Sunday, 18 November 2012

WAR & PEACE: Part 2

A short time later, Ben was sitting in the lounge of Brockton Hall with Kate Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT, who was there to brief the Operation Delta team and enable the two organisations to provide joint input. Ben poured Kate a glass of wine.

“I was very sorry to hear about your father's death Kate. On another note, what do you think is really going on here? Are the Iranians trying to scupper the conference?” Kate sipped the wine:

“I really don't think so Ben. Whatever we may think of that regime do not believe that it is in their interests to engineer a situation in which this conference fails, especially not one which involves murdering the US ambassador. The USA and Israel still have the nuclear upper hand and if this all goes pear-shaped then it is still Iran that looks the most vulnerable.”

As she speaks, Chiara enters the lounge and walks up to Ben who gestures at her with his hand:

“Not now Chiara. I'm busy talking to someone important.” Chiara looked slightly hurt:

“Oh. I'd forgotten how rude you can be sometimes Ben. I've only come to tell you that Kyle has been involved in an altercation with some Russians in your room.”

“Oh that’s all I need. I suppose I'd better see what’s going on.”

Ben finished his glass of wine and followed Chiara out of the lounge and up the large, ornate staircase. He saw a commotion in the corridor and a group of Russians in black leather jackets and jeans shouting at Kyle and at security guards who were holding Kyle back:

“.... theese Eeeenglish lout will pay for theeese. In Raashah scum like heem end up floating in the River Neva weeth a bullet in the head”.

“You were riflin through my gear after nickin' summat” Kyle yelled back at him.

Ben approached:

“Unhand my operative now please. What is going on Kyle?”

“I caught this guy goin' through my case an' 'it im like”. Ben noticed that the Russian didn't appear to be bleeding or even bruised.

“Clearly Kyle did not hit this Russian very hard. I am well aware that the Russian attitude towards espionage is still mired in redundant cold war thinking.” The Russian scowled:

“Pah, Eeeenglish toffboy!” He stomped off angrily. Ben led Kyle off downstairs to the lounge to calm him down. He didn't notice the young, blonde man watching the events from within the cleaners' store room, the door being slightly ajar. A short time later, the young blonde guy, dressed in the blue overall of a Brockton Hall cleaner, met with a colleague in the porters' lodge:

“Anything new happening Gunter?” the colleague asked.

“I think we have another opportunity here Ernst....”

A short time later Ben, his team and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart were called to an impromptu meeting in one of the conference rooms by Sir Nigel Warrington-Pace, the British ambassador. Sir Nigel looked worried:

“Look folks, I've called you in here because I need all the advice I can get right now. The yanks are going ballistic and I don't think that I can rein them in. The Clinton woman is the most angry that I've ever seen her, which is saying a lot considering that she looks like everybody's ex-wife crossed with a rottweiler. If they attack Iran for this the whole middle east could go up in flames.” Sir Nigel knocked back a whiskey.

“Is there any evidence at all that the Iranians were behind this murder in the lavatory?” Corinne Shaw asked. Sir Nigel walked to behind where she was sitting and gave her breasts a cuddle:

“Look love, the Americans don't need evidence. Their blood's up.” Corrine was furious:

“I'd rather you didn't grope me like that Mr Warrington-Pace.” Sir Nigel was offended:

“I only had a quick feel. I haven't had any for several weeks as me and the wife are separated.” Ben is annoyed:

“I'd rather you didn't feel the private parts of my staff while discussing a crisis in world politics. It negates the seriousness of the situation.” As Ben spoke, Chiara Smith burst in through the door:

“I'm sorry to burst in but Ben you'd better come quick. One of the Russian delegates has been found stabbed to death in his room and they're blaming you and Kyle.......

… be continued.

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