Tuesday, 26 January 2016

"The Two Bens" Supplementary Scene

The Two Bens: Supplementary Scene
Kyle Scott lay half asleep in bed in the early hours of the morning. He briefly opened his eyes to see two empty beer cans on his side table before dozing off again. Suddenly he heard a violent hammering on the door. He pulled the pillow round his head to muffle the sound of Luigi answering the door of the apartment. In what seemed like a split second, the door to his room flew open and Katie Ryan strode in, tossing her hair to one side feistily. She pulled Kyle's duvet off him:
"Wake up Kyle, its serious. I take it you haven't heard the news" , she whispered loudly.
"Ere what the 'ell you doin'. You after a piece or summat?" Kyle mumbled angrily.
"Kyle I do not do chavs, as you well know. Although I am rather impressed. However this is serious; its all over the news *whispering* Bowie's dead", Katie exclaimed.
As she spoke, they heard Ben shouting from his room:
"Luigi who the hell was that hammering on the door at this unearthly hour?"
Katie ran to the door of Kyle's room and shouted:
"Its OK Ben, its just me. I need to speak to Kyle about a professional matter", she shouted.
"This is completely unfair Katie. I need my sleep", Ben tersely replied. Katie went back to Kyle's bedside:
"Ok, there is no way that we can let Ben find out what's happened. The shock will devastate him, especially coming so soon after that dull bitch nearly caused him to have a complete breakdown by dragging him through the courts. Therefore here's what we'll do: you Kyle will text all of the team right now instructing them not to tell Ben anything about Bowie and to keep him away from all newsagents and ensuring that he's kept too busy on the case to watch TV. I'll give him ten minutes to go back to sleep then I have work to do in his room."

Katie waited ten minutes, then she snuck into Ben's room and quietly removed Ben's radio-clock alarm and his smartphone. She had a word with Luigi about the situation, then she went outside the apartment into the exclusive foyer and used the phone to ring the Doctor. After a short while the phone was answered:
"Och, och, who's that?"
"Hi Doctor, this is Katie Ryan."
"Katie Ryan?"
"Yes, Katie Ryan. You know. Ben Chatham's attractive partner in leading Operation Delta."
"Och, oh that Katie Ryan. How did you get my number?"
"I've borrowed Ben's phone. Now listen Doctor, this is serious. David Bowie has died. We are very worried about Ben. We can't let him find out suddenly like this, not in his state. You must know what a wuss he is. Myself I believe in the pull yourself together school of counselling but we are on an important case. I don't want Ben going into meltdown over this. Get it Doctor?"
"Och I see, yes. Poor Ben. I feel for the laddie, I really do. I met Bowie once, indeed it was me who gave him the idea for 'Space Oddity'. Och you see Major Tom was....."
"*Interrupting* Doctor, I'm not interested in a dreary anecdote, what I want you to do is to block all info about Bowie's demise from reaching Ben's phone. Do it now please".
"Och alright lassie, there's no need to be rude. I'll just get onto it now. Poor David. And poor Ben. Please give him my regards."
"I will Doctor. Oh by the way, Ben says that he was visited by your old companion Clara. In a toilet."
"Clara in a toilet? Lurking after men? Och dear".
"No she gave us a warning. But that's our business. Ben will ring you if he needs your help. But don't say we had this conversation."
"Och do you think I'm stupid lassie? Of course I won't. Poor David. And poor Ben."
"Goodbye then Doctor".

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