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Season 4 Pitch: Episode 13: "All Things Must Pass"

Episode 13: All Things Must Pass

The Doctor is extremely angry at the sight of the Cyberman and pleads with the Monk to think what he is doing. However the Monk is having none of it:
"Oh you are in no position to lecture me about interfering with humanity. All I am doing is helping them along to their destiny."
"No, what you are doing is altering their future in this universe", the Doctor shouts.
"Even the awful, urbanised Great and Bountiful Human Empire wasn't populated by cold cyborgs."
The Monk grins:"But they're so.... collectable. And its fascinating to see how BOSS will co-ordinate a cyborg civilisation."
Donna stomps forward:"You can't just treat the human race like your toys. Handing us over to some mad computer just to satisfy your curiosity."
The Monk smiles:
"Where did you find this one from? Anyway, I'm off. I've done my bit, its now up to BOSS. I'm just an amused observer."
The Doctor & Donna are taken back to BOSS' control centre by the Monk's men.
"Welcome back, please pull up a chair. Watch the screen."
On the plasma screen, images of Cybermen marching out of New World Enterprises plants all over the world are flashed.
"Let the upgrade begin!"

Meanwhile back at Foxglove farm, the damaged Cyberman has staggered off and Ben & Carl are watching in shock at the sight of the Cybermen on the newsflash pictures.
"Its just like before when the ghosts turned into them" Abby mutters as she recovers from her beating on the sofa.
"No it isn't", Ben points out, "these are clearly of a different design."
There is a banging on the door and they find that its a team sent by Torchwood in answer to Ben's texts. It is led by a young woman who introduces herself as Martha Jones......Ben and Carl explain everything that has happened. Martha is concerned about the Doctor:
"So he has a female companion? Didn't take him long *scowls*. Anyway, no time to lose. Lets head for Fullerton."

However before they can leave, they see on the newsfashes that something else is happening. All over the world, ordinary people are pouring out onto the streets with hammers, spades and whatever they can get hold of and smashing machinery and technology, as if gripped by some force. Even being killed on mass by the Cybermen doesn't stop them. As they watch, Carl and Abby themselves leap up and start throwing chairs at the tv screen, smashing it."
The same scenes are being played out on BOSS' plasma screen, much to its annoyance.
"What is happening? This is most irregular. Even death holds no fear for them This is supremely inefficient!"
"Whats going on Doctor?" Donna asks.
"Dunno, but don't knock it."
Suddenly there is the sound of banging in the research plant. The Monk's men have gone berzerk and are smashing equipment and fighting with Cybermen. As the strange force increases, the human part of the Cybermen is affected and the creatures are thrown into a self-destructive orgy of self-hate and begin deleting each other in a mass mutual suicide.BOSS is distraught:
"What is this? My perfect Cyber race. Destroying itself. This is illogical, Maximum inefficiency, maximum inefficiency!"
As it shouts, the Monk's men burst in and machine gun spray BOSS, with the Doctor & Donna dodging behind them and out the door. BOSS explodes and a huge fire starts.

Back at the farm, Ben & Martha conclude that the reason that they are not being affected by the force is that they both have travelled in time.
"Its the thing we have in common," Ben summises. "Which also means that the Doctor must be unaffected. We must find him."
However the TARDIS materialises and the Doctor and Donna emerge. Martha is a bit put out:"I see it didn't take you long to replace me. Not impressed."Donna looks wary and whispers to the Doctor: "Who's this irritating cat?"
"Martha this is Donna, Donna this is Martha."
Martha whispers to Ben: "Not exactly lamb."
Ben tries to move things on: "Doctor, the whole country is in the grip of this force. OK, its ended the Cybermen threat, but if it continues we''ll be thrown back into the stone age. All machinery is being destroyed. Everyone is doing it, even Martha's Torchwood collegues. They're all at it in the farmyard". The Doctor rushes into the TARDIS and looks at a screen. "Crikey its coming from Wiltshire, *zooming in* Silbury Hill!"The TARDIS lands near Silbury Hill, from where the invisible force is emenating. Donna is worried:"So if whatever is causing this is inside that hill, we're stuffed. Look at the size of it."However Ben smiles confidently:"No we arn't! As an archaeologist, I am aware that there is an old shaft round the other side of the hill that dates from the 1930s and its currently being re-excavated. Thats what all that equipment is for. I visited here only a few weeks ago!"The Doctor grins: "Ben you're priceless. Come on".They run round to the other side and see the open shaft with a wooden workmen entrance. Ben leads the way and they go in. Through the dark, musty shaft they move, Martha occasionally kicking Donna and pretending its accidental. At the end they see a purple glowing light. They find it emenated from a single stone. As they approach it cracks open to reveal a metallic cylinder. From it is projected a luminous image of a humanoid in flowing robes with strange, alien features.
"Behold humanity. I am Messar of the Silkke. To your ancestors we were the Gods from the stars. We came to give you knowledge and impart wisdom. If you are seeing my message you will not have used that knowledge as you were advised. Our planet was destroyed by irresponsible greed and technology for its own sake and we will not allow that to happen to you. Therefore we have planted within this sacred mound the protective device you see before you. Should your destruction of your own environment start to go beyond repair or should you surrender yourselves to rule by machine, then this device will ensure that you go back to the start."

Ben is concerned:"This thing won't stop until people have destroyed every machine. They'll be mass famine. Do something Doctor!"The Doctor holds up a strange fork shaped device which glows with energy from the TARDIS. It immediately disables the Silkke cylinder whicch goes dark."Thankfully, nothing can compete with Timelord technology" the Doctor grins."However let this be a lesson to all humanity. Use your technology to enhance your environment but not to destroy it or to change the climate. And keep it restricted!"

Later, the Doctor, Donna, Martha, Ben , Carl and Abby are all sitting in the lounge at Foxglove Farm, enjoying a drink and a chat. Martha is apologetic to Donna:"Hey its ok. I have my own life now with Torchwood. The Doctor is all yours."Donna frowns:"Its a shame that the Meddling Monk just slipped away without any comeback."
The Doctor looks concerned:"Yes, I doubt that we've seen the last of him. Still, two lonely survivors wandering the universe is better than just one. And it won't take civilisation long to recover.I propose a toast to Ben: without his knowledge of the excavation work at Silbury, we'd have never seen the shaft. To Ben!" *All raise glasses to Ben*
Carl turns to him:"Hey Ben, I've a surprise for you. Two tickets to see Bowie live next month, with backstage passes!"

A month later, Ben and Carl are in the audience watching Bowie , Carl planting a kiss on Ben's lips as the sound of Heroes rings out.
Later, backstage, Bowie comes up to them,"Hi Ben. I'm so pleased that you could come to my show tonight. Thanks for saving the world. You really are special", *ruffles Ben's hair, who blushes appreciatively*.



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