Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Anyway, here is part 3 of this dark tale folks:


The darkness has descended over Cambridge and a dank, musty fog lingers in the damp air. A cloaked figure stalks its way through the streets, casting shadows across the damp pavements. It stops outside a small terraced house in Roseberry Street and knocks on the front door. Inside the house, Clive Thistlewood emerges from his upstairs study and descends the stairs. Clive is a reformed alcoholic who has taken up amateur-theatrics as a way of taking his mind off getting plastered and punching policemen. He opens the door, however before he can say anything the figure, wearing a clown mask, thrusts a screwdriver into Clive's eyeball and uses its other hand to strike with a cleaver..........

Meanwhile, Ben, Katie and Kyle have arrived at 21 Villiers Gardens, a small former dancehall used by the theatrical society to rehearse. They are met by a middle-aged man with long, unkempt hair and a bow tie:
"You must be the people who rang. I'm Jeremy Hogeson. This is absolutely frightful! Someone is killing us all. They're after me!"
Ben tries to reassure him:
"Calm down sir. We are here to help. Try to relax."
"Obviously queer" Katie whispers to Kyle.Hogeson lets them all in and offers them a glass of wine. They are joined by two others who he introduces as Simon Sandringham, a 20 year old student and Emily Probst a 50 year old eccentric dressed in beads and a surfeit of makeup. "Theres only four of us left now. Clive is supposed to be here but hasn't turned up."
Ben is concerned:
"I suspect he could be dead as well. The killer is targeting your group for some reason. Any idea why?"Hogeson shakes his head:
"None at all dear boy."Katie frowns:
"Are you sure one of you lot isn't doing it?"Hogeson erupts:
"Listen you underfed floozy, I am not in the habit of killing people and neither are Simon or Emily. Silly trout!"Katie is irritated:
"Well you're clearly a bit of a weirdo."Kyle intercedes:
"Could you tell us something about your group like?"
"It was founded ten years ago by Roger. Dear Roger. He wanted to bring traditional acting back to Cambridge, with true passion and flair, not this modern, restrained piffle."
"Or in other words he was an old ham who had time on his hands" Katie observes.
"Where is Roger now?" Ben asks.
"Oh he vanished dear boy. On a trip to see his elderly Aunt Lucy in Cardiff. Between you and me, I suspect he had debts."Ben frowns
Hmmm. I suspect something more serious. Come team, we must consult Ianto & Jack forthwith."

Meanwhile, in another part of town, two students are lounging on a bench by the Cam kissing. Alistair Rhys-Appleyard and Poppy Langham are both studying Philosophy at Kings College and are hoping to get married after Cambridge.
"I adore you my dear. You are more precious than a Rupert Brooke poem." Alistair comments. Suddenly, from out of the bushes, a cloaked figure emerges and buries a cleaver into Alistair's head. As Poppy screams she falls into the Cam...........

................... to be continued.

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