Sunday, 15 December 2013

Time Out of Mind : Part 10

Part 10: Death's Shadow

The ninth and tenth Doctors ran to the grim tower windows and stared out:

"Hey up, we're in the north of England. I'd recognise that rugged terrain and foul weather anywhere", the ninth Doctor exclaimed, grinning inanely. The tenth Doctor stared at the Exalted Creath:

"So how exactly do you plan to capture my fifth and eleventh incarnations?" he asked.

"*cough* *cough* twelfth actually" the War Doctor interjected.

"Oh shut it, you don't count", the tenth Doctor quipped back. The Exalted Creath laughed sardonically:

"You bickering fools. Soon I will have you all within my power. I will send out my elite guard , the Wang Ton Wo, to bring them to me."

The Creath clapped his hands and from two side doors a group of oriental warriors entered the room armed with swords. They were dressed like the terracotta army however their faces were metallic.

"Androids!" the second Doctor exclaimed.

"The Wang Ton Wo are the perfect killing machine. No fear, no emotion, no pity" the Creath exclaimed.

"You yellow fiend! I insist that you tell us who you are working with. Who has given you the technology to harness the power of the TARDIS?" the third Doctor exclaimed. Adric turned to the Exalted Creath:

"He just insulted you Master. I think you should kill him for that". The Creath stroked Adric's arm:

"Well said my boy. However I have a better idea. *To the Wang Ton Wo* bring that girl here!"

Several of the android guards moved out, grabbed Jo Grant, and brought her towards the throne. Jo screamed.

"I demand that you release Jo immediately" the third Doctor shouted. The Creath laughed:

"*To the guards* cut off her head!"

One of the gurards forced Jo's head down as another raised its sharp, glimmering sword.......

Back at 'The Black Witch' Ben Chatham knocked back another glass of whisky and stared into the glass. Kyle took the glass out of his hand:

"Don't you think you've 'ad enough a that stuff tonight? You don't even like it". Ben stared at him angrily:

"Well its about all this damn wretched place sells apart from beer. Don't you think I'm entitled to drown my sorrows given the mess my life is in?"

"It ain't the answer Ben. You need to talk to Emma like when all this is over".

"What the hell is the point Kyle. She refuses to see reason. I've given her a nice home, presents and money yet she still goes running off to my father complaining. I completely fail to understand the female mind . She mentioned a while back that she wanted children and maybe this is at the root of it."

"Or it could be you seemin' to be usin' her when she wants a proper marriage like" Kyle answered.

"Who's damn side are you on Kyle?"

"Look Ben, if you don't want to be married to her an' if you don't want kids then why not just tell 'er? An' why not stand up to the old man an' tell 'im to do one? Why treat Emma like shit by stringin' her along?"

"There speaks the simplistic ignorance of the benefits class. If I did that I'd lose my inheritance Kyle."

As Ben finished his sentence the door to the pub flew open and in marched two of the Wang Ton Wo guards. One of them raised his sword and brought it down across the table, slicing it in two.......

In the Forbidden Tower, Jo Grant screamed as the android guard raised its sword. Before it could bring it down the third Doctor rushed forward and used Venusian akido to wrong foot the metallic agressor before pulling out a screwdriver and jabbing it into the android's mouth. It staggered back, emitting a shower of sparks.

"Look man, you're quarrel is with me not Jo. Let her go and ask your robotic army to chop my head off instead."

"Very noble Doctor, however I need you all alive for now. My allies asked that I hand you all over as the price for the technology to use your TARDISes.That technology will enhance my existing psychokinetic cosmic energy to the levels needed to overcome the paradox of using twelve eyes of harmony which are the same one. I will rule the stars... the entire universe and all of the past, present and future".

The first Doctor stepped forward:

"You my boy are insane. And who are these allies then hmm. Who?"

The Exalted Creath stood up and walked to a large control console below a plasma screen. He flicked a switch and an image appeared on the screen of three.....


"I have ten of them already and soon I will have the other two. Our bargain will then be complete."

"The Doc-Tor will soon be in our hands. He will be Ex-ter-min-a-ted. Twelve times. EX-TER-MIN-ATE,


EX-TER-MIN-ATE......... be continued.

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