the party."

"Well maybe they're right."

"Yeah pull the 'aver one. A group of kids don't just take off backpackin in the middle of a party with no word to anyone and no phones or any way of contactin' em."

Throughout the conversation, Ben stared out of the car window grinning. He suddenly turned round:

"Can we go now. We need a break in the country." Katie stared at him:

"And where have you booked us into Ben?"

"Oh its a nice country house retreat called Ashbourne Manor........" be continued.

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