Monday, 25 May 2015

"MIND TRAP" Prologue



The rain hammered down on the windscreen of Dave Hemming's car as he drove through the narrow lanes towards Cranfield. He knew that he'd be in trouble for being late again for his job at the Dog & Hedgehog, where he worked as a chef and occasional barman. However Dave didn't care. He'd already made up his mind to tell Prentice, the publican, to stick his lousy job up his backside. Dave was planning to move to Spain where his uncle ran a string of bars for British ex-pats. The night before Dave had been to a mate's 25th birthday party and got totally hammered. He was still half-drunk as he drove along but he didn't care. As the car skidded round a narrow bend, Dave saw the girl in the distance. She was staggering along the lane, occasionally falling down. The howling wind drove the rain down even harder. Dave stopped the car next to the girl:
"You wanna lift love? I'm goin' to Cranfield" he shouted.
The girl picked herself up, mud spattered over her jeans and tee-shirt.
"Got to get away... got to run...." she stammered.
"Ere love you in some sort of bother? Get in the car. You look like my kind of woman" Dave said with a grin. The girl backed away:
"I don't know you. Did he send you?" she said hesitantly.
"Did who send me? Look love I ain't some kind of perv if that's what you're thinkin'. Get in before you get any more drenched than you are already."
Reluctantly the girl got into Dave's car and he sped off down the lane. She resisted any of Dave's attempts at conversation and they eventually reached Cranfield, driving down the main street. Suddenly the girl cringed with pain:
"No... no... go away... no I won't...." she screamed.
"Hey what's the problem?" Dave exclaimed. The girl suddenly lunged at him with both hands, grabbing his neck and squeezing.
"What the ¤¤¤¤......" Dave shouted as the car zig zagged over the road.
"Can't stop..... its him....." the girl screamed before the car plunged into a crowd of people waiting at the bus stop.

to be continued

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