Tuesday, 14 October 2008


OK, here is part 2 of this sci-fi mystery folks:

"FACE OF DEATH" part 2

The next day, Ben is driving Craig to the Hub in Cardiff to pick up Isobel, whom he has reluctantly agreed can stay in his flat for a short while:
"I'm not happy about this at all Craig, however I realise that you are such a depressed and negative youth that having her around might pull you out of it."
Craig hunches his shoulders in a surly manner:
"Did you mean what you said about setting us up in our own flat?"
"Well yes, in the long term. However I want to be sure that you'll stay together. She is an alien after all."
Craig is annoyed:"I love Isobel. She is my light, my hope in this dark, cold world."
He switches on his Ipod and listens to 'My Chemical Romance'.

Arriving at the Hub, Ben is whisked immediately away by Jack to the briefing room:
"Ben we have a case for you. Its a local one in Cambridge."
Ianto gives Ben the full briefing, staring longingly at Ben's lips:
"There have been a spate of murders in Cambridge, five to be precise. All the victims lived in Gladstone Street and have had their heads hacked in or removed with a cleaver. This was yesterday morning."
Ben is puzzled:
"So? A job for the police surely."
"Not any more. DNA samples from under the fingernails of of one of the victims revealed major irregularities. Whoever the killer is, they are now only partially human and part..... well alien."
Ben frowns:"An alien infection of some kind possibly. Ok, I'll drive back immediately and initiate investigations."

Arriving back at his apartment later, Ben has stopped off at the police station to requisition their info on the case. He has contacted Katie and , pouring himself a brandy and a vodka for Katie, he sits down to brief her, together with Kyle, Anselm, Craig and Isobel.
"OK team, this is our first case as a branch of Operation Delta and we need to achieve a quick resolution. So far, the only connection between the victims is that they all lived in the same street and belonged to the same amateur theatrical society. Since they didn't live in adjacent houses, I deduce that the killer has some connection with or grudge against the society."
Katie sips on her drink:
"I agree. Obviously we need to check this group out. I presume all the victims were gay men?"
Anselm frowns:
"Just because one belongs to a theatrical society does not mean that you are by definition gay."
Katie casts him an icy stare. Ben continues:
"They were of varied ages and some were women. I fear that the killer is possessed by an alien infection. If this is the case, then we need to know how far this is contageous. I fear that the whole population is at risk of being transformed into homicidal cleaver-weilding monsters..................."

..................to be continued.


Youth of Australia said...

...don't look at me, I didn't post any of these. Who the hell is nymphadoria tonx, anyway? Has Whovortex3000 changed her moniker?

Leonard Hatred said...

I think Tonks used to go by the name Mistress Rani or something.

If you were a Parasite Towers regular, you'd be familiar with her "work"...

Nymphadora Tonks said...

I'm a published author, Leonard, and don't you forget it!

OK, so my work is glorified fan-fiction that harps on about "gender issues", but what have you ever achieved?

Leonard Hatred said...

Nothing like what you have, m'dear, obviously.

... Or should that be "mate", not "m'dear"?...

Youth of Australia said...

OK, so my work is glorified fan-fiction that harps on about "gender issues", but what have you ever achieved?
Well, he's able to get a proper user ID for a start, bitch.

Leonard Hatred said...

Didn't Lyon (or someone pretending to be him) leave a message here a few days ago?

Spara must've deleted it.

Youth of Australia said...

I admit, I'm completely lost at this point.

Youth of Australia said...

Yes. This is your fanbase, Spara.

You must be so proud.

Leonard Hatred said...

Hurry up and update your blog, Spara, you lazy bark.

Leonard Hatred said...


Does Spara realise the damage he's doing to his liver?

Youth of Australia said...

Thanks a lot, Spara. Remove all the spamming and now I'm babbling to myself like a loony. Why wreck your own reputation when you make ME look bad as well, huh? Very efficient, I don't think.

Purves Grundy said...

Sparacus, you are a shit.

Now delete that, you bumfun fan.