Saturday, 9 January 2016

"THE TWO BENS" Episode Two "Deadly Dangerous Now"

It was a milkman on his early morning rounds who found the bodies. As his milk float glided down the dark Cambridge street, he saw two figures slumped in a shop doorway. Initially he thought that it was a couple of down-and-outs until he caught sight of the young man's mutilated face and held his mouth in a vain attempt to avoid vomiting. The couples' eyes had been gouged out and their faces and hands clawed to ribbons.

Ben Chatham was enjoying his continental breakfast of croissants, organic jam and Columbian Blue Ridge coffee while lounging on his leather sofa wearing his exclusive Harrods dressing gown. The digital radio was tuned into Radio Cambridge which was playing an excerpt from Faure's Requiem. Then the local news came on and Ben sat up sharply:

"Police are investigating the discovery of two bodies in the doorway of Lasson's Art Dealers in Long Wyre Street. Unconfirmed reports suggest that a young couple have been the victims of a vicious fatal attack."
Ben looked across at Kyle who was munching a bacon sandwich:

"Am I right in my recollection that there was a similar incident only a few days ago Kyle, a young couple killed in a frenzied attack with no obvious motive?" Ben asked.

"Yeah. It was in the Cambridge Echo like. Katie was bangin' on about it."

Ben sipped his coffee:

"I suppose it could be a coincidence. Anyway, we need to pay a visit to Shakey Jake this morning as he indicated at the end of last night's meeting that he may be able to trace the source of all this void activity."

As Ben spoke his mobile rang. He picked it up and heard the distinctive voice of Barry Tuck, waiter at the Mermaid Wine Bar (played by Johnny Vegas):

"Ay its me, Barry. Ere I hope your sober and not pissed up as its all kickin' off round 'ere and you lot will wanna see what's in our back yard. The coppers are here."

In a short while Ben and Kyle were outside the Mermaid Wine Bar, joined by Katie Ryan and Corinne Shaw, whom Ben had texted. A row of police vehicles were outside and a cordon, however Ben showed the police his Operation Delta card.

"What's occuring officer?" he asked.

"We've got some kind of creature cornered in the yard behind there. Deformed."

Ben and the others ran down the side alley and saw a group of policemen standing by some old beer barrels. In the corner of the yard was a monstrous distorted man or creature which looked like a cross between the elephant man and Quasimodo. It snarled and clawed at the air like a dog, huge slivers of saliva dripping from its twisted mouth. It wore jeans and a tee-shirt, which were ripped and bloodstained. Ben gazed at the figure:

"Ok, that is certainly a man there, or once was", he shouted.

"Bloody hell, that thing is a man? Its more like a friggin' ape" the police officer replied.

Ben approached the snarling figure:

"I'm Ben Chatham. We are not here to harm you. Please try to calm down."

The creature made a gurgling sound and stood to its feet. It made a lunge for Ben, however the policeman pulled out a taser and fired. The creature fell to the floor with a shrieking sound and a group of officers fell upon it, holding it down. Barry Tuck approached Ben:

"Ay I told you you'd wanna see that fucker. Horrible innit. *Noticing Corinne* Hey up love, I ain't seen you 'ere for a bit. Hows about we go for a drink later, you've got a crackin' arse and that skirt shows it off well an' proper. Hows about a quick feel."

Corinne shot him an icy stare:

"Mr Tuck. Please feel free to drop dead. *To Ben* Ben I assume that you've reached the same conclusion that I have."

Ben looked up, concerned:

"Oh yes. That unfortunate guy looks like a void mutation."

On the way to Shakey Jake's, Ben explained to Kyle what a void mutation is:

"Occasionally when the void sucks in someone it deposits them somewhere dangerous, such as a burning planet or a war zone riddled with chemical weapons. Then at some point the victim is returned but deformed or injured. The problem with that guy however is that the deformities looked beyond normal burns or war wounds. His eyes were literally in the wrong place, his hands were animal claws."

"So like what do you think did that to 'im?" Kyle asked.

"I'm not sure. Its worrying me Kyle."

The other side of Cambridge, the children were arriving at Riverside Primary School, where the Headmistress, Anita Dobson, was ferrying them into the main hall for assembly. Miss Ethersley, the music teacher, was playing the tune of "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" on the old school piano. Once the children were inside the hall, Mrs Dobson strode to the front, clapping her hands:

"Children, please be silent. We will now all say the Lord's Prayer together *pointing* John Hodges, kindly refrain from punching Tommy or you will be made to stand in the bin in the corner for two hours. Now, after me children:

"Our father, who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name....."
Suddenly the door to the hall flew open and a grotesque, deformed wreck of a man staggered in, making unnatural grunting sounds, it lunged at the children with its claws......... be continued.


Ewen Campion-Clarke said...

Just heard David Bowie's died. Comiserations, dude.

sparacus said...

I've been listening to nothing but Bowie songs for two days. His latest videos are both brilliant and a fitting swansong.