Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The 7.5 Inch Dalek Shower Gel

I must say that these are a superb bargain. I paid £5.99 each for two today, although I'm told that many shops are selling them for less. They are much better designed than the daleks in the smaller range of figures and once the shower gel in removed they make an excellent shelf decoration. There is a black dalek version as well as the gold.


Scyther Slitheen said...

They are fantastic! :)

I got one for Xmas (the black one, which is the best IMO) and his siting on my bath ATM, il probally move him upstaires with my other Dalek figers and RC Daleks when ive uesed all the stuff but for now his staying there to reinact the classic cliffhanger from Dalek Invasion of Eath :)

Johnstone said...

I got 2 for christmas. They're brilliant :D

Jordan said...

I know - why not give money to Africa instead of overpriced Dalek bath gel?

evans-t said...

Dude, I've donated to a charity which is helping people in Africa and other Third World countries and I got a Dalek Bath Gel as well.

It was a gift from my Aunt which I can't use because a couple of the ingredients would agrovate my skin and give me a really bad rash.