Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Time Out of Mind: Part 8

Part 8: Horror at the Castle

In 'The Black Witch', Ben Chatham poured out a round of drinks for his team as he chaired a meeting to discuss recent developments:

"Unfortunately we seem to have leaned little from that coalman that we didn't know already. Someone is stealing nuclear technology from Bowland Research Plant and presumably this is the same alien shape-shifting group who are behind the 'ghosts' and the murders. How this fits in with the Doctor's fifth incarnation being here I have no idea." The fifth Doctor grins:

"I'm afraid that whoever has the power to hijack me from my timeline has probably done the same with some of my other incarnations and succeeded."

"But who Doctor?" Tegan asked.

"I don't know. Possibly the Time Lords."

The 11th Doctor frowns:

"Er Doctor. There is something you and I need to discuss called the Time War...."

The two Doctors go off into the back room for a chat. Meanwhile Kyle sips his beer and turns to Ben:

"Ere somefink is puzzlin' me. Just before we finished questionin' the coalman he said somefink about the nuclear stuff bein' moved to somewhere totally secure. So where round 'ere is totally secure?" Ben thought for a moment:

"The Castle.... Lancaster Castle. Its huge and still in use. Come on, lets get round there immediately." The Doctors, including the ashen faced fifth Doctor rejoin them and they rush off to the castle."

Meanwhile on Zeneth, the Exalted Creath has summoned all the captured Doctors back to the Great Hall in the Forbidden Tower. He sat on his ornate golden throne and twirled his long mandarin moustache with his fingers as Adric stood by him:

"Ah Doctors. Good to see you again. I have someone I want you to meet." The 10th Doctor frowned:

"We've already met Adric thanks. Been there, got the shirt" he said, leaping about childishly.

"Act your age man!" the third Doctor shouted at the tenth."

The ninth Doctor approached Adric:

"'Ang about Adric. Why are you working for this twonk? You were a great companion once. One of the best. A good lad."

Adric scowled:

"I am not your 'good lad'. I have been to the dark mountains of Zemorah. There I drank the water and emerged reborn."

"Well whoop de do. Funny sounding water. Obviously some mind altering pap." the ninth Doctor replied.

"Well I wouldn't mind some of that" the fourth Doctor said grinning a toothy grin.

"Yeah yeah, hippy alert!" the ninth Doctor replied.

The third Doctor intervened:

"Look. I insist, Mr Chang, that you tell us what is going on. Who is it you want us to meet man? Who?"

The Exalted Creath gestured with his hand and in walked...........

The War Doctor (played by John Hurt). The third Doctor stared at the Exalted Creath:

"Well? Who is this?"

The tenth and ninth Doctors walked up to him:

"I'm afraid that this is one of our incarnations, but not a Doctor. He is a Warrior. He is us and he destroyed Gallifrey and all other Time Lords. He's called Warrior".

"And he's a right southern cunt" the ninth Doctor added.

Back on earth, Ben Chatham and the others approach the gated doorway of Lancaster Castle.

"Hmmm. We may find it rather difficult to get inside there" the 5th Doctor said.

"'Ere this ain't a problem Watch 'an learn dudes" Kyle said with a cheeky grin as he pulled out a twisted metal implement. He proceeded to pick the huge lock with ease.

"Words fail me. Utterly fail me" Ben exclaimed.

"Yeah but its how its done innit" Kyle replied, pushing the doorway open. They entered the castle however they were immediately confronted by a young guard:

"You are too late. The weaponry has been moved. Soon you will hear of our demands."

Ben stared at the young, dark-haired handome guard and felt an instant attraction. He approached him:

"I'm hoping that you are not a shape-shifting alien as I find you really attractive and would like to go to bed with you later." The young guard stared into Ben's eyes and tears welled up in his eyes as he slowly faded and changed into a Zenethian:

"I am sorry Ben Chatham. I am not human. I would like to spend the night with you however I fear that you will no longer like my appearance."

Before Ben could reply, a group of armed police officers ran through the castle doorway. One of them shot the alien dead.

Ben was annoyed:

"Why the hell did you do that? I was negotiating with him. You are trigger-happy idiots."

However slowly the policemen began to fade and change into........


to be continued.

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