Monday, 25 May 2015

Ryan Hawley is Ben Chatham in : "MIND TRAP"

A brand new series of the Ben Chatham Adventures and I can announce that Ryan Hawley will replace Adam Rickitt in the lead role.

[B][U]Official Social Media Release[/U][/B]

[I]After ten successful years as Ben Chatham, Adam Rickitt has moved on and Ryan Hawley will be the new Ben Chatham. The last ten years have seen Ben move from being a support character in Doctor Who to establishing his own highly successful spin-off series. Much of this success has been down to Adam's talent and appeal and we wish him all the best for the future. A new era is now beginning. Ryan Hawley is one of the UK's finest actors and is best known for his recent portrayal of Robert Sugden in Emmerdale, a stunning performance which is unlike anything else on current TV. We are confident that Ryan has the ability, the talent and the charisma to take Ben in a new direction and develop the franchise into an even bigger success.Ryan was originally cast to play Ben's half-brother James Bartlett and that role will now go to Mitch Hewer.[/I]

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