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OK folks, here is part 3 of this major Doctor Who spin off story:


Part 3

Ben, Kyle, Warrington- Pace and several members of the UK diplomatic team all followed Chiara upstairs, where they saw a group of angry Russians shouting and gesticulating wildly. One of them pointed at Kyle:

“Its heem. Theees man must be arrested now. Heees killed Sergei!”

Nigel Warrington-Pace frowned:

“One of my team has just called the police. It is up to them to decide who to arrest not you. This is England, not Moscow. I am the British ambassador to this international conference and I would like to see the body please.”

The Russian spat on the floor and scowled:

“President Putin will hear of theees.”

They entered one of the bedrooms and saw a man lying sprawled across the bed naked, with stab wounds all over his torso. Blood was soaking into the duvet and the man's eyes were open in a disturbing glazed stare.

“Notice the metallic smell of the blood. One often notices it at murder scenes where there is heavy blood loss” Ben observed, “Is this the same man that you had the altercation with Kyle? I really can't tell.”

“Yeah its him. But I ain't bin near this room since. You know that like as I've bin with you lot”.

Ben stared at the Russians:

“I can confirm that. Kyle has been with me, my team and the ambassador all the time.”

A short time later the police had collected the body and Ben, his team and Kate Lethbridge Stewart were enjoying a drink in the lounge. Kate was worried:

“This is just awful. The only reason that the conference is still going on is that the police won't let anyone leave until these deaths are cleared up. The Russians are going ballistic and we are in danger of real trouble if they try to leave by force. The Iranians are accusing the Americans of killing their own ambassador and the whole thing is getting very nasty.” Ben sipped his cognac:

“The only thing that makes any sense is that this is either the result of a deranged lone killer with psychiatric problems or a conspiracy to wreck world peace by persons unknown.” Katie Ryan sipped her Martini on the rocks and looked up:

“Its the Iranians obviously. They are trying to set the Americans and Russians against each other.” Kate Lethbridge Stewart shook her head:

“I don't think so. The last thing they want is a confrontation between the US and Russia which they could get dragged into. Russia is their ally and the US may choose to take on Russia by proxy by firming up policy towards Iran. I don't think the Iranians would risk that.” Katie Ryan took an instant dislike to Kate and slammed her glass down:

“That's a rather dismissive and speculative argument don't you think?”

Ben went to the bar to get another cognac and saw Chiara there sipping mineral water:

“Hi Chiara. Can I get you another drink?”

“No thanks Ben. I need to get back to work in a bit. How are you anyway? I heard on the grapevine that you've got married. Who's the lucky lady.” Ben looked sad and let his hair flop down over his eyes:

“Emma.... she's called Emma. Oh God my life's a mess!” Chiara was intrigued:

“Why do you say that Ben? Whats wrong?”

“I only married her out of social conformity because my family expected it. Now I'm stuck with her. I fully realise how pathetic that sounds. But just consider my life for a minute. Every relationship I've had has ended because I've been let down. Its like there's a whole row of metaphorical knives sticking in my back. I've no idea where my life is going and now this marriage has just kind of happened.” Ben's eyes filled with tears and he knocked back the cognac in one go. Chara stared at him:

“What about Emma's feelings in all of this Ben? It sounds to me like you're using her in an appalling way.” Ben was upset:

“Oh thanks a lot Chiara. I opened up to you expecting some basic sympathy and all you can do is criticise me.”

Meanwhile, down in the basement of the building, two young men dressed as cleaners moved an old wardrobe to one side, revealing a secret doorway. They opened a door and walked along a concealed passageway to another door, which they knocked and entered. The room was furnished as an office, although it was in darkness except for light from several tv screens showing live CCTV of the conference and mass of lights from a strange, futuristic A man sat in a dark corner of the room in an armchair, his face concealed in the darkness. Slowly he spoke:

“You have done well Ernst and Dieter. The Russians and the Americans are at each others throats. It will soon be time for our decisive move. You will kill the Israeli ambassador and I will use the transfiguran machine to project an image of one of the Iranians. However there is now a more pressing matter. The one called Ben Chatham. I have met him before and he could endanger this entire operation. You must eliminate him tonight............

… be continued.

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