Sunday, 7 February 2016

"The Two Bens" Episode 4

Ben and his team crowded around the television screen at the sight of soldiers rounding people up on the streets of London and chaos breaking out. Suddenly the screen went blank for a few seconds before the image of a young man appeared (played by Ben Whishaw). He was sat behind an expensive looking desk and was dressed in a smart suit and tie. He was softly, but firmly spoken and attractive, with a short, dark beard. He began to speak:

"People of England. This is your King speaking. Do not be alarmed and stay within your homes. Do not attempt to go out onto the streets until order and tranquility have been restored. During the period of transition you may feel disorientated, confused and concerned. We will endeavor to minimise any disruption to your lives and assure you that normality, within certain parameters, will soon be restored. I will speak to you all again later to clarify with you the new reality and address the concerns which you may be feeling. Warm blessings."

The image on the screen faded and was replaced with the image of a blue flag with a yellow crown within it, blowing in the breeze.

Kyle turned to the others:

"Ere what did he mean, "This is your King.." , who the hell is that nut job? And what did he mean, "the new reality?"

Ben frowned:

"Well I presume that the guy is behind what has been happening. We are under inter-dimensional attack, of that much I am certain."

"But ain't that s'pposed to be impossible?"

"Yes Kyle it is. But has happened before with both the Cybermen and the Daleks and it is happening now."

"So what the hell do we do about it", Katie interjected angrily. Ben thought for a moment, knocking back his martini.

"We need to get to Jake's place. We need his equipment. Kyle, Katie, Jake and myself will go. The rest of you need to stay put here and await my instructions."

Outside in the street, they piled quickly into Shakey Jake's van, the Love Mobile, as the sound of gunfire could be heard in the distance. As they drove through Cambridge they passed the Blue Angel Jazz Cafe and Ben saw a youth having an altercation with two police officers, which was turning violent.

"Jake stop the van a moment, that was Lewis, one of the bar staff at the Blue Angel being attacked by two of these invaders."

Jake stopped and reversed back as Lewis thumped one of the policemen on the jaw. Ben and Kyle jumped out of the van:

"Leave Lewis alone. Kyle here is handy with his fists . Where the hell are you from and who was that madman on the TV?"

One of the policemen answered him angrily:

"Look Sir, we are nothing to do with these enemy soldiers. This lad is drunk and has been attempting to use the situation to loot. We are taking him back to the station. We've all been recalled." Ben showed the officer his Operation Delta ID card.

"I'm Ben Chatham. I'll take charge of Lewis. You two get back to the station as ordered."

"OK Ben. Pleased to meet you", the officer replied before leaving. Ben turned to Lewis:

"Do you realise that the country is being invaded? Looting?" Lewis glared back drunkenly:

"I weren't lootin', just takin' some fags from the offy as the bloke weren't there. I got lucky earlier, a punter gave me £300 plus a £50 tip. Hey, he had the same name as you, Ben Chatham, ain't that weird. Looked a bit like you an all. Floppier hair though. He were a real gent. Made me feel like I was....."

"Where did you meet this man?" Ben interrupted angrily.

"In there, in the Blue Angel. We went to one of the guest rooms upstairs. Hey, he wanted a room for the night....."

Meanwhile the streets of the UK's major cities were overwhelmed with soldiers. People were ordered to go home and stay there or face summary execution if found on the streets after dark. Meanwhile battles were taking place around every major barracks in the UK as hoards of fresh soldiers appeared out of the void and tried to storm the buildings, throwing grenades. Groups of police officers were rounded up and marched away. Those who tried to resist were overpowered, forced to kneel down and shot in the back of the head.

Ben and Kyle rushed into the Blue Angel Jazz Cafe. Kian was at the bar:

"Hello Mr Chatham. Can I get you guys a drink?" He winked at Ben and smiled.

"There is a guy staying here who was with Lewis earlier. What room?" Ben sharply asked. Kian looked puzzled:

"Er I'm not sure, I wasn't on shift with Lewis. Hang on a mo." He looked at the guest book.

"That's odd. It says Ben Chatham is staying in Room 4." Ben and Kyle rushed upstairs, past the large function room where a drag act was performing and down the landing to the guest rooms. They found Room 4.

"Kick it in Kyle!" Ben said angrily. Kyle kicked the door in and they saw a young man with blond hair and his back to them pouring a drink. The man span round and flicked his hair out of his dark eyes:

"Hi Ben. I was wondering when you'd get here. I'm Ben."

Ben Chatham (played by Adam Rickitt) held out his hand to Ben Chatham (played by Ryan Hawley)....... be continued.

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