Friday, 29 November 2013

Time Out of Mind : Part 9

Ok folks, here is the part nine of this anniversary special:

Part 9 : Nemesis of the Doctor

The Zygons advanced towards Ben Chatham:

"This planet will fall to us and not to the Zenethians. Many centuries ago they were expelled from our planet for challenging our economic system. Their power must be kept in check. They will not colonise this planet."

Ben was concerned:

"Look, that is all well and good up to a point. I agree that the Zenethians should go elsewhere. However why don't you just help us to expell them without trying to conquer earth yourselves?"

"You foolish human. The only way to protect this planet from them is for us to take it first."

The fifth Doctor is annoyed:

"That is possibly the most arrogant statement I have ever heard."

"This planet is defended. And cool", the 11th Doctor added, twirling his bow tie. The zygon scowled:

"What is this nonsense? This planet is weak. We will conquer it, crush the Zenethians, then colonise this planet for living space for our surplas population."

As the zygon speaks, a group of zenethians, shape shifted into men in leather jackets and shades, arrive and a shootout starts. Ben seizes the opportunity:

"I suggest we run."

They escape the castle as the zygons and zenethians shoot it out.

Meanwhile on Zeneth, the Doctors round on the War Doctor:

"'Ang about pal, so its you who's working with this Chang, Creath or whatever he's called. A new low even for you" the 9th Doctor exclained. The War Doctor shook his head:

"Oh dear. I seem to have regenerated into a loud, leather jacket wearer. In actual fact I never destroyed Gallifrey, it is your memory that is incorrect. And I am not working for the Exalted Creath, I am his prisoner, just as you are."

The 9th Doctor offeredtheWar Doctor his phone:

"Why are you giving me this?" the War Doctor asked.

"So you can phone someone who gives a ¤¤¤¤ pal. I don't believe your daft excuses."

The third Doctor intervenes:

"There is no need for that kind of language. Control yourself man. *to the War Doctor" Well I for one believe you. Welcome to our club."

The tenth Doctor steps forward:

"Now hold on here. Club? This isn't the Albermale Club or something."

"Do you always wear your commoness on your sleeve?" the third Doctor asked the tenth.

The Exalted Creath laughed:

"You bickering fools are pathetic. Soon I will have your beloved earth in my possession, and then I will move on to taking the whole universe. Using the combined power of your TARDISes."

The tenth Doctor turns to him:

"Oh here we go. The yellow peril here thinks he can combine the power of multiple TARDISes , despite the fact that even a paradox machine cannot allow that to happen.

"It can't be done man. You're deluded" the third Doctor shouted at the Creath. Adric stared at him angrily:

"You dare to challenge my Master? You will die for that."

"Do not let them make you angry, Adric my boy. I will show them what I can do" the Creath replied, flicking a switch. On a huge monitor screen an image appeared. A large black hole was firing out rays of dark energy straight at a row of suspended TARDISes.

In Lancaster, Ben, the Doctors, Katie Ryan and Kyle Scott returned to the Black Witch pub. Ben sat by the bar, his head in his hands. Kyle went up to him:

"Come on Ben, whats up?"

"Whats up? My life is complete mess Kyle. I don't just mean this multiple alien invasion business. I've just received another text from my father ordering me to go and see Emma and patch things up. This is completely unfair, I don't see why he should pressurise me like this. Emma should just give me a damn break".

"Ere look Ben, I ain't gonna pry into your marriage but don't you think you ought to talk to her eventually?"

"No I damn well don't Kyle. I've told her straight that I think she obtained a good deal out of our arrangement. I'm under so much pressure that I'm starting to think that I'd be better off if those zygons had just shot me back there. It would save any more knives being plunged into my back. Its full enough of them surely."

Ben's golden hair fell over his eyes, which filled with tears.

Back on Zeneth, the Doctors stared at the image on the screen of the Black Hole:

"Now now, my boy, this can't be possible. Only the Time Lords have the technology to harness a black hole" the first Doctor shouted;

"And even they could never link it to multiple TARDISes" the WarDoctor added. The Exalted Creath grinned slyly:

"Then submit to my superior will and admit that I have beaten you. Soon I will have the earth in my power. All ethnic groups bar the chinese will be eradicated and then we will use it as a base for our conquest on the universe."

"You fiend. How did you get this kind of technology" the sixth Doctor shouted.

"That is my business."

"Well you haven't got hold of all of us yet" the 10th Doctor shouted.

"That is true. Your fifth and eleventh incarnations are evading my abduction beam. However old chinese proverb say, if whore wont come to visit her client, the client can always go round to the brothel". The Creath flicked a switch on the arm of his chair and the entire forbidden tower vanished from Zeneth and arrived.......

.............. in rural Lancashire.

....... to be continued.

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